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INT Host Reporter

This directory contains the Helm chart for the INT Host Reporter.

Create the values.yaml for deployment

Before deploy the INT host reporter to your cluster, you need to create a value.yaml file for your setup, in values.yaml we provides custom parts as below:

  • image: Configuration for the container image, you can use the default value in most of cases.
  • cni: The Container Network Interface(CNI) used in your Kubernetes setup, currently we only supports the following: cilium, calico-ebpf, calico-iptables
  • dataInterface: The interface(e.g., eno1) on the host operating system that need to be monitored by INT host reporter. Note that we only suport monitoring same interface on every node for now.
  • intCollector: The address of the INT collector, the format is [IP address]:[Collector UDP port]. Any collector compatible with the INT standard can be used.
  • intWatchlistRules: A list of subnets and protocols to watch, each item contains the following:
    • protocol: The leary 4 protocol, such as TCP, UDP, or ICMP
    • srcAddr: The source IP address subnet, for example
    • dstAddr: the destination IP address subnet, for example

Checkout values.yaml as an example.