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Andy Bavier9edc1132020-03-27 08:57:02 -07001# Source this file before running ./voltha up to install the VOLTHA 2.3.0 release
Andy Bavier27cdb0c2020-04-03 15:09:55 -07003export VOLTHA_CHART_VERSION=2.3.1
Andy Bavier9edc1132020-03-27 08:57:02 -07004export VOLTHA_BBSIM_CHART_VERSION=3.0.18
Girish Gowdra94ba6e72020-04-08 20:21:23 -07005export VOLTHA_ADAPTER_OPEN_OLT_CHART_VERSION=2.3.1
Andy Bavier9edc1132020-03-27 08:57:02 -07006export VOLTHA_ADAPTER_OPEN_ONU_CHART_VERSION=2.3.0
7export ONOS_CHART_VERSION=3.0.1
9# defaults.image_tag=null will use the image tags in the Helm charts rather than
10# kind-voltha's default which is 'master'.
11# Also we need to specify the tag for voltha/voltha-onos image since this is
12# not in the ONOS chart.
Andrea Campanella51651602020-04-01 09:27:35 +020013export EXTRA_HELM_FLAGS="--set defaults.image_tag=null,images.onos.tag=4.0.2 "