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* to you under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the
* "License"); you may not use this file except in compliance
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* under the License.
package thrift
import "context"
// A processor is a generic object which operates upon an input stream and
// writes to some output stream.
type TProcessor interface {
Process(ctx context.Context, in, out TProtocol) (bool, TException)
// ProcessorMap returns a map of thrift method names to TProcessorFunctions.
ProcessorMap() map[string]TProcessorFunction
// AddToProcessorMap adds the given TProcessorFunction to the internal
// processor map at the given key.
// If one is already set at the given key, it will be replaced with the new
// TProcessorFunction.
AddToProcessorMap(string, TProcessorFunction)
type TProcessorFunction interface {
Process(ctx context.Context, seqId int32, in, out TProtocol) (bool, TException)
// The default processor factory just returns a singleton
// instance.
type TProcessorFactory interface {
GetProcessor(trans TTransport) TProcessor
type tProcessorFactory struct {
processor TProcessor
func NewTProcessorFactory(p TProcessor) TProcessorFactory {
return &tProcessorFactory{processor: p}
func (p *tProcessorFactory) GetProcessor(trans TTransport) TProcessor {
return p.processor
* The default processor factory just returns a singleton
* instance.
type TProcessorFunctionFactory interface {
GetProcessorFunction(trans TTransport) TProcessorFunction
type tProcessorFunctionFactory struct {
processor TProcessorFunction
func NewTProcessorFunctionFactory(p TProcessorFunction) TProcessorFunctionFactory {
return &tProcessorFunctionFactory{processor: p}
func (p *tProcessorFunctionFactory) GetProcessorFunction(trans TTransport) TProcessorFunction {
return p.processor