April 7, 2020

  • Etcd and Kafka can be installed independently of VOLTHA, with WITH_ETCD and/or WITH_KAFKA set to their endpoints:
    • WITH_ETCD=y WITH_KAFKA=y installs Etcd and Kafka in the voltha namespace
    • WITH_ETCD=external WITH_KAFKA=external installs Etcd and Kafka in the default namespace
    • WITH_ETCD=<etcd-endpoint> WITH_KAFKA=<kafka-endpoint> connects the deployment to pre-deployed instance of Etcd and Kafka
  • WITH_ETCD, WITH_KAFKA, and WITH_ONOS when used to specify external services (i.e. services that are not nessisarily deployed as part of kind-voltha) require the format for each of these is service-name[:port]. Port is optional and will default to the standard port for the given service.
  • Separate namespaces can be specified for various components
    • VOLTHA_NS (default: voltha) for cores, ofagent, Etcd (yes), Kafka (yes)
    • ADAPTER_NS (default: voltha) for device adapters
    • INFRA_NS (default: default) for RADIUS, ONOS, Etcd (external), Kafka (external)
    • BBSIM_NS (default: voltha) for BBSIM instances

The changes in this release enable the ability to shorten the development cycle by allowing developers only to cycle (restart) the components required.

For example, if VOLTHA is started with the following command:

WITH_BBSIM=y WITH_RADIUS=y CONFIG_SADIS=y WITH_ONOS=y WITH_ETCD=external WITH_KAFKA=external INFRA_NS=infra BBSIM_NS=devices ADAPTER_NS=adapters ./voltha up

And then brought down with the following command:


Then it can be restarted with the following command and only the VOLTHA core components, adapters, and BBSIM are required to be restarted:

DEPLOY_K8S=n WITH_BBSIM=y WITH_RADIUS=no CONFIG_SADIS=no  WITH_ONOS=onos-openflow.infra.svc.cluster.local  WITH_ETCD=etcd-cluster-client.infra.svc.cluster.local WITH_KAFKA=kafka.infra.svc.cluster.local  INFRA_NS=infra BBSIM_NS=devices ADAPTER_NS=adapters ./voltha up

In the above examples namespaces are specified, but this is not required.