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[VOL-5053] - Pre-release triage build of voltha-lib-go

  o Added latest library makefile versions from repo:onf-make.
  o Remove inlined GO* macros and replaced with makefile/docker/include.mk
  o Proper handling of --it/--tty so jenkins can capture docker output in logs.

  o Bulk copyright notice end-date updates.
  o Run gofmt -s -w on all *.go sources to fix potential job problems.
  o Cosmetic edits to force a build for the release.

  o Ignore more lint targets: groovy (tool needed), jjb (not-needed)

  o echo enter/leave banners within targets to improve readability.
  o Inline set -euo pipefail within testing else tee command masks exit status.
  o Added LOCAL_FIX_PERMS= hack to adjust docker volume perms when working locally.
  o make test depends on test-go and test-go-coverage.
  o test-go: normal test run, exit with status.
  o test-go-coverage: test with code -cover but ignore errors until sources can be identified and cleaned up.
  o Split test target into
    - gen-coverage-coverprofile
    - gen-coverage-junit
    - gen-coverage-cobertura
      - Separate targets help unwrap run-on command and the need to capture exit status.
      - Logic can now migrate into a library makefile for other repos to make use of.

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156 files changed