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  1. 31af854 [VOL-5215] - BBSim crash due to concurrent map write when adding or removing flows by Abhay Kumar · 7 days ago master v1.16.3
  2. 5e83f70 VOL-5204 olt reboot crash fix by nikesh.krishnan · 4 weeks ago v1.16.2
  3. eaf443b [VOL-5192] - bbsim: update voltha-protos version to v5.4.10 by Joey Armstrong · 9 weeks ago
  4. dd07b92 (VOL-4972) enabling pon and onu object get apis in bbsim by nikesh.krishnan · 5 months ago
  5. e22aa76 VOL-5144 - Create beta-release branch for bbsim by Joey Armstrong · 4 months ago

BroadBand Simulator (BBSim)


BBSim is managed via a Makefile, plese run the following command to display all the available targets

make help


More advanced documentation lives in here.

You can generate and browse the documentation by executing:

make docs

This project structure is based on golang-standards/project-layout.