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* Copyright 2018-present Open Networking Foundation
* Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
* you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
* You may obtain a copy of the License at
* Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
* distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
* See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
* limitations under the License.
//Package config provides the Log, kvstore, Kafka configuration
package config
import (
// Open OLT default constants
const (
EtcdStoreName = "etcd"
defaultInstanceid = "openOlt001"
defaultKafkaadapterhost = ""
defaultKafkaadapterport = 9092
defaultKafkaclusterhost = ""
defaultKafkaclusterport = 9094
defaultKvstoretype = EtcdStoreName
defaultKvstoretimeout = 5 //in seconds
defaultKvstorehost = ""
defaultKvstoreport = 2379 // Consul = 8500; Etcd = 2379
defaultLoglevel = 0
defaultBanner = false
defaultDisplayVersionOnly = false
defaultTopic = "openolt"
defaultCoretopic = "rwcore"
defaultEventtopic = ""
defaultOnunumber = 1
defaultProbeHost = ""
defaultProbePort = 8080
// AdapterFlags represents the set of configurations used by the read-write adaptercore service
type AdapterFlags struct {
// Command line parameters
InstanceID string
KafkaAdapterHost string
KafkaAdapterPort int
KafkaClusterHost string
KafkaClusterPort int
KVStoreType string
KVStoreTimeout int // in seconds
KVStoreHost string
KVStorePort int
Topic string
CoreTopic string
EventTopic string
LogLevel int
OnuNumber int
Banner bool
DisplayVersionOnly bool
ProbeHost string
ProbePort int
func init() {
_, _ = log.AddPackage(log.JSON, log.WarnLevel, nil)
// NewAdapterFlags returns a new RWCore config
func NewAdapterFlags() *AdapterFlags {
var adapterFlags = AdapterFlags{ // Default values
InstanceID: defaultInstanceid,
KafkaAdapterHost: defaultKafkaadapterhost,
KafkaAdapterPort: defaultKafkaadapterport,
KafkaClusterHost: defaultKafkaclusterhost,
KafkaClusterPort: defaultKafkaclusterport,
KVStoreType: defaultKvstoretype,
KVStoreTimeout: defaultKvstoretimeout,
KVStoreHost: defaultKvstorehost,
KVStorePort: defaultKvstoreport,
Topic: defaultTopic,
CoreTopic: defaultCoretopic,
EventTopic: defaultEventtopic,
LogLevel: defaultLoglevel,
OnuNumber: defaultOnunumber,
Banner: defaultBanner,
DisplayVersionOnly: defaultDisplayVersionOnly,
ProbeHost: defaultProbeHost,
ProbePort: defaultProbePort,
return &adapterFlags
// ParseCommandArguments parses the arguments when running read-write adaptercore service
func (so *AdapterFlags) ParseCommandArguments() {
help := fmt.Sprintf("Kafka - Adapter messaging host")
flag.StringVar(&(so.KafkaAdapterHost), "kafka_adapter_host", defaultKafkaadapterhost, help)
help = fmt.Sprintf("Kafka - Adapter messaging port")
flag.IntVar(&(so.KafkaAdapterPort), "kafka_adapter_port", defaultKafkaadapterport, help)
help = fmt.Sprintf("Kafka - Cluster messaging host")
flag.StringVar(&(so.KafkaClusterHost), "kafka_cluster_host", defaultKafkaclusterhost, help)
help = fmt.Sprintf("Kafka - Cluster messaging port")
flag.IntVar(&(so.KafkaClusterPort), "kafka_cluster_port", defaultKafkaclusterport, help)
help = fmt.Sprintf("Open OLT topic")
flag.StringVar(&(so.Topic), "adapter_topic", defaultTopic, help)
help = fmt.Sprintf("Core topic")
flag.StringVar(&(so.CoreTopic), "core_topic", defaultCoretopic, help)
help = fmt.Sprintf("Event topic")
flag.StringVar(&(so.EventTopic), "event_topic", defaultEventtopic, help)
help = fmt.Sprintf("KV store type")
flag.StringVar(&(so.KVStoreType), "kv_store_type", defaultKvstoretype, help)
help = fmt.Sprintf("The default timeout when making a kv store request")
flag.IntVar(&(so.KVStoreTimeout), "kv_store_request_timeout", defaultKvstoretimeout, help)
help = fmt.Sprintf("KV store host")
flag.StringVar(&(so.KVStoreHost), "kv_store_host", defaultKvstorehost, help)
help = fmt.Sprintf("KV store port")
flag.IntVar(&(so.KVStorePort), "kv_store_port", defaultKvstoreport, help)
help = fmt.Sprintf("Log level")
flag.IntVar(&(so.LogLevel), "log_level", defaultLoglevel, help)
help = fmt.Sprintf("Number of ONUs")
flag.IntVar(&(so.OnuNumber), "onu_number", defaultOnunumber, help)
help = fmt.Sprintf("Show startup banner log lines")
flag.BoolVar(&(so.Banner), "banner", defaultBanner, help)
help = fmt.Sprintf("Show version information and exit")
flag.BoolVar(&(so.DisplayVersionOnly), "version", defaultDisplayVersionOnly, help)
help = fmt.Sprintf("The address on which to listen to answer liveness and readiness probe queries over HTTP.")
flag.StringVar(&(so.ProbeHost), "probe_host", defaultProbeHost, help)
help = fmt.Sprintf("The port on which to listen to answer liveness and readiness probe queries over HTTP.")
flag.IntVar(&(so.ProbePort), "probe_port", defaultProbePort, help)
containerName := getContainerInfo()
if len(containerName) > 0 {
so.InstanceID = containerName
func getContainerInfo() string {
return os.Getenv("HOSTNAME")