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[VOL-5190] - consistent voltha-protos version for all repos

 o https://docs.voltha.org/master/overview/contributing.html?highlight=version#versioning

 o Bump version of repo:voltha-proto to latest published v5.4.10.

 o Files beneath the vendor/ directory are maintained automatically by tools.
   + https://go.dev/ref/mod#go-mod-vendor

 o Commands used to update, format and check files beneath vendor/
   + go mod edit -require [...]
   + go mod tidy
   + go mod vendor
   + make lint LOCAL_FIX_PERMS=1

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OpenOLT adapter

The OpenOLT adapter connects the VOLTHA core to an OLT device running the OpenOLT agent.

Development make targets

The Makefile contains many commands that are useful in development:

% make help

build                     : Alias for 'docker build'
clean                     : Removes any local filesystem artifacts generated by a build
distclean                 : Removes any local filesystem artifacts generated by a build or test run
docker-build-profile      : Build openolt adapter docker image with profiling enabled
docker-build              : Build openolt adapter docker image
docker-kind-load          : Load docker images into a KinD cluster
docker-push               : Push the docker images to an external repository
help                      : Print help for each Makefile target
lint-dockerfile           : Perform static analysis on Dockerfile
lint-mod                  : Verify the Go dependencies
lint                      : Run all lint targets
local-lib-go              : Copies a local version of the voltha-lib-go dependency into the vendor directory
local-protos              : Copies a local version of the voltha-protos dependency into the vendor directory
mod-update                : Update go mod files
sca                       : Runs static code analysis with the golangci-lint tool
test                      : Run unit tests

Some highlights:

  • It's recommended that you run the lint, sca, and test targets before submitting code changes.

  • The docker-* targets for building and pushing Docker images depend on the variables DOCKER_REGISTRY, DOCKER_REPOSITORY, and DOCKER_TAG as described in the CORD documentation

  • If you make changes the dependencies in the go.mod file, you will need to run make mod-update to update the go.sum and vendor directory.

Building with a Local Copy of voltha-protos or voltha-lib-go

If you want to build/test using a local copy of the voltha-protos or voltha-lib-go libraries this can be accomplished by using the environment variables LOCAL_PROTOS and LOCAL_LIB_GO. These environment variables should be set to the filesystem path where the local source is located, e.g.:

export LOCAL_PROTOS=/path/to/voltha-protos
export LOCAL_LIB_GO=/path/to/voltha-lib-go

Then run make local-protos and/or make local-lib-go as is appropriate to copy them into the vendor directory.

NOTE: That the files in the vendor directory are no longer what is in the most recent commit, and it will take manual git intervention to put the original files back.