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Yi Tseng32561422021-10-07 15:03:21 -07001# Copyright 2021-present Open Networking Foundation
Charles Chand1b4bf92022-02-02 16:27:10 -08002# SPDX-License-Identifier: Apache-2.0
Yi Tseng32561422021-10-07 15:03:21 -07003
4apiVersion: v2
5name: dbuf
6description: A Helm chart deploying DBUF
8# A chart can be either an 'application' or a 'library' chart.
10# Application charts are a collection of templates that can be packaged into versioned archives
11# to be deployed.
13# Library charts provide useful utilities or functions for the chart developer. They're included as
14# a dependency of application charts to inject those utilities and functions into the rendering
15# pipeline. Library charts do not define any templates and therefore cannot be deployed.
16type: application
18# This is the chart version. This version number should be incremented each time you make changes
19# to the chart and its templates, including the app version.
20# Versions are expected to follow Semantic Versioning (
Charles Chan6e264fc2022-02-07 17:13:43 -080021version: 0.0.4
Yi Tseng32561422021-10-07 15:03:21 -070022
23# This is the version number of the application being deployed. This version number should be
24# incremented each time you make changes to the application. Versions are not expected to
25# follow Semantic Versioning. They should reflect the version the application is using.
26appVersion: 0.0.1