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// Package nametype provides Kerberos 5 principal name type numbers.
package nametype
// Kerberos name type IDs.
const (
KRB_NT_UNKNOWN int32 = 0 //Name type not known
KRB_NT_PRINCIPAL int32 = 1 //Just the name of the principal as in DCE, or for users
KRB_NT_SRV_INST int32 = 2 //Service and other unique instance (krbtgt)
KRB_NT_SRV_HST int32 = 3 //Service with host name as instance (telnet, rcommands)
KRB_NT_SRV_XHST int32 = 4 //Service with host as remaining components
KRB_NT_UID int32 = 5 //Unique ID
KRB_NT_X500_PRINCIPAL int32 = 6 //Encoded X.509 Distinguished name [RFC2253]
KRB_NT_SMTP_NAME int32 = 7 //Name in form of SMTP email name (e.g.,
KRB_NT_ENTERPRISE int32 = 10 //Enterprise name; may be mapped to principal name