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package opentracing
import (
// TracerContextWithSpanExtension is an extension interface that the
// implementation of the Tracer interface may want to implement. It
// allows to have some control over the go context when the
// ContextWithSpan is invoked.
// The primary purpose of this extension are adapters from opentracing
// API to some other tracing API.
type TracerContextWithSpanExtension interface {
// ContextWithSpanHook gets called by the ContextWithSpan
// function, when the Tracer implementation also implements
// this interface. It allows to put extra information into the
// context and make it available to the callers of the
// ContextWithSpan.
// This hook is invoked before the ContextWithSpan function
// actually puts the span into the context.
ContextWithSpanHook(ctx context.Context, span Span) context.Context