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* Copyright 2018-present Open Networking Foundation
* Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
* you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
* You may obtain a copy of the License at
* Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
* distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
* See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
* limitations under the License.
//Package mocks provides the mocks for openolt-adapter.
package mocks
import (
tp ""
tp_pb ""
// MockTechProfile mock struct for OpenoltClient.
type MockTechProfile struct {
TpID uint32
// SetKVClient to mock techprofile SetKVClient method
func (m MockTechProfile) SetKVClient() *db.Backend {
return &db.Backend{Client: &MockKVClient{}}
// GetTechProfileInstanceKVPath to mock techprofile GetTechProfileInstanceKVPath method
func (m MockTechProfile) GetTechProfileInstanceKVPath(techProfiletblID uint32, uniPortName string) string {
return ""
// GetTPInstanceFromKVStore to mock techprofile GetTPInstanceFromKVStore method
func (m MockTechProfile) GetTPInstanceFromKVStore(techProfiletblID uint32, path string) (*tp.TechProfile, error) {
log.Debug("Warning Warning Warning: GetTPInstanceFromKVStore")
return nil, nil
// CreateTechProfInstance to mock techprofile CreateTechProfInstance method
func (m MockTechProfile) CreateTechProfInstance(techProfiletblID uint32, uniPortName string, intfID uint32) *tp.TechProfile {
return &tp.TechProfile{
Name: "mock-tech-profile",
SubscriberIdentifier: "257",
ProfileType: "mock",
Version: 0,
NumGemPorts: 2,
UpstreamGemPortAttributeList: nil,
DownstreamGemPortAttributeList: nil,
// DeleteTechProfileInstance to mock techprofile DeleteTechProfileInstance method
func (m MockTechProfile) DeleteTechProfileInstance(techProfiletblID uint32, uniPortName string) error {
return nil
// GetprotoBufParamValue to mock techprofile GetprotoBufParamValue method
func (m MockTechProfile) GetprotoBufParamValue(paramType string, paramKey string) int32 {
return 0
// GetUsScheduler to mock techprofile GetUsScheduler method
func (m MockTechProfile) GetUsScheduler(tpInstance *tp.TechProfile) *tp_pb.SchedulerConfig {
return &tp_pb.SchedulerConfig{}
// GetDsScheduler to mock techprofile GetDsScheduler method
func (m MockTechProfile) GetDsScheduler(tpInstance *tp.TechProfile) *tp_pb.SchedulerConfig {
return &tp_pb.SchedulerConfig{}
// GetTrafficScheduler to mock techprofile GetTrafficScheduler method
func (m MockTechProfile) GetTrafficScheduler(tpInstance *tp.TechProfile, SchedCfg *tp_pb.SchedulerConfig,
ShapingCfg *tp_pb.TrafficShapingInfo) *tp_pb.TrafficScheduler {
return &tp_pb.TrafficScheduler{}
// GetTrafficQueues to mock techprofile GetTrafficQueues method
func (m MockTechProfile) GetTrafficQueues(tp *tp.TechProfile, Dir tp_pb.Direction) []*tp_pb.TrafficQueue {
return []*tp_pb.TrafficQueue{{}}
// GetGemportIDForPbit to mock techprofile GetGemportIDForPbit method
func (m MockTechProfile) GetGemportIDForPbit(tp *tp.TechProfile, Dir tp_pb.Direction, pbit uint32) uint32 {
return 0
// FindAllTpInstances to mock techprofile FindAllTpInstances method
func (m MockTechProfile) FindAllTpInstances(techProfiletblID uint32, ponIntf uint32, onuID uint32) []tp.TechProfile {
return []tp.TechProfile{}