[VOL-3008] Using consistent names in BBSim releases

Change-Id: I46bb23a6c9200eabf545ff91751f3470b569c74a
diff --git a/releases/voltha-2.3 b/releases/voltha-2.3
index e60061b..d8646ec 100644
--- a/releases/voltha-2.3
+++ b/releases/voltha-2.3
@@ -15,3 +15,7 @@
 # Also we need to specify the tag for voltha/voltha-onos image since this is
 # not in the ONOS chart.
 export EXTRA_HELM_FLAGS="--set defaults.image_tag=null,images.onos.tag=4.0.2 "
+# In voltha-2.3 multiple BBSim beployment were namend bbsim, bbsim1, bbsim2..
+# In master we made the names consistent bbsim0, bbsim1, ...