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* Copyright (c) 2016-present, Yann Collet, Facebook, Inc.
* All rights reserved.
* This source code is licensed under both the BSD-style license (found in the
* LICENSE file in the root directory of this source tree) and the GPLv2 (found
* in the COPYING file in the root directory of this source tree).
#ifndef ZSTD_LDM_H
#define ZSTD_LDM_H
#if defined (__cplusplus)
extern "C" {
#include "zstd_compress_internal.h" /* ldmParams_t, U32 */
#include "zstd.h" /* ZSTD_CCtx, size_t */
* Long distance matching
* ZSTD_ldm_generateSequences():
* Generates the sequences using the long distance match finder.
* Generates long range matching sequences in `sequences`, which parse a prefix
* of the source. `sequences` must be large enough to store every sequence,
* which can be checked with `ZSTD_ldm_getMaxNbSeq()`.
* @returns 0 or an error code.
* NOTE: The user must have called ZSTD_window_update() for all of the input
* they have, even if they pass it to ZSTD_ldm_generateSequences() in chunks.
* NOTE: This function returns an error if it runs out of space to store
* sequences.
size_t ZSTD_ldm_generateSequences(
ldmState_t* ldms, rawSeqStore_t* sequences,
ldmParams_t const* params, void const* src, size_t srcSize);
* ZSTD_ldm_blockCompress():
* Compresses a block using the predefined sequences, along with a secondary
* block compressor. The literals section of every sequence is passed to the
* secondary block compressor, and those sequences are interspersed with the
* predefined sequences. Returns the length of the last literals.
* Updates `rawSeqStore.pos` to indicate how many sequences have been consumed.
* `rawSeqStore.seq` may also be updated to split the last sequence between two
* blocks.
* @return The length of the last literals.
* NOTE: The source must be at most the maximum block size, but the predefined
* sequences can be any size, and may be longer than the block. In the case that
* they are longer than the block, the last sequences may need to be split into
* two. We handle that case correctly, and update `rawSeqStore` appropriately.
* NOTE: This function does not return any errors.
size_t ZSTD_ldm_blockCompress(rawSeqStore_t* rawSeqStore,
ZSTD_matchState_t* ms, seqStore_t* seqStore, U32 rep[ZSTD_REP_NUM],
void const* src, size_t srcSize);
* ZSTD_ldm_skipSequences():
* Skip past `srcSize` bytes worth of sequences in `rawSeqStore`.
* Avoids emitting matches less than `minMatch` bytes.
* Must be called for data with is not passed to ZSTD_ldm_blockCompress().
void ZSTD_ldm_skipSequences(rawSeqStore_t* rawSeqStore, size_t srcSize,
U32 const minMatch);
/** ZSTD_ldm_getTableSize() :
* Estimate the space needed for long distance matching tables or 0 if LDM is
* disabled.
size_t ZSTD_ldm_getTableSize(ldmParams_t params);
/** ZSTD_ldm_getSeqSpace() :
* Return an upper bound on the number of sequences that can be produced by
* the long distance matcher, or 0 if LDM is disabled.
size_t ZSTD_ldm_getMaxNbSeq(ldmParams_t params, size_t maxChunkSize);
/** ZSTD_ldm_adjustParameters() :
* If the params->hashRateLog is not set, set it to its default value based on
* windowLog and params->hashLog.
* Ensures that params->bucketSizeLog is <= params->hashLog (setting it to
* params->hashLog if it is not).
* Ensures that the minMatchLength >= targetLength during optimal parsing.
void ZSTD_ldm_adjustParameters(ldmParams_t* params,
ZSTD_compressionParameters const* cParams);
#if defined (__cplusplus)
#endif /* ZSTD_FAST_H */