Release Process


Update go.mod for submodules to depend on the new release which will happen in the next step.

  1. Run the pre-release script. It creates a branch pre_release_<new tag> that will contain all release changes.

    ./ -t <new tag>
  2. Verify the changes.

    git diff master

    This should have changed the version for all modules to be <new tag>.

  3. Update the Changelog.

    • Make sure all relevant changes for this release are included and are in language that non-contributors to the project can understand. To verify this, you can look directly at the commits since the <last tag>.

      git --no-pager log --pretty=oneline "<last tag>..HEAD"
    • Move all the Unreleased changes into a new section following the title scheme ([<new tag>] - <date of release>).

    • Update all the appropriate links at the bottom.

  4. Push the changes to upstream and create a Pull Request on GitHub. Be sure to include the curated changes from the Changelog in the description.


Once the Pull Request with all the version changes has been approved and merged it is time to tag the merged commit.

IMPORTANT: It is critical you use the same tag that you used in the Pre-Release step! Failure to do so will leave things in a broken state.

IMPORTANT: There is currently no way to remove an incorrectly tagged version of a Go module. It is critical you make sure the version you push upstream is correct. Failure to do so will lead to minor emergencies and tough to work around.

  1. Run the script using the <commit-hash> of the commit on the master branch for the merged Pull Request.

    ./ <new tag> <commit-hash>
  2. Push tags to the upstream remote (not your fork: Make sure you push all sub-modules as well.

    git push upstream <new tag>
    git push upstream <submodules-path/new tag>


Finally create a Release for the new <new tag> on GitHub. The release body should include all the release notes from the Changelog for this release. Additionally, the script generates commit logs since last release which can be used to supplement the release notes.

Verify Examples

After releasing verify that examples build outside of the repository.


The script copies examples into a different directory removes any replace declarations in go.mod and builds them. This ensures they build with the published release, not the local copy.

Contrib Repository

Once verified be sure to make a release for the contrib repository that uses this release.