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package lz4
import (
rdebug "runtime/debug"
var (
// ErrInvalidSourceShortBuffer is returned by UncompressBlock or CompressBLock when a compressed
// block is corrupted or the destination buffer is not large enough for the uncompressed data.
ErrInvalidSourceShortBuffer = errors.New("lz4: invalid source or destination buffer too short")
// ErrInvalid is returned when reading an invalid LZ4 archive.
ErrInvalid = errors.New("lz4: bad magic number")
// ErrBlockDependency is returned when attempting to decompress an archive created with block dependency.
ErrBlockDependency = errors.New("lz4: block dependency not supported")
// ErrUnsupportedSeek is returned when attempting to Seek any way but forward from the current position.
ErrUnsupportedSeek = errors.New("lz4: can only seek forward from io.SeekCurrent")
func recoverBlock(e *error) {
if r := recover(); r != nil && *e == nil {
if debugFlag {
fmt.Fprintln(os.Stderr, r)
*e = ErrInvalidSourceShortBuffer