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package client
import (
// Cache for service tickets held by the client.
type Cache struct {
Entries map[string]CacheEntry
mux sync.RWMutex
// CacheEntry holds details for a cache entry.
type CacheEntry struct {
Ticket messages.Ticket
AuthTime time.Time
StartTime time.Time
EndTime time.Time
RenewTill time.Time
SessionKey types.EncryptionKey
// NewCache creates a new client ticket cache instance.
func NewCache() *Cache {
return &Cache{
Entries: map[string]CacheEntry{},
// getEntry returns a cache entry that matches the SPN.
func (c *Cache) getEntry(spn string) (CacheEntry, bool) {
defer c.mux.RUnlock()
e, ok := (*c).Entries[spn]
return e, ok
// addEntry adds a ticket to the cache.
func (c *Cache) addEntry(tkt messages.Ticket, authTime, startTime, endTime, renewTill time.Time, sessionKey types.EncryptionKey) CacheEntry {
spn := tkt.SName.PrincipalNameString()
defer c.mux.Unlock()
(*c).Entries[spn] = CacheEntry{
Ticket: tkt,
AuthTime: authTime,
StartTime: startTime,
EndTime: endTime,
RenewTill: renewTill,
SessionKey: sessionKey,
return c.Entries[spn]
// clear deletes all the cache entries
func (c *Cache) clear() {
defer c.mux.Unlock()
for k := range c.Entries {
delete(c.Entries, k)
// RemoveEntry removes the cache entry for the defined SPN.
func (c *Cache) RemoveEntry(spn string) {
defer c.mux.Unlock()
delete(c.Entries, spn)
// GetCachedTicket returns a ticket from the cache for the SPN.
// Only a ticket that is currently valid will be returned.
func (cl *Client) GetCachedTicket(spn string) (messages.Ticket, types.EncryptionKey, bool) {
if e, ok := cl.cache.getEntry(spn); ok {
//If within time window of ticket return it
if time.Now().UTC().After(e.StartTime) && time.Now().UTC().Before(e.EndTime) {
cl.Log("ticket received from cache for %s", spn)
return e.Ticket, e.SessionKey, true
} else if time.Now().UTC().Before(e.RenewTill) {
e, err := cl.renewTicket(e)
if err != nil {
return e.Ticket, e.SessionKey, false
return e.Ticket, e.SessionKey, true
var tkt messages.Ticket
var key types.EncryptionKey
return tkt, key, false
// renewTicket renews a cache entry ticket.
// To renew from outside the client package use GetCachedTicket
func (cl *Client) renewTicket(e CacheEntry) (CacheEntry, error) {
spn := e.Ticket.SName
_, _, err := cl.TGSREQGenerateAndExchange(spn, e.Ticket.Realm, e.Ticket, e.SessionKey, true)
if err != nil {
return e, err
e, ok := cl.cache.getEntry(e.Ticket.SName.PrincipalNameString())
if !ok {
return e, errors.New("ticket was not added to cache")
cl.Log("ticket renewed for %s (EndTime: %v)", spn.PrincipalNameString(), e.EndTime)
return e, nil