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* Copyright 2017 gRPC authors.
* Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
* you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
* You may obtain a copy of the License at
* Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
* distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
* See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
* limitations under the License.
package base
import (
type baseBuilder struct {
name string
pickerBuilder PickerBuilder
config Config
func (bb *baseBuilder) Build(cc balancer.ClientConn, opt balancer.BuildOptions) balancer.Balancer {
return &baseBalancer{
cc: cc,
pickerBuilder: bb.pickerBuilder,
subConns: make(map[resolver.Address]balancer.SubConn),
scStates: make(map[balancer.SubConn]connectivity.State),
csEvltr: &balancer.ConnectivityStateEvaluator{},
// Initialize picker to a picker that always return
// ErrNoSubConnAvailable, because when state of a SubConn changes, we
// may call UpdateBalancerState with this picker.
picker: NewErrPicker(balancer.ErrNoSubConnAvailable),
config: bb.config,
func (bb *baseBuilder) Name() string {
type baseBalancer struct {
cc balancer.ClientConn
pickerBuilder PickerBuilder
csEvltr *balancer.ConnectivityStateEvaluator
state connectivity.State
subConns map[resolver.Address]balancer.SubConn
scStates map[balancer.SubConn]connectivity.State
picker balancer.Picker
config Config
func (b *baseBalancer) HandleResolvedAddrs(addrs []resolver.Address, err error) {
panic("not implemented")
func (b *baseBalancer) UpdateClientConnState(s balancer.ClientConnState) {
// TODO: handle s.ResolverState.Err (log if not nil) once implemented.
// TODO: handle s.ResolverState.ServiceConfig?
grpclog.Infoln("base.baseBalancer: got new ClientConn state: ", s)
// addrsSet is the set converted from addrs, it's used for quick lookup of an address.
addrsSet := make(map[resolver.Address]struct{})
for _, a := range s.ResolverState.Addresses {
addrsSet[a] = struct{}{}
if _, ok := b.subConns[a]; !ok {
// a is a new address (not existing in b.subConns).
sc, err :=[]resolver.Address{a}, balancer.NewSubConnOptions{HealthCheckEnabled: b.config.HealthCheck})
if err != nil {
grpclog.Warningf("base.baseBalancer: failed to create new SubConn: %v", err)
b.subConns[a] = sc
b.scStates[sc] = connectivity.Idle
for a, sc := range b.subConns {
// a was removed by resolver.
if _, ok := addrsSet[a]; !ok {
delete(b.subConns, a)
// Keep the state of this sc in b.scStates until sc's state becomes Shutdown.
// The entry will be deleted in HandleSubConnStateChange.
// regeneratePicker takes a snapshot of the balancer, and generates a picker
// from it. The picker is
// - errPicker with ErrTransientFailure if the balancer is in TransientFailure,
// - built by the pickerBuilder with all READY SubConns otherwise.
func (b *baseBalancer) regeneratePicker() {
if b.state == connectivity.TransientFailure {
b.picker = NewErrPicker(balancer.ErrTransientFailure)
readySCs := make(map[resolver.Address]balancer.SubConn)
// Filter out all ready SCs from full subConn map.
for addr, sc := range b.subConns {
if st, ok := b.scStates[sc]; ok && st == connectivity.Ready {
readySCs[addr] = sc
b.picker = b.pickerBuilder.Build(readySCs)
func (b *baseBalancer) HandleSubConnStateChange(sc balancer.SubConn, s connectivity.State) {
panic("not implemented")
func (b *baseBalancer) UpdateSubConnState(sc balancer.SubConn, state balancer.SubConnState) {
s := state.ConnectivityState
grpclog.Infof("base.baseBalancer: handle SubConn state change: %p, %v", sc, s)
oldS, ok := b.scStates[sc]
if !ok {
grpclog.Infof("base.baseBalancer: got state changes for an unknown SubConn: %p, %v", sc, s)
b.scStates[sc] = s
switch s {
case connectivity.Idle:
case connectivity.Shutdown:
// When an address was removed by resolver, b called RemoveSubConn but
// kept the sc's state in scStates. Remove state for this sc here.
delete(b.scStates, sc)
oldAggrState := b.state
b.state = b.csEvltr.RecordTransition(oldS, s)
// Regenerate picker when one of the following happens:
// - this sc became ready from not-ready
// - this sc became not-ready from ready
// - the aggregated state of balancer became TransientFailure from non-TransientFailure
// - the aggregated state of balancer became non-TransientFailure from TransientFailure
if (s == connectivity.Ready) != (oldS == connectivity.Ready) ||
(b.state == connectivity.TransientFailure) != (oldAggrState == connectivity.TransientFailure) {
}, b.picker)
// Close is a nop because base balancer doesn't have internal state to clean up,
// and it doesn't need to call RemoveSubConn for the SubConns.
func (b *baseBalancer) Close() {
// NewErrPicker returns a picker that always returns err on Pick().
func NewErrPicker(err error) balancer.Picker {
return &errPicker{err: err}
type errPicker struct {
err error // Pick() always returns this err.
func (p *errPicker) Pick(ctx context.Context, opts balancer.PickOptions) (balancer.SubConn, func(balancer.DoneInfo), error) {
return nil, nil, p.err