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ONOS AAA Application

The ONOS AAA application behaves as a NAS Server and does RADIUS authentication of the ports. It maintains state machines for each of the ports from which it receives EAP Start messages to maintain the current status of the authentication procedure.


 "org.opencord.aaa" : {
      "AAA" : {
         "nasIp": "",
         "nasMac" : "00:1b:22:34:55:78",
         "radiusSecret": "testing123",
         "radiusIp": "",
         "radiusServerPort" : "1812",
         "radiusMac" : "00:1e:67:d2:ee:f7",
         "vlanId" : "4000",
         "radiusConnectionType" : "socket",
         "radiusServerConnectPoints": [ "of:00000000000000b2/2" ],
         "packetCustomizer" : "sample"

Configuration Parameters


IP Address of the NAS which is requesting authentication of the user


MAC Address of the NAS which is requesting authentication of the user (Used only when radiusConnectionType is port)


Shared secret


IP Address of the RADIUS Server


UDP Port Number on which RADIUS Server is listening


MAC address of the RADIUS server or next hop router (Used only when radiusConnectionType is port)


VLAN on which the RADIUS Server is available (Used only when radiusConnectionType is port)


There are two options for communication with the Radius Server

  • "socket" : Communication using a UDP socket.
  • "port" : Communication using directly the port of the SDN switch connected to the Radius Server.

When port is used, the RADIUS packets sent out would carry the IP and MAC address of the device from which the EAP packets were received. That device should be available in the SubscriberAndDeviceInformationService (Sadis). AAA application fetches data from Sadis based on the serial number of the device.


Connect point of SDN switch through which the RADIUS Server is reachable (Used only when radiusConnectionType is port)


The values of RADIUS attributes expected by the RADIUS Server might be different in different scenarios or in case of different Operators.

As of today AAA App provides two different customizers "default" : When you set the value as this, no customization is done to the RADIUS packets "sample" : This is a sample customization wherein specific RADIUS attributes and filled with values from Sadis Service. The src MAC and src IP of the RADIUS messages are set according to the OLT device (from which the EAP Start message is received) configured in Sadis

More customizers might be added to AAA App later which can fill Subscriber specific atrributes into the RADIUS attributes/messages by querying data from Sadis. The key to get data from Sadis is the PortName of the Port from which EAP messages are received.

Example configuration of Sadis

   "org.opencord.sadis" : {
      "sadis" : {
        "integration" : {
          "cache" : {
            "enabled" : true,
            "maxsize" : 50,
            "ttl" : "PT1m"
        "entries" : [ {
          "id" : "uni-128", # (This is an entry for a subscriber) Same as the portName of the Port as seen in onos ports command
          "cTag" : 2, # C-tag of the subscriber
          "sTag" : 2, # S-tag of the subscriber
          "nasPortId" : "uni-128"  # NAS Port Id of the subscriber, could be different from the id above
        }, {
          "id" : "1d3eafb52e4e44b08818ab9ebaf7c0d4", # (This is an entry for an OLT device) Same as the serial of the OLT logical device as seen in the onos devices command
          "hardwareIdentifier" : "00:1b:22:00:b1:78", # MAC address to be used for this OLT
          "ipAddress" : "", # IP address to be used for this OLT
          "nasId" : "B100-NASID" # NAS ID to be used for this OLT
        } ]


Information about the AAA App users are available through REST API.

You can query all users with the following endpoint "/onos/aaa/app/users", e.g:

$ curl -u karaf:karaf 'http://localhost:8181/onos/aaa/app/users'

You can also filter by device-id "/onos/aaa/app/users/{device-id}", e.g:

curl -u karaf:karaf 'http://localhost:8181/onos/aaa/app/users/of%3A00000a0a0a0a0a0a'

These commands will output a JSON representation of the AAA users, e.g:

  "entries": [
      "connectPoint": "of:00000a0a0a0a0a0a/256",
      "authState": "AUTHORIZED_STATE",
      "lastChanged": "16h28m ago",
      "macAddress": "2E:0A:00:01:00:00",
      "subscriberId": "BBSM000a0001-1",
      "username": "user"