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* Copyright 2018-present Open Networking Foundation
* Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
* you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
* You may obtain a copy of the License at
* Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
* distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
* See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
* limitations under the License.
//Package config provides the Log, kvstore, Kafka configuration
package config
import (
// Open OLT default constants
const (
EtcdStoreName = "etcd"
defaultInstanceid = "openOlt001"
defaultKafkaadapterhost = ""
defaultKafkaadapterport = 9092
defaultKafkaclusterhost = ""
defaultKafkaclusterport = 9094
defaultKvstoretype = EtcdStoreName
defaultKvstoretimeout = 5 //in seconds
defaultKvstorehost = ""
defaultKvstoreport = 2379 // Consul = 8500; Etcd = 2379
defaultLoglevel = "WARN"
defaultBanner = false
defaultDisplayVersionOnly = false
defaultTopic = "openolt"
defaultCoretopic = "rwcore"
defaultEventtopic = ""
defaultOnunumber = 1
defaultProbeHost = ""
defaultProbePort = 8080
defaultLiveProbeInterval = 60 * time.Second
defaultNotLiveProbeInterval = 5 * time.Second // Probe more frequently when not alive
//defaultHearbeatFailReportInterval is the time in seconds the adapter will keep checking the hardware for heartbeat.
defaultHearbeatCheckInterval = 15 * time.Second
// defaultHearbeatFailReportInterval is the time adapter will wait before updating the state to the core.
defaultHearbeatFailReportInterval = 0 * time.Second
//defaultGrpcTimeoutInterval is the time in seconds a grpc call will wait before returning error.
defaultGrpcTimeoutInterval = 2 * time.Second
// AdapterFlags represents the set of configurations used by the read-write adaptercore service
type AdapterFlags struct {
// Command line parameters
InstanceID string
KafkaAdapterHost string
KafkaAdapterPort int
KafkaClusterHost string
KafkaClusterPort int
KVStoreType string
KVStoreTimeout int // in seconds
KVStoreHost string
KVStorePort int
Topic string
CoreTopic string
EventTopic string
LogLevel string
OnuNumber int
Banner bool
DisplayVersionOnly bool
ProbeHost string
ProbePort int
LiveProbeInterval time.Duration
NotLiveProbeInterval time.Duration
HeartbeatCheckInterval time.Duration
HeartbeatFailReportInterval time.Duration
GrpcTimeoutInterval time.Duration
func init() {
_, _ = log.AddPackage(log.JSON, log.WarnLevel, nil)
// NewAdapterFlags returns a new RWCore config
func NewAdapterFlags() *AdapterFlags {
var adapterFlags = AdapterFlags{ // Default values
InstanceID: defaultInstanceid,
KafkaAdapterHost: defaultKafkaadapterhost,
KafkaAdapterPort: defaultKafkaadapterport,
KafkaClusterHost: defaultKafkaclusterhost,
KafkaClusterPort: defaultKafkaclusterport,
KVStoreType: defaultKvstoretype,
KVStoreTimeout: defaultKvstoretimeout,
KVStoreHost: defaultKvstorehost,
KVStorePort: defaultKvstoreport,
Topic: defaultTopic,
CoreTopic: defaultCoretopic,
EventTopic: defaultEventtopic,
LogLevel: defaultLoglevel,
OnuNumber: defaultOnunumber,
Banner: defaultBanner,
DisplayVersionOnly: defaultDisplayVersionOnly,
ProbeHost: defaultProbeHost,
ProbePort: defaultProbePort,
LiveProbeInterval: defaultLiveProbeInterval,
NotLiveProbeInterval: defaultNotLiveProbeInterval,
HeartbeatCheckInterval: defaultHearbeatCheckInterval,
HeartbeatFailReportInterval: defaultHearbeatFailReportInterval,
GrpcTimeoutInterval: defaultGrpcTimeoutInterval,
return &adapterFlags
// ParseCommandArguments parses the arguments when running read-write adaptercore service
func (so *AdapterFlags) ParseCommandArguments() {
help := fmt.Sprintf("Kafka - Adapter messaging host")
flag.StringVar(&(so.KafkaAdapterHost), "kafka_adapter_host", defaultKafkaadapterhost, help)
help = fmt.Sprintf("Kafka - Adapter messaging port")
flag.IntVar(&(so.KafkaAdapterPort), "kafka_adapter_port", defaultKafkaadapterport, help)
help = fmt.Sprintf("Kafka - Cluster messaging host")
flag.StringVar(&(so.KafkaClusterHost), "kafka_cluster_host", defaultKafkaclusterhost, help)
help = fmt.Sprintf("Kafka - Cluster messaging port")
flag.IntVar(&(so.KafkaClusterPort), "kafka_cluster_port", defaultKafkaclusterport, help)
help = fmt.Sprintf("Open OLT topic")
flag.StringVar(&(so.Topic), "adapter_topic", defaultTopic, help)
help = fmt.Sprintf("Core topic")
flag.StringVar(&(so.CoreTopic), "core_topic", defaultCoretopic, help)
help = fmt.Sprintf("Event topic")
flag.StringVar(&(so.EventTopic), "event_topic", defaultEventtopic, help)
help = fmt.Sprintf("KV store type")
flag.StringVar(&(so.KVStoreType), "kv_store_type", defaultKvstoretype, help)
help = fmt.Sprintf("The default timeout when making a kv store request")
flag.IntVar(&(so.KVStoreTimeout), "kv_store_request_timeout", defaultKvstoretimeout, help)
help = fmt.Sprintf("KV store host")
flag.StringVar(&(so.KVStoreHost), "kv_store_host", defaultKvstorehost, help)
help = fmt.Sprintf("KV store port")
flag.IntVar(&(so.KVStorePort), "kv_store_port", defaultKvstoreport, help)
help = fmt.Sprintf("Log level")
flag.StringVar(&(so.LogLevel), "log_level", defaultLoglevel, help)
help = fmt.Sprintf("Number of ONUs")
flag.IntVar(&(so.OnuNumber), "onu_number", defaultOnunumber, help)
help = fmt.Sprintf("Show startup banner log lines")
flag.BoolVar(&(so.Banner), "banner", defaultBanner, help)
help = fmt.Sprintf("Show version information and exit")
flag.BoolVar(&(so.DisplayVersionOnly), "version", defaultDisplayVersionOnly, help)
help = fmt.Sprintf("The address on which to listen to answer liveness and readiness probe queries over HTTP.")
flag.StringVar(&(so.ProbeHost), "probe_host", defaultProbeHost, help)
help = fmt.Sprintf("The port on which to listen to answer liveness and readiness probe queries over HTTP.")
flag.IntVar(&(so.ProbePort), "probe_port", defaultProbePort, help)
help = fmt.Sprintf("Number of seconds for the default liveliness check")
flag.DurationVar(&(so.LiveProbeInterval), "live_probe_interval", defaultLiveProbeInterval, help)
help = fmt.Sprintf("Number of seconds for liveliness check if probe is not running")
flag.DurationVar(&(so.NotLiveProbeInterval), "not_live_probe_interval", defaultNotLiveProbeInterval, help)
help = fmt.Sprintf("Number of seconds for heartbeat check interval.")
flag.DurationVar(&(so.HeartbeatCheckInterval), "hearbeat_check_interval", defaultHearbeatCheckInterval, help)
help = fmt.Sprintf("Number of seconds adapter has to wait before reporting core on the hearbeat check failure.")
flag.DurationVar(&(so.HeartbeatFailReportInterval), "hearbeat_fail_interval", defaultHearbeatFailReportInterval, help)
help = fmt.Sprintf("Number of seconds for GRPC timeout.")
flag.DurationVar(&(so.GrpcTimeoutInterval), "grpc_timeout_interval", defaultGrpcTimeoutInterval, help)
containerName := getContainerInfo()
if len(containerName) > 0 {
so.InstanceID = containerName
func getContainerInfo() string {
return os.Getenv("HOSTNAME")