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// Copyright 2019 The etcd Authors
// Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
// you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
// You may obtain a copy of the License at
// Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
// distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
// See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
// limitations under the License.
package tracker
import (
// Progress represents a follower’s progress in the view of the leader. Leader
// maintains progresses of all followers, and sends entries to the follower
// based on its progress.
// NB(tbg): Progress is basically a state machine whose transitions are mostly
// strewn around `*raft.raft`. Additionally, some fields are only used when in a
// certain State. All of this isn't ideal.
type Progress struct {
Match, Next uint64
// State defines how the leader should interact with the follower.
// When in StateProbe, leader sends at most one replication message
// per heartbeat interval. It also probes actual progress of the follower.
// When in StateReplicate, leader optimistically increases next
// to the latest entry sent after sending replication message. This is
// an optimized state for fast replicating log entries to the follower.
// When in StateSnapshot, leader should have sent out snapshot
// before and stops sending any replication message.
State StateType
// PendingSnapshot is used in StateSnapshot.
// If there is a pending snapshot, the pendingSnapshot will be set to the
// index of the snapshot. If pendingSnapshot is set, the replication process of
// this Progress will be paused. raft will not resend snapshot until the pending one
// is reported to be failed.
PendingSnapshot uint64
// RecentActive is true if the progress is recently active. Receiving any messages
// from the corresponding follower indicates the progress is active.
// RecentActive can be reset to false after an election timeout.
RecentActive bool
// ProbeSent is used while this follower is in StateProbe. When ProbeSent is
// true, raft should pause sending replication message to this peer until
// ProbeSent is reset. See ProbeAcked() and IsPaused().
ProbeSent bool
// Inflights is a sliding window for the inflight messages.
// Each inflight message contains one or more log entries.
// The max number of entries per message is defined in raft config as MaxSizePerMsg.
// Thus inflight effectively limits both the number of inflight messages
// and the bandwidth each Progress can use.
// When inflights is Full, no more message should be sent.
// When a leader sends out a message, the index of the last
// entry should be added to inflights. The index MUST be added
// into inflights in order.
// When a leader receives a reply, the previous inflights should
// be freed by calling inflights.FreeLE with the index of the last
// received entry.
Inflights *Inflights
// IsLearner is true if this progress is tracked for a learner.
IsLearner bool
// ResetState moves the Progress into the specified State, resetting ProbeSent,
// PendingSnapshot, and Inflights.
func (pr *Progress) ResetState(state StateType) {
pr.ProbeSent = false
pr.PendingSnapshot = 0
pr.State = state
func max(a, b uint64) uint64 {
if a > b {
return a
return b
func min(a, b uint64) uint64 {
if a > b {
return b
return a
// ProbeAcked is called when this peer has accepted an append. It resets
// ProbeSent to signal that additional append messages should be sent without
// further delay.
func (pr *Progress) ProbeAcked() {
pr.ProbeSent = false
// BecomeProbe transitions into StateProbe. Next is reset to Match+1 or,
// optionally and if larger, the index of the pending snapshot.
func (pr *Progress) BecomeProbe() {
// If the original state is StateSnapshot, progress knows that
// the pending snapshot has been sent to this peer successfully, then
// probes from pendingSnapshot + 1.
if pr.State == StateSnapshot {
pendingSnapshot := pr.PendingSnapshot
pr.Next = max(pr.Match+1, pendingSnapshot+1)
} else {
pr.Next = pr.Match + 1
// BecomeReplicate transitions into StateReplicate, resetting Next to Match+1.
func (pr *Progress) BecomeReplicate() {
pr.Next = pr.Match + 1
// BecomeSnapshot moves the Progress to StateSnapshot with the specified pending
// snapshot index.
func (pr *Progress) BecomeSnapshot(snapshoti uint64) {
pr.PendingSnapshot = snapshoti
// MaybeUpdate is called when an MsgAppResp arrives from the follower, with the
// index acked by it. The method returns false if the given n index comes from
// an outdated message. Otherwise it updates the progress and returns true.
func (pr *Progress) MaybeUpdate(n uint64) bool {
var updated bool
if pr.Match < n {
pr.Match = n
updated = true
if pr.Next < n+1 {
pr.Next = n + 1
return updated
// OptimisticUpdate signals that appends all the way up to and including index n
// are in-flight. As a result, Next is increased to n+1.
func (pr *Progress) OptimisticUpdate(n uint64) { pr.Next = n + 1 }
// MaybeDecrTo adjusts the Progress to the receipt of a MsgApp rejection. The
// arguments are the index the follower rejected to append to its log, and its
// last index.
// Rejections can happen spuriously as messages are sent out of order or
// duplicated. In such cases, the rejection pertains to an index that the
// Progress already knows were previously acknowledged, and false is returned
// without changing the Progress.
// If the rejection is genuine, Next is lowered sensibly, and the Progress is
// cleared for sending log entries.
func (pr *Progress) MaybeDecrTo(rejected, last uint64) bool {
if pr.State == StateReplicate {
// The rejection must be stale if the progress has matched and "rejected"
// is smaller than "match".
if rejected <= pr.Match {
return false
// Directly decrease next to match + 1.
// TODO(tbg): why not use last if it's larger?
pr.Next = pr.Match + 1
return true
// The rejection must be stale if "rejected" does not match next - 1. This
// is because non-replicating followers are probed one entry at a time.
if pr.Next-1 != rejected {
return false
if pr.Next = min(rejected, last+1); pr.Next < 1 {
pr.Next = 1
pr.ProbeSent = false
return true
// IsPaused returns whether sending log entries to this node has been throttled.
// This is done when a node has rejected recent MsgApps, is currently waiting
// for a snapshot, or has reached the MaxInflightMsgs limit. In normal
// operation, this is false. A throttled node will be contacted less frequently
// until it has reached a state in which it's able to accept a steady stream of
// log entries again.
func (pr *Progress) IsPaused() bool {
switch pr.State {
case StateProbe:
return pr.ProbeSent
case StateReplicate:
return pr.Inflights.Full()
case StateSnapshot:
return true
panic("unexpected state")
func (pr *Progress) String() string {
var buf strings.Builder
fmt.Fprintf(&buf, "%s match=%d next=%d", pr.State, pr.Match, pr.Next)
if pr.IsLearner {
fmt.Fprint(&buf, " learner")
if pr.IsPaused() {
fmt.Fprint(&buf, " paused")
if pr.PendingSnapshot > 0 {
fmt.Fprintf(&buf, " pendingSnap=%d", pr.PendingSnapshot)
if !pr.RecentActive {
fmt.Fprintf(&buf, " inactive")
if n := pr.Inflights.Count(); n > 0 {
fmt.Fprintf(&buf, " inflight=%d", n)
if pr.Inflights.Full() {
fmt.Fprint(&buf, "[full]")
return buf.String()