Early staging for library makefile use (patch 2 of many)

Fix for broken URLs and delayed problem manifestations.

  o (make test) Wireshark protocol-dissectors returned a 500 error.
  o URL accessible when used interactively.
  o Workaround: morph the url into an emphasized statement.

  o Modify lint target URLs to reference repo:onf-make VS repo:voltha-docs.
  o Update URLs to accommodate temp renaming makefiles/ to makefiles-orig.

  o Exclusions for delayed error condition.
  o make lint runs successfully after a clean checkout.
  o lint begins failing after targets (build, test, etc) checkout external
    repos, create *venv* and generate documents.
  o ie: cord-tester/venv_cord
    + [todo] include makefiles/virtualenv/include.mk
  o Add simple directory exclusions for now so lint target
    will ignore generated content.

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4 files changed