Adding configuration options to configure freeradius service type

To new configuration parameters are being added for customizing the
free radius service.

svc.type all of the service type to be modified
svc.twoSvcs will create two sepperate service for UDP/TCP ports
Some load balancer services (i.e. MetalLB) do not support UDP/TCP
in a the same service, setting twoScvs will create a secon service
the TCP based inner-tunnel

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Helm charts for CORD

This repo contains the helm charts for use in the CORD and subsidiary projects.

Thes charts are published on:

Please see for more complete documentation.

Changing charts

When you make changes to charts, please make sure of the following:

  1. Make sure the chart passes a strict lint with helm lint --strict <chartname>. The scripts/ will check all charts.

  2. When you modify a chart, you must increase the version in Chart.yaml. You may also need to update other charts that depend on your chart.