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MIB Templates

Important Note:

Currently this Git-path contains only a manually adapted version of a MIB template file for BBSIM-ONUs generated by Python openonu-adapter. The original file can be found at:


The adaptation was necessary because key-names of meAttributes in this file do not correspond with names used in omci-lib-go (snake_case- vs UpperCamelCase-notation). This file was created to be able to test MIB template handling with the Go-version of openonu-adapter even before JIRA is done. After completion of VOL-3051, automatically generated MIB template files should be stored in this Git-path.


To enable co-existence of MIB templates used for the Python- as well as templates used for the Go-version of openonu-adapter, etcd-storage pathes for both versions will be different:

Python-version: service/voltha/omci_mibs/templates (as already in use) Go-version: service/voltha/omci_mibs/go_templates