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// +build !appengine
// This file encapsulates usage of unsafe.
// xxhash_safe.go contains the safe implementations.
package xxhash
import (
// Sum64String computes the 64-bit xxHash digest of s.
// It may be faster than Sum64([]byte(s)) by avoiding a copy.
// TODO(caleb): Consider removing this if an optimization is ever added to make
// it unnecessary:
// TODO(caleb): We still have a function call; we could instead write Go/asm
// copies of Sum64 for strings to squeeze out a bit more speed.
func Sum64String(s string) uint64 {
// See
// for some discussion about this unsafe conversion.
var b []byte
bh := (*reflect.SliceHeader)(unsafe.Pointer(&b))
bh.Data = (*reflect.StringHeader)(unsafe.Pointer(&s)).Data
bh.Len = len(s)
bh.Cap = len(s)
return Sum64(b)