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// Package types provides Kerberos 5 data types.
package types
import (
// Authenticator - A record containing information that can be shown to have been recently generated using the session
// key known only by the client and server.
type Authenticator struct {
AVNO int `asn1:"explicit,tag:0"`
CRealm string `asn1:"generalstring,explicit,tag:1"`
CName PrincipalName `asn1:"explicit,tag:2"`
Cksum Checksum `asn1:"explicit,optional,tag:3"`
Cusec int `asn1:"explicit,tag:4"`
CTime time.Time `asn1:"generalized,explicit,tag:5"`
SubKey EncryptionKey `asn1:"explicit,optional,tag:6"`
SeqNumber int64 `asn1:"explicit,optional,tag:7"`
AuthorizationData AuthorizationData `asn1:"explicit,optional,tag:8"`
// NewAuthenticator creates a new Authenticator.
func NewAuthenticator(realm string, cname PrincipalName) (Authenticator, error) {
seq, err := rand.Int(rand.Reader, big.NewInt(math.MaxUint32))
if err != nil {
return Authenticator{}, err
t := time.Now().UTC()
return Authenticator{
AVNO: iana.PVNO,
CRealm: realm,
CName: cname,
Cksum: Checksum{},
Cusec: int((t.UnixNano() / int64(time.Microsecond)) - (t.Unix() * 1e6)),
CTime: t,
SeqNumber: seq.Int64(),
}, nil
// GenerateSeqNumberAndSubKey sets the Authenticator's sequence number and subkey.
func (a *Authenticator) GenerateSeqNumberAndSubKey(keyType int32, keySize int) error {
seq, err := rand.Int(rand.Reader, big.NewInt(math.MaxUint32))
if err != nil {
return err
a.SeqNumber = seq.Int64()
//Generate subkey value
sk := make([]byte, keySize, keySize)
a.SubKey = EncryptionKey{
KeyType: keyType,
KeyValue: sk,
return nil
// Unmarshal bytes into the Authenticator.
func (a *Authenticator) Unmarshal(b []byte) error {
_, err := asn1.UnmarshalWithParams(b, a, fmt.Sprintf("application,explicit,tag:%v", asnAppTag.Authenticator))
return err
// Marshal the Authenticator.
func (a *Authenticator) Marshal() ([]byte, error) {
b, err := asn1.Marshal(*a)
if err != nil {
return nil, err
b = asn1tools.AddASNAppTag(b, asnAppTag.Authenticator)
return b, nil