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Various SD-Fabric fixes

- Upgrade sdfabric-onos to master-2022-03-01
  - Included fix: Allow building UpfApplication matching only on slice_id
- Upgrade stratum-bfrt to 22.03.01-9.7.0
  - Included fix: Allow zero burst sizes in P4 MeterConfig
- Upgrade upf-epc-pfcpiface to master-ff7a737
  - Revert: Use Set for tunnelPeerIDs and applicationIds
- Introduce new PFCP default value
  - Set default hostname to pfcp-agent
- Disable measure_flow in BESS UPF

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SD-Fabric Helm charts

This repository contains helm charts related to SD-Fabric project.

Initialize Helm chart dependency

To initialize Helm chart dependency, use the following command:

make deps

To deploy the SD-Fabric chart, see README of the SD-Fabric chart