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  1. 6212621 VOL-3735 Retrieve port counters using the GetExtValue(SingleGetValue) rpc from the openolt adapter by kesavand · 10 days ago master v3.1.3
  2. fcbd6e7 VOL-3727 Support in OLT adapter to send periodic onu stats and gem stats by Gamze Abaka · 5 weeks ago v3.1.2
  3. 491a9c6 [VOL-3737] : Fix synchronization issues with mcast flow and group delete by Girish Gowdra · 2 weeks ago v3.1.1
  4. cd40780 VOL-3501 Refeactoring of code for event handling by Himani Chawla · 6 weeks ago
  5. 0aca498 [VOL-3736]: Bug - Restarting multicast iperf server (at RG) will not restore the data stream at the RG. by Girish Gowdra · 3 weeks ago

OpenOLT adapter

The OpenOLT adapter connects the VOLTHA core to an OLT device running the OpenOLT agent.

Development make targets

The Makefile contains many commands that are useful in development:

build                     : Alias for 'docker build'
clean                     : Removes any local filesystem artifacts generated by a build
distclean                 : Removes any local filesystem artifacts generated by a build or test run
docker-build-profile      : Build openolt adapter docker image with profiling enabled
docker-build              : Build openolt adapter docker image
docker-kind-load          : Load docker images into a KinD cluster
docker-push               : Push the docker images to an external repository
help                      : Print help for each Makefile target
lint-dockerfile           : Perform static analysis on Dockerfile
lint-mod                  : Verify the Go dependencies
lint                      : Run all lint targets
local-lib-go              : Copies a local version of the voltha-lib-go dependency into the vendor directory
local-protos              : Copies a local version of the voltha-protos dependency into the vendor directory
mod-update                : Update go mod files
sca                       : Runs static code analysis with the golangci-lint tool
test                      : Run unit tests

Some highlights:

  • It's recommended that you run the lint, sca, and test targets before submitting code changes.

  • The docker-* targets for building and pushing Docker images depend on the variables DOCKER_REGISTRY, DOCKER_REPOSITORY, and DOCKER_TAG as described in the CORD documentation

  • If you make changes the dependencies in the go.mod file, you will need to run make mod-update to update the go.sum and vendor directory.

Building with a Local Copy of voltha-protos or voltha-lib-go

If you want to build/test using a local copy of the voltha-protos or voltha-lib-go libraries this can be accomplished by using the environment variables LOCAL_PROTOS and LOCAL_LIB_GO. These environment variables should be set to the filesystem path where the local source is located, e.g.:

export LOCAL_PROTOS=/path/to/voltha-protos
export LOCAL_LIB_GO=/path/to/voltha-lib-go

Then run make local-protos and/or make local-lib-go as is appropriate to copy them into the vendor directory.

NOTE: That the files in the vendor directory are no longer what is in the most recent commit, and it will take manual git intervention to put the original files back.