Refine application title and category in app.xml and pom.xml

- Remove ONOS keyword from application title
- Capitalize each keyword in application title
- Make it consistent to use App, Provider and Driver in
  application title
- Add right category name for each application
- Add missing application title and category
- Make application category comment more descriptive

Change-Id: Ib886b4a4293c38bd546a4107b20569f1bd7031a7
diff --git a/app/app.xml b/app/app.xml
index fc4b029..2b69712 100644
--- a/app/app.xml
+++ b/app/app.xml
@@ -15,7 +15,7 @@
   ~ limitations under the License.
 <app name="org.onosproject.olt" origin="ON.Lab" version="${project.version}"
-     category="default" url="" title="ONOS OLT App"
+     category="Traffic Steering" url="" title="Optical Line Terminal App"