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// Copyright 2016 gRPC authors.
// Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
// you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
// You may obtain a copy of the License at
// Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
// distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
// See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
// limitations under the License.
// Service exported by server reflection
syntax = "proto3";
package grpc.reflection.v1alpha;
service ServerReflection {
// The reflection service is structured as a bidirectional stream, ensuring
// all related requests go to a single server.
rpc ServerReflectionInfo(stream ServerReflectionRequest)
returns (stream ServerReflectionResponse);
// The message sent by the client when calling ServerReflectionInfo method.
message ServerReflectionRequest {
string host = 1;
// To use reflection service, the client should set one of the following
// fields in message_request. The server distinguishes requests by their
// defined field and then handles them using corresponding methods.
oneof message_request {
// Find a proto file by the file name.
string file_by_filename = 3;
// Find the proto file that declares the given fully-qualified symbol name.
// This field should be a fully-qualified symbol name
// (e.g. <package>.<service>[.<method>] or <package>.<type>).
string file_containing_symbol = 4;
// Find the proto file which defines an extension extending the given
// message type with the given field number.
ExtensionRequest file_containing_extension = 5;
// Finds the tag numbers used by all known extensions of extendee_type, and
// appends them to ExtensionNumberResponse in an undefined order.
// Its corresponding method is best-effort: it's not guaranteed that the
// reflection service will implement this method, and it's not guaranteed
// that this method will provide all extensions. Returns
// StatusCode::UNIMPLEMENTED if it's not implemented.
// This field should be a fully-qualified type name. The format is
// <package>.<type>
string all_extension_numbers_of_type = 6;
// List the full names of registered services. The content will not be
// checked.
string list_services = 7;
// The type name and extension number sent by the client when requesting
// file_containing_extension.
message ExtensionRequest {
// Fully-qualified type name. The format should be <package>.<type>
string containing_type = 1;
int32 extension_number = 2;
// The message sent by the server to answer ServerReflectionInfo method.
message ServerReflectionResponse {
string valid_host = 1;
ServerReflectionRequest original_request = 2;
// The server sets one of the following fields according to the
// message_request in the request.
oneof message_response {
// This message is used to answer file_by_filename, file_containing_symbol,
// file_containing_extension requests with transitive dependencies.
// As the repeated label is not allowed in oneof fields, we use a
// FileDescriptorResponse message to encapsulate the repeated fields.
// The reflection service is allowed to avoid sending FileDescriptorProtos
// that were previously sent in response to earlier requests in the stream.
FileDescriptorResponse file_descriptor_response = 4;
// This message is used to answer all_extension_numbers_of_type requests.
ExtensionNumberResponse all_extension_numbers_response = 5;
// This message is used to answer list_services requests.
ListServiceResponse list_services_response = 6;
// This message is used when an error occurs.
ErrorResponse error_response = 7;
// Serialized FileDescriptorProto messages sent by the server answering
// a file_by_filename, file_containing_symbol, or file_containing_extension
// request.
message FileDescriptorResponse {
// Serialized FileDescriptorProto messages. We avoid taking a dependency on
// descriptor.proto, which uses proto2 only features, by making them opaque
// bytes instead.
repeated bytes file_descriptor_proto = 1;
// A list of extension numbers sent by the server answering
// all_extension_numbers_of_type request.
message ExtensionNumberResponse {
// Full name of the base type, including the package name. The format
// is <package>.<type>
string base_type_name = 1;
repeated int32 extension_number = 2;
// A list of ServiceResponse sent by the server answering list_services request.
message ListServiceResponse {
// The information of each service may be expanded in the future, so we use
// ServiceResponse message to encapsulate it.
repeated ServiceResponse service = 1;
// The information of a single service used by ListServiceResponse to answer
// list_services request.
message ServiceResponse {
// Full name of a registered service, including its package name. The format
// is <package>.<service>
string name = 1;
// The error code and error message sent by the server when an error occurs.
message ErrorResponse {
// This field uses the error codes defined in grpc::StatusCode.
int32 error_code = 1;
string error_message = 2;