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Copyright 2020 the original author or authors.
Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
You may obtain a copy of the License at
Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
limitations under the License.
package openflow
import (
ofp ""
var mu sync.Mutex
var xid uint32 = 1
func GetXid() uint32 {
defer mu.Unlock()
return xid
func PadString(value string, padSize int) string {
size := len(value)
nullsNeeded := padSize - size
null := fmt.Sprintf("%c", '\000')
padded := strings.Repeat(null, nullsNeeded)
return fmt.Sprintf("%s%s", value, padded)
func extractAction(action ofp.IAction) *openflow_13.OfpAction {
var ofpAction openflow_13.OfpAction
switch action.GetType() {
case ofp.OFPATOutput:
var outputAction openflow_13.OfpAction_Output
loxiOutputAction := action.(*ofp.ActionOutput)
var output openflow_13.OfpActionOutput
output.Port = uint32(loxiOutputAction.GetPort())
var maxLen uint16
maxLen = loxiOutputAction.GetMaxLen()
output.MaxLen = uint32(maxLen)
output.MaxLen = 0
outputAction.Output = &output
ofpAction.Action = &outputAction
ofpAction.Type = openflow_13.OfpActionType_OFPAT_OUTPUT
case ofp.OFPATCopyTtlOut: //CopyTtltOut
case ofp.OFPATCopyTtlIn: //CopyTtlIn
case ofp.OFPATSetMplsTtl: //SetMplsTtl
case ofp.OFPATDecMplsTtl: //DecMplsTtl
case ofp.OFPATPushVLAN: //PushVlan
var pushVlan openflow_13.OfpAction_Push
loxiPushAction := action.(*ofp.ActionPushVlan)
var push openflow_13.OfpActionPush
push.Ethertype = uint32(loxiPushAction.Ethertype) //TODO This should be available in the fields
pushVlan.Push = &push
ofpAction.Type = openflow_13.OfpActionType_OFPAT_PUSH_VLAN
ofpAction.Action = &pushVlan
case ofp.OFPATPopVLAN: //PopVlan
ofpAction.Type = openflow_13.OfpActionType_OFPAT_POP_VLAN
case ofp.OFPATPushMpls: //PushMpls
case ofp.OFPATPopMpls: //PopMpls
case ofp.OFPATSetQueue: //SetQueue
case ofp.OFPATGroup: //ActionGroup
case ofp.OFPATSetNwTtl: //SetNwTtl
case ofp.OFPATDecNwTtl: //DecNwTtl
case ofp.OFPATSetField: //SetField
ofpAction.Type = openflow_13.OfpActionType_OFPAT_SET_FIELD
var ofpAction_SetField openflow_13.OfpAction_SetField
var ofpActionSetField openflow_13.OfpActionSetField
var ofpOxmField openflow_13.OfpOxmField
ofpOxmField.OxmClass = openflow_13.OfpOxmClass_OFPXMC_OPENFLOW_BASIC
var ofpOxmField_OfbField openflow_13.OfpOxmField_OfbField
var ofpOxmOfbField openflow_13.OfpOxmOfbField
loxiSetField := action.(*ofp.ActionSetField)
oxmName := loxiSetField.Field.GetOXMName()
switch oxmName {
//TODO handle set field sith other fields
case "vlan_vid":
ofpOxmOfbField.Type = openflow_13.OxmOfbFieldTypes_OFPXMT_OFB_VLAN_VID
var vlanVid openflow_13.OfpOxmOfbField_VlanVid
var VlanVid = loxiSetField.Field.GetOXMValue().(uint16)
vlanVid.VlanVid = uint32(VlanVid)
ofpOxmOfbField.Value = &vlanVid
ofpOxmField_OfbField.OfbField = &ofpOxmOfbField
ofpOxmField.Field = &ofpOxmField_OfbField
ofpActionSetField.Field = &ofpOxmField
ofpAction_SetField.SetField = &ofpActionSetField
ofpAction.Action = &ofpAction_SetField
case ofp.OFPATPushPbb: //PushPbb
case ofp.OFPATPopPbb: //PopPbb
case ofp.OFPATExperimenter: //Experimenter
return &ofpAction