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package sarama
import (
// ErrOutOfBrokers is the error returned when the client has run out of brokers to talk to because all of them errored
// or otherwise failed to respond.
var ErrOutOfBrokers = errors.New("kafka: client has run out of available brokers to talk to (Is your cluster reachable?)")
// ErrClosedClient is the error returned when a method is called on a client that has been closed.
var ErrClosedClient = errors.New("kafka: tried to use a client that was closed")
// ErrIncompleteResponse is the error returned when the server returns a syntactically valid response, but it does
// not contain the expected information.
var ErrIncompleteResponse = errors.New("kafka: response did not contain all the expected topic/partition blocks")
// ErrInvalidPartition is the error returned when a partitioner returns an invalid partition index
// (meaning one outside of the range [0...numPartitions-1]).
var ErrInvalidPartition = errors.New("kafka: partitioner returned an invalid partition index")
// ErrAlreadyConnected is the error returned when calling Open() on a Broker that is already connected or connecting.
var ErrAlreadyConnected = errors.New("kafka: broker connection already initiated")
// ErrNotConnected is the error returned when trying to send or call Close() on a Broker that is not connected.
var ErrNotConnected = errors.New("kafka: broker not connected")
// ErrInsufficientData is returned when decoding and the packet is truncated. This can be expected
// when requesting messages, since as an optimization the server is allowed to return a partial message at the end
// of the message set.
var ErrInsufficientData = errors.New("kafka: insufficient data to decode packet, more bytes expected")
// ErrShuttingDown is returned when a producer receives a message during shutdown.
var ErrShuttingDown = errors.New("kafka: message received by producer in process of shutting down")
// ErrMessageTooLarge is returned when the next message to consume is larger than the configured Consumer.Fetch.Max
var ErrMessageTooLarge = errors.New("kafka: message is larger than Consumer.Fetch.Max")
// ErrConsumerOffsetNotAdvanced is returned when a partition consumer didn't advance its offset after parsing
// a RecordBatch.
var ErrConsumerOffsetNotAdvanced = errors.New("kafka: consumer offset was not advanced after a RecordBatch")
// ErrControllerNotAvailable is returned when server didn't give correct controller id. May be kafka server's version
// is lower than
var ErrControllerNotAvailable = errors.New("kafka: controller is not available")
// ErrNoTopicsToUpdateMetadata is returned when Meta.Full is set to false but no specific topics were found to update
// the metadata.
var ErrNoTopicsToUpdateMetadata = errors.New("kafka: no specific topics to update metadata")
// PacketEncodingError is returned from a failure while encoding a Kafka packet. This can happen, for example,
// if you try to encode a string over 2^15 characters in length, since Kafka's encoding rules do not permit that.
type PacketEncodingError struct {
Info string
func (err PacketEncodingError) Error() string {
return fmt.Sprintf("kafka: error encoding packet: %s", err.Info)
// PacketDecodingError is returned when there was an error (other than truncated data) decoding the Kafka broker's response.
// This can be a bad CRC or length field, or any other invalid value.
type PacketDecodingError struct {
Info string
func (err PacketDecodingError) Error() string {
return fmt.Sprintf("kafka: error decoding packet: %s", err.Info)
// ConfigurationError is the type of error returned from a constructor (e.g. NewClient, or NewConsumer)
// when the specified configuration is invalid.
type ConfigurationError string
func (err ConfigurationError) Error() string {
return "kafka: invalid configuration (" + string(err) + ")"
// KError is the type of error that can be returned directly by the Kafka broker.
// See
type KError int16
// Numeric error codes returned by the Kafka server.
const (
ErrNoError KError = 0
ErrUnknown KError = -1
ErrOffsetOutOfRange KError = 1
ErrInvalidMessage KError = 2
ErrUnknownTopicOrPartition KError = 3
ErrInvalidMessageSize KError = 4
ErrLeaderNotAvailable KError = 5
ErrNotLeaderForPartition KError = 6
ErrRequestTimedOut KError = 7
ErrBrokerNotAvailable KError = 8
ErrReplicaNotAvailable KError = 9
ErrMessageSizeTooLarge KError = 10
ErrStaleControllerEpochCode KError = 11
ErrOffsetMetadataTooLarge KError = 12
ErrNetworkException KError = 13
ErrOffsetsLoadInProgress KError = 14
ErrConsumerCoordinatorNotAvailable KError = 15
ErrNotCoordinatorForConsumer KError = 16
ErrInvalidTopic KError = 17
ErrMessageSetSizeTooLarge KError = 18
ErrNotEnoughReplicas KError = 19
ErrNotEnoughReplicasAfterAppend KError = 20
ErrInvalidRequiredAcks KError = 21
ErrIllegalGeneration KError = 22
ErrInconsistentGroupProtocol KError = 23
ErrInvalidGroupId KError = 24
ErrUnknownMemberId KError = 25
ErrInvalidSessionTimeout KError = 26
ErrRebalanceInProgress KError = 27
ErrInvalidCommitOffsetSize KError = 28
ErrTopicAuthorizationFailed KError = 29
ErrGroupAuthorizationFailed KError = 30
ErrClusterAuthorizationFailed KError = 31
ErrInvalidTimestamp KError = 32
ErrUnsupportedSASLMechanism KError = 33
ErrIllegalSASLState KError = 34
ErrUnsupportedVersion KError = 35
ErrTopicAlreadyExists KError = 36
ErrInvalidPartitions KError = 37
ErrInvalidReplicationFactor KError = 38
ErrInvalidReplicaAssignment KError = 39
ErrInvalidConfig KError = 40
ErrNotController KError = 41
ErrInvalidRequest KError = 42
ErrUnsupportedForMessageFormat KError = 43
ErrPolicyViolation KError = 44
ErrOutOfOrderSequenceNumber KError = 45
ErrDuplicateSequenceNumber KError = 46
ErrInvalidProducerEpoch KError = 47
ErrInvalidTxnState KError = 48
ErrInvalidProducerIDMapping KError = 49
ErrInvalidTransactionTimeout KError = 50
ErrConcurrentTransactions KError = 51
ErrTransactionCoordinatorFenced KError = 52
ErrTransactionalIDAuthorizationFailed KError = 53
ErrSecurityDisabled KError = 54
ErrOperationNotAttempted KError = 55
ErrKafkaStorageError KError = 56
ErrLogDirNotFound KError = 57
ErrSASLAuthenticationFailed KError = 58
ErrUnknownProducerID KError = 59
ErrReassignmentInProgress KError = 60
ErrDelegationTokenAuthDisabled KError = 61
ErrDelegationTokenNotFound KError = 62
ErrDelegationTokenOwnerMismatch KError = 63
ErrDelegationTokenRequestNotAllowed KError = 64
ErrDelegationTokenAuthorizationFailed KError = 65
ErrDelegationTokenExpired KError = 66
ErrInvalidPrincipalType KError = 67
ErrNonEmptyGroup KError = 68
ErrGroupIDNotFound KError = 69
ErrFetchSessionIDNotFound KError = 70
ErrInvalidFetchSessionEpoch KError = 71
ErrListenerNotFound KError = 72
ErrTopicDeletionDisabled KError = 73
ErrFencedLeaderEpoch KError = 74
ErrUnknownLeaderEpoch KError = 75
ErrUnsupportedCompressionType KError = 76
ErrStaleBrokerEpoch KError = 77
ErrOffsetNotAvailable KError = 78
ErrMemberIdRequired KError = 79
ErrPreferredLeaderNotAvailable KError = 80
ErrGroupMaxSizeReached KError = 81
func (err KError) Error() string {
// Error messages stolen/adapted from
switch err {
case ErrNoError:
return "kafka server: Not an error, why are you printing me?"
case ErrUnknown:
return "kafka server: Unexpected (unknown?) server error."
case ErrOffsetOutOfRange:
return "kafka server: The requested offset is outside the range of offsets maintained by the server for the given topic/partition."
case ErrInvalidMessage:
return "kafka server: Message contents does not match its CRC."
case ErrUnknownTopicOrPartition:
return "kafka server: Request was for a topic or partition that does not exist on this broker."
case ErrInvalidMessageSize:
return "kafka server: The message has a negative size."
case ErrLeaderNotAvailable:
return "kafka server: In the middle of a leadership election, there is currently no leader for this partition and hence it is unavailable for writes."
case ErrNotLeaderForPartition:
return "kafka server: Tried to send a message to a replica that is not the leader for some partition. Your metadata is out of date."
case ErrRequestTimedOut:
return "kafka server: Request exceeded the user-specified time limit in the request."
case ErrBrokerNotAvailable:
return "kafka server: Broker not available. Not a client facing error, we should never receive this!!!"
case ErrReplicaNotAvailable:
return "kafka server: Replica information not available, one or more brokers are down."
case ErrMessageSizeTooLarge:
return "kafka server: Message was too large, server rejected it to avoid allocation error."
case ErrStaleControllerEpochCode:
return "kafka server: StaleControllerEpochCode (internal error code for broker-to-broker communication)."
case ErrOffsetMetadataTooLarge:
return "kafka server: Specified a string larger than the configured maximum for offset metadata."
case ErrNetworkException:
return "kafka server: The server disconnected before a response was received."
case ErrOffsetsLoadInProgress:
return "kafka server: The broker is still loading offsets after a leader change for that offset's topic partition."
case ErrConsumerCoordinatorNotAvailable:
return "kafka server: Offset's topic has not yet been created."
case ErrNotCoordinatorForConsumer:
return "kafka server: Request was for a consumer group that is not coordinated by this broker."
case ErrInvalidTopic:
return "kafka server: The request attempted to perform an operation on an invalid topic."
case ErrMessageSetSizeTooLarge:
return "kafka server: The request included message batch larger than the configured segment size on the server."
case ErrNotEnoughReplicas:
return "kafka server: Messages are rejected since there are fewer in-sync replicas than required."
case ErrNotEnoughReplicasAfterAppend:
return "kafka server: Messages are written to the log, but to fewer in-sync replicas than required."
case ErrInvalidRequiredAcks:
return "kafka server: The number of required acks is invalid (should be either -1, 0, or 1)."
case ErrIllegalGeneration:
return "kafka server: The provided generation id is not the current generation."
case ErrInconsistentGroupProtocol:
return "kafka server: The provider group protocol type is incompatible with the other members."
case ErrInvalidGroupId:
return "kafka server: The provided group id was empty."
case ErrUnknownMemberId:
return "kafka server: The provided member is not known in the current generation."
case ErrInvalidSessionTimeout:
return "kafka server: The provided session timeout is outside the allowed range."
case ErrRebalanceInProgress:
return "kafka server: A rebalance for the group is in progress. Please re-join the group."
case ErrInvalidCommitOffsetSize:
return "kafka server: The provided commit metadata was too large."
case ErrTopicAuthorizationFailed:
return "kafka server: The client is not authorized to access this topic."
case ErrGroupAuthorizationFailed:
return "kafka server: The client is not authorized to access this group."
case ErrClusterAuthorizationFailed:
return "kafka server: The client is not authorized to send this request type."
case ErrInvalidTimestamp:
return "kafka server: The timestamp of the message is out of acceptable range."
case ErrUnsupportedSASLMechanism:
return "kafka server: The broker does not support the requested SASL mechanism."
case ErrIllegalSASLState:
return "kafka server: Request is not valid given the current SASL state."
case ErrUnsupportedVersion:
return "kafka server: The version of API is not supported."
case ErrTopicAlreadyExists:
return "kafka server: Topic with this name already exists."
case ErrInvalidPartitions:
return "kafka server: Number of partitions is invalid."
case ErrInvalidReplicationFactor:
return "kafka server: Replication-factor is invalid."
case ErrInvalidReplicaAssignment:
return "kafka server: Replica assignment is invalid."
case ErrInvalidConfig:
return "kafka server: Configuration is invalid."
case ErrNotController:
return "kafka server: This is not the correct controller for this cluster."
case ErrInvalidRequest:
return "kafka server: This most likely occurs because of a request being malformed by the client library or the message was sent to an incompatible broker. See the broker logs for more details."
case ErrUnsupportedForMessageFormat:
return "kafka server: The requested operation is not supported by the message format version."
case ErrPolicyViolation:
return "kafka server: Request parameters do not satisfy the configured policy."
case ErrOutOfOrderSequenceNumber:
return "kafka server: The broker received an out of order sequence number."
case ErrDuplicateSequenceNumber:
return "kafka server: The broker received a duplicate sequence number."
case ErrInvalidProducerEpoch:
return "kafka server: Producer attempted an operation with an old epoch."
case ErrInvalidTxnState:
return "kafka server: The producer attempted a transactional operation in an invalid state."
case ErrInvalidProducerIDMapping:
return "kafka server: The producer attempted to use a producer id which is not currently assigned to its transactional id."
case ErrInvalidTransactionTimeout:
return "kafka server: The transaction timeout is larger than the maximum value allowed by the broker (as configured by"
case ErrConcurrentTransactions:
return "kafka server: The producer attempted to update a transaction while another concurrent operation on the same transaction was ongoing."
case ErrTransactionCoordinatorFenced:
return "kafka server: The transaction coordinator sending a WriteTxnMarker is no longer the current coordinator for a given producer."
case ErrTransactionalIDAuthorizationFailed:
return "kafka server: Transactional ID authorization failed."
case ErrSecurityDisabled:
return "kafka server: Security features are disabled."
case ErrOperationNotAttempted:
return "kafka server: The broker did not attempt to execute this operation."
case ErrKafkaStorageError:
return "kafka server: Disk error when trying to access log file on the disk."
case ErrLogDirNotFound:
return "kafka server: The specified log directory is not found in the broker config."
case ErrSASLAuthenticationFailed:
return "kafka server: SASL Authentication failed."
case ErrUnknownProducerID:
return "kafka server: The broker could not locate the producer metadata associated with the Producer ID."
case ErrReassignmentInProgress:
return "kafka server: A partition reassignment is in progress."
case ErrDelegationTokenAuthDisabled:
return "kafka server: Delegation Token feature is not enabled."
case ErrDelegationTokenNotFound:
return "kafka server: Delegation Token is not found on server."
case ErrDelegationTokenOwnerMismatch:
return "kafka server: Specified Principal is not valid Owner/Renewer."
case ErrDelegationTokenRequestNotAllowed:
return "kafka server: Delegation Token requests are not allowed on PLAINTEXT/1-way SSL channels and on delegation token authenticated channels."
case ErrDelegationTokenAuthorizationFailed:
return "kafka server: Delegation Token authorization failed."
case ErrDelegationTokenExpired:
return "kafka server: Delegation Token is expired."
case ErrInvalidPrincipalType:
return "kafka server: Supplied principalType is not supported."
case ErrNonEmptyGroup:
return "kafka server: The group is not empty."
case ErrGroupIDNotFound:
return "kafka server: The group id does not exist."
case ErrFetchSessionIDNotFound:
return "kafka server: The fetch session ID was not found."
case ErrInvalidFetchSessionEpoch:
return "kafka server: The fetch session epoch is invalid."
case ErrListenerNotFound:
return "kafka server: There is no listener on the leader broker that matches the listener on which metadata request was processed."
case ErrTopicDeletionDisabled:
return "kafka server: Topic deletion is disabled."
case ErrFencedLeaderEpoch:
return "kafka server: The leader epoch in the request is older than the epoch on the broker."
case ErrUnknownLeaderEpoch:
return "kafka server: The leader epoch in the request is newer than the epoch on the broker."
case ErrUnsupportedCompressionType:
return "kafka server: The requesting client does not support the compression type of given partition."
case ErrStaleBrokerEpoch:
return "kafka server: Broker epoch has changed"
case ErrOffsetNotAvailable:
return "kafka server: The leader high watermark has not caught up from a recent leader election so the offsets cannot be guaranteed to be monotonically increasing"
case ErrMemberIdRequired:
return "kafka server: The group member needs to have a valid member id before actually entering a consumer group"
case ErrPreferredLeaderNotAvailable:
return "kafka server: The preferred leader was not available"
case ErrGroupMaxSizeReached:
return "kafka server: Consumer group The consumer group has reached its max size. already has the configured maximum number of members."
return fmt.Sprintf("Unknown error, how did this happen? Error code = %d", err)