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import os
import pdb
import sys
import tempfile
from translator.toscalib.tosca_template import ToscaTemplate
from services.volt.models import AccessAgent, VOLTDevice, VOLTService, AgentPortMapping
from xosresource import XOSResource
class XOSAccessAgent(XOSResource):
provides = "tosca.nodes.AccessAgent"
xos_model = AccessAgent
copyin_props = ["mac"]
def get_xos_args(self, throw_exception=True):
args = super(XOSAccessAgent, self).get_xos_args()
volt_service_name = self.get_requirement("tosca.relationships.MemberOfService", throw_exception=throw_exception)
if volt_service_name:
args["volt_service"] = self.get_xos_object(VOLTService, throw_exception=throw_exception, name=volt_service_name)
return args
def postprocess(self, obj):
# For convenient, allow the port mappings to be specified by a Tosca
# string with commas between lines.
# <port> <mac>,
# <port> <mac>,
# ...
# <port> <mac>
port_mappings_str = self.get_property("port_mappings")
port_mappings = []
if port_mappings_str:
lines = [x.strip() for x in port_mappings_str.split(",")]
for line in lines:
if not (" " in line):
raise "Malformed port mapping `%s`", line
(port, mac) = line.split(" ")
port_mappings.append( (port, mac) )
for apm in list(AgentPortMapping.objects.filter(access_agent=obj)):
if (apm.port, apm.mac) not in port_mappings:
print "Deleting AgentPortMapping '%s'" % apm
for port_mapping in port_mappings:
existing_objs = AgentPortMapping.objects.filter(access_agent=obj, port=port_mapping[0], mac=port_mapping[1])
if not existing_objs:
apm = AgentPortMapping(access_agent=obj, port=port_mapping[0], mac=port_mapping[1])
print "Created AgentPortMapping '%s'" % apm