VOL-1489: Can now recieve flows incrementally

core can now deliver incremental flow updates
to the handler and flow mgr. successfully call openolt/bal
flow add for eap, dhcp, and lldp.  BAL complains still about
downstream eap flow. likely due to ID problems.

Calculation of uni_id, onu_id needs additional
info from the decomposer.

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How to Build and Run a GOlang based OpenOLT Adapter

Assuming the VOLTHA2.0 environment is made using the quickstart.md in voltha-go.

cd ~/source/voltha-openolt-adapter

Get the latest code changes

git pull

To build the docker image

make build

This will create the voltha-openolt-adapter-go docker image

$ docker images | grep openolt
voltha-openolt-adapter-go        latest              38688e697472        2 hours ago         37.3MB

In case the python voltha openolt adapter is started, stop the python voltha openolt docker container

To start the GOlang based OpenOLT adapter

DOCKER_HOST_IP= docker-compose -f compose/adapters-openolt-go.yml up -d

The functionality of OLT activation can be verified through BBSIM Follow the below steps to start BBSIM and provision it through VOLTHA-CLI https://github.com/opencord/voltha-bbsim/blob/master/README.md