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  1. 16d9a4d [VOL-4308] Deprecating repo due to stale state by Andrea Campanella · 4 weeks ago master 2.7.2
  2. 6d474ad VOL-3799: Fix bug (syntax error) introduced in VOL-3757 by Chip Boling · 8 months ago 2.7.1
  3. 1d714e4 VOL-3757: Allow reception of OMCI via interadapter message type OMCI Response by Chip Boling · 8 months ago 2.7.0
  4. a966c95 Bumping VERSION to 2.7.0-dev after 2.6.0 release by Matteo Scandolo · 9 months ago
  5. f5eaff0 Releasing 2.6.0 by Matteo Scandolo · 9 months ago 2.6.0


No Maintenance Intended

VOLTHA 2.6 was the last release that officially supported the voltha-openonu-adapter written in python as the onu adapter. From 2.5 onwards the default ONU adapter is the voltha-openonu-adapter-go. This codebase is going to be removed after the VOLTHA 2.8 release LTS support ends in December 2022.