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  2. aether-roc-gui.crt
  3. aether-roc-gui.key
  4. tls.cacrt
  5. tls.crt
  6. tls.key

This folder contains self-signed certificates for use in testing. DO NOT USE THESE CERTIFICATES IN PRODUCTION!

The certificates were generated with the script as

In this folder they must be (re)named

  • tls.cacrt
  • tls.crt
  • tls.key


openssl x509 -in deployments/helm/onos-config/files/certs/tls.crt -text -noout

to verify the contents (especially the subject).

There is another Cert for onos-config in test/certs but these were created with: onos-config

and are left named onf.cacrt, onos-config.key and onos-config.crt