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  1. 13dd58b Starting 1.4.4-dev by Andrea Campanella · 3 weeks ago master
  2. 8c4988b Releasing 1.4.3 version by Andrea Campanella · 3 weeks ago v1.4.3
  3. 8f4a421 Merge "[VOL-3695]: Support to create some of the OLT device events over the Device Management Interface 1. Following events and its corresponding recovered event creation is supported : EVENT_FAN_FAILURE EVENT_PSU_FAILURE EVENT_HW_DEVICE_TEMPERATURE_ABOVE_CRITICAL 2. Following DMI Native Events Management Service APIs are implemented: ListEvents UpdateEventsConfiguration 3. Updated docs/source/" by Andrea Campanella · 3 weeks ago
  4. 291b3e5 Releasing concurrent map access fix by Andrea Campanella · 5 weeks ago v1.4.2
  5. be8e12f VOL-3710 Avoid concurrent access to the flows map in olt.go by Andrea Campanella · 6 weeks ago

BroadBand Simular (BBSim)


BBSim is managed via a Makefile, plese run the following command to display all the available targets

make help


More advanced documentation lives in here.

You can generate and browse the documentation by executing:

make docs

This project structure is based on golang-standards/project-layout.