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* Copyright 2018-present Open Networking Foundation
* Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
* you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
* You may obtain a copy of the License at
* Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
* distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
* See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
* limitations under the License.
package db
import (
const (
// Default Minimal Interval for posting alive state of backend kvstore on Liveness Channel
DefaultLivenessChannelInterval = time.Second * 30
// Backend structure holds details for accessing the kv store
type Backend struct {
Client kvstore.Client
StoreType string
Timeout time.Duration
Address string
PathPrefix string
alive bool // Is this backend connection alive?
liveness chan bool // channel to post alive state
LivenessChannelInterval time.Duration // regularly push alive state beyond this interval
lastLivenessTime time.Time // Instant of last alive state push
// NewBackend creates a new instance of a Backend structure
func NewBackend(storeType string, address string, timeout time.Duration, pathPrefix string) *Backend {
var err error
b := &Backend{
StoreType: storeType,
Address: address,
Timeout: timeout,
LivenessChannelInterval: DefaultLivenessChannelInterval,
PathPrefix: pathPrefix,
alive: false, // connection considered down at start
if b.Client, err = b.newClient(address, timeout); err != nil {
"type": storeType, "address": address,
"timeout": timeout, "prefix": pathPrefix,
"error": err.Error(),
return b
func (b *Backend) newClient(address string, timeout time.Duration) (kvstore.Client, error) {
switch b.StoreType {
case "consul":
return kvstore.NewConsulClient(address, timeout)
case "etcd":
return kvstore.NewEtcdClient(address, timeout, log.WarnLevel)
return nil, errors.New("unsupported-kv-store")
func (b *Backend) makePath(key string) string {
path := fmt.Sprintf("%s/%s", b.PathPrefix, key)
return path
func (b *Backend) updateLiveness(alive bool) {
// Periodically push stream of liveness data to the channel,
// so that in a live state, the core does not timeout and
// send a forced liveness message. Push alive state if the
// last push to channel was beyond livenessChannelInterval
if b.liveness != nil {
if b.alive != alive {
b.liveness <- alive
b.lastLivenessTime = time.Now()
} else if time.Since(b.lastLivenessTime) > b.LivenessChannelInterval {
b.liveness <- alive
b.lastLivenessTime = time.Now()
// Emit log message only for alive state change
if b.alive != alive {
logger.Debugw("change-kvstore-alive-status", log.Fields{"alive": alive})
b.alive = alive
// Perform a dummy Key Lookup on kvstore to test Connection Liveness and
// post on Liveness channel
func (b *Backend) PerformLivenessCheck(ctx context.Context) bool {
alive := b.Client.IsConnectionUp(ctx)
logger.Debugw("kvstore-liveness-check-result", log.Fields{"alive": alive})
return alive
// Enable the liveness monitor channel. This channel will report
// a "true" or "false" on every kvstore operation which indicates whether
// or not the connection is still Live. This channel is then picked up
// by the service (i.e. rw_core / ro_core) to update readiness status
// and/or take other actions.
func (b *Backend) EnableLivenessChannel() chan bool {
if b.liveness == nil {
// Channel size of 10 to avoid any possibility of blocking in Load conditions
b.liveness = make(chan bool, 10)
// Post initial alive state
b.liveness <- b.alive
b.lastLivenessTime = time.Now()
return b.liveness
// Extract Alive status of Kvstore based on type of error
func (b *Backend) isErrorIndicatingAliveKvstore(err error) bool {
// Alive unless observed an error indicating so
alive := true
if err != nil {
// timeout indicates kvstore not reachable/alive
if err == context.DeadlineExceeded {
alive = false
// Need to analyze client-specific errors based on backend type
if b.StoreType == "etcd" {
// For etcd backend, consider not-alive only for errors indicating
// timedout request or unavailable/corrupted cluster. For all remaining
// error codes listed in,
// we would not infer a not-alive backend because such a error may also
// occur due to bad client requests or sequence of operations
switch status.Code(err) {
case codes.DeadlineExceeded:
case codes.Unavailable:
case codes.DataLoss:
alive = false
//} else {
// TODO: Implement for consul backend; would it be needed ever?
return alive
// List retrieves one or more items that match the specified key
func (b *Backend) List(ctx context.Context, key string) (map[string]*kvstore.KVPair, error) {
formattedPath := b.makePath(key)
logger.Debugw("listing-key", log.Fields{"key": key, "path": formattedPath})
pair, err := b.Client.List(ctx, formattedPath)
return pair, err
// Get retrieves an item that matches the specified key
func (b *Backend) Get(ctx context.Context, key string) (*kvstore.KVPair, error) {
formattedPath := b.makePath(key)
logger.Debugw("getting-key", log.Fields{"key": key, "path": formattedPath})
pair, err := b.Client.Get(ctx, formattedPath)
return pair, err
// Put stores an item value under the specifed key
func (b *Backend) Put(ctx context.Context, key string, value interface{}) error {
formattedPath := b.makePath(key)
logger.Debugw("putting-key", log.Fields{"key": key, "path": formattedPath})
err := b.Client.Put(ctx, formattedPath, value)
return err
// Delete removes an item under the specified key
func (b *Backend) Delete(ctx context.Context, key string) error {
formattedPath := b.makePath(key)
logger.Debugw("deleting-key", log.Fields{"key": key, "path": formattedPath})
err := b.Client.Delete(ctx, formattedPath)
return err
// CreateWatch starts watching events for the specified key
func (b *Backend) CreateWatch(ctx context.Context, key string, withPrefix bool) chan *kvstore.Event {
formattedPath := b.makePath(key)
logger.Debugw("creating-key-watch", log.Fields{"key": key, "path": formattedPath})
return b.Client.Watch(ctx, formattedPath, withPrefix)
// DeleteWatch stops watching events for the specified key
func (b *Backend) DeleteWatch(key string, ch chan *kvstore.Event) {
formattedPath := b.makePath(key)
logger.Debugw("deleting-key-watch", log.Fields{"key": key, "path": formattedPath})
b.Client.CloseWatch(formattedPath, ch)