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* Copyright (c) 2016-present, Yann Collet, Facebook, Inc.
* All rights reserved.
* This source code is licensed under both the BSD-style license (found in the
* LICENSE file in the root directory of this source tree) and the GPLv2 (found
* in the COPYING file in the root directory of this source tree).
* You may select, at your option, one of the above-listed licenses.
#if defined (__cplusplus)
extern "C" {
/* Note : This is an internal API.
* These APIs used to be exposed with ZSTDLIB_API,
* because it used to be the only way to invoke MT compression.
* Now, it's recommended to use ZSTD_compress2 and ZSTD_compressStream2()
* instead.
* If you depend on these APIs and can't switch, then define
* ZSTD_LEGACY_MULTITHREADED_API when making the dynamic library.
* However, we may completely remove these functions in a future
* release, so please switch soon.
* This API requires ZSTD_MULTITHREAD to be defined during compilation,
* otherwise ZSTDMT_createCCtx*() will fail.
# define ZSTDMT_API
/* === Dependencies === */
#include <stddef.h> /* size_t */
#define ZSTD_STATIC_LINKING_ONLY /* ZSTD_parameters */
#include "zstd.h" /* ZSTD_inBuffer, ZSTD_outBuffer, ZSTDLIB_API */
/* === Constants === */
#define ZSTDMT_JOBLOG_MAX (MEM_32bits() ? 29 : 30)
#define ZSTDMT_JOBSIZE_MAX (MEM_32bits() ? (512 MB) : (1024 MB))
/* === Memory management === */
typedef struct ZSTDMT_CCtx_s ZSTDMT_CCtx;
/* Requires ZSTD_MULTITHREAD to be defined during compilation, otherwise it will return NULL. */
ZSTDMT_API ZSTDMT_CCtx* ZSTDMT_createCCtx(unsigned nbWorkers);
/* Requires ZSTD_MULTITHREAD to be defined during compilation, otherwise it will return NULL. */
ZSTDMT_API ZSTDMT_CCtx* ZSTDMT_createCCtx_advanced(unsigned nbWorkers,
ZSTD_customMem cMem);
ZSTDMT_API size_t ZSTDMT_freeCCtx(ZSTDMT_CCtx* mtctx);
ZSTDMT_API size_t ZSTDMT_sizeof_CCtx(ZSTDMT_CCtx* mtctx);
/* === Simple one-pass compression function === */
ZSTDMT_API size_t ZSTDMT_compressCCtx(ZSTDMT_CCtx* mtctx,
void* dst, size_t dstCapacity,
const void* src, size_t srcSize,
int compressionLevel);
/* === Streaming functions === */
ZSTDMT_API size_t ZSTDMT_initCStream(ZSTDMT_CCtx* mtctx, int compressionLevel);
ZSTDMT_API size_t ZSTDMT_resetCStream(ZSTDMT_CCtx* mtctx, unsigned long long pledgedSrcSize); /**< if srcSize is not known at reset time, use ZSTD_CONTENTSIZE_UNKNOWN. Note: for compatibility with older programs, 0 means the same as ZSTD_CONTENTSIZE_UNKNOWN, but it will change in the future to mean "empty" */
ZSTDMT_API size_t ZSTDMT_nextInputSizeHint(const ZSTDMT_CCtx* mtctx);
ZSTDMT_API size_t ZSTDMT_compressStream(ZSTDMT_CCtx* mtctx, ZSTD_outBuffer* output, ZSTD_inBuffer* input);
ZSTDMT_API size_t ZSTDMT_flushStream(ZSTDMT_CCtx* mtctx, ZSTD_outBuffer* output); /**< @return : 0 == all flushed; >0 : still some data to be flushed; or an error code (ZSTD_isError()) */
ZSTDMT_API size_t ZSTDMT_endStream(ZSTDMT_CCtx* mtctx, ZSTD_outBuffer* output); /**< @return : 0 == all flushed; >0 : still some data to be flushed; or an error code (ZSTD_isError()) */
/* === Advanced functions and parameters === */
ZSTDMT_API size_t ZSTDMT_compress_advanced(ZSTDMT_CCtx* mtctx,
void* dst, size_t dstCapacity,
const void* src, size_t srcSize,
const ZSTD_CDict* cdict,
ZSTD_parameters params,
int overlapLog);
ZSTDMT_API size_t ZSTDMT_initCStream_advanced(ZSTDMT_CCtx* mtctx,
const void* dict, size_t dictSize, /* dict can be released after init, a local copy is preserved within zcs */
ZSTD_parameters params,
unsigned long long pledgedSrcSize); /* pledgedSrcSize is optional and can be zero == unknown */
ZSTDMT_API size_t ZSTDMT_initCStream_usingCDict(ZSTDMT_CCtx* mtctx,
const ZSTD_CDict* cdict,
ZSTD_frameParameters fparams,
unsigned long long pledgedSrcSize); /* note : zero means empty */
/* ZSTDMT_parameter :
* List of parameters that can be set using ZSTDMT_setMTCtxParameter() */
typedef enum {
ZSTDMT_p_jobSize, /* Each job is compressed in parallel. By default, this value is dynamically determined depending on compression parameters. Can be set explicitly here. */
ZSTDMT_p_overlapLog, /* Each job may reload a part of previous job to enhance compression ratio; 0 == no overlap, 6(default) == use 1/8th of window, >=9 == use full window. This is a "sticky" parameter : its value will be re-used on next compression job */
ZSTDMT_p_rsyncable /* Enables rsyncable mode. */
} ZSTDMT_parameter;
/* ZSTDMT_setMTCtxParameter() :
* allow setting individual parameters, one at a time, among a list of enums defined in ZSTDMT_parameter.
* The function must be called typically after ZSTD_createCCtx() but __before ZSTDMT_init*() !__
* Parameters not explicitly reset by ZSTDMT_init*() remain the same in consecutive compression sessions.
* @return : 0, or an error code (which can be tested using ZSTD_isError()) */
ZSTDMT_API size_t ZSTDMT_setMTCtxParameter(ZSTDMT_CCtx* mtctx, ZSTDMT_parameter parameter, int value);
/* ZSTDMT_getMTCtxParameter() :
* Query the ZSTDMT_CCtx for a parameter value.
* @return : 0, or an error code (which can be tested using ZSTD_isError()) */
ZSTDMT_API size_t ZSTDMT_getMTCtxParameter(ZSTDMT_CCtx* mtctx, ZSTDMT_parameter parameter, int* value);
/*! ZSTDMT_compressStream_generic() :
* Combines ZSTDMT_compressStream() with optional ZSTDMT_flushStream() or ZSTDMT_endStream()
* depending on flush directive.
* @return : minimum amount of data still to be flushed
* 0 if fully flushed
* or an error code
* note : needs to be init using any ZSTD_initCStream*() variant */
ZSTDMT_API size_t ZSTDMT_compressStream_generic(ZSTDMT_CCtx* mtctx,
ZSTD_outBuffer* output,
ZSTD_inBuffer* input,
ZSTD_EndDirective endOp);
/* ========================================================
* === Private interface, for use by ZSTD_compress.c ===
* === Not exposed in libzstd. Never invoke directly ===
* ======================================================== */
/*! ZSTDMT_toFlushNow()
* Tell how many bytes are ready to be flushed immediately.
* Probe the oldest active job (not yet entirely flushed) and check its output buffer.
* If return 0, it means there is no active job,
* or, it means oldest job is still active, but everything produced has been flushed so far,
* therefore flushing is limited by speed of oldest job. */
size_t ZSTDMT_toFlushNow(ZSTDMT_CCtx* mtctx);
/*! ZSTDMT_CCtxParam_setMTCtxParameter()
* like ZSTDMT_setMTCtxParameter(), but into a ZSTD_CCtx_Params */
size_t ZSTDMT_CCtxParam_setMTCtxParameter(ZSTD_CCtx_params* params, ZSTDMT_parameter parameter, int value);
/*! ZSTDMT_CCtxParam_setNbWorkers()
* Set nbWorkers, and clamp it.
* Also reset jobSize and overlapLog */
size_t ZSTDMT_CCtxParam_setNbWorkers(ZSTD_CCtx_params* params, unsigned nbWorkers);
/*! ZSTDMT_updateCParams_whileCompressing() :
* Updates only a selected set of compression parameters, to remain compatible with current frame.
* New parameters will be applied to next compression job. */
void ZSTDMT_updateCParams_whileCompressing(ZSTDMT_CCtx* mtctx, const ZSTD_CCtx_params* cctxParams);
/*! ZSTDMT_getFrameProgression():
* tells how much data has been consumed (input) and produced (output) for current frame.
* able to count progression inside worker threads.
ZSTD_frameProgression ZSTDMT_getFrameProgression(ZSTDMT_CCtx* mtctx);
/*! ZSTDMT_initCStream_internal() :
* Private use only. Init streaming operation.
* expects params to be valid.
* must receive dict, or cdict, or none, but not both.
* @return : 0, or an error code */
size_t ZSTDMT_initCStream_internal(ZSTDMT_CCtx* zcs,
const void* dict, size_t dictSize, ZSTD_dictContentType_e dictContentType,
const ZSTD_CDict* cdict,
ZSTD_CCtx_params params, unsigned long long pledgedSrcSize);
#if defined (__cplusplus)
#endif /* ZSTDMT_COMPRESS_H */