[VOL-5020] - Update repo:voltha-helm-charts

  o Fix a cryptic error, when key appVersion is modified but version string
    is not, tool will report ambiguous "invalid version string" when the
    problem is due to a different value was not modified.
  o Update script for interactive use (do not publish helm index) so
    devs can detect all problems jenkins may fail a patch job for.
  o Refactor logic into named functions to redue globals and improve
    source readability.  Functions extract version string, detect
    versioned package conflicts, etc.
  o Logic updated to capture/test all version strings in Chart.yaml.
  o Added more debugging and command line switches.

Change-Id: I0a3152d7e9c01cf800ee3577b5c89d5ac1a92aa9
1 file changed