[VOL-3001] Separating flows, groups and meters from LogicalDevice.
- This is to improve the performance of flow addition to system.
- This patch does not include separation of the flows from Device. It will be implemented in another patch.
- Flows, groups and meters are kept in store by their unique ids per logical device, and cached into a map with these unique ids per logical device again.
  Accessing to this store and map is synchronized by a RWLock.
  Also a lock is kept in memory per flow, meter and group to synchronize the modifications (add/modify/delete requests) per flow/meter/group.
Change-Id: Ic0135faef0bbd1664693375fa6527e0242919e6d
diff --git a/rw_core/flowdecomposition/flow_decomposer.go b/rw_core/flowdecomposition/flow_decomposer.go
index d396965..f16477f 100644
--- a/rw_core/flowdecomposition/flow_decomposer.go
+++ b/rw_core/flowdecomposition/flow_decomposer.go
@@ -19,6 +19,7 @@
 import (
@@ -94,10 +95,10 @@
 				// Update flow Id as a change in the instruction field will result in a new flow ID
-				var err error
-				if f.Id, err = fu.HashFlowStats(f); err != nil {
-					return nil, err
-				}
+				//var err error
+				//if f.Id, err = fu.HashFlowStats(f); err != nil {
+				//return nil, err
+				//}
 				newDeviceRules.AddFlow(deviceID, (proto.Clone(f)).(*ofp.OfpFlowStats))