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package backoff
import "time"
// An Operation is executing by Retry() or RetryNotify().
// The operation will be retried using a backoff policy if it returns an error.
type Operation func() error
// Notify is a notify-on-error function. It receives an operation error and
// backoff delay if the operation failed (with an error).
// NOTE that if the backoff policy stated to stop retrying,
// the notify function isn't called.
type Notify func(error, time.Duration)
// Retry the operation o until it does not return error or BackOff stops.
// o is guaranteed to be run at least once.
// If o returns a *PermanentError, the operation is not retried, and the
// wrapped error is returned.
// Retry sleeps the goroutine for the duration returned by BackOff after a
// failed operation returns.
func Retry(o Operation, b BackOff) error { return RetryNotify(o, b, nil) }
// RetryNotify calls notify function with the error and wait duration
// for each failed attempt before sleep.
func RetryNotify(operation Operation, b BackOff, notify Notify) error {
var err error
var next time.Duration
var t *time.Timer
cb := ensureContext(b)
for {
if err = operation(); err == nil {
return nil
if permanent, ok := err.(*PermanentError); ok {
return permanent.Err
if next = cb.NextBackOff(); next == Stop {
return err
if notify != nil {
notify(err, next)
if t == nil {
t = time.NewTimer(next)
defer t.Stop()
} else {
select {
case <-cb.Context().Done():
return err
case <-t.C:
// PermanentError signals that the operation should not be retried.
type PermanentError struct {
Err error
func (e *PermanentError) Error() string {
return e.Err.Error()
func (e *PermanentError) Unwrap() error {
return e.Err
// Permanent wraps the given err in a *PermanentError.
func Permanent(err error) *PermanentError {
return &PermanentError{
Err: err,