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  1. 34ff0c4 VOL-4640: Changes to support Combo and Any PON tech by Girish Gowdra · 2 months ago master v5.2.4
  2. 3e45198 [VOL-4634] Remove unused fields from DeviceInfo message by Elia Battiston · 3 months ago v5.2.3
  3. 257f319 [VOL-4442] grpc streaming connection monitoring by khenaidoo · 5 months ago v5.2.2
  4. 345a5b7 [VOL-4589] Add interface speed field to openolt proto by Elia Battiston · 4 months ago v5.2.1
  5. 5c6ff8a [VOL-4466] proto changes new rpc to send multi onu sw sections by kesavand · 6 months ago v5.2.0
  6. 5cb0d40 [VOL-4514] Addressing device reconciliation failure by khenaidoo · 5 months ago v5.1.2
  7. b14af63 [VOL-4137] Logical device deletion event from rw-core for immediate disconnection from ONOS by Andrea Campanella · 6 months ago v5.1.1
  8. 4c6543e [VOL-4371] Voltha protos cleanup by khenaidoo · 7 months ago v5.1.0
  9. 393605c VOL-4270 fetching extended pm counters per uni by Himani Chawla · 9 months ago v5.0.2
  10. 654f7f3 Adding counter type in response VOL-4272 by Himani Chawla · 9 months ago v5.0.1
  11. 5fc5cea [VOL-4289] Proto changes for gRPC migration by khenaidoo · 9 months ago v5.0.0
  12. 1b388dc VOL-4225 - Bump minor version post voltha-2.8 release tag by Girish Gowdra · 11 months ago
  13. 9c3e1c8 VOL-4153: Improve storage usage on etcd by Girish Gowdra · 12 months ago v4.2.0
  14. a4b9e55 VOL-4147 Adding a new operational state RECONCILE_FAILED by Maninder · 11 months ago v4.1.10
  15. 9a49739 VOL-4029 changes for the ethernet frame extended pm counters by Himani Chawla · 12 months ago v4.1.9
  16. 0868307 [VOL-4080] Extend GetExtValue api to read transceiver rx-power on demand. by Gamze Abaka · 12 months ago v4.1.8
  17. e5bb7ca Code changes for VOL-4029 Fetch Onu stats on demand by Himani Chawla · 1 year ago v4.1.7
  18. 31a356c VOL-4077: Add onu-id and uni-id in PacketIndication message by Girish Gowdra · 1 year ago v4.1.6
  19. da19b45 [VOL-4069] Measure and read Rx optical power for an ONU by Orhan Kupusoglu · 1 year ago v4.1.5
  20. bce9ea7 VOL-4028: Update comments for laserBiasCurrent to clarify the units by Girish Gowdra · 1 year, 1 month ago v4.1.4