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Keycloak Helm Chart configuration

Keycloak is Open Source Identity and Access Management for Modern Applications and Services.

It can also act as a Federated OpenID Connect provider. It can connect to a variety of backends. In this deployment it is not connected to a backend, and just uses its own internal format persisted to a local Postgres DB.

This chart can be deployed alongside aether-roc-umbrella or any other umbrella chart that requires an OpenID provider.

Helm install

Add the Bitnami repo to helm, if you don't already have them:

helm repo add bitnami
helm repo update

To install the standalone Keycloak server in to a namespace e.g. aether use:

helm -n aether install keycloak bitnami/keycloak -f keycloak/values.yaml

See the end of this page for uninstall instructions.

This will make it available at http://localhost:80

Now GUI applications with security enabled will redirect to this localhost:80 and when login is successful will redirect to an authenticated GUI.

To test it, browse to http://localhost/realms/master/.well-known/openid-configuration to see the configuration.

On KinD installations this LoadBalancer will not work and instead a port-forward will be needed e.g.

kubectl -n aether port-forward service/keycloak 8080:80

and replace localhost in instructions below with localhost:8080

There are 7 users in 8 groups with the LDIF defined in values.yaml

User             login                 Group:   mixedGroup      charactersGroup    AetherROCAdmin  EnterpriseAdmin  starbucks   acme   defaultent   aiab-enterprise
Alice Admin         ✓                                   ✓
Bob Cratchit           ✓              ✓
Charlie Brown                      ✓
Daisy Duke                        ✓                                    ✓              ✓                                    ✓
Elmer Fudd                        ✓                                                   ✓                                    ✓
Fred Flintstone                         ✓                                    ✓                          ✓        ✓
Gandalf The Grey                      ✓                                                               ✓        ✓

The password for each is password

Verify the login details at http://localhost/realms/master/account/

To use this service with aether-roc-umbrella chart, deploy in Helm with the following flags:

helm -n aether install aether-roc-umbrella aether/aether-roc-umbrella \
    --set onos-config.openpolicyagent.enabled=true \
    --set onos-config.openpolicyagent.regoConfigMap=aether-roc-umbrella-opa-rbac \
    --set onos-config.openidc.issuer=http://keycloak/realms/master \
    --set aether-roc-api.openidc.issuer=http://keycloak/realms/master \
    --set aether-roc-gui-v2-1.openidc.issuer=http://localhost/realms/master \
    --set prom-label-proxy-acc.config.openidc.issuer=http://keycloak/realms/master \
    --set prom-label-proxy-amp.config.openidc.issuer=http://keycloak/realms/master

Note here that the connection to keycloak is inside the cluster for the backend services at http://keycloak whereas the GUI connects to http://localhost


The Keycloak Admin console can be reached at http://localhost admin/admin


To uninstall:

helm -n aether uninstall keycloak
kubectl -n aether delete pvc data-keycloak-postgresql-0