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Aether ROC Umbrella chart

First add repos to your Helm client


Provides a Helm chart for deploying

  • aether-roc-gui (2 versions)
  • aether-roc-api
  • onos-topo
  • onos-config
  • sdcore-adapter (2 versions)
  • sdcore-test-dummy
  • grafana
  • prometheus

to Kubernetes.

See the documentation for more info.

Config models

The Aether ROC Umbrella chart controls the Config Model Plugins that are enabled in onos-config Currently 2 versions of the Aether model are loaded:

  • aether-2.1.0
  • aether-3.0.0

Deploy with Authentication enabled

  1. install the helm Repo
  2. deploy the dex-ldap-umbrella

Then run:

helm -n micro-onos install aether-roc-umbrella aether/aether-roc-umbrella \
--set onos-config.openidc.issuer=http://dex-ldap-umbrella:5556 \
--set aether-roc-gui.openidc.issuer=http://dex-ldap-umbrella:5556

Sample Data - MEGA Patch

Some sample data that works with the aether-3.0.0 models is available at

This creates 2 sample enterprises acme and starbucks with corresponding sites, applications, device-groups and vcs etc.


The chart includes the sdcore-test-dummy container for testing the sdcore-adapter

this may be disabled in the chart with --set import.sdcore-test-dummy.enabled=false

This runs in the cluster at http://aether-roc-umbrella-sdcore-test-dummy (port 80)

This is a simple nginx server that has been configured to accept POST requests and log their contents. Use kubectl -n <namespace> logs --follow <pod identifier> to see the POST request contents.

In a configuration of a connectivity-service for the 4G/5G model (aether-3.0.0) the following values should be set:

In a configuration of a connectivity-service for the 4G only model (aether-2.1.0) the following values should be set: