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package opentracing
type registeredTracer struct {
tracer Tracer
isRegistered bool
var (
globalTracer = registeredTracer{NoopTracer{}, false}
// SetGlobalTracer sets the [singleton] opentracing.Tracer returned by
// GlobalTracer(). Those who use GlobalTracer (rather than directly manage an
// opentracing.Tracer instance) should call SetGlobalTracer as early as
// possible in main(), prior to calling the `StartSpan` global func below.
// Prior to calling `SetGlobalTracer`, any Spans started via the `StartSpan`
// (etc) globals are noops.
func SetGlobalTracer(tracer Tracer) {
globalTracer = registeredTracer{tracer, true}
// GlobalTracer returns the global singleton `Tracer` implementation.
// Before `SetGlobalTracer()` is called, the `GlobalTracer()` is a noop
// implementation that drops all data handed to it.
func GlobalTracer() Tracer {
return globalTracer.tracer
// StartSpan defers to `Tracer.StartSpan`. See `GlobalTracer()`.
func StartSpan(operationName string, opts ...StartSpanOption) Span {
return globalTracer.tracer.StartSpan(operationName, opts...)
// InitGlobalTracer is deprecated. Please use SetGlobalTracer.
func InitGlobalTracer(tracer Tracer) {
// IsGlobalTracerRegistered returns a `bool` to indicate if a tracer has been globally registered
func IsGlobalTracerRegistered() bool {
return globalTracer.isRegistered