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// Copyright 2016 Michal Witkowski. All Rights Reserved.
// See LICENSE for licensing terms.
package grpc_middleware
import (
// WrappedServerStream is a thin wrapper around grpc.ServerStream that allows modifying context.
type WrappedServerStream struct {
// WrappedContext is the wrapper's own Context. You can assign it.
WrappedContext context.Context
// Context returns the wrapper's WrappedContext, overwriting the nested grpc.ServerStream.Context()
func (w *WrappedServerStream) Context() context.Context {
return w.WrappedContext
// WrapServerStream returns a ServerStream that has the ability to overwrite context.
func WrapServerStream(stream grpc.ServerStream) *WrappedServerStream {
if existing, ok := stream.(*WrappedServerStream); ok {
return existing
return &WrappedServerStream{ServerStream: stream, WrappedContext: stream.Context()}