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Migration support for python 3.10+


Applications of patches will enable local use of newer python versions available with a recent OS install or package manager installation. Makefile targets will fail out of the box w/o modifying collection imports.

Create new patches as needed to help testing along. Eventually this hierarchy can be dismantled once the latest interpreter is generally in use.


This directory contains patch files that can be directly applied to sources in the python virtualenv directory. Patches are created to support use of three python version variants for the robot ramework: python 2x (deprecated) python >= 3.10 ( required) python < 3.10 ( optional)


Makefile will first create a python virtualenv directory to selectively use packages. After setup patches are applied to venv (as a transition) to fully enable support for local interpreter use for newer OS installs.


The staging directory is used for comparison with the .venv directory to generate patches. Populate the directory with a copy of a cleanly patched virtual interpreter then modify files benath/ staging to generate a patch from.

% make sterile % make venv % mkdir staging % rsync -rv --checksum .venv/. staging/. [NOTE] Make python 3.10+ migration edits beneath staging as needed % make patch-gather % make sterile % make lint

makefile targets

make patch-gather:

  • gather a list of potential sources to edit.

make patch-apply:

  • Gather a list of patch files.
  • Apply each in turn to sources in the virtualenv directory.

make patch-create:

  • make patch-create VENV_NAME="venv_docs" PATCH_PATH="lib/python3.10/site-packages/sphinx/util/"
  • make sterile
  • make help # reinstall virtualenv and verify help target

Verify installation

  • make lint -or- make test