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Abhilash S.L3b494632019-07-16 15:51:09 +05301// Code generated by running "go generate" in DO NOT EDIT.
3// +build !go1.10
5package idna
7// UnicodeVersion is the Unicode version from which the tables in this package are derived.
8const UnicodeVersion = "9.0.0"
10var mappings string = "" + // Size: 8175 bytes
11 "\x00\x01 \x03 ̈\x01a\x03 ̄\x012\x013\x03 ́\x03 ̧\x011\x01o\x051⁄4\x051⁄2" +
12 "\x053⁄4\x03i̇\x03l·\x03ʼn\x01s\x03dž\x03ⱥ\x03ⱦ\x01h\x01j\x01r\x01w\x01y" +
13 "\x03 ̆\x03 ̇\x03 ̊\x03 ̨\x03 ̃\x03 ̋\x01l\x01x\x04̈́\x03 ι\x01;\x05 ̈́" +
14 "\x04եւ\x04اٴ\x04وٴ\x04ۇٴ\x04يٴ\x06क़\x06ख़\x06ग़\x06ज़\x06ड़\x06ढ़\x06फ़" +
15 "\x06य़\x06ড়\x06ঢ়\x06য়\x06ਲ਼\x06ਸ਼\x06ਖ਼\x06ਗ਼\x06ਜ਼\x06ਫ਼\x06ଡ଼\x06ଢ଼" +
16 "\x06ํา\x06ໍາ\x06ຫນ\x06ຫມ\x06གྷ\x06ཌྷ\x06དྷ\x06བྷ\x06ཛྷ\x06ཀྵ\x06ཱི\x06ཱུ" +
17 "\x06ྲྀ\x09ྲཱྀ\x06ླྀ\x09ླཱྀ\x06ཱྀ\x06ྒྷ\x06ྜྷ\x06ྡྷ\x06ྦྷ\x06ྫྷ\x06ྐྵ\x02" +
18 "в\x02д\x02о\x02с\x02т\x02ъ\x02ѣ\x02æ\x01b\x01d\x01e\x02ǝ\x01g\x01i\x01k" +
19 "\x01m\x01n\x02ȣ\x01p\x01t\x01u\x02ɐ\x02ɑ\x02ə\x02ɛ\x02ɜ\x02ŋ\x02ɔ\x02ɯ" +
20 "\x01v\x02β\x02γ\x02δ\x02φ\x02χ\x02ρ\x02н\x02ɒ\x01c\x02ɕ\x02ð\x01f\x02ɟ" +
21 "\x02ɡ\x02ɥ\x02ɨ\x02ɩ\x02ɪ\x02ʝ\x02ɭ\x02ʟ\x02ɱ\x02ɰ\x02ɲ\x02ɳ\x02ɴ\x02ɵ" +
22 "\x02ɸ\x02ʂ\x02ʃ\x02ƫ\x02ʉ\x02ʊ\x02ʋ\x02ʌ\x01z\x02ʐ\x02ʑ\x02ʒ\x02θ\x02ss" +
23 "\x02ά\x02έ\x02ή\x02ί\x02ό\x02ύ\x02ώ\x05ἀι\x05ἁι\x05ἂι\x05ἃι\x05ἄι\x05ἅι" +
24 "\x05ἆι\x05ἇι\x05ἠι\x05ἡι\x05ἢι\x05ἣι\x05ἤι\x05ἥι\x05ἦι\x05ἧι\x05ὠι\x05ὡι" +
25 "\x05ὢι\x05ὣι\x05ὤι\x05ὥι\x05ὦι\x05ὧι\x05ὰι\x04αι\x04άι\x05ᾶι\x02ι\x05 ̈͂" +
26 "\x05ὴι\x04ηι\x04ήι\x05ῆι\x05 ̓̀\x05 ̓́\x05 ̓͂\x02ΐ\x05 ̔̀\x05 ̔́\x05 ̔͂" +
27 "\x02ΰ\x05 ̈̀\x01`\x05ὼι\x04ωι\x04ώι\x05ῶι\x06′′\x09′′′\x06‵‵\x09‵‵‵\x02!" +
28 "!\x02??\x02?!\x02!?\x0c′′′′\x010\x014\x015\x016\x017\x018\x019\x01+\x01=" +
29 "\x01(\x01)\x02rs\x02ħ\x02no\x01q\x02sm\x02tm\x02ω\x02å\x02א\x02ב\x02ג" +
30 "\x02ד\x02π\x051⁄7\x051⁄9\x061⁄10\x051⁄3\x052⁄3\x051⁄5\x052⁄5\x053⁄5\x054" +
31 "⁄5\x051⁄6\x055⁄6\x051⁄8\x053⁄8\x055⁄8\x057⁄8\x041⁄\x02ii\x02iv\x02vi" +
32 "\x04viii\x02ix\x02xi\x050⁄3\x06∫∫\x09∫∫∫\x06∮∮\x09∮∮∮\x0210\x0211\x0212" +
33 "\x0213\x0214\x0215\x0216\x0217\x0218\x0219\x0220\x04(10)\x04(11)\x04(12)" +
34 "\x04(13)\x04(14)\x04(15)\x04(16)\x04(17)\x04(18)\x04(19)\x04(20)\x0c∫∫∫∫" +
35 "\x02==\x05⫝̸\x02ɫ\x02ɽ\x02ȿ\x02ɀ\x01.\x04 ゙\x04 ゚\x06より\x06コト\x05(ᄀ)\x05" +
36 "(ᄂ)\x05(ᄃ)\x05(ᄅ)\x05(ᄆ)\x05(ᄇ)\x05(ᄉ)\x05(ᄋ)\x05(ᄌ)\x05(ᄎ)\x05(ᄏ)\x05(ᄐ" +
37 ")\x05(ᄑ)\x05(ᄒ)\x05(가)\x05(나)\x05(다)\x05(라)\x05(마)\x05(바)\x05(사)\x05(아)" +
38 "\x05(자)\x05(차)\x05(카)\x05(타)\x05(파)\x05(하)\x05(주)\x08(오전)\x08(오후)\x05(一)" +
39 "\x05(二)\x05(三)\x05(四)\x05(五)\x05(六)\x05(七)\x05(八)\x05(九)\x05(十)\x05(月)" +
40 "\x05(火)\x05(水)\x05(木)\x05(金)\x05(土)\x05(日)\x05(株)\x05(有)\x05(社)\x05(名)" +
41 "\x05(特)\x05(財)\x05(祝)\x05(労)\x05(代)\x05(呼)\x05(学)\x05(監)\x05(企)\x05(資)" +
42 "\x05(協)\x05(祭)\x05(休)\x05(自)\x05(至)\x0221\x0222\x0223\x0224\x0225\x0226" +
43 "\x0227\x0228\x0229\x0230\x0231\x0232\x0233\x0234\x0235\x06참고\x06주의\x0236" +
44 "\x0237\x0238\x0239\x0240\x0241\x0242\x0243\x0244\x0245\x0246\x0247\x0248" +
45 "\x0249\x0250\x041月\x042月\x043月\x044月\x045月\x046月\x047月\x048月\x049月\x0510" +
46 "月\x0511月\x0512月\x02hg\x02ev\x0cアパート\x0cアルファ\x0cアンペア\x09アール\x0cイニング\x09" +
47 "インチ\x09ウォン\x0fエスクード\x0cエーカー\x09オンス\x09オーム\x09カイリ\x0cカラット\x0cカロリー\x09ガロ" +
48 "ン\x09ガンマ\x06ギガ\x09ギニー\x0cキュリー\x0cギルダー\x06キロ\x0fキログラム\x12キロメートル\x0fキロワッ" +
49 "ト\x09グラム\x0fグラムトン\x0fクルゼイロ\x0cクローネ\x09ケース\x09コルナ\x09コーポ\x0cサイクル\x0fサンチ" +
50 "ーム\x0cシリング\x09センチ\x09セント\x09ダース\x06デシ\x06ドル\x06トン\x06ナノ\x09ノット\x09ハイツ" +
51 "\x0fパーセント\x09パーツ\x0cバーレル\x0fピアストル\x09ピクル\x06ピコ\x06ビル\x0fファラッド\x0cフィート" +
52 "\x0fブッシェル\x09フラン\x0fヘクタール\x06ペソ\x09ペニヒ\x09ヘルツ\x09ペンス\x09ページ\x09ベータ\x0cポイ" +
53 "ント\x09ボルト\x06ホン\x09ポンド\x09ホール\x09ホーン\x0cマイクロ\x09マイル\x09マッハ\x09マルク\x0fマ" +
54 "ンション\x0cミクロン\x06ミリ\x0fミリバール\x06メガ\x0cメガトン\x0cメートル\x09ヤード\x09ヤール\x09ユアン" +
55 "\x0cリットル\x06リラ\x09ルピー\x0cルーブル\x06レム\x0fレントゲン\x09ワット\x040点\x041点\x042点" +
56 "\x043点\x044点\x045点\x046点\x047点\x048点\x049点\x0510点\x0511点\x0512点\x0513点" +
57 "\x0514点\x0515点\x0516点\x0517点\x0518点\x0519点\x0520点\x0521点\x0522点\x0523点" +
58 "\x0524点\x02da\x02au\x02ov\x02pc\x02dm\x02iu\x06平成\x06昭和\x06大正\x06明治\x0c株" +
59 "式会社\x02pa\x02na\x02ma\x02ka\x02kb\x02mb\x02gb\x04kcal\x02pf\x02nf\x02m" +
60 "g\x02kg\x02hz\x02ml\x02dl\x02kl\x02fm\x02nm\x02mm\x02cm\x02km\x02m2\x02m" +
61 "3\x05m∕s\x06m∕s2\x07rad∕s\x08rad∕s2\x02ps\x02ns\x02ms\x02pv\x02nv\x02mv" +
62 "\x02kv\x02pw\x02nw\x02mw\x02kw\x02bq\x02cc\x02cd\x06c∕kg\x02db\x02gy\x02" +
63 "ha\x02hp\x02in\x02kk\x02kt\x02lm\x02ln\x02lx\x02ph\x02pr\x02sr\x02sv\x02" +
64 "wb\x05v∕m\x05a∕m\x041日\x042日\x043日\x044日\x045日\x046日\x047日\x048日\x049日" +
65 "\x0510日\x0511日\x0512日\x0513日\x0514日\x0515日\x0516日\x0517日\x0518日\x0519日" +
66 "\x0520日\x0521日\x0522日\x0523日\x0524日\x0525日\x0526日\x0527日\x0528日\x0529日" +
67 "\x0530日\x0531日\x02ь\x02ɦ\x02ɬ\x02ʞ\x02ʇ\x02œ\x04𤋮\x04𢡊\x04𢡄\x04𣏕\x04𥉉" +
68 "\x04𥳐\x04𧻓\x02ff\x02fi\x02fl\x02st\x04մն\x04մե\x04մի\x04վն\x04մխ\x04יִ" +
69 "\x04ײַ\x02ע\x02ה\x02כ\x02ל\x02ם\x02ר\x02ת\x04שׁ\x04שׂ\x06שּׁ\x06שּׂ\x04א" +
70 "ַ\x04אָ\x04אּ\x04בּ\x04גּ\x04דּ\x04הּ\x04וּ\x04זּ\x04טּ\x04יּ\x04ךּ\x04" +
71 "כּ\x04לּ\x04מּ\x04נּ\x04סּ\x04ףּ\x04פּ\x04צּ\x04קּ\x04רּ\x04שּ\x04תּ" +
72 "\x04וֹ\x04בֿ\x04כֿ\x04פֿ\x04אל\x02ٱ\x02ٻ\x02پ\x02ڀ\x02ٺ\x02ٿ\x02ٹ\x02ڤ" +
73 "\x02ڦ\x02ڄ\x02ڃ\x02چ\x02ڇ\x02ڍ\x02ڌ\x02ڎ\x02ڈ\x02ژ\x02ڑ\x02ک\x02گ\x02ڳ" +
74 "\x02ڱ\x02ں\x02ڻ\x02ۀ\x02ہ\x02ھ\x02ے\x02ۓ\x02ڭ\x02ۇ\x02ۆ\x02ۈ\x02ۋ\x02ۅ" +
75 "\x02ۉ\x02ې\x02ى\x04ئا\x04ئە\x04ئو\x04ئۇ\x04ئۆ\x04ئۈ\x04ئې\x04ئى\x02ی\x04" +
76 "ئج\x04ئح\x04ئم\x04ئي\x04بج\x04بح\x04بخ\x04بم\x04بى\x04بي\x04تج\x04تح" +
77 "\x04تخ\x04تم\x04تى\x04تي\x04ثج\x04ثم\x04ثى\x04ثي\x04جح\x04جم\x04حج\x04حم" +
78 "\x04خج\x04خح\x04خم\x04سج\x04سح\x04سخ\x04سم\x04صح\x04صم\x04ضج\x04ضح\x04ضخ" +
79 "\x04ضم\x04طح\x04طم\x04ظم\x04عج\x04عم\x04غج\x04غم\x04فج\x04فح\x04فخ\x04فم" +
80 "\x04فى\x04في\x04قح\x04قم\x04قى\x04قي\x04كا\x04كج\x04كح\x04كخ\x04كل\x04كم" +
81 "\x04كى\x04كي\x04لج\x04لح\x04لخ\x04لم\x04لى\x04لي\x04مج\x04مح\x04مخ\x04مم" +
82 "\x04مى\x04مي\x04نج\x04نح\x04نخ\x04نم\x04نى\x04ني\x04هج\x04هم\x04هى\x04هي" +
83 "\x04يج\x04يح\x04يخ\x04يم\x04يى\x04يي\x04ذٰ\x04رٰ\x04ىٰ\x05 ٌّ\x05 ٍّ\x05" +
84 " َّ\x05 ُّ\x05 ِّ\x05 ّٰ\x04ئر\x04ئز\x04ئن\x04بر\x04بز\x04بن\x04تر\x04تز" +
85 "\x04تن\x04ثر\x04ثز\x04ثن\x04ما\x04نر\x04نز\x04نن\x04ير\x04يز\x04ين\x04ئخ" +
86 "\x04ئه\x04به\x04ته\x04صخ\x04له\x04نه\x04هٰ\x04يه\x04ثه\x04سه\x04شم\x04شه" +
87 "\x06ـَّ\x06ـُّ\x06ـِّ\x04طى\x04طي\x04عى\x04عي\x04غى\x04غي\x04سى\x04سي" +
88 "\x04شى\x04شي\x04حى\x04حي\x04جى\x04جي\x04خى\x04خي\x04صى\x04صي\x04ضى\x04ضي" +
89 "\x04شج\x04شح\x04شخ\x04شر\x04سر\x04صر\x04ضر\x04اً\x06تجم\x06تحج\x06تحم" +
90 "\x06تخم\x06تمج\x06تمح\x06تمخ\x06جمح\x06حمي\x06حمى\x06سحج\x06سجح\x06سجى" +
91 "\x06سمح\x06سمج\x06سمم\x06صحح\x06صمم\x06شحم\x06شجي\x06شمخ\x06شمم\x06ضحى" +
92 "\x06ضخم\x06طمح\x06طمم\x06طمي\x06عجم\x06عمم\x06عمى\x06غمم\x06غمي\x06غمى" +
93 "\x06فخم\x06قمح\x06قمم\x06لحم\x06لحي\x06لحى\x06لجج\x06لخم\x06لمح\x06محج" +
94 "\x06محم\x06محي\x06مجح\x06مجم\x06مخج\x06مخم\x06مجخ\x06همج\x06همم\x06نحم" +
95 "\x06نحى\x06نجم\x06نجى\x06نمي\x06نمى\x06يمم\x06بخي\x06تجي\x06تجى\x06تخي" +
96 "\x06تخى\x06تمي\x06تمى\x06جمي\x06جحى\x06جمى\x06سخى\x06صحي\x06شحي\x06ضحي" +
97 "\x06لجي\x06لمي\x06يحي\x06يجي\x06يمي\x06ممي\x06قمي\x06نحي\x06عمي\x06كمي" +
98 "\x06نجح\x06مخي\x06لجم\x06كمم\x06جحي\x06حجي\x06مجي\x06فمي\x06بحي\x06سخي" +
99 "\x06نجي\x06صلے\x06قلے\x08الله\x08اكبر\x08محمد\x08صلعم\x08رسول\x08عليه" +
100 "\x08وسلم\x06صلى!صلى الله عليه وسلم\x0fجل جلاله\x08ریال\x01,\x01:\x01!" +
101 "\x01?\x01_\x01{\x01}\x01[\x01]\x01#\x01&\x01*\x01-\x01<\x01>\x01\\\x01$" +
102 "\x01%\x01@\x04ـً\x04ـَ\x04ـُ\x04ـِ\x04ـّ\x04ـْ\x02ء\x02آ\x02أ\x02ؤ\x02إ" +
103 "\x02ئ\x02ا\x02ب\x02ة\x02ت\x02ث\x02ج\x02ح\x02خ\x02د\x02ذ\x02ر\x02ز\x02س" +
104 "\x02ش\x02ص\x02ض\x02ط\x02ظ\x02ع\x02غ\x02ف\x02ق\x02ك\x02ل\x02م\x02ن\x02ه" +
105 "\x02و\x02ي\x04لآ\x04لأ\x04لإ\x04لا\x01\x22\x01'\x01/\x01^\x01|\x01~\x02¢" +
106 "\x02£\x02¬\x02¦\x02¥\x08𝅗𝅥\x08𝅘𝅥\x0c𝅘𝅥𝅮\x0c𝅘𝅥𝅯\x0c𝅘𝅥𝅰\x0c𝅘𝅥𝅱\x0c𝅘𝅥𝅲\x08𝆹" +
107 "𝅥\x08𝆺𝅥\x0c𝆹𝅥𝅮\x0c𝆺𝅥𝅮\x0c𝆹𝅥𝅯\x0c𝆺𝅥𝅯\x02ı\x02ȷ\x02α\x02ε\x02ζ\x02η\x02" +
108 "κ\x02λ\x02μ\x02ν\x02ξ\x02ο\x02σ\x02τ\x02υ\x02ψ\x03∇\x03∂\x02ϝ\x02ٮ\x02ڡ" +
109 "\x02ٯ\x020,\x021,\x022,\x023,\x024,\x025,\x026,\x027,\x028,\x029,\x03(a)" +
110 "\x03(b)\x03(c)\x03(d)\x03(e)\x03(f)\x03(g)\x03(h)\x03(i)\x03(j)\x03(k)" +
111 "\x03(l)\x03(m)\x03(n)\x03(o)\x03(p)\x03(q)\x03(r)\x03(s)\x03(t)\x03(u)" +
112 "\x03(v)\x03(w)\x03(x)\x03(y)\x03(z)\x07〔s〕\x02wz\x02hv\x02sd\x03ppv\x02w" +
113 "c\x02mc\x02md\x02dj\x06ほか\x06ココ\x03サ\x03手\x03字\x03双\x03デ\x03二\x03多\x03解" +
114 "\x03天\x03交\x03映\x03無\x03料\x03前\x03後\x03再\x03新\x03初\x03終\x03生\x03販\x03声" +
115 "\x03吹\x03演\x03投\x03捕\x03一\x03三\x03遊\x03左\x03中\x03右\x03指\x03走\x03打\x03禁" +
116 "\x03空\x03合\x03満\x03有\x03月\x03申\x03割\x03営\x03配\x09〔本〕\x09〔三〕\x09〔二〕\x09〔安" +
117 "〕\x09〔点〕\x09〔打〕\x09〔盗〕\x09〔勝〕\x09〔敗〕\x03得\x03可\x03丽\x03丸\x03乁\x03你\x03" +
118 "侮\x03侻\x03倂\x03偺\x03備\x03僧\x03像\x03㒞\x03免\x03兔\x03兤\x03具\x03㒹\x03內\x03" +
119 "冗\x03冤\x03仌\x03冬\x03况\x03凵\x03刃\x03㓟\x03刻\x03剆\x03剷\x03㔕\x03勇\x03勉\x03" +
120 "勤\x03勺\x03包\x03匆\x03北\x03卉\x03卑\x03博\x03即\x03卽\x03卿\x03灰\x03及\x03叟\x03" +
121 "叫\x03叱\x03吆\x03咞\x03吸\x03呈\x03周\x03咢\x03哶\x03唐\x03啓\x03啣\x03善\x03喙\x03" +
122 "喫\x03喳\x03嗂\x03圖\x03嘆\x03圗\x03噑\x03噴\x03切\x03壮\x03城\x03埴\x03堍\x03型\x03" +
123 "堲\x03報\x03墬\x03売\x03壷\x03夆\x03夢\x03奢\x03姬\x03娛\x03娧\x03姘\x03婦\x03㛮\x03" +
124 "嬈\x03嬾\x03寃\x03寘\x03寧\x03寳\x03寿\x03将\x03尢\x03㞁\x03屠\x03屮\x03峀\x03岍\x03" +
125 "嵃\x03嵮\x03嵫\x03嵼\x03巡\x03巢\x03㠯\x03巽\x03帨\x03帽\x03幩\x03㡢\x03㡼\x03庰\x03" +
126 "庳\x03庶\x03廊\x03廾\x03舁\x03弢\x03㣇\x03形\x03彫\x03㣣\x03徚\x03忍\x03志\x03忹\x03" +
127 "悁\x03㤺\x03㤜\x03悔\x03惇\x03慈\x03慌\x03慎\x03慺\x03憎\x03憲\x03憤\x03憯\x03懞\x03" +
128 "懲\x03懶\x03成\x03戛\x03扝\x03抱\x03拔\x03捐\x03挽\x03拼\x03捨\x03掃\x03揤\x03搢\x03" +
129 "揅\x03掩\x03㨮\x03摩\x03摾\x03撝\x03摷\x03㩬\x03敏\x03敬\x03旣\x03書\x03晉\x03㬙\x03" +
130 "暑\x03㬈\x03㫤\x03冒\x03冕\x03最\x03暜\x03肭\x03䏙\x03朗\x03望\x03朡\x03杞\x03杓\x03" +
131 "㭉\x03柺\x03枅\x03桒\x03梅\x03梎\x03栟\x03椔\x03㮝\x03楂\x03榣\x03槪\x03檨\x03櫛\x03" +
132 "㰘\x03次\x03歔\x03㱎\x03歲\x03殟\x03殺\x03殻\x03汎\x03沿\x03泍\x03汧\x03洖\x03派\x03" +
133 "海\x03流\x03浩\x03浸\x03涅\x03洴\x03港\x03湮\x03㴳\x03滋\x03滇\x03淹\x03潮\x03濆\x03" +
134 "瀹\x03瀞\x03瀛\x03㶖\x03灊\x03災\x03灷\x03炭\x03煅\x03熜\x03爨\x03爵\x03牐\x03犀\x03" +
135 "犕\x03獺\x03王\x03㺬\x03玥\x03㺸\x03瑇\x03瑜\x03瑱\x03璅\x03瓊\x03㼛\x03甤\x03甾\x03" +
136 "異\x03瘐\x03㿼\x03䀈\x03直\x03眞\x03真\x03睊\x03䀹\x03瞋\x03䁆\x03䂖\x03硎\x03碌\x03" +
137 "磌\x03䃣\x03祖\x03福\x03秫\x03䄯\x03穀\x03穊\x03穏\x03䈂\x03篆\x03築\x03䈧\x03糒\x03" +
138 "䊠\x03糨\x03糣\x03紀\x03絣\x03䌁\x03緇\x03縂\x03繅\x03䌴\x03䍙\x03罺\x03羕\x03翺\x03" +
139 "者\x03聠\x03聰\x03䏕\x03育\x03脃\x03䐋\x03脾\x03媵\x03舄\x03辞\x03䑫\x03芑\x03芋\x03" +
140 "芝\x03劳\x03花\x03芳\x03芽\x03苦\x03若\x03茝\x03荣\x03莭\x03茣\x03莽\x03菧\x03著\x03" +
141 "荓\x03菊\x03菌\x03菜\x03䔫\x03蓱\x03蓳\x03蔖\x03蕤\x03䕝\x03䕡\x03䕫\x03虐\x03虜\x03" +
142 "虧\x03虩\x03蚩\x03蚈\x03蜎\x03蛢\x03蝹\x03蜨\x03蝫\x03螆\x03蟡\x03蠁\x03䗹\x03衠\x03" +
143 "衣\x03裗\x03裞\x03䘵\x03裺\x03㒻\x03䚾\x03䛇\x03誠\x03諭\x03變\x03豕\x03貫\x03賁\x03" +
144 "贛\x03起\x03跋\x03趼\x03跰\x03軔\x03輸\x03邔\x03郱\x03鄑\x03鄛\x03鈸\x03鋗\x03鋘\x03" +
145 "鉼\x03鏹\x03鐕\x03開\x03䦕\x03閷\x03䧦\x03雃\x03嶲\x03霣\x03䩮\x03䩶\x03韠\x03䪲\x03" +
146 "頋\x03頩\x03飢\x03䬳\x03餩\x03馧\x03駂\x03駾\x03䯎\x03鬒\x03鱀\x03鳽\x03䳎\x03䳭\x03" +
147 "鵧\x03䳸\x03麻\x03䵖\x03黹\x03黾\x03鼅\x03鼏\x03鼖\x03鼻"
149var xorData string = "" + // Size: 4855 bytes
150 "\x02\x0c\x09\x02\xb0\xec\x02\xad\xd8\x02\xad\xd9\x02\x06\x07\x02\x0f\x12" +
151 "\x02\x0f\x1f\x02\x0f\x1d\x02\x01\x13\x02\x0f\x16\x02\x0f\x0b\x02\x0f3" +
152 "\x02\x0f7\x02\x0f?\x02\x0f/\x02\x0f*\x02\x0c&\x02\x0c*\x02\x0c;\x02\x0c9" +
153 "\x02\x0c%\x02\xab\xed\x02\xab\xe2\x02\xab\xe3\x02\xa9\xe0\x02\xa9\xe1" +
154 "\x02\xa9\xe6\x02\xa3\xcb\x02\xa3\xc8\x02\xa3\xc9\x02\x01#\x02\x01\x08" +
155 "\x02\x0e>\x02\x0e'\x02\x0f\x03\x02\x03\x0d\x02\x03\x09\x02\x03\x17\x02" +
156 "\x03\x0e\x02\x02\x03\x02\x011\x02\x01\x00\x02\x01\x10\x02\x03<\x02\x07" +
157 "\x0d\x02\x02\x0c\x02\x0c0\x02\x01\x03\x02\x01\x01\x02\x01 \x02\x01\x22" +
158 "\x02\x01)\x02\x01\x0a\x02\x01\x0c\x02\x02\x06\x02\x02\x02\x02\x03\x10" +
159 "\x03\x037 \x03\x0b+\x03\x02\x01\x04\x02\x01\x02\x02\x019\x02\x03\x1c\x02" +
160 "\x02$\x03\x80p$\x02\x03:\x02\x03\x0a\x03\xc1r.\x03\xc1r,\x03\xc1r\x02" +
161 "\x02\x02:\x02\x02>\x02\x02,\x02\x02\x10\x02\x02\x00\x03\xc1s<\x03\xc1s*" +
162 "\x03\xc2L$\x03\xc2L;\x02\x09)\x02\x0a\x19\x03\x83\xab\xe3\x03\x83\xab" +
163 "\xf2\x03 4\xe0\x03\x81\xab\xea\x03\x81\xab\xf3\x03 4\xef\x03\x96\xe1\xcd" +
164 "\x03\x84\xe5\xc3\x02\x0d\x11\x03\x8b\xec\xcb\x03\x94\xec\xcf\x03\x9a\xec" +
165 "\xc2\x03\x8b\xec\xdb\x03\x94\xec\xdf\x03\x9a\xec\xd2\x03\x01\x0c!\x03" +
166 "\x01\x0c#\x03ʠ\x9d\x03ʣ\x9c\x03ʢ\x9f\x03ʥ\x9e\x03ʤ\x91\x03ʧ\x90\x03ʦ\x93" +
167 "\x03ʩ\x92\x03ʨ\x95\x03\xca\xf3\xb5\x03\xca\xf0\xb4\x03\xca\xf1\xb7\x03" +
168 "\xca\xf6\xb6\x03\xca\xf7\x89\x03\xca\xf4\x88\x03\xca\xf5\x8b\x03\xca\xfa" +
169 "\x8a\x03\xca\xfb\x8d\x03\xca\xf8\x8c\x03\xca\xf9\x8f\x03\xca\xfe\x8e\x03" +
170 "\xca\xff\x81\x03\xca\xfc\x80\x03\xca\xfd\x83\x03\xca\xe2\x82\x03\xca\xe3" +
171 "\x85\x03\xca\xe0\x84\x03\xca\xe1\x87\x03\xca\xe6\x86\x03\xca\xe7\x99\x03" +
172 "\xca\xe4\x98\x03\xca\xe5\x9b\x03\xca\xea\x9a\x03\xca\xeb\x9d\x03\xca\xe8" +
173 "\x9c\x03ؓ\x89\x03ߔ\x8b\x02\x010\x03\x03\x04\x1e\x03\x04\x15\x12\x03\x0b" +
174 "\x05,\x03\x06\x04\x00\x03\x06\x04)\x03\x06\x044\x03\x06\x04<\x03\x06\x05" +
175 "\x1d\x03\x06\x06\x00\x03\x06\x06\x0a\x03\x06\x06'\x03\x06\x062\x03\x0786" +
176 "\x03\x079/\x03\x079 \x03\x07:\x0e\x03\x07:\x1b\x03\x07:%\x03\x07;/\x03" +
177 "\x07;%\x03\x074\x11\x03\x076\x09\x03\x077*\x03\x070\x01\x03\x070\x0f\x03" +
178 "\x070.\x03\x071\x16\x03\x071\x04\x03\x0710\x03\x072\x18\x03\x072-\x03" +
179 "\x073\x14\x03\x073>\x03\x07'\x09\x03\x07 \x00\x03\x07\x1f\x0b\x03\x07" +
180 "\x18#\x03\x07\x18(\x03\x07\x186\x03\x07\x18\x03\x03\x07\x19\x16\x03\x07" +
181 "\x116\x03\x07\x12'\x03\x07\x13\x10\x03\x07\x0c&\x03\x07\x0c\x08\x03\x07" +
182 "\x0c\x13\x03\x07\x0d\x02\x03\x07\x0d\x1c\x03\x07\x0b5\x03\x07\x0b\x0a" +
183 "\x03\x07\x0b\x01\x03\x07\x0b\x0f\x03\x07\x05\x00\x03\x07\x05\x09\x03\x07" +
184 "\x05\x0b\x03\x07\x07\x01\x03\x07\x07\x08\x03\x07\x00<\x03\x07\x00+\x03" +
185 "\x07\x01)\x03\x07\x01\x1b\x03\x07\x01\x08\x03\x07\x03?\x03\x0445\x03\x04" +
186 "4\x08\x03\x0454\x03\x04)/\x03\x04)5\x03\x04+\x05\x03\x04+\x14\x03\x04+ " +
187 "\x03\x04+<\x03\x04*&\x03\x04*\x22\x03\x04&8\x03\x04!\x01\x03\x04!\x22" +
188 "\x03\x04\x11+\x03\x04\x10.\x03\x04\x104\x03\x04\x13=\x03\x04\x12\x04\x03" +
189 "\x04\x12\x0a\x03\x04\x0d\x1d\x03\x04\x0d\x07\x03\x04\x0d \x03\x05<>\x03" +
190 "\x055<\x03\x055!\x03\x055#\x03\x055&\x03\x054\x1d\x03\x054\x02\x03\x054" +
191 "\x07\x03\x0571\x03\x053\x1a\x03\x053\x16\x03\x05.<\x03\x05.\x07\x03\x05)" +
192 ":\x03\x05)<\x03\x05)\x0c\x03\x05)\x15\x03\x05+-\x03\x05+5\x03\x05$\x1e" +
193 "\x03\x05$\x14\x03\x05'\x04\x03\x05'\x14\x03\x05&\x02\x03\x05\x226\x03" +
194 "\x05\x22\x0c\x03\x05\x22\x1c\x03\x05\x19\x0a\x03\x05\x1b\x09\x03\x05\x1b" +
195 "\x0c\x03\x05\x14\x07\x03\x05\x16?\x03\x05\x16\x0c\x03\x05\x0c\x05\x03" +
196 "\x05\x0e\x0f\x03\x05\x01\x0e\x03\x05\x00(\x03\x05\x030\x03\x05\x03\x06" +
197 "\x03\x0a==\x03\x0a=1\x03\x0a=,\x03\x0a=\x0c\x03\x0a??\x03\x0a<\x08\x03" +
198 "\x0a9!\x03\x0a9)\x03\x0a97\x03\x0a99\x03\x0a6\x0a\x03\x0a6\x1c\x03\x0a6" +
199 "\x17\x03\x0a7'\x03\x0a78\x03\x0a73\x03\x0a'\x01\x03\x0a'&\x03\x0a\x1f" +
200 "\x0e\x03\x0a\x1f\x03\x03\x0a\x1f3\x03\x0a\x1b/\x03\x0a\x18\x19\x03\x0a" +
201 "\x19\x01\x03\x0a\x16\x14\x03\x0a\x0e\x22\x03\x0a\x0f\x10\x03\x0a\x0f\x02" +
202 "\x03\x0a\x0f \x03\x0a\x0c\x04\x03\x0a\x0b>\x03\x0a\x0b+\x03\x0a\x08/\x03" +
203 "\x0a\x046\x03\x0a\x05\x14\x03\x0a\x00\x04\x03\x0a\x00\x10\x03\x0a\x00" +
204 "\x14\x03\x0b<3\x03\x0b;*\x03\x0b9\x22\x03\x0b9)\x03\x0b97\x03\x0b+\x10" +
205 "\x03\x0b((\x03\x0b&5\x03\x0b$\x1c\x03\x0b$\x12\x03\x0b%\x04\x03\x0b#<" +
206 "\x03\x0b#0\x03\x0b#\x0d\x03\x0b#\x19\x03\x0b!:\x03\x0b!\x1f\x03\x0b!\x00" +
207 "\x03\x0b\x1e5\x03\x0b\x1c\x1d\x03\x0b\x1d-\x03\x0b\x1d(\x03\x0b\x18.\x03" +
208 "\x0b\x18 \x03\x0b\x18\x16\x03\x0b\x14\x13\x03\x0b\x15$\x03\x0b\x15\x22" +
209 "\x03\x0b\x12\x1b\x03\x0b\x12\x10\x03\x0b\x132\x03\x0b\x13=\x03\x0b\x12" +
210 "\x18\x03\x0b\x0c&\x03\x0b\x061\x03\x0b\x06:\x03\x0b\x05#\x03\x0b\x05<" +
211 "\x03\x0b\x04\x0b\x03\x0b\x04\x04\x03\x0b\x04\x1b\x03\x0b\x042\x03\x0b" +
212 "\x041\x03\x0b\x03\x03\x03\x0b\x03\x1d\x03\x0b\x03/\x03\x0b\x03+\x03\x0b" +
213 "\x02\x1b\x03\x0b\x02\x00\x03\x0b\x01\x1e\x03\x0b\x01\x08\x03\x0b\x015" +
214 "\x03\x06\x0d9\x03\x06\x0d=\x03\x06\x0d?\x03\x02\x001\x03\x02\x003\x03" +
215 "\x02\x02\x19\x03\x02\x006\x03\x02\x02\x1b\x03\x02\x004\x03\x02\x00<\x03" +
216 "\x02\x02\x0a\x03\x02\x02\x0e\x03\x02\x01\x1a\x03\x02\x01\x07\x03\x02\x01" +
217 "\x05\x03\x02\x01\x0b\x03\x02\x01%\x03\x02\x01\x0c\x03\x02\x01\x04\x03" +
218 "\x02\x01\x1c\x03\x02\x00.\x03\x02\x002\x03\x02\x00>\x03\x02\x00\x12\x03" +
219 "\x02\x00\x16\x03\x02\x011\x03\x02\x013\x03\x02\x02 \x03\x02\x02%\x03\x02" +
220 "\x02$\x03\x02\x028\x03\x02\x02;\x03\x02\x024\x03\x02\x012\x03\x02\x022" +
221 "\x03\x02\x02/\x03\x02\x01,\x03\x02\x01\x13\x03\x02\x01\x16\x03\x02\x01" +
222 "\x11\x03\x02\x01\x1e\x03\x02\x01\x15\x03\x02\x01\x17\x03\x02\x01\x0f\x03" +
223 "\x02\x01\x08\x03\x02\x00?\x03\x02\x03\x07\x03\x02\x03\x0d\x03\x02\x03" +
224 "\x13\x03\x02\x03\x1d\x03\x02\x03\x1f\x03\x02\x00\x03\x03\x02\x00\x0d\x03" +
225 "\x02\x00\x01\x03\x02\x00\x1b\x03\x02\x00\x19\x03\x02\x00\x18\x03\x02\x00" +
226 "\x13\x03\x02\x00/\x03\x07>\x12\x03\x07<\x1f\x03\x07>\x1d\x03\x06\x1d\x0e" +
227 "\x03\x07>\x1c\x03\x07>:\x03\x07>\x13\x03\x04\x12+\x03\x07?\x03\x03\x07>" +
228 "\x02\x03\x06\x224\x03\x06\x1a.\x03\x07<%\x03\x06\x1c\x0b\x03\x0609\x03" +
229 "\x05\x1f\x01\x03\x04'\x08\x03\x93\xfd\xf5\x03\x02\x0d \x03\x02\x0d#\x03" +
230 "\x02\x0d!\x03\x02\x0d&\x03\x02\x0d\x22\x03\x02\x0d/\x03\x02\x0d,\x03\x02" +
231 "\x0d$\x03\x02\x0d'\x03\x02\x0d%\x03\x02\x0d;\x03\x02\x0d=\x03\x02\x0d?" +
232 "\x03\x099.\x03\x08\x0b7\x03\x08\x02\x14\x03\x08\x14\x0d\x03\x08.:\x03" +
233 "\x089'\x03\x0f\x0b\x18\x03\x0f\x1c1\x03\x0f\x17&\x03\x0f9\x1f\x03\x0f0" +
234 "\x0c\x03\x0e\x0a9\x03\x0e\x056\x03\x0e\x1c#\x03\x0f\x13\x0e\x03\x072\x00" +
235 "\x03\x070\x0d\x03\x072\x0b\x03\x06\x11\x18\x03\x070\x10\x03\x06\x0f(\x03" +
236 "\x072\x05\x03\x06\x0f,\x03\x073\x15\x03\x06\x07\x08\x03\x05\x16\x02\x03" +
237 "\x04\x0b \x03\x05:8\x03\x05\x16%\x03\x0a\x0d\x1f\x03\x06\x16\x10\x03\x05" +
238 "\x1d5\x03\x05*;\x03\x05\x16\x1b\x03\x04.-\x03\x06\x1a\x19\x03\x04\x03," +
239 "\x03\x0b87\x03\x04/\x0a\x03\x06\x00,\x03\x04-\x01\x03\x04\x1e-\x03\x06/(" +
240 "\x03\x0a\x0b5\x03\x06\x0e7\x03\x06\x07.\x03\x0597\x03\x0a*%\x03\x0760" +
241 "\x03\x06\x0c;\x03\x05'\x00\x03\x072.\x03\x072\x08\x03\x06=\x01\x03\x06" +
242 "\x05\x1b\x03\x06\x06\x12\x03\x06$=\x03\x06'\x0d\x03\x04\x11\x0f\x03\x076" +
243 ",\x03\x06\x07;\x03\x06.,\x03\x86\xf9\xea\x03\x8f\xff\xeb\x02\x092\x02" +
244 "\x095\x02\x094\x02\x09;\x02\x09>\x02\x098\x02\x09*\x02\x09/\x02\x09,\x02" +
245 "\x09%\x02\x09&\x02\x09#\x02\x09 \x02\x08!\x02\x08%\x02\x08$\x02\x08+\x02" +
246 "\x08.\x02\x08*\x02\x08&\x02\x088\x02\x08>\x02\x084\x02\x086\x02\x080\x02" +
247 "\x08\x10\x02\x08\x17\x02\x08\x12\x02\x08\x1d\x02\x08\x1f\x02\x08\x13\x02" +
248 "\x08\x15\x02\x08\x14\x02\x08\x0c\x03\x8b\xfd\xd0\x03\x81\xec\xc6\x03\x87" +
249 "\xe0\x8a\x03-2\xe3\x03\x80\xef\xe4\x03-2\xea\x03\x88\xe6\xeb\x03\x8e\xe6" +
250 "\xe8\x03\x84\xe6\xe9\x03\x97\xe6\xee\x03-2\xf9\x03-2\xf6\x03\x8e\xe3\xad" +
251 "\x03\x80\xe3\x92\x03\x88\xe3\x90\x03\x8e\xe3\x90\x03\x80\xe3\x97\x03\x88" +
252 "\xe3\x95\x03\x88\xfe\xcb\x03\x8e\xfe\xca\x03\x84\xfe\xcd\x03\x91\xef\xc9" +
253 "\x03-2\xc1\x03-2\xc0\x03-2\xcb\x03\x88@\x09\x03\x8e@\x08\x03\x8f\xe0\xf5" +
254 "\x03\x8e\xe6\xf9\x03\x8e\xe0\xfa\x03\x93\xff\xf4\x03\x84\xee\xd3\x03\x0b" +
255 "(\x04\x023 \x021;\x02\x01*\x03\x0b#\x10\x03\x0b 0\x03\x0b!\x10\x03\x0b!0" +
256 "\x03\x07\x15\x08\x03\x09?5\x03\x07\x1f\x08\x03\x07\x17\x0b\x03\x09\x1f" +
257 "\x15\x03\x0b\x1c7\x03\x0a+#\x03\x06\x1a\x1b\x03\x06\x1a\x14\x03\x0a\x01" +
258 "\x18\x03\x06#\x1b\x03\x0a2\x0c\x03\x0a\x01\x04\x03\x09#;\x03\x08='\x03" +
259 "\x08\x1a\x0a\x03\x07</\x03\x07:+\x03\x07\x07*\x03\x06&\x1c\x03\x09\x0c" +
260 "\x16\x03\x09\x10\x0e\x03\x08'\x0f\x03\x08+\x09\x03\x074%\x03\x06!3\x03" +
261 "\x06\x03+\x03\x0b\x1e\x19\x03\x0a))\x03\x09\x08\x19\x03\x08,\x05\x03\x07" +
262 "<2\x03\x06\x1c>\x03\x0a\x111\x03\x09\x1b\x09\x03\x073.\x03\x07\x01\x00" +
263 "\x03\x09/,\x03\x07#>\x03\x07\x048\x03\x0a\x1f\x22\x03\x098>\x03\x09\x11" +
264 "\x00\x03\x08/\x17\x03\x06'\x22\x03\x0b\x1a+\x03\x0a\x22\x19\x03\x0a/1" +
265 "\x03\x0974\x03\x09\x0f\x22\x03\x08,\x22\x03\x08?\x14\x03\x07$5\x03\x07<3" +
266 "\x03\x07=*\x03\x07\x13\x18\x03\x068\x0a\x03\x06\x09\x16\x03\x06\x13\x00" +
267 "\x03\x08\x067\x03\x08\x01\x03\x03\x08\x12\x1d\x03\x07+7\x03\x06(;\x03" +
268 "\x06\x1c?\x03\x07\x0e\x17\x03\x0a\x06\x1d\x03\x0a\x19\x07\x03\x08\x14$" +
269 "\x03\x07$;\x03\x08,$\x03\x08\x06\x0d\x03\x07\x16\x0a\x03\x06>>\x03\x0a" +
270 "\x06\x12\x03\x0a\x14)\x03\x09\x0d\x1f\x03\x09\x12\x17\x03\x09\x19\x01" +
271 "\x03\x08\x11 \x03\x08\x1d'\x03\x06<\x1a\x03\x0a.\x00\x03\x07'\x18\x03" +
272 "\x0a\x22\x08\x03\x08\x0d\x0a\x03\x08\x13)\x03\x07*)\x03\x06<,\x03\x07" +
273 "\x0b\x1a\x03\x09.\x14\x03\x09\x0d\x1e\x03\x07\x0e#\x03\x0b\x1d'\x03\x0a" +
274 "\x0a8\x03\x09%2\x03\x08+&\x03\x080\x12\x03\x0a)4\x03\x08\x06\x1f\x03\x0b" +
275 "\x1b\x1a\x03\x0a\x1b\x0f\x03\x0b\x1d*\x03\x09\x16$\x03\x090\x11\x03\x08" +
276 "\x11\x08\x03\x0a*(\x03\x0a\x042\x03\x089,\x03\x074'\x03\x07\x0f\x05\x03" +
277 "\x09\x0b\x0a\x03\x07\x1b\x01\x03\x09\x17:\x03\x09.\x0d\x03\x07.\x11\x03" +
278 "\x09+\x15\x03\x080\x13\x03\x0b\x1f\x19\x03\x0a \x11\x03\x0a\x220\x03\x09" +
279 "\x07;\x03\x08\x16\x1c\x03\x07,\x13\x03\x07\x0e/\x03\x06\x221\x03\x0a." +
280 "\x0a\x03\x0a7\x02\x03\x0a\x032\x03\x0a\x1d.\x03\x091\x06\x03\x09\x19:" +
281 "\x03\x08\x02/\x03\x060+\x03\x06\x0f-\x03\x06\x1c\x1f\x03\x06\x1d\x07\x03" +
282 "\x0a,\x11\x03\x09=\x0d\x03\x09\x0b;\x03\x07\x1b/\x03\x0a\x1f:\x03\x09 " +
283 "\x1f\x03\x09.\x10\x03\x094\x0b\x03\x09\x1a1\x03\x08#\x1a\x03\x084\x1d" +
284 "\x03\x08\x01\x1f\x03\x08\x11\x22\x03\x07'8\x03\x07\x1a>\x03\x0757\x03" +
285 "\x06&9\x03\x06+\x11\x03\x0a.\x0b\x03\x0a,>\x03\x0a4#\x03\x08%\x17\x03" +
286 "\x07\x05\x22\x03\x07\x0c\x0b\x03\x0a\x1d+\x03\x0a\x19\x16\x03\x09+\x1f" +
287 "\x03\x09\x08\x0b\x03\x08\x16\x18\x03\x08+\x12\x03\x0b\x1d\x0c\x03\x0a=" +
288 "\x10\x03\x0a\x09\x0d\x03\x0a\x10\x11\x03\x09&0\x03\x08(\x1f\x03\x087\x07" +
289 "\x03\x08\x185\x03\x07'6\x03\x06.\x05\x03\x06=\x04\x03\x06;;\x03\x06\x06," +
290 "\x03\x0b\x18>\x03\x08\x00\x18\x03\x06 \x03\x03\x06<\x00\x03\x09%\x18\x03" +
291 "\x0b\x1c<\x03\x0a%!\x03\x0a\x09\x12\x03\x0a\x16\x02\x03\x090'\x03\x09" +
292 "\x0e=\x03\x08 \x0e\x03\x08>\x03\x03\x074>\x03\x06&?\x03\x06\x19\x09\x03" +
293 "\x06?(\x03\x0a-\x0e\x03\x09:3\x03\x098:\x03\x09\x12\x0b\x03\x09\x1d\x17" +
294 "\x03\x087\x05\x03\x082\x14\x03\x08\x06%\x03\x08\x13\x1f\x03\x06\x06\x0e" +
295 "\x03\x0a\x22<\x03\x09/<\x03\x06>+\x03\x0a'?\x03\x0a\x13\x0c\x03\x09\x10<" +
296 "\x03\x07\x1b=\x03\x0a\x19\x13\x03\x09\x22\x1d\x03\x09\x07\x0d\x03\x08)" +
297 "\x1c\x03\x06=\x1a\x03\x0a/4\x03\x0a7\x11\x03\x0a\x16:\x03\x09?3\x03\x09:" +
298 "/\x03\x09\x05\x0a\x03\x09\x14\x06\x03\x087\x22\x03\x080\x07\x03\x08\x1a" +
299 "\x1f\x03\x07\x04(\x03\x07\x04\x09\x03\x06 %\x03\x06<\x08\x03\x0a+\x14" +
300 "\x03\x09\x1d\x16\x03\x0a70\x03\x08 >\x03\x0857\x03\x070\x0a\x03\x06=\x12" +
301 "\x03\x06\x16%\x03\x06\x1d,\x03\x099#\x03\x09\x10>\x03\x07 \x1e\x03\x08" +
302 "\x0c<\x03\x08\x0b\x18\x03\x08\x15+\x03\x08,:\x03\x08%\x22\x03\x07\x0a$" +
303 "\x03\x0b\x1c=\x03\x07+\x08\x03\x0a/\x05\x03\x0a \x07\x03\x0a\x12'\x03" +
304 "\x09#\x11\x03\x08\x1b\x15\x03\x0a\x06\x01\x03\x09\x1c\x1b\x03\x0922\x03" +
305 "\x07\x14<\x03\x07\x09\x04\x03\x061\x04\x03\x07\x0e\x01\x03\x0a\x13\x18" +
306 "\x03\x0a-\x0c\x03\x0a?\x0d\x03\x0a\x09\x0a\x03\x091&\x03\x0a/\x0b\x03" +
307 "\x08$<\x03\x083\x1d\x03\x08\x0c$\x03\x08\x0d\x07\x03\x08\x0d?\x03\x08" +
308 "\x0e\x14\x03\x065\x0a\x03\x08\x1a#\x03\x08\x16#\x03\x0702\x03\x07\x03" +
309 "\x1a\x03\x06(\x1d\x03\x06+\x1b\x03\x06\x0b\x05\x03\x06\x0b\x17\x03\x06" +
310 "\x0c\x04\x03\x06\x1e\x19\x03\x06+0\x03\x062\x18\x03\x0b\x16\x1e\x03\x0a+" +
311 "\x16\x03\x0a-?\x03\x0a#:\x03\x0a#\x10\x03\x0a%$\x03\x0a>+\x03\x0a01\x03" +
312 "\x0a1\x10\x03\x0a\x099\x03\x0a\x0a\x12\x03\x0a\x19\x1f\x03\x0a\x19\x12" +
313 "\x03\x09*)\x03\x09-\x16\x03\x09.1\x03\x09.2\x03\x09<\x0e\x03\x09> \x03" +
314 "\x093\x12\x03\x09\x0b\x01\x03\x09\x1c2\x03\x09\x11\x1c\x03\x09\x15%\x03" +
315 "\x08,&\x03\x08!\x22\x03\x089(\x03\x08\x0b\x1a\x03\x08\x0d2\x03\x08\x0c" +
316 "\x04\x03\x08\x0c\x06\x03\x08\x0c\x1f\x03\x08\x0c\x0c\x03\x08\x0f\x1f\x03" +
317 "\x08\x0f\x1d\x03\x08\x00\x14\x03\x08\x03\x14\x03\x08\x06\x16\x03\x08\x1e" +
318 "#\x03\x08\x11\x11\x03\x08\x10\x18\x03\x08\x14(\x03\x07)\x1e\x03\x07.1" +
319 "\x03\x07 $\x03\x07 '\x03\x078\x08\x03\x07\x0d0\x03\x07\x0f7\x03\x07\x05#" +
320 "\x03\x07\x05\x1a\x03\x07\x1a7\x03\x07\x1d-\x03\x07\x17\x10\x03\x06)\x1f" +
321 "\x03\x062\x0b\x03\x066\x16\x03\x06\x09\x11\x03\x09(\x1e\x03\x07!5\x03" +
322 "\x0b\x11\x16\x03\x0a/\x04\x03\x0a,\x1a\x03\x0b\x173\x03\x0a,1\x03\x0a/5" +
323 "\x03\x0a\x221\x03\x0a\x22\x0d\x03\x0a?%\x03\x0a<,\x03\x0a?#\x03\x0a>\x19" +
324 "\x03\x0a\x08&\x03\x0a\x0b\x0e\x03\x0a\x0c:\x03\x0a\x0c+\x03\x0a\x03\x22" +
325 "\x03\x0a\x06)\x03\x0a\x11\x10\x03\x0a\x11\x1a\x03\x0a\x17-\x03\x0a\x14(" +
326 "\x03\x09)\x1e\x03\x09/\x09\x03\x09.\x00\x03\x09,\x07\x03\x09/*\x03\x09-9" +
327 "\x03\x09\x228\x03\x09%\x09\x03\x09:\x12\x03\x09;\x1d\x03\x09?\x06\x03" +
328 "\x093%\x03\x096\x05\x03\x096\x08\x03\x097\x02\x03\x09\x07,\x03\x09\x04," +
329 "\x03\x09\x1f\x16\x03\x09\x11\x03\x03\x09\x11\x12\x03\x09\x168\x03\x08*" +
330 "\x05\x03\x08/2\x03\x084:\x03\x08\x22+\x03\x08 0\x03\x08&\x0a\x03\x08;" +
331 "\x10\x03\x08>$\x03\x08>\x18\x03\x0829\x03\x082:\x03\x081,\x03\x081<\x03" +
332 "\x081\x1c\x03\x087#\x03\x087*\x03\x08\x09'\x03\x08\x00\x1d\x03\x08\x05-" +
333 "\x03\x08\x1f4\x03\x08\x1d\x04\x03\x08\x16\x0f\x03\x07*7\x03\x07'!\x03" +
334 "\x07%\x1b\x03\x077\x0c\x03\x07\x0c1\x03\x07\x0c.\x03\x07\x00\x06\x03\x07" +
335 "\x01\x02\x03\x07\x010\x03\x07\x06=\x03\x07\x01\x03\x03\x07\x01\x13\x03" +
336 "\x07\x06\x06\x03\x07\x05\x0a\x03\x07\x1f\x09\x03\x07\x17:\x03\x06*1\x03" +
337 "\x06-\x1d\x03\x06\x223\x03\x062:\x03\x060$\x03\x066\x1e\x03\x064\x12\x03" +
338 "\x0645\x03\x06\x0b\x00\x03\x06\x0b7\x03\x06\x07\x1f\x03\x06\x15\x12\x03" +
339 "\x0c\x05\x0f\x03\x0b+\x0b\x03\x0b+-\x03\x06\x16\x1b\x03\x06\x15\x17\x03" +
340 "\x89\xca\xea\x03\x89\xca\xe8\x03\x0c8\x10\x03\x0c8\x01\x03\x0c8\x0f\x03" +
341 "\x0d8%\x03\x0d8!\x03\x0c8-\x03\x0c8/\x03\x0c8+\x03\x0c87\x03\x0c85\x03" +
342 "\x0c9\x09\x03\x0c9\x0d\x03\x0c9\x0f\x03\x0c9\x0b\x03\xcfu\x0c\x03\xcfu" +
343 "\x0f\x03\xcfu\x0e\x03\xcfu\x09\x03\x0c9\x10\x03\x0d9\x0c\x03\xcf`;\x03" +
344 "\xcf`>\x03\xcf`9\x03\xcf`8\x03\xcf`7\x03\xcf`*\x03\xcf`-\x03\xcf`,\x03" +
345 "\x0d\x1b\x1a\x03\x0d\x1b&\x03\x0c=.\x03\x0c=%\x03\x0c>\x1e\x03\x0c>\x14" +
346 "\x03\x0c?\x06\x03\x0c?\x0b\x03\x0c?\x0c\x03\x0c?\x0d\x03\x0c?\x02\x03" +
347 "\x0c>\x0f\x03\x0c>\x08\x03\x0c>\x09\x03\x0c>,\x03\x0c>\x0c\x03\x0c?\x13" +
348 "\x03\x0c?\x16\x03\x0c?\x15\x03\x0c?\x1c\x03\x0c?\x1f\x03\x0c?\x1d\x03" +
349 "\x0c?\x1a\x03\x0c?\x17\x03\x0c?\x08\x03\x0c?\x09\x03\x0c?\x0e\x03\x0c?" +
350 "\x04\x03\x0c?\x05\x03\x0c<?\x03\x0c=\x00\x03\x0c=\x06\x03\x0c=\x05\x03" +
351 "\x0c=\x0c\x03\x0c=\x0f\x03\x0c=\x0d\x03\x0c=\x0b\x03\x0c=\x07\x03\x0c=" +
352 "\x19\x03\x0c=\x15\x03\x0c=\x11\x03\x0c=1\x03\x0c=3\x03\x0c=0\x03\x0c=>" +
353 "\x03\x0c=2\x03\x0c=6\x03\x0c<\x07\x03\x0c<\x05\x03\x0e:!\x03\x0e:#\x03" +
354 "\x0e8\x09\x03\x0e:&\x03\x0e8\x0b\x03\x0e:$\x03\x0e:,\x03\x0e8\x1a\x03" +
355 "\x0e8\x1e\x03\x0e:*\x03\x0e:7\x03\x0e:5\x03\x0e:;\x03\x0e:\x15\x03\x0e:<" +
356 "\x03\x0e:4\x03\x0e:'\x03\x0e:-\x03\x0e:%\x03\x0e:?\x03\x0e:=\x03\x0e:)" +
357 "\x03\x0e:/\x03\xcfs'\x03\x0d=\x0f\x03\x0d+*\x03\x0d99\x03\x0d9;\x03\x0d9" +
358 "?\x03\x0d)\x0d\x03\x0d(%\x02\x01\x18\x02\x01(\x02\x01\x1e\x03\x0f$!\x03" +
359 "\x0f87\x03\x0f4\x0e\x03\x0f5\x1d\x03\x06'\x03\x03\x0f\x08\x18\x03\x0f" +
360 "\x0d\x1b\x03\x0e2=\x03\x0e;\x08\x03\x0e:\x0b\x03\x0e\x06$\x03\x0e\x0d)" +
361 "\x03\x0e\x16\x1f\x03\x0e\x16\x1b\x03\x0d$\x0a\x03\x05,\x1d\x03\x0d. \x03" +
362 "\x0d.#\x03\x0c(/\x03\x09%\x02\x03\x0d90\x03\x0d\x0e4\x03\x0d\x0d\x0f\x03" +
363 "\x0c#\x00\x03\x0c,\x1e\x03\x0c2\x0e\x03\x0c\x01\x17\x03\x0c\x09:\x03\x0e" +
364 "\x173\x03\x0c\x08\x03\x03\x0c\x11\x07\x03\x0c\x10\x18\x03\x0c\x1f\x1c" +
365 "\x03\x0c\x19\x0e\x03\x0c\x1a\x1f\x03\x0f0>\x03\x0b->\x03\x0b<+\x03\x0b8" +
366 "\x13\x03\x0b\x043\x03\x0b\x14\x03\x03\x0b\x16%\x03\x0d\x22&\x03\x0b\x1a" +
367 "\x1a\x03\x0b\x1a\x04\x03\x0a%9\x03\x0a&2\x03\x0a&0\x03\x0a!\x1a\x03\x0a!" +
368 "7\x03\x0a5\x10\x03\x0a=4\x03\x0a?\x0e\x03\x0a>\x10\x03\x0a\x00 \x03\x0a" +
369 "\x0f:\x03\x0a\x0f9\x03\x0a\x0b\x0a\x03\x0a\x17%\x03\x0a\x1b-\x03\x09-" +
370 "\x1a\x03\x09,4\x03\x09.,\x03\x09)\x09\x03\x096!\x03\x091\x1f\x03\x093" +
371 "\x16\x03\x0c+\x1f\x03\x098 \x03\x098=\x03\x0c(\x1a\x03\x0c(\x16\x03\x09" +
372 "\x0a+\x03\x09\x16\x12\x03\x09\x13\x0e\x03\x09\x153\x03\x08)!\x03\x09\x1a" +
373 "\x01\x03\x09\x18\x01\x03\x08%#\x03\x08>\x22\x03\x08\x05%\x03\x08\x02*" +
374 "\x03\x08\x15;\x03\x08\x1b7\x03\x0f\x07\x1d\x03\x0f\x04\x03\x03\x070\x0c" +
375 "\x03\x07;\x0b\x03\x07\x08\x17\x03\x07\x12\x06\x03\x06/-\x03\x0671\x03" +
376 "\x065+\x03\x06>7\x03\x06\x049\x03\x05+\x1e\x03\x05,\x17\x03\x05 \x1d\x03" +
377 "\x05\x22\x05\x03\x050\x1d"
379// lookup returns the trie value for the first UTF-8 encoding in s and
380// the width in bytes of this encoding. The size will be 0 if s does not
381// hold enough bytes to complete the encoding. len(s) must be greater than 0.
382func (t *idnaTrie) lookup(s []byte) (v uint16, sz int) {
383 c0 := s[0]
384 switch {
385 case c0 < 0x80: // is ASCII
386 return idnaValues[c0], 1
387 case c0 < 0xC2:
388 return 0, 1 // Illegal UTF-8: not a starter, not ASCII.
389 case c0 < 0xE0: // 2-byte UTF-8
390 if len(s) < 2 {
391 return 0, 0
392 }
393 i := idnaIndex[c0]
394 c1 := s[1]
395 if c1 < 0x80 || 0xC0 <= c1 {
396 return 0, 1 // Illegal UTF-8: not a continuation byte.
397 }
398 return t.lookupValue(uint32(i), c1), 2
399 case c0 < 0xF0: // 3-byte UTF-8
400 if len(s) < 3 {
401 return 0, 0
402 }
403 i := idnaIndex[c0]
404 c1 := s[1]
405 if c1 < 0x80 || 0xC0 <= c1 {
406 return 0, 1 // Illegal UTF-8: not a continuation byte.
407 }
408 o := uint32(i)<<6 + uint32(c1)
409 i = idnaIndex[o]
410 c2 := s[2]
411 if c2 < 0x80 || 0xC0 <= c2 {
412 return 0, 2 // Illegal UTF-8: not a continuation byte.
413 }
414 return t.lookupValue(uint32(i), c2), 3
415 case c0 < 0xF8: // 4-byte UTF-8
416 if len(s) < 4 {
417 return 0, 0
418 }
419 i := idnaIndex[c0]
420 c1 := s[1]
421 if c1 < 0x80 || 0xC0 <= c1 {
422 return 0, 1 // Illegal UTF-8: not a continuation byte.
423 }
424 o := uint32(i)<<6 + uint32(c1)
425 i = idnaIndex[o]
426 c2 := s[2]
427 if c2 < 0x80 || 0xC0 <= c2 {
428 return 0, 2 // Illegal UTF-8: not a continuation byte.
429 }
430 o = uint32(i)<<6 + uint32(c2)
431 i = idnaIndex[o]
432 c3 := s[3]
433 if c3 < 0x80 || 0xC0 <= c3 {
434 return 0, 3 // Illegal UTF-8: not a continuation byte.
435 }
436 return t.lookupValue(uint32(i), c3), 4
437 }
438 // Illegal rune
439 return 0, 1
442// lookupUnsafe returns the trie value for the first UTF-8 encoding in s.
443// s must start with a full and valid UTF-8 encoded rune.
444func (t *idnaTrie) lookupUnsafe(s []byte) uint16 {
445 c0 := s[0]
446 if c0 < 0x80 { // is ASCII
447 return idnaValues[c0]
448 }
449 i := idnaIndex[c0]
450 if c0 < 0xE0 { // 2-byte UTF-8
451 return t.lookupValue(uint32(i), s[1])
452 }
453 i = idnaIndex[uint32(i)<<6+uint32(s[1])]
454 if c0 < 0xF0 { // 3-byte UTF-8
455 return t.lookupValue(uint32(i), s[2])
456 }
457 i = idnaIndex[uint32(i)<<6+uint32(s[2])]
458 if c0 < 0xF8 { // 4-byte UTF-8
459 return t.lookupValue(uint32(i), s[3])
460 }
461 return 0
464// lookupString returns the trie value for the first UTF-8 encoding in s and
465// the width in bytes of this encoding. The size will be 0 if s does not
466// hold enough bytes to complete the encoding. len(s) must be greater than 0.
467func (t *idnaTrie) lookupString(s string) (v uint16, sz int) {
468 c0 := s[0]
469 switch {
470 case c0 < 0x80: // is ASCII
471 return idnaValues[c0], 1
472 case c0 < 0xC2:
473 return 0, 1 // Illegal UTF-8: not a starter, not ASCII.
474 case c0 < 0xE0: // 2-byte UTF-8
475 if len(s) < 2 {
476 return 0, 0
477 }
478 i := idnaIndex[c0]
479 c1 := s[1]
480 if c1 < 0x80 || 0xC0 <= c1 {
481 return 0, 1 // Illegal UTF-8: not a continuation byte.
482 }
483 return t.lookupValue(uint32(i), c1), 2
484 case c0 < 0xF0: // 3-byte UTF-8
485 if len(s) < 3 {
486 return 0, 0
487 }
488 i := idnaIndex[c0]
489 c1 := s[1]
490 if c1 < 0x80 || 0xC0 <= c1 {
491 return 0, 1 // Illegal UTF-8: not a continuation byte.
492 }
493 o := uint32(i)<<6 + uint32(c1)
494 i = idnaIndex[o]
495 c2 := s[2]
496 if c2 < 0x80 || 0xC0 <= c2 {
497 return 0, 2 // Illegal UTF-8: not a continuation byte.
498 }
499 return t.lookupValue(uint32(i), c2), 3
500 case c0 < 0xF8: // 4-byte UTF-8
501 if len(s) < 4 {
502 return 0, 0
503 }
504 i := idnaIndex[c0]
505 c1 := s[1]
506 if c1 < 0x80 || 0xC0 <= c1 {
507 return 0, 1 // Illegal UTF-8: not a continuation byte.
508 }
509 o := uint32(i)<<6 + uint32(c1)
510 i = idnaIndex[o]
511 c2 := s[2]
512 if c2 < 0x80 || 0xC0 <= c2 {
513 return 0, 2 // Illegal UTF-8: not a continuation byte.
514 }
515 o = uint32(i)<<6 + uint32(c2)
516 i = idnaIndex[o]
517 c3 := s[3]
518 if c3 < 0x80 || 0xC0 <= c3 {
519 return 0, 3 // Illegal UTF-8: not a continuation byte.
520 }
521 return t.lookupValue(uint32(i), c3), 4
522 }
523 // Illegal rune
524 return 0, 1
527// lookupStringUnsafe returns the trie value for the first UTF-8 encoding in s.
528// s must start with a full and valid UTF-8 encoded rune.
529func (t *idnaTrie) lookupStringUnsafe(s string) uint16 {
530 c0 := s[0]
531 if c0 < 0x80 { // is ASCII
532 return idnaValues[c0]
533 }
534 i := idnaIndex[c0]
535 if c0 < 0xE0 { // 2-byte UTF-8
536 return t.lookupValue(uint32(i), s[1])
537 }
538 i = idnaIndex[uint32(i)<<6+uint32(s[1])]
539 if c0 < 0xF0 { // 3-byte UTF-8
540 return t.lookupValue(uint32(i), s[2])
541 }
542 i = idnaIndex[uint32(i)<<6+uint32(s[2])]
543 if c0 < 0xF8 { // 4-byte UTF-8
544 return t.lookupValue(uint32(i), s[3])
545 }
546 return 0
549// idnaTrie. Total size: 28600 bytes (27.93 KiB). Checksum: 95575047b5d8fff.
550type idnaTrie struct{}
552func newIdnaTrie(i int) *idnaTrie {
553 return &idnaTrie{}
556// lookupValue determines the type of block n and looks up the value for b.
557func (t *idnaTrie) lookupValue(n uint32, b byte) uint16 {
558 switch {
559 case n < 124:
560 return uint16(idnaValues[n<<6+uint32(b)])
561 default:
562 n -= 124
563 return uint16(idnaSparse.lookup(n, b))
564 }
567// idnaValues: 126 blocks, 8064 entries, 16128 bytes
568// The third block is the zero block.
569var idnaValues = [8064]uint16{
570 // Block 0x0, offset 0x0
571 0x00: 0x0080, 0x01: 0x0080, 0x02: 0x0080, 0x03: 0x0080, 0x04: 0x0080, 0x05: 0x0080,
572 0x06: 0x0080, 0x07: 0x0080, 0x08: 0x0080, 0x09: 0x0080, 0x0a: 0x0080, 0x0b: 0x0080,
573 0x0c: 0x0080, 0x0d: 0x0080, 0x0e: 0x0080, 0x0f: 0x0080, 0x10: 0x0080, 0x11: 0x0080,
574 0x12: 0x0080, 0x13: 0x0080, 0x14: 0x0080, 0x15: 0x0080, 0x16: 0x0080, 0x17: 0x0080,
575 0x18: 0x0080, 0x19: 0x0080, 0x1a: 0x0080, 0x1b: 0x0080, 0x1c: 0x0080, 0x1d: 0x0080,
576 0x1e: 0x0080, 0x1f: 0x0080, 0x20: 0x0080, 0x21: 0x0080, 0x22: 0x0080, 0x23: 0x0080,
577 0x24: 0x0080, 0x25: 0x0080, 0x26: 0x0080, 0x27: 0x0080, 0x28: 0x0080, 0x29: 0x0080,
578 0x2a: 0x0080, 0x2b: 0x0080, 0x2c: 0x0080, 0x2d: 0x0008, 0x2e: 0x0008, 0x2f: 0x0080,
579 0x30: 0x0008, 0x31: 0x0008, 0x32: 0x0008, 0x33: 0x0008, 0x34: 0x0008, 0x35: 0x0008,
580 0x36: 0x0008, 0x37: 0x0008, 0x38: 0x0008, 0x39: 0x0008, 0x3a: 0x0080, 0x3b: 0x0080,
581 0x3c: 0x0080, 0x3d: 0x0080, 0x3e: 0x0080, 0x3f: 0x0080,
582 // Block 0x1, offset 0x40
583 0x40: 0x0080, 0x41: 0xe105, 0x42: 0xe105, 0x43: 0xe105, 0x44: 0xe105, 0x45: 0xe105,
584 0x46: 0xe105, 0x47: 0xe105, 0x48: 0xe105, 0x49: 0xe105, 0x4a: 0xe105, 0x4b: 0xe105,
585 0x4c: 0xe105, 0x4d: 0xe105, 0x4e: 0xe105, 0x4f: 0xe105, 0x50: 0xe105, 0x51: 0xe105,
586 0x52: 0xe105, 0x53: 0xe105, 0x54: 0xe105, 0x55: 0xe105, 0x56: 0xe105, 0x57: 0xe105,
587 0x58: 0xe105, 0x59: 0xe105, 0x5a: 0xe105, 0x5b: 0x0080, 0x5c: 0x0080, 0x5d: 0x0080,
588 0x5e: 0x0080, 0x5f: 0x0080, 0x60: 0x0080, 0x61: 0x0008, 0x62: 0x0008, 0x63: 0x0008,
589 0x64: 0x0008, 0x65: 0x0008, 0x66: 0x0008, 0x67: 0x0008, 0x68: 0x0008, 0x69: 0x0008,
590 0x6a: 0x0008, 0x6b: 0x0008, 0x6c: 0x0008, 0x6d: 0x0008, 0x6e: 0x0008, 0x6f: 0x0008,
591 0x70: 0x0008, 0x71: 0x0008, 0x72: 0x0008, 0x73: 0x0008, 0x74: 0x0008, 0x75: 0x0008,
592 0x76: 0x0008, 0x77: 0x0008, 0x78: 0x0008, 0x79: 0x0008, 0x7a: 0x0008, 0x7b: 0x0080,
593 0x7c: 0x0080, 0x7d: 0x0080, 0x7e: 0x0080, 0x7f: 0x0080,
594 // Block 0x2, offset 0x80
595 // Block 0x3, offset 0xc0
596 0xc0: 0x0040, 0xc1: 0x0040, 0xc2: 0x0040, 0xc3: 0x0040, 0xc4: 0x0040, 0xc5: 0x0040,
597 0xc6: 0x0040, 0xc7: 0x0040, 0xc8: 0x0040, 0xc9: 0x0040, 0xca: 0x0040, 0xcb: 0x0040,
598 0xcc: 0x0040, 0xcd: 0x0040, 0xce: 0x0040, 0xcf: 0x0040, 0xd0: 0x0040, 0xd1: 0x0040,
599 0xd2: 0x0040, 0xd3: 0x0040, 0xd4: 0x0040, 0xd5: 0x0040, 0xd6: 0x0040, 0xd7: 0x0040,
600 0xd8: 0x0040, 0xd9: 0x0040, 0xda: 0x0040, 0xdb: 0x0040, 0xdc: 0x0040, 0xdd: 0x0040,
601 0xde: 0x0040, 0xdf: 0x0040, 0xe0: 0x000a, 0xe1: 0x0018, 0xe2: 0x0018, 0xe3: 0x0018,
602 0xe4: 0x0018, 0xe5: 0x0018, 0xe6: 0x0018, 0xe7: 0x0018, 0xe8: 0x001a, 0xe9: 0x0018,
603 0xea: 0x0039, 0xeb: 0x0018, 0xec: 0x0018, 0xed: 0x03c0, 0xee: 0x0018, 0xef: 0x004a,
604 0xf0: 0x0018, 0xf1: 0x0018, 0xf2: 0x0069, 0xf3: 0x0079, 0xf4: 0x008a, 0xf5: 0x0005,
605 0xf6: 0x0018, 0xf7: 0x0008, 0xf8: 0x00aa, 0xf9: 0x00c9, 0xfa: 0x00d9, 0xfb: 0x0018,
606 0xfc: 0x00e9, 0xfd: 0x0119, 0xfe: 0x0149, 0xff: 0x0018,
607 // Block 0x4, offset 0x100
608 0x100: 0xe00d, 0x101: 0x0008, 0x102: 0xe00d, 0x103: 0x0008, 0x104: 0xe00d, 0x105: 0x0008,
609 0x106: 0xe00d, 0x107: 0x0008, 0x108: 0xe00d, 0x109: 0x0008, 0x10a: 0xe00d, 0x10b: 0x0008,
610 0x10c: 0xe00d, 0x10d: 0x0008, 0x10e: 0xe00d, 0x10f: 0x0008, 0x110: 0xe00d, 0x111: 0x0008,
611 0x112: 0xe00d, 0x113: 0x0008, 0x114: 0xe00d, 0x115: 0x0008, 0x116: 0xe00d, 0x117: 0x0008,
612 0x118: 0xe00d, 0x119: 0x0008, 0x11a: 0xe00d, 0x11b: 0x0008, 0x11c: 0xe00d, 0x11d: 0x0008,
613 0x11e: 0xe00d, 0x11f: 0x0008, 0x120: 0xe00d, 0x121: 0x0008, 0x122: 0xe00d, 0x123: 0x0008,
614 0x124: 0xe00d, 0x125: 0x0008, 0x126: 0xe00d, 0x127: 0x0008, 0x128: 0xe00d, 0x129: 0x0008,
615 0x12a: 0xe00d, 0x12b: 0x0008, 0x12c: 0xe00d, 0x12d: 0x0008, 0x12e: 0xe00d, 0x12f: 0x0008,
616 0x130: 0x0179, 0x131: 0x0008, 0x132: 0x0035, 0x133: 0x004d, 0x134: 0xe00d, 0x135: 0x0008,
617 0x136: 0xe00d, 0x137: 0x0008, 0x138: 0x0008, 0x139: 0xe01d, 0x13a: 0x0008, 0x13b: 0xe03d,
618 0x13c: 0x0008, 0x13d: 0xe01d, 0x13e: 0x0008, 0x13f: 0x0199,
619 // Block 0x5, offset 0x140
620 0x140: 0x0199, 0x141: 0xe01d, 0x142: 0x0008, 0x143: 0xe03d, 0x144: 0x0008, 0x145: 0xe01d,
621 0x146: 0x0008, 0x147: 0xe07d, 0x148: 0x0008, 0x149: 0x01b9, 0x14a: 0xe00d, 0x14b: 0x0008,
622 0x14c: 0xe00d, 0x14d: 0x0008, 0x14e: 0xe00d, 0x14f: 0x0008, 0x150: 0xe00d, 0x151: 0x0008,
623 0x152: 0xe00d, 0x153: 0x0008, 0x154: 0xe00d, 0x155: 0x0008, 0x156: 0xe00d, 0x157: 0x0008,
624 0x158: 0xe00d, 0x159: 0x0008, 0x15a: 0xe00d, 0x15b: 0x0008, 0x15c: 0xe00d, 0x15d: 0x0008,
625 0x15e: 0xe00d, 0x15f: 0x0008, 0x160: 0xe00d, 0x161: 0x0008, 0x162: 0xe00d, 0x163: 0x0008,
626 0x164: 0xe00d, 0x165: 0x0008, 0x166: 0xe00d, 0x167: 0x0008, 0x168: 0xe00d, 0x169: 0x0008,
627 0x16a: 0xe00d, 0x16b: 0x0008, 0x16c: 0xe00d, 0x16d: 0x0008, 0x16e: 0xe00d, 0x16f: 0x0008,
628 0x170: 0xe00d, 0x171: 0x0008, 0x172: 0xe00d, 0x173: 0x0008, 0x174: 0xe00d, 0x175: 0x0008,
629 0x176: 0xe00d, 0x177: 0x0008, 0x178: 0x0065, 0x179: 0xe01d, 0x17a: 0x0008, 0x17b: 0xe03d,
630 0x17c: 0x0008, 0x17d: 0xe01d, 0x17e: 0x0008, 0x17f: 0x01d9,
631 // Block 0x6, offset 0x180
632 0x180: 0x0008, 0x181: 0x007d, 0x182: 0xe00d, 0x183: 0x0008, 0x184: 0xe00d, 0x185: 0x0008,
633 0x186: 0x007d, 0x187: 0xe07d, 0x188: 0x0008, 0x189: 0x0095, 0x18a: 0x00ad, 0x18b: 0xe03d,
634 0x18c: 0x0008, 0x18d: 0x0008, 0x18e: 0x00c5, 0x18f: 0x00dd, 0x190: 0x00f5, 0x191: 0xe01d,
635 0x192: 0x0008, 0x193: 0x010d, 0x194: 0x0125, 0x195: 0x0008, 0x196: 0x013d, 0x197: 0x013d,
636 0x198: 0xe00d, 0x199: 0x0008, 0x19a: 0x0008, 0x19b: 0x0008, 0x19c: 0x010d, 0x19d: 0x0155,
637 0x19e: 0x0008, 0x19f: 0x016d, 0x1a0: 0xe00d, 0x1a1: 0x0008, 0x1a2: 0xe00d, 0x1a3: 0x0008,
638 0x1a4: 0xe00d, 0x1a5: 0x0008, 0x1a6: 0x0185, 0x1a7: 0xe07d, 0x1a8: 0x0008, 0x1a9: 0x019d,
639 0x1aa: 0x0008, 0x1ab: 0x0008, 0x1ac: 0xe00d, 0x1ad: 0x0008, 0x1ae: 0x0185, 0x1af: 0xe0fd,
640 0x1b0: 0x0008, 0x1b1: 0x01b5, 0x1b2: 0x01cd, 0x1b3: 0xe03d, 0x1b4: 0x0008, 0x1b5: 0xe01d,
641 0x1b6: 0x0008, 0x1b7: 0x01e5, 0x1b8: 0xe00d, 0x1b9: 0x0008, 0x1ba: 0x0008, 0x1bb: 0x0008,
642 0x1bc: 0xe00d, 0x1bd: 0x0008, 0x1be: 0x0008, 0x1bf: 0x0008,
643 // Block 0x7, offset 0x1c0
644 0x1c0: 0x0008, 0x1c1: 0x0008, 0x1c2: 0x0008, 0x1c3: 0x0008, 0x1c4: 0x01e9, 0x1c5: 0x01e9,
645 0x1c6: 0x01e9, 0x1c7: 0x01fd, 0x1c8: 0x0215, 0x1c9: 0x022d, 0x1ca: 0x0245, 0x1cb: 0x025d,
646 0x1cc: 0x0275, 0x1cd: 0xe01d, 0x1ce: 0x0008, 0x1cf: 0xe0fd, 0x1d0: 0x0008, 0x1d1: 0xe01d,
647 0x1d2: 0x0008, 0x1d3: 0xe03d, 0x1d4: 0x0008, 0x1d5: 0xe01d, 0x1d6: 0x0008, 0x1d7: 0xe07d,
648 0x1d8: 0x0008, 0x1d9: 0xe01d, 0x1da: 0x0008, 0x1db: 0xe03d, 0x1dc: 0x0008, 0x1dd: 0x0008,
649 0x1de: 0xe00d, 0x1df: 0x0008, 0x1e0: 0xe00d, 0x1e1: 0x0008, 0x1e2: 0xe00d, 0x1e3: 0x0008,
650 0x1e4: 0xe00d, 0x1e5: 0x0008, 0x1e6: 0xe00d, 0x1e7: 0x0008, 0x1e8: 0xe00d, 0x1e9: 0x0008,
651 0x1ea: 0xe00d, 0x1eb: 0x0008, 0x1ec: 0xe00d, 0x1ed: 0x0008, 0x1ee: 0xe00d, 0x1ef: 0x0008,
652 0x1f0: 0x0008, 0x1f1: 0x028d, 0x1f2: 0x02a5, 0x1f3: 0x02bd, 0x1f4: 0xe00d, 0x1f5: 0x0008,
653 0x1f6: 0x02d5, 0x1f7: 0x02ed, 0x1f8: 0xe00d, 0x1f9: 0x0008, 0x1fa: 0xe00d, 0x1fb: 0x0008,
654 0x1fc: 0xe00d, 0x1fd: 0x0008, 0x1fe: 0xe00d, 0x1ff: 0x0008,
655 // Block 0x8, offset 0x200
656 0x200: 0xe00d, 0x201: 0x0008, 0x202: 0xe00d, 0x203: 0x0008, 0x204: 0xe00d, 0x205: 0x0008,
657 0x206: 0xe00d, 0x207: 0x0008, 0x208: 0xe00d, 0x209: 0x0008, 0x20a: 0xe00d, 0x20b: 0x0008,
658 0x20c: 0xe00d, 0x20d: 0x0008, 0x20e: 0xe00d, 0x20f: 0x0008, 0x210: 0xe00d, 0x211: 0x0008,
659 0x212: 0xe00d, 0x213: 0x0008, 0x214: 0xe00d, 0x215: 0x0008, 0x216: 0xe00d, 0x217: 0x0008,
660 0x218: 0xe00d, 0x219: 0x0008, 0x21a: 0xe00d, 0x21b: 0x0008, 0x21c: 0xe00d, 0x21d: 0x0008,
661 0x21e: 0xe00d, 0x21f: 0x0008, 0x220: 0x0305, 0x221: 0x0008, 0x222: 0xe00d, 0x223: 0x0008,
662 0x224: 0xe00d, 0x225: 0x0008, 0x226: 0xe00d, 0x227: 0x0008, 0x228: 0xe00d, 0x229: 0x0008,
663 0x22a: 0xe00d, 0x22b: 0x0008, 0x22c: 0xe00d, 0x22d: 0x0008, 0x22e: 0xe00d, 0x22f: 0x0008,
664 0x230: 0xe00d, 0x231: 0x0008, 0x232: 0xe00d, 0x233: 0x0008, 0x234: 0x0008, 0x235: 0x0008,
665 0x236: 0x0008, 0x237: 0x0008, 0x238: 0x0008, 0x239: 0x0008, 0x23a: 0x0209, 0x23b: 0xe03d,
666 0x23c: 0x0008, 0x23d: 0x031d, 0x23e: 0x0229, 0x23f: 0x0008,
667 // Block 0x9, offset 0x240
668 0x240: 0x0008, 0x241: 0x0008, 0x242: 0x0018, 0x243: 0x0018, 0x244: 0x0018, 0x245: 0x0018,
669 0x246: 0x0008, 0x247: 0x0008, 0x248: 0x0008, 0x249: 0x0008, 0x24a: 0x0008, 0x24b: 0x0008,
670 0x24c: 0x0008, 0x24d: 0x0008, 0x24e: 0x0008, 0x24f: 0x0008, 0x250: 0x0008, 0x251: 0x0008,
671 0x252: 0x0018, 0x253: 0x0018, 0x254: 0x0018, 0x255: 0x0018, 0x256: 0x0018, 0x257: 0x0018,
672 0x258: 0x029a, 0x259: 0x02ba, 0x25a: 0x02da, 0x25b: 0x02fa, 0x25c: 0x031a, 0x25d: 0x033a,
673 0x25e: 0x0018, 0x25f: 0x0018, 0x260: 0x03ad, 0x261: 0x0359, 0x262: 0x01d9, 0x263: 0x0369,
674 0x264: 0x03c5, 0x265: 0x0018, 0x266: 0x0018, 0x267: 0x0018, 0x268: 0x0018, 0x269: 0x0018,
675 0x26a: 0x0018, 0x26b: 0x0018, 0x26c: 0x0008, 0x26d: 0x0018, 0x26e: 0x0008, 0x26f: 0x0018,
676 0x270: 0x0018, 0x271: 0x0018, 0x272: 0x0018, 0x273: 0x0018, 0x274: 0x0018, 0x275: 0x0018,
677 0x276: 0x0018, 0x277: 0x0018, 0x278: 0x0018, 0x279: 0x0018, 0x27a: 0x0018, 0x27b: 0x0018,
678 0x27c: 0x0018, 0x27d: 0x0018, 0x27e: 0x0018, 0x27f: 0x0018,
679 // Block 0xa, offset 0x280
680 0x280: 0x03dd, 0x281: 0x03dd, 0x282: 0x3308, 0x283: 0x03f5, 0x284: 0x0379, 0x285: 0x040d,
681 0x286: 0x3308, 0x287: 0x3308, 0x288: 0x3308, 0x289: 0x3308, 0x28a: 0x3308, 0x28b: 0x3308,
682 0x28c: 0x3308, 0x28d: 0x3308, 0x28e: 0x3308, 0x28f: 0x33c0, 0x290: 0x3308, 0x291: 0x3308,
683 0x292: 0x3308, 0x293: 0x3308, 0x294: 0x3308, 0x295: 0x3308, 0x296: 0x3308, 0x297: 0x3308,
684 0x298: 0x3308, 0x299: 0x3308, 0x29a: 0x3308, 0x29b: 0x3308, 0x29c: 0x3308, 0x29d: 0x3308,
685 0x29e: 0x3308, 0x29f: 0x3308, 0x2a0: 0x3308, 0x2a1: 0x3308, 0x2a2: 0x3308, 0x2a3: 0x3308,
686 0x2a4: 0x3308, 0x2a5: 0x3308, 0x2a6: 0x3308, 0x2a7: 0x3308, 0x2a8: 0x3308, 0x2a9: 0x3308,
687 0x2aa: 0x3308, 0x2ab: 0x3308, 0x2ac: 0x3308, 0x2ad: 0x3308, 0x2ae: 0x3308, 0x2af: 0x3308,
688 0x2b0: 0xe00d, 0x2b1: 0x0008, 0x2b2: 0xe00d, 0x2b3: 0x0008, 0x2b4: 0x0425, 0x2b5: 0x0008,
689 0x2b6: 0xe00d, 0x2b7: 0x0008, 0x2b8: 0x0040, 0x2b9: 0x0040, 0x2ba: 0x03a2, 0x2bb: 0x0008,
690 0x2bc: 0x0008, 0x2bd: 0x0008, 0x2be: 0x03c2, 0x2bf: 0x043d,
691 // Block 0xb, offset 0x2c0
692 0x2c0: 0x0040, 0x2c1: 0x0040, 0x2c2: 0x0040, 0x2c3: 0x0040, 0x2c4: 0x008a, 0x2c5: 0x03d2,
693 0x2c6: 0xe155, 0x2c7: 0x0455, 0x2c8: 0xe12d, 0x2c9: 0xe13d, 0x2ca: 0xe12d, 0x2cb: 0x0040,
694 0x2cc: 0x03dd, 0x2cd: 0x0040, 0x2ce: 0x046d, 0x2cf: 0x0485, 0x2d0: 0x0008, 0x2d1: 0xe105,
695 0x2d2: 0xe105, 0x2d3: 0xe105, 0x2d4: 0xe105, 0x2d5: 0xe105, 0x2d6: 0xe105, 0x2d7: 0xe105,
696 0x2d8: 0xe105, 0x2d9: 0xe105, 0x2da: 0xe105, 0x2db: 0xe105, 0x2dc: 0xe105, 0x2dd: 0xe105,
697 0x2de: 0xe105, 0x2df: 0xe105, 0x2e0: 0x049d, 0x2e1: 0x049d, 0x2e2: 0x0040, 0x2e3: 0x049d,
698 0x2e4: 0x049d, 0x2e5: 0x049d, 0x2e6: 0x049d, 0x2e7: 0x049d, 0x2e8: 0x049d, 0x2e9: 0x049d,
699 0x2ea: 0x049d, 0x2eb: 0x049d, 0x2ec: 0x0008, 0x2ed: 0x0008, 0x2ee: 0x0008, 0x2ef: 0x0008,
700 0x2f0: 0x0008, 0x2f1: 0x0008, 0x2f2: 0x0008, 0x2f3: 0x0008, 0x2f4: 0x0008, 0x2f5: 0x0008,
701 0x2f6: 0x0008, 0x2f7: 0x0008, 0x2f8: 0x0008, 0x2f9: 0x0008, 0x2fa: 0x0008, 0x2fb: 0x0008,
702 0x2fc: 0x0008, 0x2fd: 0x0008, 0x2fe: 0x0008, 0x2ff: 0x0008,
703 // Block 0xc, offset 0x300
704 0x300: 0x0008, 0x301: 0x0008, 0x302: 0xe00f, 0x303: 0x0008, 0x304: 0x0008, 0x305: 0x0008,
705 0x306: 0x0008, 0x307: 0x0008, 0x308: 0x0008, 0x309: 0x0008, 0x30a: 0x0008, 0x30b: 0x0008,
706 0x30c: 0x0008, 0x30d: 0x0008, 0x30e: 0x0008, 0x30f: 0xe0c5, 0x310: 0x04b5, 0x311: 0x04cd,
707 0x312: 0xe0bd, 0x313: 0xe0f5, 0x314: 0xe0fd, 0x315: 0xe09d, 0x316: 0xe0b5, 0x317: 0x0008,
708 0x318: 0xe00d, 0x319: 0x0008, 0x31a: 0xe00d, 0x31b: 0x0008, 0x31c: 0xe00d, 0x31d: 0x0008,
709 0x31e: 0xe00d, 0x31f: 0x0008, 0x320: 0xe00d, 0x321: 0x0008, 0x322: 0xe00d, 0x323: 0x0008,
710 0x324: 0xe00d, 0x325: 0x0008, 0x326: 0xe00d, 0x327: 0x0008, 0x328: 0xe00d, 0x329: 0x0008,
711 0x32a: 0xe00d, 0x32b: 0x0008, 0x32c: 0xe00d, 0x32d: 0x0008, 0x32e: 0xe00d, 0x32f: 0x0008,
712 0x330: 0x04e5, 0x331: 0xe185, 0x332: 0xe18d, 0x333: 0x0008, 0x334: 0x04fd, 0x335: 0x03dd,
713 0x336: 0x0018, 0x337: 0xe07d, 0x338: 0x0008, 0x339: 0xe1d5, 0x33a: 0xe00d, 0x33b: 0x0008,
714 0x33c: 0x0008, 0x33d: 0x0515, 0x33e: 0x052d, 0x33f: 0x052d,
715 // Block 0xd, offset 0x340
716 0x340: 0x0008, 0x341: 0x0008, 0x342: 0x0008, 0x343: 0x0008, 0x344: 0x0008, 0x345: 0x0008,
717 0x346: 0x0008, 0x347: 0x0008, 0x348: 0x0008, 0x349: 0x0008, 0x34a: 0x0008, 0x34b: 0x0008,
718 0x34c: 0x0008, 0x34d: 0x0008, 0x34e: 0x0008, 0x34f: 0x0008, 0x350: 0x0008, 0x351: 0x0008,
719 0x352: 0x0008, 0x353: 0x0008, 0x354: 0x0008, 0x355: 0x0008, 0x356: 0x0008, 0x357: 0x0008,
720 0x358: 0x0008, 0x359: 0x0008, 0x35a: 0x0008, 0x35b: 0x0008, 0x35c: 0x0008, 0x35d: 0x0008,
721 0x35e: 0x0008, 0x35f: 0x0008, 0x360: 0xe00d, 0x361: 0x0008, 0x362: 0xe00d, 0x363: 0x0008,
722 0x364: 0xe00d, 0x365: 0x0008, 0x366: 0xe00d, 0x367: 0x0008, 0x368: 0xe00d, 0x369: 0x0008,
723 0x36a: 0xe00d, 0x36b: 0x0008, 0x36c: 0xe00d, 0x36d: 0x0008, 0x36e: 0xe00d, 0x36f: 0x0008,
724 0x370: 0xe00d, 0x371: 0x0008, 0x372: 0xe00d, 0x373: 0x0008, 0x374: 0xe00d, 0x375: 0x0008,
725 0x376: 0xe00d, 0x377: 0x0008, 0x378: 0xe00d, 0x379: 0x0008, 0x37a: 0xe00d, 0x37b: 0x0008,
726 0x37c: 0xe00d, 0x37d: 0x0008, 0x37e: 0xe00d, 0x37f: 0x0008,
727 // Block 0xe, offset 0x380
728 0x380: 0xe00d, 0x381: 0x0008, 0x382: 0x0018, 0x383: 0x3308, 0x384: 0x3308, 0x385: 0x3308,
729 0x386: 0x3308, 0x387: 0x3308, 0x388: 0x3318, 0x389: 0x3318, 0x38a: 0xe00d, 0x38b: 0x0008,
730 0x38c: 0xe00d, 0x38d: 0x0008, 0x38e: 0xe00d, 0x38f: 0x0008, 0x390: 0xe00d, 0x391: 0x0008,
731 0x392: 0xe00d, 0x393: 0x0008, 0x394: 0xe00d, 0x395: 0x0008, 0x396: 0xe00d, 0x397: 0x0008,
732 0x398: 0xe00d, 0x399: 0x0008, 0x39a: 0xe00d, 0x39b: 0x0008, 0x39c: 0xe00d, 0x39d: 0x0008,
733 0x39e: 0xe00d, 0x39f: 0x0008, 0x3a0: 0xe00d, 0x3a1: 0x0008, 0x3a2: 0xe00d, 0x3a3: 0x0008,
734 0x3a4: 0xe00d, 0x3a5: 0x0008, 0x3a6: 0xe00d, 0x3a7: 0x0008, 0x3a8: 0xe00d, 0x3a9: 0x0008,
735 0x3aa: 0xe00d, 0x3ab: 0x0008, 0x3ac: 0xe00d, 0x3ad: 0x0008, 0x3ae: 0xe00d, 0x3af: 0x0008,
736 0x3b0: 0xe00d, 0x3b1: 0x0008, 0x3b2: 0xe00d, 0x3b3: 0x0008, 0x3b4: 0xe00d, 0x3b5: 0x0008,
737 0x3b6: 0xe00d, 0x3b7: 0x0008, 0x3b8: 0xe00d, 0x3b9: 0x0008, 0x3ba: 0xe00d, 0x3bb: 0x0008,
738 0x3bc: 0xe00d, 0x3bd: 0x0008, 0x3be: 0xe00d, 0x3bf: 0x0008,
739 // Block 0xf, offset 0x3c0
740 0x3c0: 0x0040, 0x3c1: 0xe01d, 0x3c2: 0x0008, 0x3c3: 0xe03d, 0x3c4: 0x0008, 0x3c5: 0xe01d,
741 0x3c6: 0x0008, 0x3c7: 0xe07d, 0x3c8: 0x0008, 0x3c9: 0xe01d, 0x3ca: 0x0008, 0x3cb: 0xe03d,
742 0x3cc: 0x0008, 0x3cd: 0xe01d, 0x3ce: 0x0008, 0x3cf: 0x0008, 0x3d0: 0xe00d, 0x3d1: 0x0008,
743 0x3d2: 0xe00d, 0x3d3: 0x0008, 0x3d4: 0xe00d, 0x3d5: 0x0008, 0x3d6: 0xe00d, 0x3d7: 0x0008,
744 0x3d8: 0xe00d, 0x3d9: 0x0008, 0x3da: 0xe00d, 0x3db: 0x0008, 0x3dc: 0xe00d, 0x3dd: 0x0008,
745 0x3de: 0xe00d, 0x3df: 0x0008, 0x3e0: 0xe00d, 0x3e1: 0x0008, 0x3e2: 0xe00d, 0x3e3: 0x0008,
746 0x3e4: 0xe00d, 0x3e5: 0x0008, 0x3e6: 0xe00d, 0x3e7: 0x0008, 0x3e8: 0xe00d, 0x3e9: 0x0008,
747 0x3ea: 0xe00d, 0x3eb: 0x0008, 0x3ec: 0xe00d, 0x3ed: 0x0008, 0x3ee: 0xe00d, 0x3ef: 0x0008,
748 0x3f0: 0xe00d, 0x3f1: 0x0008, 0x3f2: 0xe00d, 0x3f3: 0x0008, 0x3f4: 0xe00d, 0x3f5: 0x0008,
749 0x3f6: 0xe00d, 0x3f7: 0x0008, 0x3f8: 0xe00d, 0x3f9: 0x0008, 0x3fa: 0xe00d, 0x3fb: 0x0008,
750 0x3fc: 0xe00d, 0x3fd: 0x0008, 0x3fe: 0xe00d, 0x3ff: 0x0008,
751 // Block 0x10, offset 0x400
752 0x400: 0xe00d, 0x401: 0x0008, 0x402: 0xe00d, 0x403: 0x0008, 0x404: 0xe00d, 0x405: 0x0008,
753 0x406: 0xe00d, 0x407: 0x0008, 0x408: 0xe00d, 0x409: 0x0008, 0x40a: 0xe00d, 0x40b: 0x0008,
754 0x40c: 0xe00d, 0x40d: 0x0008, 0x40e: 0xe00d, 0x40f: 0x0008, 0x410: 0xe00d, 0x411: 0x0008,
755 0x412: 0xe00d, 0x413: 0x0008, 0x414: 0xe00d, 0x415: 0x0008, 0x416: 0xe00d, 0x417: 0x0008,
756 0x418: 0xe00d, 0x419: 0x0008, 0x41a: 0xe00d, 0x41b: 0x0008, 0x41c: 0xe00d, 0x41d: 0x0008,
757 0x41e: 0xe00d, 0x41f: 0x0008, 0x420: 0xe00d, 0x421: 0x0008, 0x422: 0xe00d, 0x423: 0x0008,
758 0x424: 0xe00d, 0x425: 0x0008, 0x426: 0xe00d, 0x427: 0x0008, 0x428: 0xe00d, 0x429: 0x0008,
759 0x42a: 0xe00d, 0x42b: 0x0008, 0x42c: 0xe00d, 0x42d: 0x0008, 0x42e: 0xe00d, 0x42f: 0x0008,
760 0x430: 0x0040, 0x431: 0x03f5, 0x432: 0x03f5, 0x433: 0x03f5, 0x434: 0x03f5, 0x435: 0x03f5,
761 0x436: 0x03f5, 0x437: 0x03f5, 0x438: 0x03f5, 0x439: 0x03f5, 0x43a: 0x03f5, 0x43b: 0x03f5,
762 0x43c: 0x03f5, 0x43d: 0x03f5, 0x43e: 0x03f5, 0x43f: 0x03f5,
763 // Block 0x11, offset 0x440
764 0x440: 0x0840, 0x441: 0x0840, 0x442: 0x0840, 0x443: 0x0840, 0x444: 0x0840, 0x445: 0x0840,
765 0x446: 0x0018, 0x447: 0x0018, 0x448: 0x0818, 0x449: 0x0018, 0x44a: 0x0018, 0x44b: 0x0818,
766 0x44c: 0x0018, 0x44d: 0x0818, 0x44e: 0x0018, 0x44f: 0x0018, 0x450: 0x3308, 0x451: 0x3308,
767 0x452: 0x3308, 0x453: 0x3308, 0x454: 0x3308, 0x455: 0x3308, 0x456: 0x3308, 0x457: 0x3308,
768 0x458: 0x3308, 0x459: 0x3308, 0x45a: 0x3308, 0x45b: 0x0818, 0x45c: 0x0b40, 0x45d: 0x0040,
769 0x45e: 0x0818, 0x45f: 0x0818, 0x460: 0x0a08, 0x461: 0x0808, 0x462: 0x0c08, 0x463: 0x0c08,
770 0x464: 0x0c08, 0x465: 0x0c08, 0x466: 0x0a08, 0x467: 0x0c08, 0x468: 0x0a08, 0x469: 0x0c08,
771 0x46a: 0x0a08, 0x46b: 0x0a08, 0x46c: 0x0a08, 0x46d: 0x0a08, 0x46e: 0x0a08, 0x46f: 0x0c08,
772 0x470: 0x0c08, 0x471: 0x0c08, 0x472: 0x0c08, 0x473: 0x0a08, 0x474: 0x0a08, 0x475: 0x0a08,
773 0x476: 0x0a08, 0x477: 0x0a08, 0x478: 0x0a08, 0x479: 0x0a08, 0x47a: 0x0a08, 0x47b: 0x0a08,
774 0x47c: 0x0a08, 0x47d: 0x0a08, 0x47e: 0x0a08, 0x47f: 0x0a08,
775 // Block 0x12, offset 0x480
776 0x480: 0x0818, 0x481: 0x0a08, 0x482: 0x0a08, 0x483: 0x0a08, 0x484: 0x0a08, 0x485: 0x0a08,
777 0x486: 0x0a08, 0x487: 0x0a08, 0x488: 0x0c08, 0x489: 0x0a08, 0x48a: 0x0a08, 0x48b: 0x3308,
778 0x48c: 0x3308, 0x48d: 0x3308, 0x48e: 0x3308, 0x48f: 0x3308, 0x490: 0x3308, 0x491: 0x3308,
779 0x492: 0x3308, 0x493: 0x3308, 0x494: 0x3308, 0x495: 0x3308, 0x496: 0x3308, 0x497: 0x3308,
780 0x498: 0x3308, 0x499: 0x3308, 0x49a: 0x3308, 0x49b: 0x3308, 0x49c: 0x3308, 0x49d: 0x3308,
781 0x49e: 0x3308, 0x49f: 0x3308, 0x4a0: 0x0808, 0x4a1: 0x0808, 0x4a2: 0x0808, 0x4a3: 0x0808,
782 0x4a4: 0x0808, 0x4a5: 0x0808, 0x4a6: 0x0808, 0x4a7: 0x0808, 0x4a8: 0x0808, 0x4a9: 0x0808,
783 0x4aa: 0x0018, 0x4ab: 0x0818, 0x4ac: 0x0818, 0x4ad: 0x0818, 0x4ae: 0x0a08, 0x4af: 0x0a08,
784 0x4b0: 0x3308, 0x4b1: 0x0c08, 0x4b2: 0x0c08, 0x4b3: 0x0c08, 0x4b4: 0x0808, 0x4b5: 0x0429,
785 0x4b6: 0x0451, 0x4b7: 0x0479, 0x4b8: 0x04a1, 0x4b9: 0x0a08, 0x4ba: 0x0a08, 0x4bb: 0x0a08,
786 0x4bc: 0x0a08, 0x4bd: 0x0a08, 0x4be: 0x0a08, 0x4bf: 0x0a08,
787 // Block 0x13, offset 0x4c0
788 0x4c0: 0x0c08, 0x4c1: 0x0a08, 0x4c2: 0x0a08, 0x4c3: 0x0c08, 0x4c4: 0x0c08, 0x4c5: 0x0c08,
789 0x4c6: 0x0c08, 0x4c7: 0x0c08, 0x4c8: 0x0c08, 0x4c9: 0x0c08, 0x4ca: 0x0c08, 0x4cb: 0x0c08,
790 0x4cc: 0x0a08, 0x4cd: 0x0c08, 0x4ce: 0x0a08, 0x4cf: 0x0c08, 0x4d0: 0x0a08, 0x4d1: 0x0a08,
791 0x4d2: 0x0c08, 0x4d3: 0x0c08, 0x4d4: 0x0818, 0x4d5: 0x0c08, 0x4d6: 0x3308, 0x4d7: 0x3308,
792 0x4d8: 0x3308, 0x4d9: 0x3308, 0x4da: 0x3308, 0x4db: 0x3308, 0x4dc: 0x3308, 0x4dd: 0x0840,
793 0x4de: 0x0018, 0x4df: 0x3308, 0x4e0: 0x3308, 0x4e1: 0x3308, 0x4e2: 0x3308, 0x4e3: 0x3308,
794 0x4e4: 0x3308, 0x4e5: 0x0808, 0x4e6: 0x0808, 0x4e7: 0x3308, 0x4e8: 0x3308, 0x4e9: 0x0018,
795 0x4ea: 0x3308, 0x4eb: 0x3308, 0x4ec: 0x3308, 0x4ed: 0x3308, 0x4ee: 0x0c08, 0x4ef: 0x0c08,
796 0x4f0: 0x0008, 0x4f1: 0x0008, 0x4f2: 0x0008, 0x4f3: 0x0008, 0x4f4: 0x0008, 0x4f5: 0x0008,
797 0x4f6: 0x0008, 0x4f7: 0x0008, 0x4f8: 0x0008, 0x4f9: 0x0008, 0x4fa: 0x0a08, 0x4fb: 0x0a08,
798 0x4fc: 0x0a08, 0x4fd: 0x0808, 0x4fe: 0x0808, 0x4ff: 0x0a08,
799 // Block 0x14, offset 0x500
800 0x500: 0x0818, 0x501: 0x0818, 0x502: 0x0818, 0x503: 0x0818, 0x504: 0x0818, 0x505: 0x0818,
801 0x506: 0x0818, 0x507: 0x0818, 0x508: 0x0818, 0x509: 0x0818, 0x50a: 0x0818, 0x50b: 0x0818,
802 0x50c: 0x0818, 0x50d: 0x0818, 0x50e: 0x0040, 0x50f: 0x0b40, 0x510: 0x0c08, 0x511: 0x3308,
803 0x512: 0x0a08, 0x513: 0x0a08, 0x514: 0x0a08, 0x515: 0x0c08, 0x516: 0x0c08, 0x517: 0x0c08,
804 0x518: 0x0c08, 0x519: 0x0c08, 0x51a: 0x0a08, 0x51b: 0x0a08, 0x51c: 0x0a08, 0x51d: 0x0a08,
805 0x51e: 0x0c08, 0x51f: 0x0a08, 0x520: 0x0a08, 0x521: 0x0a08, 0x522: 0x0a08, 0x523: 0x0a08,
806 0x524: 0x0a08, 0x525: 0x0a08, 0x526: 0x0a08, 0x527: 0x0a08, 0x528: 0x0c08, 0x529: 0x0a08,
807 0x52a: 0x0c08, 0x52b: 0x0a08, 0x52c: 0x0c08, 0x52d: 0x0a08, 0x52e: 0x0a08, 0x52f: 0x0c08,
808 0x530: 0x3308, 0x531: 0x3308, 0x532: 0x3308, 0x533: 0x3308, 0x534: 0x3308, 0x535: 0x3308,
809 0x536: 0x3308, 0x537: 0x3308, 0x538: 0x3308, 0x539: 0x3308, 0x53a: 0x3308, 0x53b: 0x3308,
810 0x53c: 0x3308, 0x53d: 0x3308, 0x53e: 0x3308, 0x53f: 0x3308,
811 // Block 0x15, offset 0x540
812 0x540: 0x3008, 0x541: 0x3308, 0x542: 0x3308, 0x543: 0x3308, 0x544: 0x3308, 0x545: 0x3308,
813 0x546: 0x3308, 0x547: 0x3308, 0x548: 0x3308, 0x549: 0x3008, 0x54a: 0x3008, 0x54b: 0x3008,
814 0x54c: 0x3008, 0x54d: 0x3b08, 0x54e: 0x3008, 0x54f: 0x3008, 0x550: 0x0008, 0x551: 0x3308,
815 0x552: 0x3308, 0x553: 0x3308, 0x554: 0x3308, 0x555: 0x3308, 0x556: 0x3308, 0x557: 0x3308,
816 0x558: 0x04c9, 0x559: 0x0501, 0x55a: 0x0539, 0x55b: 0x0571, 0x55c: 0x05a9, 0x55d: 0x05e1,
817 0x55e: 0x0619, 0x55f: 0x0651, 0x560: 0x0008, 0x561: 0x0008, 0x562: 0x3308, 0x563: 0x3308,
818 0x564: 0x0018, 0x565: 0x0018, 0x566: 0x0008, 0x567: 0x0008, 0x568: 0x0008, 0x569: 0x0008,
819 0x56a: 0x0008, 0x56b: 0x0008, 0x56c: 0x0008, 0x56d: 0x0008, 0x56e: 0x0008, 0x56f: 0x0008,
820 0x570: 0x0018, 0x571: 0x0008, 0x572: 0x0008, 0x573: 0x0008, 0x574: 0x0008, 0x575: 0x0008,
821 0x576: 0x0008, 0x577: 0x0008, 0x578: 0x0008, 0x579: 0x0008, 0x57a: 0x0008, 0x57b: 0x0008,
822 0x57c: 0x0008, 0x57d: 0x0008, 0x57e: 0x0008, 0x57f: 0x0008,
823 // Block 0x16, offset 0x580
824 0x580: 0x0008, 0x581: 0x3308, 0x582: 0x3008, 0x583: 0x3008, 0x584: 0x0040, 0x585: 0x0008,
825 0x586: 0x0008, 0x587: 0x0008, 0x588: 0x0008, 0x589: 0x0008, 0x58a: 0x0008, 0x58b: 0x0008,
826 0x58c: 0x0008, 0x58d: 0x0040, 0x58e: 0x0040, 0x58f: 0x0008, 0x590: 0x0008, 0x591: 0x0040,
827 0x592: 0x0040, 0x593: 0x0008, 0x594: 0x0008, 0x595: 0x0008, 0x596: 0x0008, 0x597: 0x0008,
828 0x598: 0x0008, 0x599: 0x0008, 0x59a: 0x0008, 0x59b: 0x0008, 0x59c: 0x0008, 0x59d: 0x0008,
829 0x59e: 0x0008, 0x59f: 0x0008, 0x5a0: 0x0008, 0x5a1: 0x0008, 0x5a2: 0x0008, 0x5a3: 0x0008,
830 0x5a4: 0x0008, 0x5a5: 0x0008, 0x5a6: 0x0008, 0x5a7: 0x0008, 0x5a8: 0x0008, 0x5a9: 0x0040,
831 0x5aa: 0x0008, 0x5ab: 0x0008, 0x5ac: 0x0008, 0x5ad: 0x0008, 0x5ae: 0x0008, 0x5af: 0x0008,
832 0x5b0: 0x0008, 0x5b1: 0x0040, 0x5b2: 0x0008, 0x5b3: 0x0040, 0x5b4: 0x0040, 0x5b5: 0x0040,
833 0x5b6: 0x0008, 0x5b7: 0x0008, 0x5b8: 0x0008, 0x5b9: 0x0008, 0x5ba: 0x0040, 0x5bb: 0x0040,
834 0x5bc: 0x3308, 0x5bd: 0x0008, 0x5be: 0x3008, 0x5bf: 0x3008,
835 // Block 0x17, offset 0x5c0
836 0x5c0: 0x3008, 0x5c1: 0x3308, 0x5c2: 0x3308, 0x5c3: 0x3308, 0x5c4: 0x3308, 0x5c5: 0x0040,
837 0x5c6: 0x0040, 0x5c7: 0x3008, 0x5c8: 0x3008, 0x5c9: 0x0040, 0x5ca: 0x0040, 0x5cb: 0x3008,
838 0x5cc: 0x3008, 0x5cd: 0x3b08, 0x5ce: 0x0008, 0x5cf: 0x0040, 0x5d0: 0x0040, 0x5d1: 0x0040,
839 0x5d2: 0x0040, 0x5d3: 0x0040, 0x5d4: 0x0040, 0x5d5: 0x0040, 0x5d6: 0x0040, 0x5d7: 0x3008,
840 0x5d8: 0x0040, 0x5d9: 0x0040, 0x5da: 0x0040, 0x5db: 0x0040, 0x5dc: 0x0689, 0x5dd: 0x06c1,
841 0x5de: 0x0040, 0x5df: 0x06f9, 0x5e0: 0x0008, 0x5e1: 0x0008, 0x5e2: 0x3308, 0x5e3: 0x3308,
842 0x5e4: 0x0040, 0x5e5: 0x0040, 0x5e6: 0x0008, 0x5e7: 0x0008, 0x5e8: 0x0008, 0x5e9: 0x0008,
843 0x5ea: 0x0008, 0x5eb: 0x0008, 0x5ec: 0x0008, 0x5ed: 0x0008, 0x5ee: 0x0008, 0x5ef: 0x0008,
844 0x5f0: 0x0008, 0x5f1: 0x0008, 0x5f2: 0x0018, 0x5f3: 0x0018, 0x5f4: 0x0018, 0x5f5: 0x0018,
845 0x5f6: 0x0018, 0x5f7: 0x0018, 0x5f8: 0x0018, 0x5f9: 0x0018, 0x5fa: 0x0018, 0x5fb: 0x0018,
846 0x5fc: 0x0040, 0x5fd: 0x0040, 0x5fe: 0x0040, 0x5ff: 0x0040,
847 // Block 0x18, offset 0x600
848 0x600: 0x0040, 0x601: 0x3308, 0x602: 0x3308, 0x603: 0x3008, 0x604: 0x0040, 0x605: 0x0008,
849 0x606: 0x0008, 0x607: 0x0008, 0x608: 0x0008, 0x609: 0x0008, 0x60a: 0x0008, 0x60b: 0x0040,
850 0x60c: 0x0040, 0x60d: 0x0040, 0x60e: 0x0040, 0x60f: 0x0008, 0x610: 0x0008, 0x611: 0x0040,
851 0x612: 0x0040, 0x613: 0x0008, 0x614: 0x0008, 0x615: 0x0008, 0x616: 0x0008, 0x617: 0x0008,
852 0x618: 0x0008, 0x619: 0x0008, 0x61a: 0x0008, 0x61b: 0x0008, 0x61c: 0x0008, 0x61d: 0x0008,
853 0x61e: 0x0008, 0x61f: 0x0008, 0x620: 0x0008, 0x621: 0x0008, 0x622: 0x0008, 0x623: 0x0008,
854 0x624: 0x0008, 0x625: 0x0008, 0x626: 0x0008, 0x627: 0x0008, 0x628: 0x0008, 0x629: 0x0040,
855 0x62a: 0x0008, 0x62b: 0x0008, 0x62c: 0x0008, 0x62d: 0x0008, 0x62e: 0x0008, 0x62f: 0x0008,
856 0x630: 0x0008, 0x631: 0x0040, 0x632: 0x0008, 0x633: 0x0731, 0x634: 0x0040, 0x635: 0x0008,
857 0x636: 0x0769, 0x637: 0x0040, 0x638: 0x0008, 0x639: 0x0008, 0x63a: 0x0040, 0x63b: 0x0040,
858 0x63c: 0x3308, 0x63d: 0x0040, 0x63e: 0x3008, 0x63f: 0x3008,
859 // Block 0x19, offset 0x640
860 0x640: 0x3008, 0x641: 0x3308, 0x642: 0x3308, 0x643: 0x0040, 0x644: 0x0040, 0x645: 0x0040,
861 0x646: 0x0040, 0x647: 0x3308, 0x648: 0x3308, 0x649: 0x0040, 0x64a: 0x0040, 0x64b: 0x3308,
862 0x64c: 0x3308, 0x64d: 0x3b08, 0x64e: 0x0040, 0x64f: 0x0040, 0x650: 0x0040, 0x651: 0x3308,
863 0x652: 0x0040, 0x653: 0x0040, 0x654: 0x0040, 0x655: 0x0040, 0x656: 0x0040, 0x657: 0x0040,
864 0x658: 0x0040, 0x659: 0x07a1, 0x65a: 0x07d9, 0x65b: 0x0811, 0x65c: 0x0008, 0x65d: 0x0040,
865 0x65e: 0x0849, 0x65f: 0x0040, 0x660: 0x0040, 0x661: 0x0040, 0x662: 0x0040, 0x663: 0x0040,
866 0x664: 0x0040, 0x665: 0x0040, 0x666: 0x0008, 0x667: 0x0008, 0x668: 0x0008, 0x669: 0x0008,
867 0x66a: 0x0008, 0x66b: 0x0008, 0x66c: 0x0008, 0x66d: 0x0008, 0x66e: 0x0008, 0x66f: 0x0008,
868 0x670: 0x3308, 0x671: 0x3308, 0x672: 0x0008, 0x673: 0x0008, 0x674: 0x0008, 0x675: 0x3308,
869 0x676: 0x0040, 0x677: 0x0040, 0x678: 0x0040, 0x679: 0x0040, 0x67a: 0x0040, 0x67b: 0x0040,
870 0x67c: 0x0040, 0x67d: 0x0040, 0x67e: 0x0040, 0x67f: 0x0040,
871 // Block 0x1a, offset 0x680
872 0x680: 0x0040, 0x681: 0x3308, 0x682: 0x3308, 0x683: 0x3008, 0x684: 0x0040, 0x685: 0x0008,
873 0x686: 0x0008, 0x687: 0x0008, 0x688: 0x0008, 0x689: 0x0008, 0x68a: 0x0008, 0x68b: 0x0008,
874 0x68c: 0x0008, 0x68d: 0x0008, 0x68e: 0x0040, 0x68f: 0x0008, 0x690: 0x0008, 0x691: 0x0008,
875 0x692: 0x0040, 0x693: 0x0008, 0x694: 0x0008, 0x695: 0x0008, 0x696: 0x0008, 0x697: 0x0008,
876 0x698: 0x0008, 0x699: 0x0008, 0x69a: 0x0008, 0x69b: 0x0008, 0x69c: 0x0008, 0x69d: 0x0008,
877 0x69e: 0x0008, 0x69f: 0x0008, 0x6a0: 0x0008, 0x6a1: 0x0008, 0x6a2: 0x0008, 0x6a3: 0x0008,
878 0x6a4: 0x0008, 0x6a5: 0x0008, 0x6a6: 0x0008, 0x6a7: 0x0008, 0x6a8: 0x0008, 0x6a9: 0x0040,
879 0x6aa: 0x0008, 0x6ab: 0x0008, 0x6ac: 0x0008, 0x6ad: 0x0008, 0x6ae: 0x0008, 0x6af: 0x0008,
880 0x6b0: 0x0008, 0x6b1: 0x0040, 0x6b2: 0x0008, 0x6b3: 0x0008, 0x6b4: 0x0040, 0x6b5: 0x0008,
881 0x6b6: 0x0008, 0x6b7: 0x0008, 0x6b8: 0x0008, 0x6b9: 0x0008, 0x6ba: 0x0040, 0x6bb: 0x0040,
882 0x6bc: 0x3308, 0x6bd: 0x0008, 0x6be: 0x3008, 0x6bf: 0x3008,
883 // Block 0x1b, offset 0x6c0
884 0x6c0: 0x3008, 0x6c1: 0x3308, 0x6c2: 0x3308, 0x6c3: 0x3308, 0x6c4: 0x3308, 0x6c5: 0x3308,
885 0x6c6: 0x0040, 0x6c7: 0x3308, 0x6c8: 0x3308, 0x6c9: 0x3008, 0x6ca: 0x0040, 0x6cb: 0x3008,
886 0x6cc: 0x3008, 0x6cd: 0x3b08, 0x6ce: 0x0040, 0x6cf: 0x0040, 0x6d0: 0x0008, 0x6d1: 0x0040,
887 0x6d2: 0x0040, 0x6d3: 0x0040, 0x6d4: 0x0040, 0x6d5: 0x0040, 0x6d6: 0x0040, 0x6d7: 0x0040,
888 0x6d8: 0x0040, 0x6d9: 0x0040, 0x6da: 0x0040, 0x6db: 0x0040, 0x6dc: 0x0040, 0x6dd: 0x0040,
889 0x6de: 0x0040, 0x6df: 0x0040, 0x6e0: 0x0008, 0x6e1: 0x0008, 0x6e2: 0x3308, 0x6e3: 0x3308,
890 0x6e4: 0x0040, 0x6e5: 0x0040, 0x6e6: 0x0008, 0x6e7: 0x0008, 0x6e8: 0x0008, 0x6e9: 0x0008,
891 0x6ea: 0x0008, 0x6eb: 0x0008, 0x6ec: 0x0008, 0x6ed: 0x0008, 0x6ee: 0x0008, 0x6ef: 0x0008,
892 0x6f0: 0x0018, 0x6f1: 0x0018, 0x6f2: 0x0040, 0x6f3: 0x0040, 0x6f4: 0x0040, 0x6f5: 0x0040,
893 0x6f6: 0x0040, 0x6f7: 0x0040, 0x6f8: 0x0040, 0x6f9: 0x0008, 0x6fa: 0x0040, 0x6fb: 0x0040,
894 0x6fc: 0x0040, 0x6fd: 0x0040, 0x6fe: 0x0040, 0x6ff: 0x0040,
895 // Block 0x1c, offset 0x700
896 0x700: 0x0040, 0x701: 0x3308, 0x702: 0x3008, 0x703: 0x3008, 0x704: 0x0040, 0x705: 0x0008,
897 0x706: 0x0008, 0x707: 0x0008, 0x708: 0x0008, 0x709: 0x0008, 0x70a: 0x0008, 0x70b: 0x0008,
898 0x70c: 0x0008, 0x70d: 0x0040, 0x70e: 0x0040, 0x70f: 0x0008, 0x710: 0x0008, 0x711: 0x0040,
899 0x712: 0x0040, 0x713: 0x0008, 0x714: 0x0008, 0x715: 0x0008, 0x716: 0x0008, 0x717: 0x0008,
900 0x718: 0x0008, 0x719: 0x0008, 0x71a: 0x0008, 0x71b: 0x0008, 0x71c: 0x0008, 0x71d: 0x0008,
901 0x71e: 0x0008, 0x71f: 0x0008, 0x720: 0x0008, 0x721: 0x0008, 0x722: 0x0008, 0x723: 0x0008,
902 0x724: 0x0008, 0x725: 0x0008, 0x726: 0x0008, 0x727: 0x0008, 0x728: 0x0008, 0x729: 0x0040,
903 0x72a: 0x0008, 0x72b: 0x0008, 0x72c: 0x0008, 0x72d: 0x0008, 0x72e: 0x0008, 0x72f: 0x0008,
904 0x730: 0x0008, 0x731: 0x0040, 0x732: 0x0008, 0x733: 0x0008, 0x734: 0x0040, 0x735: 0x0008,
905 0x736: 0x0008, 0x737: 0x0008, 0x738: 0x0008, 0x739: 0x0008, 0x73a: 0x0040, 0x73b: 0x0040,
906 0x73c: 0x3308, 0x73d: 0x0008, 0x73e: 0x3008, 0x73f: 0x3308,
907 // Block 0x1d, offset 0x740
908 0x740: 0x3008, 0x741: 0x3308, 0x742: 0x3308, 0x743: 0x3308, 0x744: 0x3308, 0x745: 0x0040,
909 0x746: 0x0040, 0x747: 0x3008, 0x748: 0x3008, 0x749: 0x0040, 0x74a: 0x0040, 0x74b: 0x3008,
910 0x74c: 0x3008, 0x74d: 0x3b08, 0x74e: 0x0040, 0x74f: 0x0040, 0x750: 0x0040, 0x751: 0x0040,
911 0x752: 0x0040, 0x753: 0x0040, 0x754: 0x0040, 0x755: 0x0040, 0x756: 0x3308, 0x757: 0x3008,
912 0x758: 0x0040, 0x759: 0x0040, 0x75a: 0x0040, 0x75b: 0x0040, 0x75c: 0x0881, 0x75d: 0x08b9,
913 0x75e: 0x0040, 0x75f: 0x0008, 0x760: 0x0008, 0x761: 0x0008, 0x762: 0x3308, 0x763: 0x3308,
914 0x764: 0x0040, 0x765: 0x0040, 0x766: 0x0008, 0x767: 0x0008, 0x768: 0x0008, 0x769: 0x0008,
915 0x76a: 0x0008, 0x76b: 0x0008, 0x76c: 0x0008, 0x76d: 0x0008, 0x76e: 0x0008, 0x76f: 0x0008,
916 0x770: 0x0018, 0x771: 0x0008, 0x772: 0x0018, 0x773: 0x0018, 0x774: 0x0018, 0x775: 0x0018,
917 0x776: 0x0018, 0x777: 0x0018, 0x778: 0x0040, 0x779: 0x0040, 0x77a: 0x0040, 0x77b: 0x0040,
918 0x77c: 0x0040, 0x77d: 0x0040, 0x77e: 0x0040, 0x77f: 0x0040,
919 // Block 0x1e, offset 0x780
920 0x780: 0x0040, 0x781: 0x0040, 0x782: 0x3308, 0x783: 0x0008, 0x784: 0x0040, 0x785: 0x0008,
921 0x786: 0x0008, 0x787: 0x0008, 0x788: 0x0008, 0x789: 0x0008, 0x78a: 0x0008, 0x78b: 0x0040,
922 0x78c: 0x0040, 0x78d: 0x0040, 0x78e: 0x0008, 0x78f: 0x0008, 0x790: 0x0008, 0x791: 0x0040,
923 0x792: 0x0008, 0x793: 0x0008, 0x794: 0x0008, 0x795: 0x0008, 0x796: 0x0040, 0x797: 0x0040,
924 0x798: 0x0040, 0x799: 0x0008, 0x79a: 0x0008, 0x79b: 0x0040, 0x79c: 0x0008, 0x79d: 0x0040,
925 0x79e: 0x0008, 0x79f: 0x0008, 0x7a0: 0x0040, 0x7a1: 0x0040, 0x7a2: 0x0040, 0x7a3: 0x0008,
926 0x7a4: 0x0008, 0x7a5: 0x0040, 0x7a6: 0x0040, 0x7a7: 0x0040, 0x7a8: 0x0008, 0x7a9: 0x0008,
927 0x7aa: 0x0008, 0x7ab: 0x0040, 0x7ac: 0x0040, 0x7ad: 0x0040, 0x7ae: 0x0008, 0x7af: 0x0008,
928 0x7b0: 0x0008, 0x7b1: 0x0008, 0x7b2: 0x0008, 0x7b3: 0x0008, 0x7b4: 0x0008, 0x7b5: 0x0008,
929 0x7b6: 0x0008, 0x7b7: 0x0008, 0x7b8: 0x0008, 0x7b9: 0x0008, 0x7ba: 0x0040, 0x7bb: 0x0040,
930 0x7bc: 0x0040, 0x7bd: 0x0040, 0x7be: 0x3008, 0x7bf: 0x3008,
931 // Block 0x1f, offset 0x7c0
932 0x7c0: 0x3308, 0x7c1: 0x3008, 0x7c2: 0x3008, 0x7c3: 0x3008, 0x7c4: 0x3008, 0x7c5: 0x0040,
933 0x7c6: 0x3308, 0x7c7: 0x3308, 0x7c8: 0x3308, 0x7c9: 0x0040, 0x7ca: 0x3308, 0x7cb: 0x3308,
934 0x7cc: 0x3308, 0x7cd: 0x3b08, 0x7ce: 0x0040, 0x7cf: 0x0040, 0x7d0: 0x0040, 0x7d1: 0x0040,
935 0x7d2: 0x0040, 0x7d3: 0x0040, 0x7d4: 0x0040, 0x7d5: 0x3308, 0x7d6: 0x3308, 0x7d7: 0x0040,
936 0x7d8: 0x0008, 0x7d9: 0x0008, 0x7da: 0x0008, 0x7db: 0x0040, 0x7dc: 0x0040, 0x7dd: 0x0040,
937 0x7de: 0x0040, 0x7df: 0x0040, 0x7e0: 0x0008, 0x7e1: 0x0008, 0x7e2: 0x3308, 0x7e3: 0x3308,
938 0x7e4: 0x0040, 0x7e5: 0x0040, 0x7e6: 0x0008, 0x7e7: 0x0008, 0x7e8: 0x0008, 0x7e9: 0x0008,
939 0x7ea: 0x0008, 0x7eb: 0x0008, 0x7ec: 0x0008, 0x7ed: 0x0008, 0x7ee: 0x0008, 0x7ef: 0x0008,
940 0x7f0: 0x0040, 0x7f1: 0x0040, 0x7f2: 0x0040, 0x7f3: 0x0040, 0x7f4: 0x0040, 0x7f5: 0x0040,
941 0x7f6: 0x0040, 0x7f7: 0x0040, 0x7f8: 0x0018, 0x7f9: 0x0018, 0x7fa: 0x0018, 0x7fb: 0x0018,
942 0x7fc: 0x0018, 0x7fd: 0x0018, 0x7fe: 0x0018, 0x7ff: 0x0018,
943 // Block 0x20, offset 0x800
944 0x800: 0x0008, 0x801: 0x3308, 0x802: 0x3008, 0x803: 0x3008, 0x804: 0x0040, 0x805: 0x0008,
945 0x806: 0x0008, 0x807: 0x0008, 0x808: 0x0008, 0x809: 0x0008, 0x80a: 0x0008, 0x80b: 0x0008,
946 0x80c: 0x0008, 0x80d: 0x0040, 0x80e: 0x0008, 0x80f: 0x0008, 0x810: 0x0008, 0x811: 0x0040,
947 0x812: 0x0008, 0x813: 0x0008, 0x814: 0x0008, 0x815: 0x0008, 0x816: 0x0008, 0x817: 0x0008,
948 0x818: 0x0008, 0x819: 0x0008, 0x81a: 0x0008, 0x81b: 0x0008, 0x81c: 0x0008, 0x81d: 0x0008,
949 0x81e: 0x0008, 0x81f: 0x0008, 0x820: 0x0008, 0x821: 0x0008, 0x822: 0x0008, 0x823: 0x0008,
950 0x824: 0x0008, 0x825: 0x0008, 0x826: 0x0008, 0x827: 0x0008, 0x828: 0x0008, 0x829: 0x0040,
951 0x82a: 0x0008, 0x82b: 0x0008, 0x82c: 0x0008, 0x82d: 0x0008, 0x82e: 0x0008, 0x82f: 0x0008,
952 0x830: 0x0008, 0x831: 0x0008, 0x832: 0x0008, 0x833: 0x0008, 0x834: 0x0040, 0x835: 0x0008,
953 0x836: 0x0008, 0x837: 0x0008, 0x838: 0x0008, 0x839: 0x0008, 0x83a: 0x0040, 0x83b: 0x0040,
954 0x83c: 0x3308, 0x83d: 0x0008, 0x83e: 0x3008, 0x83f: 0x3308,
955 // Block 0x21, offset 0x840
956 0x840: 0x3008, 0x841: 0x3008, 0x842: 0x3008, 0x843: 0x3008, 0x844: 0x3008, 0x845: 0x0040,
957 0x846: 0x3308, 0x847: 0x3008, 0x848: 0x3008, 0x849: 0x0040, 0x84a: 0x3008, 0x84b: 0x3008,
958 0x84c: 0x3308, 0x84d: 0x3b08, 0x84e: 0x0040, 0x84f: 0x0040, 0x850: 0x0040, 0x851: 0x0040,
959 0x852: 0x0040, 0x853: 0x0040, 0x854: 0x0040, 0x855: 0x3008, 0x856: 0x3008, 0x857: 0x0040,
960 0x858: 0x0040, 0x859: 0x0040, 0x85a: 0x0040, 0x85b: 0x0040, 0x85c: 0x0040, 0x85d: 0x0040,
961 0x85e: 0x0008, 0x85f: 0x0040, 0x860: 0x0008, 0x861: 0x0008, 0x862: 0x3308, 0x863: 0x3308,
962 0x864: 0x0040, 0x865: 0x0040, 0x866: 0x0008, 0x867: 0x0008, 0x868: 0x0008, 0x869: 0x0008,
963 0x86a: 0x0008, 0x86b: 0x0008, 0x86c: 0x0008, 0x86d: 0x0008, 0x86e: 0x0008, 0x86f: 0x0008,
964 0x870: 0x0040, 0x871: 0x0008, 0x872: 0x0008, 0x873: 0x0040, 0x874: 0x0040, 0x875: 0x0040,
965 0x876: 0x0040, 0x877: 0x0040, 0x878: 0x0040, 0x879: 0x0040, 0x87a: 0x0040, 0x87b: 0x0040,
966 0x87c: 0x0040, 0x87d: 0x0040, 0x87e: 0x0040, 0x87f: 0x0040,
967 // Block 0x22, offset 0x880
968 0x880: 0x3008, 0x881: 0x3308, 0x882: 0x3308, 0x883: 0x3308, 0x884: 0x3308, 0x885: 0x0040,
969 0x886: 0x3008, 0x887: 0x3008, 0x888: 0x3008, 0x889: 0x0040, 0x88a: 0x3008, 0x88b: 0x3008,
970 0x88c: 0x3008, 0x88d: 0x3b08, 0x88e: 0x0008, 0x88f: 0x0018, 0x890: 0x0040, 0x891: 0x0040,
971 0x892: 0x0040, 0x893: 0x0040, 0x894: 0x0008, 0x895: 0x0008, 0x896: 0x0008, 0x897: 0x3008,
972 0x898: 0x0018, 0x899: 0x0018, 0x89a: 0x0018, 0x89b: 0x0018, 0x89c: 0x0018, 0x89d: 0x0018,
973 0x89e: 0x0018, 0x89f: 0x0008, 0x8a0: 0x0008, 0x8a1: 0x0008, 0x8a2: 0x3308, 0x8a3: 0x3308,
974 0x8a4: 0x0040, 0x8a5: 0x0040, 0x8a6: 0x0008, 0x8a7: 0x0008, 0x8a8: 0x0008, 0x8a9: 0x0008,
975 0x8aa: 0x0008, 0x8ab: 0x0008, 0x8ac: 0x0008, 0x8ad: 0x0008, 0x8ae: 0x0008, 0x8af: 0x0008,
976 0x8b0: 0x0018, 0x8b1: 0x0018, 0x8b2: 0x0018, 0x8b3: 0x0018, 0x8b4: 0x0018, 0x8b5: 0x0018,
977 0x8b6: 0x0018, 0x8b7: 0x0018, 0x8b8: 0x0018, 0x8b9: 0x0018, 0x8ba: 0x0008, 0x8bb: 0x0008,
978 0x8bc: 0x0008, 0x8bd: 0x0008, 0x8be: 0x0008, 0x8bf: 0x0008,
979 // Block 0x23, offset 0x8c0
980 0x8c0: 0x0040, 0x8c1: 0x0008, 0x8c2: 0x0008, 0x8c3: 0x0040, 0x8c4: 0x0008, 0x8c5: 0x0040,
981 0x8c6: 0x0040, 0x8c7: 0x0008, 0x8c8: 0x0008, 0x8c9: 0x0040, 0x8ca: 0x0008, 0x8cb: 0x0040,
982 0x8cc: 0x0040, 0x8cd: 0x0008, 0x8ce: 0x0040, 0x8cf: 0x0040, 0x8d0: 0x0040, 0x8d1: 0x0040,
983 0x8d2: 0x0040, 0x8d3: 0x0040, 0x8d4: 0x0008, 0x8d5: 0x0008, 0x8d6: 0x0008, 0x8d7: 0x0008,
984 0x8d8: 0x0040, 0x8d9: 0x0008, 0x8da: 0x0008, 0x8db: 0x0008, 0x8dc: 0x0008, 0x8dd: 0x0008,
985 0x8de: 0x0008, 0x8df: 0x0008, 0x8e0: 0x0040, 0x8e1: 0x0008, 0x8e2: 0x0008, 0x8e3: 0x0008,
986 0x8e4: 0x0040, 0x8e5: 0x0008, 0x8e6: 0x0040, 0x8e7: 0x0008, 0x8e8: 0x0040, 0x8e9: 0x0040,
987 0x8ea: 0x0008, 0x8eb: 0x0008, 0x8ec: 0x0040, 0x8ed: 0x0008, 0x8ee: 0x0008, 0x8ef: 0x0008,
988 0x8f0: 0x0008, 0x8f1: 0x3308, 0x8f2: 0x0008, 0x8f3: 0x0929, 0x8f4: 0x3308, 0x8f5: 0x3308,
989 0x8f6: 0x3308, 0x8f7: 0x3308, 0x8f8: 0x3308, 0x8f9: 0x3308, 0x8fa: 0x0040, 0x8fb: 0x3308,
990 0x8fc: 0x3308, 0x8fd: 0x0008, 0x8fe: 0x0040, 0x8ff: 0x0040,
991 // Block 0x24, offset 0x900
992 0x900: 0x0008, 0x901: 0x0008, 0x902: 0x0008, 0x903: 0x09d1, 0x904: 0x0008, 0x905: 0x0008,
993 0x906: 0x0008, 0x907: 0x0008, 0x908: 0x0040, 0x909: 0x0008, 0x90a: 0x0008, 0x90b: 0x0008,
994 0x90c: 0x0008, 0x90d: 0x0a09, 0x90e: 0x0008, 0x90f: 0x0008, 0x910: 0x0008, 0x911: 0x0008,
995 0x912: 0x0a41, 0x913: 0x0008, 0x914: 0x0008, 0x915: 0x0008, 0x916: 0x0008, 0x917: 0x0a79,
996 0x918: 0x0008, 0x919: 0x0008, 0x91a: 0x0008, 0x91b: 0x0008, 0x91c: 0x0ab1, 0x91d: 0x0008,
997 0x91e: 0x0008, 0x91f: 0x0008, 0x920: 0x0008, 0x921: 0x0008, 0x922: 0x0008, 0x923: 0x0008,
998 0x924: 0x0008, 0x925: 0x0008, 0x926: 0x0008, 0x927: 0x0008, 0x928: 0x0008, 0x929: 0x0ae9,
999 0x92a: 0x0008, 0x92b: 0x0008, 0x92c: 0x0008, 0x92d: 0x0040, 0x92e: 0x0040, 0x92f: 0x0040,
1000 0x930: 0x0040, 0x931: 0x3308, 0x932: 0x3308, 0x933: 0x0b21, 0x934: 0x3308, 0x935: 0x0b59,
1001 0x936: 0x0b91, 0x937: 0x0bc9, 0x938: 0x0c19, 0x939: 0x0c51, 0x93a: 0x3308, 0x93b: 0x3308,
1002 0x93c: 0x3308, 0x93d: 0x3308, 0x93e: 0x3308, 0x93f: 0x3008,
1003 // Block 0x25, offset 0x940
1004 0x940: 0x3308, 0x941: 0x0ca1, 0x942: 0x3308, 0x943: 0x3308, 0x944: 0x3b08, 0x945: 0x0018,
1005 0x946: 0x3308, 0x947: 0x3308, 0x948: 0x0008, 0x949: 0x0008, 0x94a: 0x0008, 0x94b: 0x0008,
1006 0x94c: 0x0008, 0x94d: 0x3308, 0x94e: 0x3308, 0x94f: 0x3308, 0x950: 0x3308, 0x951: 0x3308,
1007 0x952: 0x3308, 0x953: 0x0cd9, 0x954: 0x3308, 0x955: 0x3308, 0x956: 0x3308, 0x957: 0x3308,
1008 0x958: 0x0040, 0x959: 0x3308, 0x95a: 0x3308, 0x95b: 0x3308, 0x95c: 0x3308, 0x95d: 0x0d11,
1009 0x95e: 0x3308, 0x95f: 0x3308, 0x960: 0x3308, 0x961: 0x3308, 0x962: 0x0d49, 0x963: 0x3308,
1010 0x964: 0x3308, 0x965: 0x3308, 0x966: 0x3308, 0x967: 0x0d81, 0x968: 0x3308, 0x969: 0x3308,
1011 0x96a: 0x3308, 0x96b: 0x3308, 0x96c: 0x0db9, 0x96d: 0x3308, 0x96e: 0x3308, 0x96f: 0x3308,
1012 0x970: 0x3308, 0x971: 0x3308, 0x972: 0x3308, 0x973: 0x3308, 0x974: 0x3308, 0x975: 0x3308,
1013 0x976: 0x3308, 0x977: 0x3308, 0x978: 0x3308, 0x979: 0x0df1, 0x97a: 0x3308, 0x97b: 0x3308,
1014 0x97c: 0x3308, 0x97d: 0x0040, 0x97e: 0x0018, 0x97f: 0x0018,
1015 // Block 0x26, offset 0x980
1016 0x980: 0x0008, 0x981: 0x0008, 0x982: 0x0008, 0x983: 0x0008, 0x984: 0x0008, 0x985: 0x0008,
1017 0x986: 0x0008, 0x987: 0x0008, 0x988: 0x0008, 0x989: 0x0008, 0x98a: 0x0008, 0x98b: 0x0008,
1018 0x98c: 0x0008, 0x98d: 0x0008, 0x98e: 0x0008, 0x98f: 0x0008, 0x990: 0x0008, 0x991: 0x0008,
1019 0x992: 0x0008, 0x993: 0x0008, 0x994: 0x0008, 0x995: 0x0008, 0x996: 0x0008, 0x997: 0x0008,
1020 0x998: 0x0008, 0x999: 0x0008, 0x99a: 0x0008, 0x99b: 0x0008, 0x99c: 0x0008, 0x99d: 0x0008,
1021 0x99e: 0x0008, 0x99f: 0x0008, 0x9a0: 0x0008, 0x9a1: 0x0008, 0x9a2: 0x0008, 0x9a3: 0x0008,
1022 0x9a4: 0x0008, 0x9a5: 0x0008, 0x9a6: 0x0008, 0x9a7: 0x0008, 0x9a8: 0x0008, 0x9a9: 0x0008,
1023 0x9aa: 0x0008, 0x9ab: 0x0008, 0x9ac: 0x0039, 0x9ad: 0x0ed1, 0x9ae: 0x0ee9, 0x9af: 0x0008,
1024 0x9b0: 0x0ef9, 0x9b1: 0x0f09, 0x9b2: 0x0f19, 0x9b3: 0x0f31, 0x9b4: 0x0249, 0x9b5: 0x0f41,
1025 0x9b6: 0x0259, 0x9b7: 0x0f51, 0x9b8: 0x0359, 0x9b9: 0x0f61, 0x9ba: 0x0f71, 0x9bb: 0x0008,
1026 0x9bc: 0x00d9, 0x9bd: 0x0f81, 0x9be: 0x0f99, 0x9bf: 0x0269,
1027 // Block 0x27, offset 0x9c0
1028 0x9c0: 0x0fa9, 0x9c1: 0x0fb9, 0x9c2: 0x0279, 0x9c3: 0x0039, 0x9c4: 0x0fc9, 0x9c5: 0x0fe1,
1029 0x9c6: 0x059d, 0x9c7: 0x0ee9, 0x9c8: 0x0ef9, 0x9c9: 0x0f09, 0x9ca: 0x0ff9, 0x9cb: 0x1011,
1030 0x9cc: 0x1029, 0x9cd: 0x0f31, 0x9ce: 0x0008, 0x9cf: 0x0f51, 0x9d0: 0x0f61, 0x9d1: 0x1041,
1031 0x9d2: 0x00d9, 0x9d3: 0x1059, 0x9d4: 0x05b5, 0x9d5: 0x05b5, 0x9d6: 0x0f99, 0x9d7: 0x0fa9,
1032 0x9d8: 0x0fb9, 0x9d9: 0x059d, 0x9da: 0x1071, 0x9db: 0x1089, 0x9dc: 0x05cd, 0x9dd: 0x1099,
1033 0x9de: 0x10b1, 0x9df: 0x10c9, 0x9e0: 0x10e1, 0x9e1: 0x10f9, 0x9e2: 0x0f41, 0x9e3: 0x0269,
1034 0x9e4: 0x0fb9, 0x9e5: 0x1089, 0x9e6: 0x1099, 0x9e7: 0x10b1, 0x9e8: 0x1111, 0x9e9: 0x10e1,
1035 0x9ea: 0x10f9, 0x9eb: 0x0008, 0x9ec: 0x0008, 0x9ed: 0x0008, 0x9ee: 0x0008, 0x9ef: 0x0008,
1036 0x9f0: 0x0008, 0x9f1: 0x0008, 0x9f2: 0x0008, 0x9f3: 0x0008, 0x9f4: 0x0008, 0x9f5: 0x0008,
1037 0x9f6: 0x0008, 0x9f7: 0x0008, 0x9f8: 0x1129, 0x9f9: 0x0008, 0x9fa: 0x0008, 0x9fb: 0x0008,
1038 0x9fc: 0x0008, 0x9fd: 0x0008, 0x9fe: 0x0008, 0x9ff: 0x0008,
1039 // Block 0x28, offset 0xa00
1040 0xa00: 0x0008, 0xa01: 0x0008, 0xa02: 0x0008, 0xa03: 0x0008, 0xa04: 0x0008, 0xa05: 0x0008,
1041 0xa06: 0x0008, 0xa07: 0x0008, 0xa08: 0x0008, 0xa09: 0x0008, 0xa0a: 0x0008, 0xa0b: 0x0008,
1042 0xa0c: 0x0008, 0xa0d: 0x0008, 0xa0e: 0x0008, 0xa0f: 0x0008, 0xa10: 0x0008, 0xa11: 0x0008,
1043 0xa12: 0x0008, 0xa13: 0x0008, 0xa14: 0x0008, 0xa15: 0x0008, 0xa16: 0x0008, 0xa17: 0x0008,
1044 0xa18: 0x0008, 0xa19: 0x0008, 0xa1a: 0x0008, 0xa1b: 0x1141, 0xa1c: 0x1159, 0xa1d: 0x1169,
1045 0xa1e: 0x1181, 0xa1f: 0x1029, 0xa20: 0x1199, 0xa21: 0x11a9, 0xa22: 0x11c1, 0xa23: 0x11d9,
1046 0xa24: 0x11f1, 0xa25: 0x1209, 0xa26: 0x1221, 0xa27: 0x05e5, 0xa28: 0x1239, 0xa29: 0x1251,
1047 0xa2a: 0xe17d, 0xa2b: 0x1269, 0xa2c: 0x1281, 0xa2d: 0x1299, 0xa2e: 0x12b1, 0xa2f: 0x12c9,
1048 0xa30: 0x12e1, 0xa31: 0x12f9, 0xa32: 0x1311, 0xa33: 0x1329, 0xa34: 0x1341, 0xa35: 0x1359,
1049 0xa36: 0x1371, 0xa37: 0x1389, 0xa38: 0x05fd, 0xa39: 0x13a1, 0xa3a: 0x13b9, 0xa3b: 0x13d1,
1050 0xa3c: 0x13e1, 0xa3d: 0x13f9, 0xa3e: 0x1411, 0xa3f: 0x1429,
1051 // Block 0x29, offset 0xa40
1052 0xa40: 0xe00d, 0xa41: 0x0008, 0xa42: 0xe00d, 0xa43: 0x0008, 0xa44: 0xe00d, 0xa45: 0x0008,
1053 0xa46: 0xe00d, 0xa47: 0x0008, 0xa48: 0xe00d, 0xa49: 0x0008, 0xa4a: 0xe00d, 0xa4b: 0x0008,
1054 0xa4c: 0xe00d, 0xa4d: 0x0008, 0xa4e: 0xe00d, 0xa4f: 0x0008, 0xa50: 0xe00d, 0xa51: 0x0008,
1055 0xa52: 0xe00d, 0xa53: 0x0008, 0xa54: 0xe00d, 0xa55: 0x0008, 0xa56: 0xe00d, 0xa57: 0x0008,
1056 0xa58: 0xe00d, 0xa59: 0x0008, 0xa5a: 0xe00d, 0xa5b: 0x0008, 0xa5c: 0xe00d, 0xa5d: 0x0008,
1057 0xa5e: 0xe00d, 0xa5f: 0x0008, 0xa60: 0xe00d, 0xa61: 0x0008, 0xa62: 0xe00d, 0xa63: 0x0008,
1058 0xa64: 0xe00d, 0xa65: 0x0008, 0xa66: 0xe00d, 0xa67: 0x0008, 0xa68: 0xe00d, 0xa69: 0x0008,
1059 0xa6a: 0xe00d, 0xa6b: 0x0008, 0xa6c: 0xe00d, 0xa6d: 0x0008, 0xa6e: 0xe00d, 0xa6f: 0x0008,
1060 0xa70: 0xe00d, 0xa71: 0x0008, 0xa72: 0xe00d, 0xa73: 0x0008, 0xa74: 0xe00d, 0xa75: 0x0008,
1061 0xa76: 0xe00d, 0xa77: 0x0008, 0xa78: 0xe00d, 0xa79: 0x0008, 0xa7a: 0xe00d, 0xa7b: 0x0008,
1062 0xa7c: 0xe00d, 0xa7d: 0x0008, 0xa7e: 0xe00d, 0xa7f: 0x0008,
1063 // Block 0x2a, offset 0xa80
1064 0xa80: 0xe00d, 0xa81: 0x0008, 0xa82: 0xe00d, 0xa83: 0x0008, 0xa84: 0xe00d, 0xa85: 0x0008,
1065 0xa86: 0xe00d, 0xa87: 0x0008, 0xa88: 0xe00d, 0xa89: 0x0008, 0xa8a: 0xe00d, 0xa8b: 0x0008,
1066 0xa8c: 0xe00d, 0xa8d: 0x0008, 0xa8e: 0xe00d, 0xa8f: 0x0008, 0xa90: 0xe00d, 0xa91: 0x0008,
1067 0xa92: 0xe00d, 0xa93: 0x0008, 0xa94: 0xe00d, 0xa95: 0x0008, 0xa96: 0x0008, 0xa97: 0x0008,
1068 0xa98: 0x0008, 0xa99: 0x0008, 0xa9a: 0x0615, 0xa9b: 0x0635, 0xa9c: 0x0008, 0xa9d: 0x0008,
1069 0xa9e: 0x1441, 0xa9f: 0x0008, 0xaa0: 0xe00d, 0xaa1: 0x0008, 0xaa2: 0xe00d, 0xaa3: 0x0008,
1070 0xaa4: 0xe00d, 0xaa5: 0x0008, 0xaa6: 0xe00d, 0xaa7: 0x0008, 0xaa8: 0xe00d, 0xaa9: 0x0008,
1071 0xaaa: 0xe00d, 0xaab: 0x0008, 0xaac: 0xe00d, 0xaad: 0x0008, 0xaae: 0xe00d, 0xaaf: 0x0008,
1072 0xab0: 0xe00d, 0xab1: 0x0008, 0xab2: 0xe00d, 0xab3: 0x0008, 0xab4: 0xe00d, 0xab5: 0x0008,
1073 0xab6: 0xe00d, 0xab7: 0x0008, 0xab8: 0xe00d, 0xab9: 0x0008, 0xaba: 0xe00d, 0xabb: 0x0008,
1074 0xabc: 0xe00d, 0xabd: 0x0008, 0xabe: 0xe00d, 0xabf: 0x0008,
1075 // Block 0x2b, offset 0xac0
1076 0xac0: 0x0008, 0xac1: 0x0008, 0xac2: 0x0008, 0xac3: 0x0008, 0xac4: 0x0008, 0xac5: 0x0008,
1077 0xac6: 0x0040, 0xac7: 0x0040, 0xac8: 0xe045, 0xac9: 0xe045, 0xaca: 0xe045, 0xacb: 0xe045,
1078 0xacc: 0xe045, 0xacd: 0xe045, 0xace: 0x0040, 0xacf: 0x0040, 0xad0: 0x0008, 0xad1: 0x0008,
1079 0xad2: 0x0008, 0xad3: 0x0008, 0xad4: 0x0008, 0xad5: 0x0008, 0xad6: 0x0008, 0xad7: 0x0008,
1080 0xad8: 0x0040, 0xad9: 0xe045, 0xada: 0x0040, 0xadb: 0xe045, 0xadc: 0x0040, 0xadd: 0xe045,
1081 0xade: 0x0040, 0xadf: 0xe045, 0xae0: 0x0008, 0xae1: 0x0008, 0xae2: 0x0008, 0xae3: 0x0008,
1082 0xae4: 0x0008, 0xae5: 0x0008, 0xae6: 0x0008, 0xae7: 0x0008, 0xae8: 0xe045, 0xae9: 0xe045,
1083 0xaea: 0xe045, 0xaeb: 0xe045, 0xaec: 0xe045, 0xaed: 0xe045, 0xaee: 0xe045, 0xaef: 0xe045,
1084 0xaf0: 0x0008, 0xaf1: 0x1459, 0xaf2: 0x0008, 0xaf3: 0x1471, 0xaf4: 0x0008, 0xaf5: 0x1489,
1085 0xaf6: 0x0008, 0xaf7: 0x14a1, 0xaf8: 0x0008, 0xaf9: 0x14b9, 0xafa: 0x0008, 0xafb: 0x14d1,
1086 0xafc: 0x0008, 0xafd: 0x14e9, 0xafe: 0x0040, 0xaff: 0x0040,
1087 // Block 0x2c, offset 0xb00
1088 0xb00: 0x1501, 0xb01: 0x1531, 0xb02: 0x1561, 0xb03: 0x1591, 0xb04: 0x15c1, 0xb05: 0x15f1,
1089 0xb06: 0x1621, 0xb07: 0x1651, 0xb08: 0x1501, 0xb09: 0x1531, 0xb0a: 0x1561, 0xb0b: 0x1591,
1090 0xb0c: 0x15c1, 0xb0d: 0x15f1, 0xb0e: 0x1621, 0xb0f: 0x1651, 0xb10: 0x1681, 0xb11: 0x16b1,
1091 0xb12: 0x16e1, 0xb13: 0x1711, 0xb14: 0x1741, 0xb15: 0x1771, 0xb16: 0x17a1, 0xb17: 0x17d1,
1092 0xb18: 0x1681, 0xb19: 0x16b1, 0xb1a: 0x16e1, 0xb1b: 0x1711, 0xb1c: 0x1741, 0xb1d: 0x1771,
1093 0xb1e: 0x17a1, 0xb1f: 0x17d1, 0xb20: 0x1801, 0xb21: 0x1831, 0xb22: 0x1861, 0xb23: 0x1891,
1094 0xb24: 0x18c1, 0xb25: 0x18f1, 0xb26: 0x1921, 0xb27: 0x1951, 0xb28: 0x1801, 0xb29: 0x1831,
1095 0xb2a: 0x1861, 0xb2b: 0x1891, 0xb2c: 0x18c1, 0xb2d: 0x18f1, 0xb2e: 0x1921, 0xb2f: 0x1951,
1096 0xb30: 0x0008, 0xb31: 0x0008, 0xb32: 0x1981, 0xb33: 0x19b1, 0xb34: 0x19d9, 0xb35: 0x0040,
1097 0xb36: 0x0008, 0xb37: 0x1a01, 0xb38: 0xe045, 0xb39: 0xe045, 0xb3a: 0x064d, 0xb3b: 0x1459,
1098 0xb3c: 0x19b1, 0xb3d: 0x0666, 0xb3e: 0x1a31, 0xb3f: 0x0686,
1099 // Block 0x2d, offset 0xb40
1100 0xb40: 0x06a6, 0xb41: 0x1a4a, 0xb42: 0x1a79, 0xb43: 0x1aa9, 0xb44: 0x1ad1, 0xb45: 0x0040,
1101 0xb46: 0x0008, 0xb47: 0x1af9, 0xb48: 0x06c5, 0xb49: 0x1471, 0xb4a: 0x06dd, 0xb4b: 0x1489,
1102 0xb4c: 0x1aa9, 0xb4d: 0x1b2a, 0xb4e: 0x1b5a, 0xb4f: 0x1b8a, 0xb50: 0x0008, 0xb51: 0x0008,
1103 0xb52: 0x0008, 0xb53: 0x1bb9, 0xb54: 0x0040, 0xb55: 0x0040, 0xb56: 0x0008, 0xb57: 0x0008,
1104 0xb58: 0xe045, 0xb59: 0xe045, 0xb5a: 0x06f5, 0xb5b: 0x14a1, 0xb5c: 0x0040, 0xb5d: 0x1bd2,
1105 0xb5e: 0x1c02, 0xb5f: 0x1c32, 0xb60: 0x0008, 0xb61: 0x0008, 0xb62: 0x0008, 0xb63: 0x1c61,
1106 0xb64: 0x0008, 0xb65: 0x0008, 0xb66: 0x0008, 0xb67: 0x0008, 0xb68: 0xe045, 0xb69: 0xe045,
1107 0xb6a: 0x070d, 0xb6b: 0x14d1, 0xb6c: 0xe04d, 0xb6d: 0x1c7a, 0xb6e: 0x03d2, 0xb6f: 0x1caa,
1108 0xb70: 0x0040, 0xb71: 0x0040, 0xb72: 0x1cb9, 0xb73: 0x1ce9, 0xb74: 0x1d11, 0xb75: 0x0040,
1109 0xb76: 0x0008, 0xb77: 0x1d39, 0xb78: 0x0725, 0xb79: 0x14b9, 0xb7a: 0x0515, 0xb7b: 0x14e9,
1110 0xb7c: 0x1ce9, 0xb7d: 0x073e, 0xb7e: 0x075e, 0xb7f: 0x0040,
1111 // Block 0x2e, offset 0xb80
1112 0xb80: 0x000a, 0xb81: 0x000a, 0xb82: 0x000a, 0xb83: 0x000a, 0xb84: 0x000a, 0xb85: 0x000a,
1113 0xb86: 0x000a, 0xb87: 0x000a, 0xb88: 0x000a, 0xb89: 0x000a, 0xb8a: 0x000a, 0xb8b: 0x03c0,
1114 0xb8c: 0x0003, 0xb8d: 0x0003, 0xb8e: 0x0340, 0xb8f: 0x0b40, 0xb90: 0x0018, 0xb91: 0xe00d,
1115 0xb92: 0x0018, 0xb93: 0x0018, 0xb94: 0x0018, 0xb95: 0x0018, 0xb96: 0x0018, 0xb97: 0x077e,
1116 0xb98: 0x0018, 0xb99: 0x0018, 0xb9a: 0x0018, 0xb9b: 0x0018, 0xb9c: 0x0018, 0xb9d: 0x0018,
1117 0xb9e: 0x0018, 0xb9f: 0x0018, 0xba0: 0x0018, 0xba1: 0x0018, 0xba2: 0x0018, 0xba3: 0x0018,
1118 0xba4: 0x0040, 0xba5: 0x0040, 0xba6: 0x0040, 0xba7: 0x0018, 0xba8: 0x0040, 0xba9: 0x0040,
1119 0xbaa: 0x0340, 0xbab: 0x0340, 0xbac: 0x0340, 0xbad: 0x0340, 0xbae: 0x0340, 0xbaf: 0x000a,
1120 0xbb0: 0x0018, 0xbb1: 0x0018, 0xbb2: 0x0018, 0xbb3: 0x1d69, 0xbb4: 0x1da1, 0xbb5: 0x0018,
1121 0xbb6: 0x1df1, 0xbb7: 0x1e29, 0xbb8: 0x0018, 0xbb9: 0x0018, 0xbba: 0x0018, 0xbbb: 0x0018,
1122 0xbbc: 0x1e7a, 0xbbd: 0x0018, 0xbbe: 0x079e, 0xbbf: 0x0018,
1123 // Block 0x2f, offset 0xbc0
1124 0xbc0: 0x0018, 0xbc1: 0x0018, 0xbc2: 0x0018, 0xbc3: 0x0018, 0xbc4: 0x0018, 0xbc5: 0x0018,
1125 0xbc6: 0x0018, 0xbc7: 0x1e92, 0xbc8: 0x1eaa, 0xbc9: 0x1ec2, 0xbca: 0x0018, 0xbcb: 0x0018,
1126 0xbcc: 0x0018, 0xbcd: 0x0018, 0xbce: 0x0018, 0xbcf: 0x0018, 0xbd0: 0x0018, 0xbd1: 0x0018,
1127 0xbd2: 0x0018, 0xbd3: 0x0018, 0xbd4: 0x0018, 0xbd5: 0x0018, 0xbd6: 0x0018, 0xbd7: 0x1ed9,
1128 0xbd8: 0x0018, 0xbd9: 0x0018, 0xbda: 0x0018, 0xbdb: 0x0018, 0xbdc: 0x0018, 0xbdd: 0x0018,
1129 0xbde: 0x0018, 0xbdf: 0x000a, 0xbe0: 0x03c0, 0xbe1: 0x0340, 0xbe2: 0x0340, 0xbe3: 0x0340,
1130 0xbe4: 0x03c0, 0xbe5: 0x0040, 0xbe6: 0x0040, 0xbe7: 0x0040, 0xbe8: 0x0040, 0xbe9: 0x0040,
1131 0xbea: 0x0340, 0xbeb: 0x0340, 0xbec: 0x0340, 0xbed: 0x0340, 0xbee: 0x0340, 0xbef: 0x0340,
1132 0xbf0: 0x1f41, 0xbf1: 0x0f41, 0xbf2: 0x0040, 0xbf3: 0x0040, 0xbf4: 0x1f51, 0xbf5: 0x1f61,
1133 0xbf6: 0x1f71, 0xbf7: 0x1f81, 0xbf8: 0x1f91, 0xbf9: 0x1fa1, 0xbfa: 0x1fb2, 0xbfb: 0x07bd,
1134 0xbfc: 0x1fc2, 0xbfd: 0x1fd2, 0xbfe: 0x1fe2, 0xbff: 0x0f71,
1135 // Block 0x30, offset 0xc00
1136 0xc00: 0x1f41, 0xc01: 0x00c9, 0xc02: 0x0069, 0xc03: 0x0079, 0xc04: 0x1f51, 0xc05: 0x1f61,
1137 0xc06: 0x1f71, 0xc07: 0x1f81, 0xc08: 0x1f91, 0xc09: 0x1fa1, 0xc0a: 0x1fb2, 0xc0b: 0x07d5,
1138 0xc0c: 0x1fc2, 0xc0d: 0x1fd2, 0xc0e: 0x1fe2, 0xc0f: 0x0040, 0xc10: 0x0039, 0xc11: 0x0f09,
1139 0xc12: 0x00d9, 0xc13: 0x0369, 0xc14: 0x0ff9, 0xc15: 0x0249, 0xc16: 0x0f51, 0xc17: 0x0359,
1140 0xc18: 0x0f61, 0xc19: 0x0f71, 0xc1a: 0x0f99, 0xc1b: 0x01d9, 0xc1c: 0x0fa9, 0xc1d: 0x0040,
1141 0xc1e: 0x0040, 0xc1f: 0x0040, 0xc20: 0x0018, 0xc21: 0x0018, 0xc22: 0x0018, 0xc23: 0x0018,
1142 0xc24: 0x0018, 0xc25: 0x0018, 0xc26: 0x0018, 0xc27: 0x0018, 0xc28: 0x1ff1, 0xc29: 0x0018,
1143 0xc2a: 0x0018, 0xc2b: 0x0018, 0xc2c: 0x0018, 0xc2d: 0x0018, 0xc2e: 0x0018, 0xc2f: 0x0018,
1144 0xc30: 0x0018, 0xc31: 0x0018, 0xc32: 0x0018, 0xc33: 0x0018, 0xc34: 0x0018, 0xc35: 0x0018,
1145 0xc36: 0x0018, 0xc37: 0x0018, 0xc38: 0x0018, 0xc39: 0x0018, 0xc3a: 0x0018, 0xc3b: 0x0018,
1146 0xc3c: 0x0018, 0xc3d: 0x0018, 0xc3e: 0x0018, 0xc3f: 0x0040,
1147 // Block 0x31, offset 0xc40
1148 0xc40: 0x07ee, 0xc41: 0x080e, 0xc42: 0x1159, 0xc43: 0x082d, 0xc44: 0x0018, 0xc45: 0x084e,
1149 0xc46: 0x086e, 0xc47: 0x1011, 0xc48: 0x0018, 0xc49: 0x088d, 0xc4a: 0x0f31, 0xc4b: 0x0249,
1150 0xc4c: 0x0249, 0xc4d: 0x0249, 0xc4e: 0x0249, 0xc4f: 0x2009, 0xc50: 0x0f41, 0xc51: 0x0f41,
1151 0xc52: 0x0359, 0xc53: 0x0359, 0xc54: 0x0018, 0xc55: 0x0f71, 0xc56: 0x2021, 0xc57: 0x0018,
1152 0xc58: 0x0018, 0xc59: 0x0f99, 0xc5a: 0x2039, 0xc5b: 0x0269, 0xc5c: 0x0269, 0xc5d: 0x0269,
1153 0xc5e: 0x0018, 0xc5f: 0x0018, 0xc60: 0x2049, 0xc61: 0x08ad, 0xc62: 0x2061, 0xc63: 0x0018,
1154 0xc64: 0x13d1, 0xc65: 0x0018, 0xc66: 0x2079, 0xc67: 0x0018, 0xc68: 0x13d1, 0xc69: 0x0018,
1155 0xc6a: 0x0f51, 0xc6b: 0x2091, 0xc6c: 0x0ee9, 0xc6d: 0x1159, 0xc6e: 0x0018, 0xc6f: 0x0f09,
1156 0xc70: 0x0f09, 0xc71: 0x1199, 0xc72: 0x0040, 0xc73: 0x0f61, 0xc74: 0x00d9, 0xc75: 0x20a9,
1157 0xc76: 0x20c1, 0xc77: 0x20d9, 0xc78: 0x20f1, 0xc79: 0x0f41, 0xc7a: 0x0018, 0xc7b: 0x08cd,
1158 0xc7c: 0x2109, 0xc7d: 0x10b1, 0xc7e: 0x10b1, 0xc7f: 0x2109,
1159 // Block 0x32, offset 0xc80
1160 0xc80: 0x08ed, 0xc81: 0x0018, 0xc82: 0x0018, 0xc83: 0x0018, 0xc84: 0x0018, 0xc85: 0x0ef9,
1161 0xc86: 0x0ef9, 0xc87: 0x0f09, 0xc88: 0x0f41, 0xc89: 0x0259, 0xc8a: 0x0018, 0xc8b: 0x0018,
1162 0xc8c: 0x0018, 0xc8d: 0x0018, 0xc8e: 0x0008, 0xc8f: 0x0018, 0xc90: 0x2121, 0xc91: 0x2151,
1163 0xc92: 0x2181, 0xc93: 0x21b9, 0xc94: 0x21e9, 0xc95: 0x2219, 0xc96: 0x2249, 0xc97: 0x2279,
1164 0xc98: 0x22a9, 0xc99: 0x22d9, 0xc9a: 0x2309, 0xc9b: 0x2339, 0xc9c: 0x2369, 0xc9d: 0x2399,
1165 0xc9e: 0x23c9, 0xc9f: 0x23f9, 0xca0: 0x0f41, 0xca1: 0x2421, 0xca2: 0x0905, 0xca3: 0x2439,
1166 0xca4: 0x1089, 0xca5: 0x2451, 0xca6: 0x0925, 0xca7: 0x2469, 0xca8: 0x2491, 0xca9: 0x0369,
1167 0xcaa: 0x24a9, 0xcab: 0x0945, 0xcac: 0x0359, 0xcad: 0x1159, 0xcae: 0x0ef9, 0xcaf: 0x0f61,
1168 0xcb0: 0x0f41, 0xcb1: 0x2421, 0xcb2: 0x0965, 0xcb3: 0x2439, 0xcb4: 0x1089, 0xcb5: 0x2451,
1169 0xcb6: 0x0985, 0xcb7: 0x2469, 0xcb8: 0x2491, 0xcb9: 0x0369, 0xcba: 0x24a9, 0xcbb: 0x09a5,
1170 0xcbc: 0x0359, 0xcbd: 0x1159, 0xcbe: 0x0ef9, 0xcbf: 0x0f61,
1171 // Block 0x33, offset 0xcc0
1172 0xcc0: 0x0018, 0xcc1: 0x0018, 0xcc2: 0x0018, 0xcc3: 0x0018, 0xcc4: 0x0018, 0xcc5: 0x0018,
1173 0xcc6: 0x0018, 0xcc7: 0x0018, 0xcc8: 0x0018, 0xcc9: 0x0018, 0xcca: 0x0018, 0xccb: 0x0040,
1174 0xccc: 0x0040, 0xccd: 0x0040, 0xcce: 0x0040, 0xccf: 0x0040, 0xcd0: 0x0040, 0xcd1: 0x0040,
1175 0xcd2: 0x0040, 0xcd3: 0x0040, 0xcd4: 0x0040, 0xcd5: 0x0040, 0xcd6: 0x0040, 0xcd7: 0x0040,
1176 0xcd8: 0x0040, 0xcd9: 0x0040, 0xcda: 0x0040, 0xcdb: 0x0040, 0xcdc: 0x0040, 0xcdd: 0x0040,
1177 0xcde: 0x0040, 0xcdf: 0x0040, 0xce0: 0x00c9, 0xce1: 0x0069, 0xce2: 0x0079, 0xce3: 0x1f51,
1178 0xce4: 0x1f61, 0xce5: 0x1f71, 0xce6: 0x1f81, 0xce7: 0x1f91, 0xce8: 0x1fa1, 0xce9: 0x2601,
1179 0xcea: 0x2619, 0xceb: 0x2631, 0xcec: 0x2649, 0xced: 0x2661, 0xcee: 0x2679, 0xcef: 0x2691,
1180 0xcf0: 0x26a9, 0xcf1: 0x26c1, 0xcf2: 0x26d9, 0xcf3: 0x26f1, 0xcf4: 0x0a06, 0xcf5: 0x0a26,
1181 0xcf6: 0x0a46, 0xcf7: 0x0a66, 0xcf8: 0x0a86, 0xcf9: 0x0aa6, 0xcfa: 0x0ac6, 0xcfb: 0x0ae6,
1182 0xcfc: 0x0b06, 0xcfd: 0x270a, 0xcfe: 0x2732, 0xcff: 0x275a,
1183 // Block 0x34, offset 0xd00
1184 0xd00: 0x2782, 0xd01: 0x27aa, 0xd02: 0x27d2, 0xd03: 0x27fa, 0xd04: 0x2822, 0xd05: 0x284a,
1185 0xd06: 0x2872, 0xd07: 0x289a, 0xd08: 0x0040, 0xd09: 0x0040, 0xd0a: 0x0040, 0xd0b: 0x0040,
1186 0xd0c: 0x0040, 0xd0d: 0x0040, 0xd0e: 0x0040, 0xd0f: 0x0040, 0xd10: 0x0040, 0xd11: 0x0040,
1187 0xd12: 0x0040, 0xd13: 0x0040, 0xd14: 0x0040, 0xd15: 0x0040, 0xd16: 0x0040, 0xd17: 0x0040,
1188 0xd18: 0x0040, 0xd19: 0x0040, 0xd1a: 0x0040, 0xd1b: 0x0040, 0xd1c: 0x0b26, 0xd1d: 0x0b46,
1189 0xd1e: 0x0b66, 0xd1f: 0x0b86, 0xd20: 0x0ba6, 0xd21: 0x0bc6, 0xd22: 0x0be6, 0xd23: 0x0c06,
1190 0xd24: 0x0c26, 0xd25: 0x0c46, 0xd26: 0x0c66, 0xd27: 0x0c86, 0xd28: 0x0ca6, 0xd29: 0x0cc6,
1191 0xd2a: 0x0ce6, 0xd2b: 0x0d06, 0xd2c: 0x0d26, 0xd2d: 0x0d46, 0xd2e: 0x0d66, 0xd2f: 0x0d86,
1192 0xd30: 0x0da6, 0xd31: 0x0dc6, 0xd32: 0x0de6, 0xd33: 0x0e06, 0xd34: 0x0e26, 0xd35: 0x0e46,
1193 0xd36: 0x0039, 0xd37: 0x0ee9, 0xd38: 0x1159, 0xd39: 0x0ef9, 0xd3a: 0x0f09, 0xd3b: 0x1199,
1194 0xd3c: 0x0f31, 0xd3d: 0x0249, 0xd3e: 0x0f41, 0xd3f: 0x0259,
1195 // Block 0x35, offset 0xd40
1196 0xd40: 0x0f51, 0xd41: 0x0359, 0xd42: 0x0f61, 0xd43: 0x0f71, 0xd44: 0x00d9, 0xd45: 0x0f99,
1197 0xd46: 0x2039, 0xd47: 0x0269, 0xd48: 0x01d9, 0xd49: 0x0fa9, 0xd4a: 0x0fb9, 0xd4b: 0x1089,
1198 0xd4c: 0x0279, 0xd4d: 0x0369, 0xd4e: 0x0289, 0xd4f: 0x13d1, 0xd50: 0x0039, 0xd51: 0x0ee9,
1199 0xd52: 0x1159, 0xd53: 0x0ef9, 0xd54: 0x0f09, 0xd55: 0x1199, 0xd56: 0x0f31, 0xd57: 0x0249,
1200 0xd58: 0x0f41, 0xd59: 0x0259, 0xd5a: 0x0f51, 0xd5b: 0x0359, 0xd5c: 0x0f61, 0xd5d: 0x0f71,
1201 0xd5e: 0x00d9, 0xd5f: 0x0f99, 0xd60: 0x2039, 0xd61: 0x0269, 0xd62: 0x01d9, 0xd63: 0x0fa9,
1202 0xd64: 0x0fb9, 0xd65: 0x1089, 0xd66: 0x0279, 0xd67: 0x0369, 0xd68: 0x0289, 0xd69: 0x13d1,
1203 0xd6a: 0x1f41, 0xd6b: 0x0018, 0xd6c: 0x0018, 0xd6d: 0x0018, 0xd6e: 0x0018, 0xd6f: 0x0018,
1204 0xd70: 0x0018, 0xd71: 0x0018, 0xd72: 0x0018, 0xd73: 0x0018, 0xd74: 0x0018, 0xd75: 0x0018,
1205 0xd76: 0x0018, 0xd77: 0x0018, 0xd78: 0x0018, 0xd79: 0x0018, 0xd7a: 0x0018, 0xd7b: 0x0018,
1206 0xd7c: 0x0018, 0xd7d: 0x0018, 0xd7e: 0x0018, 0xd7f: 0x0018,
1207 // Block 0x36, offset 0xd80
1208 0xd80: 0x0008, 0xd81: 0x0008, 0xd82: 0x0008, 0xd83: 0x0008, 0xd84: 0x0008, 0xd85: 0x0008,
1209 0xd86: 0x0008, 0xd87: 0x0008, 0xd88: 0x0008, 0xd89: 0x0008, 0xd8a: 0x0008, 0xd8b: 0x0008,
1210 0xd8c: 0x0008, 0xd8d: 0x0008, 0xd8e: 0x0008, 0xd8f: 0x0008, 0xd90: 0x0008, 0xd91: 0x0008,
1211 0xd92: 0x0008, 0xd93: 0x0008, 0xd94: 0x0008, 0xd95: 0x0008, 0xd96: 0x0008, 0xd97: 0x0008,
1212 0xd98: 0x0008, 0xd99: 0x0008, 0xd9a: 0x0008, 0xd9b: 0x0008, 0xd9c: 0x0008, 0xd9d: 0x0008,
1213 0xd9e: 0x0008, 0xd9f: 0x0040, 0xda0: 0xe00d, 0xda1: 0x0008, 0xda2: 0x2971, 0xda3: 0x0ebd,
1214 0xda4: 0x2989, 0xda5: 0x0008, 0xda6: 0x0008, 0xda7: 0xe07d, 0xda8: 0x0008, 0xda9: 0xe01d,
1215 0xdaa: 0x0008, 0xdab: 0xe03d, 0xdac: 0x0008, 0xdad: 0x0fe1, 0xdae: 0x1281, 0xdaf: 0x0fc9,
1216 0xdb0: 0x1141, 0xdb1: 0x0008, 0xdb2: 0xe00d, 0xdb3: 0x0008, 0xdb4: 0x0008, 0xdb5: 0xe01d,
1217 0xdb6: 0x0008, 0xdb7: 0x0008, 0xdb8: 0x0008, 0xdb9: 0x0008, 0xdba: 0x0008, 0xdbb: 0x0008,
1218 0xdbc: 0x0259, 0xdbd: 0x1089, 0xdbe: 0x29a1, 0xdbf: 0x29b9,
1219 // Block 0x37, offset 0xdc0
1220 0xdc0: 0xe00d, 0xdc1: 0x0008, 0xdc2: 0xe00d, 0xdc3: 0x0008, 0xdc4: 0xe00d, 0xdc5: 0x0008,
1221 0xdc6: 0xe00d, 0xdc7: 0x0008, 0xdc8: 0xe00d, 0xdc9: 0x0008, 0xdca: 0xe00d, 0xdcb: 0x0008,
1222 0xdcc: 0xe00d, 0xdcd: 0x0008, 0xdce: 0xe00d, 0xdcf: 0x0008, 0xdd0: 0xe00d, 0xdd1: 0x0008,
1223 0xdd2: 0xe00d, 0xdd3: 0x0008, 0xdd4: 0xe00d, 0xdd5: 0x0008, 0xdd6: 0xe00d, 0xdd7: 0x0008,
1224 0xdd8: 0xe00d, 0xdd9: 0x0008, 0xdda: 0xe00d, 0xddb: 0x0008, 0xddc: 0xe00d, 0xddd: 0x0008,
1225 0xdde: 0xe00d, 0xddf: 0x0008, 0xde0: 0xe00d, 0xde1: 0x0008, 0xde2: 0xe00d, 0xde3: 0x0008,
1226 0xde4: 0x0008, 0xde5: 0x0018, 0xde6: 0x0018, 0xde7: 0x0018, 0xde8: 0x0018, 0xde9: 0x0018,
1227 0xdea: 0x0018, 0xdeb: 0xe03d, 0xdec: 0x0008, 0xded: 0xe01d, 0xdee: 0x0008, 0xdef: 0x3308,
1228 0xdf0: 0x3308, 0xdf1: 0x3308, 0xdf2: 0xe00d, 0xdf3: 0x0008, 0xdf4: 0x0040, 0xdf5: 0x0040,
1229 0xdf6: 0x0040, 0xdf7: 0x0040, 0xdf8: 0x0040, 0xdf9: 0x0018, 0xdfa: 0x0018, 0xdfb: 0x0018,
1230 0xdfc: 0x0018, 0xdfd: 0x0018, 0xdfe: 0x0018, 0xdff: 0x0018,
1231 // Block 0x38, offset 0xe00
1232 0xe00: 0x26fd, 0xe01: 0x271d, 0xe02: 0x273d, 0xe03: 0x275d, 0xe04: 0x277d, 0xe05: 0x279d,
1233 0xe06: 0x27bd, 0xe07: 0x27dd, 0xe08: 0x27fd, 0xe09: 0x281d, 0xe0a: 0x283d, 0xe0b: 0x285d,
1234 0xe0c: 0x287d, 0xe0d: 0x289d, 0xe0e: 0x28bd, 0xe0f: 0x28dd, 0xe10: 0x28fd, 0xe11: 0x291d,
1235 0xe12: 0x293d, 0xe13: 0x295d, 0xe14: 0x297d, 0xe15: 0x299d, 0xe16: 0x0040, 0xe17: 0x0040,
1236 0xe18: 0x0040, 0xe19: 0x0040, 0xe1a: 0x0040, 0xe1b: 0x0040, 0xe1c: 0x0040, 0xe1d: 0x0040,
1237 0xe1e: 0x0040, 0xe1f: 0x0040, 0xe20: 0x0040, 0xe21: 0x0040, 0xe22: 0x0040, 0xe23: 0x0040,
1238 0xe24: 0x0040, 0xe25: 0x0040, 0xe26: 0x0040, 0xe27: 0x0040, 0xe28: 0x0040, 0xe29: 0x0040,
1239 0xe2a: 0x0040, 0xe2b: 0x0040, 0xe2c: 0x0040, 0xe2d: 0x0040, 0xe2e: 0x0040, 0xe2f: 0x0040,
1240 0xe30: 0x0040, 0xe31: 0x0040, 0xe32: 0x0040, 0xe33: 0x0040, 0xe34: 0x0040, 0xe35: 0x0040,
1241 0xe36: 0x0040, 0xe37: 0x0040, 0xe38: 0x0040, 0xe39: 0x0040, 0xe3a: 0x0040, 0xe3b: 0x0040,
1242 0xe3c: 0x0040, 0xe3d: 0x0040, 0xe3e: 0x0040, 0xe3f: 0x0040,
1243 // Block 0x39, offset 0xe40
1244 0xe40: 0x000a, 0xe41: 0x0018, 0xe42: 0x29d1, 0xe43: 0x0018, 0xe44: 0x0018, 0xe45: 0x0008,
1245 0xe46: 0x0008, 0xe47: 0x0008, 0xe48: 0x0018, 0xe49: 0x0018, 0xe4a: 0x0018, 0xe4b: 0x0018,
1246 0xe4c: 0x0018, 0xe4d: 0x0018, 0xe4e: 0x0018, 0xe4f: 0x0018, 0xe50: 0x0018, 0xe51: 0x0018,
1247 0xe52: 0x0018, 0xe53: 0x0018, 0xe54: 0x0018, 0xe55: 0x0018, 0xe56: 0x0018, 0xe57: 0x0018,
1248 0xe58: 0x0018, 0xe59: 0x0018, 0xe5a: 0x0018, 0xe5b: 0x0018, 0xe5c: 0x0018, 0xe5d: 0x0018,
1249 0xe5e: 0x0018, 0xe5f: 0x0018, 0xe60: 0x0018, 0xe61: 0x0018, 0xe62: 0x0018, 0xe63: 0x0018,
1250 0xe64: 0x0018, 0xe65: 0x0018, 0xe66: 0x0018, 0xe67: 0x0018, 0xe68: 0x0018, 0xe69: 0x0018,
1251 0xe6a: 0x3308, 0xe6b: 0x3308, 0xe6c: 0x3308, 0xe6d: 0x3308, 0xe6e: 0x3018, 0xe6f: 0x3018,
1252 0xe70: 0x0018, 0xe71: 0x0018, 0xe72: 0x0018, 0xe73: 0x0018, 0xe74: 0x0018, 0xe75: 0x0018,
1253 0xe76: 0xe125, 0xe77: 0x0018, 0xe78: 0x29bd, 0xe79: 0x29dd, 0xe7a: 0x29fd, 0xe7b: 0x0018,
1254 0xe7c: 0x0008, 0xe7d: 0x0018, 0xe7e: 0x0018, 0xe7f: 0x0018,
1255 // Block 0x3a, offset 0xe80
1256 0xe80: 0x2b3d, 0xe81: 0x2b5d, 0xe82: 0x2b7d, 0xe83: 0x2b9d, 0xe84: 0x2bbd, 0xe85: 0x2bdd,
1257 0xe86: 0x2bdd, 0xe87: 0x2bdd, 0xe88: 0x2bfd, 0xe89: 0x2bfd, 0xe8a: 0x2bfd, 0xe8b: 0x2bfd,
1258 0xe8c: 0x2c1d, 0xe8d: 0x2c1d, 0xe8e: 0x2c1d, 0xe8f: 0x2c3d, 0xe90: 0x2c5d, 0xe91: 0x2c5d,
1259 0xe92: 0x2a7d, 0xe93: 0x2a7d, 0xe94: 0x2c5d, 0xe95: 0x2c5d, 0xe96: 0x2c7d, 0xe97: 0x2c7d,
1260 0xe98: 0x2c5d, 0xe99: 0x2c5d, 0xe9a: 0x2a7d, 0xe9b: 0x2a7d, 0xe9c: 0x2c5d, 0xe9d: 0x2c5d,
1261 0xe9e: 0x2c3d, 0xe9f: 0x2c3d, 0xea0: 0x2c9d, 0xea1: 0x2c9d, 0xea2: 0x2cbd, 0xea3: 0x2cbd,
1262 0xea4: 0x0040, 0xea5: 0x2cdd, 0xea6: 0x2cfd, 0xea7: 0x2d1d, 0xea8: 0x2d1d, 0xea9: 0x2d3d,
1263 0xeaa: 0x2d5d, 0xeab: 0x2d7d, 0xeac: 0x2d9d, 0xead: 0x2dbd, 0xeae: 0x2ddd, 0xeaf: 0x2dfd,
1264 0xeb0: 0x2e1d, 0xeb1: 0x2e3d, 0xeb2: 0x2e3d, 0xeb3: 0x2e5d, 0xeb4: 0x2e7d, 0xeb5: 0x2e7d,
1265 0xeb6: 0x2e9d, 0xeb7: 0x2ebd, 0xeb8: 0x2e5d, 0xeb9: 0x2edd, 0xeba: 0x2efd, 0xebb: 0x2edd,
1266 0xebc: 0x2e5d, 0xebd: 0x2f1d, 0xebe: 0x2f3d, 0xebf: 0x2f5d,
1267 // Block 0x3b, offset 0xec0
1268 0xec0: 0x2f7d, 0xec1: 0x2f9d, 0xec2: 0x2cfd, 0xec3: 0x2cdd, 0xec4: 0x2fbd, 0xec5: 0x2fdd,
1269 0xec6: 0x2ffd, 0xec7: 0x301d, 0xec8: 0x303d, 0xec9: 0x305d, 0xeca: 0x307d, 0xecb: 0x309d,
1270 0xecc: 0x30bd, 0xecd: 0x30dd, 0xece: 0x30fd, 0xecf: 0x0040, 0xed0: 0x0018, 0xed1: 0x0018,
1271 0xed2: 0x311d, 0xed3: 0x313d, 0xed4: 0x315d, 0xed5: 0x317d, 0xed6: 0x319d, 0xed7: 0x31bd,
1272 0xed8: 0x31dd, 0xed9: 0x31fd, 0xeda: 0x321d, 0xedb: 0x323d, 0xedc: 0x315d, 0xedd: 0x325d,
1273 0xede: 0x327d, 0xedf: 0x329d, 0xee0: 0x0008, 0xee1: 0x0008, 0xee2: 0x0008, 0xee3: 0x0008,
1274 0xee4: 0x0008, 0xee5: 0x0008, 0xee6: 0x0008, 0xee7: 0x0008, 0xee8: 0x0008, 0xee9: 0x0008,
1275 0xeea: 0x0008, 0xeeb: 0x0008, 0xeec: 0x0008, 0xeed: 0x0008, 0xeee: 0x0008, 0xeef: 0x0008,
1276 0xef0: 0x0008, 0xef1: 0x0008, 0xef2: 0x0008, 0xef3: 0x0008, 0xef4: 0x0008, 0xef5: 0x0008,
1277 0xef6: 0x0008, 0xef7: 0x0008, 0xef8: 0x0008, 0xef9: 0x0008, 0xefa: 0x0008, 0xefb: 0x0040,
1278 0xefc: 0x0040, 0xefd: 0x0040, 0xefe: 0x0040, 0xeff: 0x0040,
1279 // Block 0x3c, offset 0xf00
1280 0xf00: 0x36a2, 0xf01: 0x36d2, 0xf02: 0x3702, 0xf03: 0x3732, 0xf04: 0x32bd, 0xf05: 0x32dd,
1281 0xf06: 0x32fd, 0xf07: 0x331d, 0xf08: 0x0018, 0xf09: 0x0018, 0xf0a: 0x0018, 0xf0b: 0x0018,
1282 0xf0c: 0x0018, 0xf0d: 0x0018, 0xf0e: 0x0018, 0xf0f: 0x0018, 0xf10: 0x333d, 0xf11: 0x3761,
1283 0xf12: 0x3779, 0xf13: 0x3791, 0xf14: 0x37a9, 0xf15: 0x37c1, 0xf16: 0x37d9, 0xf17: 0x37f1,
1284 0xf18: 0x3809, 0xf19: 0x3821, 0xf1a: 0x3839, 0xf1b: 0x3851, 0xf1c: 0x3869, 0xf1d: 0x3881,
1285 0xf1e: 0x3899, 0xf1f: 0x38b1, 0xf20: 0x335d, 0xf21: 0x337d, 0xf22: 0x339d, 0xf23: 0x33bd,
1286 0xf24: 0x33dd, 0xf25: 0x33dd, 0xf26: 0x33fd, 0xf27: 0x341d, 0xf28: 0x343d, 0xf29: 0x345d,
1287 0xf2a: 0x347d, 0xf2b: 0x349d, 0xf2c: 0x34bd, 0xf2d: 0x34dd, 0xf2e: 0x34fd, 0xf2f: 0x351d,
1288 0xf30: 0x353d, 0xf31: 0x355d, 0xf32: 0x357d, 0xf33: 0x359d, 0xf34: 0x35bd, 0xf35: 0x35dd,
1289 0xf36: 0x35fd, 0xf37: 0x361d, 0xf38: 0x363d, 0xf39: 0x365d, 0xf3a: 0x367d, 0xf3b: 0x369d,
1290 0xf3c: 0x38c9, 0xf3d: 0x3901, 0xf3e: 0x36bd, 0xf3f: 0x0018,
1291 // Block 0x3d, offset 0xf40
1292 0xf40: 0x36dd, 0xf41: 0x36fd, 0xf42: 0x371d, 0xf43: 0x373d, 0xf44: 0x375d, 0xf45: 0x377d,
1293 0xf46: 0x379d, 0xf47: 0x37bd, 0xf48: 0x37dd, 0xf49: 0x37fd, 0xf4a: 0x381d, 0xf4b: 0x383d,
1294 0xf4c: 0x385d, 0xf4d: 0x387d, 0xf4e: 0x389d, 0xf4f: 0x38bd, 0xf50: 0x38dd, 0xf51: 0x38fd,
1295 0xf52: 0x391d, 0xf53: 0x393d, 0xf54: 0x395d, 0xf55: 0x397d, 0xf56: 0x399d, 0xf57: 0x39bd,
1296 0xf58: 0x39dd, 0xf59: 0x39fd, 0xf5a: 0x3a1d, 0xf5b: 0x3a3d, 0xf5c: 0x3a5d, 0xf5d: 0x3a7d,
1297 0xf5e: 0x3a9d, 0xf5f: 0x3abd, 0xf60: 0x3add, 0xf61: 0x3afd, 0xf62: 0x3b1d, 0xf63: 0x3b3d,
1298 0xf64: 0x3b5d, 0xf65: 0x3b7d, 0xf66: 0x127d, 0xf67: 0x3b9d, 0xf68: 0x3bbd, 0xf69: 0x3bdd,
1299 0xf6a: 0x3bfd, 0xf6b: 0x3c1d, 0xf6c: 0x3c3d, 0xf6d: 0x3c5d, 0xf6e: 0x239d, 0xf6f: 0x3c7d,
1300 0xf70: 0x3c9d, 0xf71: 0x3939, 0xf72: 0x3951, 0xf73: 0x3969, 0xf74: 0x3981, 0xf75: 0x3999,
1301 0xf76: 0x39b1, 0xf77: 0x39c9, 0xf78: 0x39e1, 0xf79: 0x39f9, 0xf7a: 0x3a11, 0xf7b: 0x3a29,
1302 0xf7c: 0x3a41, 0xf7d: 0x3a59, 0xf7e: 0x3a71, 0xf7f: 0x3a89,
1303 // Block 0x3e, offset 0xf80
1304 0xf80: 0x3aa1, 0xf81: 0x3ac9, 0xf82: 0x3af1, 0xf83: 0x3b19, 0xf84: 0x3b41, 0xf85: 0x3b69,
1305 0xf86: 0x3b91, 0xf87: 0x3bb9, 0xf88: 0x3be1, 0xf89: 0x3c09, 0xf8a: 0x3c39, 0xf8b: 0x3c69,
1306 0xf8c: 0x3c99, 0xf8d: 0x3cbd, 0xf8e: 0x3cb1, 0xf8f: 0x3cdd, 0xf90: 0x3cfd, 0xf91: 0x3d15,
1307 0xf92: 0x3d2d, 0xf93: 0x3d45, 0xf94: 0x3d5d, 0xf95: 0x3d5d, 0xf96: 0x3d45, 0xf97: 0x3d75,
1308 0xf98: 0x07bd, 0xf99: 0x3d8d, 0xf9a: 0x3da5, 0xf9b: 0x3dbd, 0xf9c: 0x3dd5, 0xf9d: 0x3ded,
1309 0xf9e: 0x3e05, 0xf9f: 0x3e1d, 0xfa0: 0x3e35, 0xfa1: 0x3e4d, 0xfa2: 0x3e65, 0xfa3: 0x3e7d,
1310 0xfa4: 0x3e95, 0xfa5: 0x3e95, 0xfa6: 0x3ead, 0xfa7: 0x3ead, 0xfa8: 0x3ec5, 0xfa9: 0x3ec5,
1311 0xfaa: 0x3edd, 0xfab: 0x3ef5, 0xfac: 0x3f0d, 0xfad: 0x3f25, 0xfae: 0x3f3d, 0xfaf: 0x3f3d,
1312 0xfb0: 0x3f55, 0xfb1: 0x3f55, 0xfb2: 0x3f55, 0xfb3: 0x3f6d, 0xfb4: 0x3f85, 0xfb5: 0x3f9d,
1313 0xfb6: 0x3fb5, 0xfb7: 0x3f9d, 0xfb8: 0x3fcd, 0xfb9: 0x3fe5, 0xfba: 0x3f6d, 0xfbb: 0x3ffd,
1314 0xfbc: 0x4015, 0xfbd: 0x4015, 0xfbe: 0x4015, 0xfbf: 0x0040,
1315 // Block 0x3f, offset 0xfc0
1316 0xfc0: 0x3cc9, 0xfc1: 0x3d31, 0xfc2: 0x3d99, 0xfc3: 0x3e01, 0xfc4: 0x3e51, 0xfc5: 0x3eb9,
1317 0xfc6: 0x3f09, 0xfc7: 0x3f59, 0xfc8: 0x3fd9, 0xfc9: 0x4041, 0xfca: 0x4091, 0xfcb: 0x40e1,
1318 0xfcc: 0x4131, 0xfcd: 0x4199, 0xfce: 0x4201, 0xfcf: 0x4251, 0xfd0: 0x42a1, 0xfd1: 0x42d9,
1319 0xfd2: 0x4329, 0xfd3: 0x4391, 0xfd4: 0x43f9, 0xfd5: 0x4431, 0xfd6: 0x44b1, 0xfd7: 0x4549,
1320 0xfd8: 0x45c9, 0xfd9: 0x4619, 0xfda: 0x4699, 0xfdb: 0x4719, 0xfdc: 0x4781, 0xfdd: 0x47d1,
1321 0xfde: 0x4821, 0xfdf: 0x4871, 0xfe0: 0x48d9, 0xfe1: 0x4959, 0xfe2: 0x49c1, 0xfe3: 0x4a11,
1322 0xfe4: 0x4a61, 0xfe5: 0x4ab1, 0xfe6: 0x4ae9, 0xfe7: 0x4b21, 0xfe8: 0x4b59, 0xfe9: 0x4b91,
1323 0xfea: 0x4be1, 0xfeb: 0x4c31, 0xfec: 0x4cb1, 0xfed: 0x4d01, 0xfee: 0x4d69, 0xfef: 0x4de9,
1324 0xff0: 0x4e39, 0xff1: 0x4e71, 0xff2: 0x4ea9, 0xff3: 0x4f29, 0xff4: 0x4f91, 0xff5: 0x5011,
1325 0xff6: 0x5061, 0xff7: 0x50e1, 0xff8: 0x5119, 0xff9: 0x5169, 0xffa: 0x51b9, 0xffb: 0x5209,
1326 0xffc: 0x5259, 0xffd: 0x52a9, 0xffe: 0x5311, 0xfff: 0x5361,
1327 // Block 0x40, offset 0x1000
1328 0x1000: 0x5399, 0x1001: 0x53e9, 0x1002: 0x5439, 0x1003: 0x5489, 0x1004: 0x54f1, 0x1005: 0x5541,
1329 0x1006: 0x5591, 0x1007: 0x55e1, 0x1008: 0x5661, 0x1009: 0x56c9, 0x100a: 0x5701, 0x100b: 0x5781,
1330 0x100c: 0x57b9, 0x100d: 0x5821, 0x100e: 0x5889, 0x100f: 0x58d9, 0x1010: 0x5929, 0x1011: 0x5979,
1331 0x1012: 0x59e1, 0x1013: 0x5a19, 0x1014: 0x5a69, 0x1015: 0x5ad1, 0x1016: 0x5b09, 0x1017: 0x5b89,
1332 0x1018: 0x5bd9, 0x1019: 0x5c01, 0x101a: 0x5c29, 0x101b: 0x5c51, 0x101c: 0x5c79, 0x101d: 0x5ca1,
1333 0x101e: 0x5cc9, 0x101f: 0x5cf1, 0x1020: 0x5d19, 0x1021: 0x5d41, 0x1022: 0x5d69, 0x1023: 0x5d99,
1334 0x1024: 0x5dc9, 0x1025: 0x5df9, 0x1026: 0x5e29, 0x1027: 0x5e59, 0x1028: 0x5e89, 0x1029: 0x5eb9,
1335 0x102a: 0x5ee9, 0x102b: 0x5f19, 0x102c: 0x5f49, 0x102d: 0x5f79, 0x102e: 0x5fa9, 0x102f: 0x5fd9,
1336 0x1030: 0x6009, 0x1031: 0x402d, 0x1032: 0x6039, 0x1033: 0x6051, 0x1034: 0x404d, 0x1035: 0x6069,
1337 0x1036: 0x6081, 0x1037: 0x6099, 0x1038: 0x406d, 0x1039: 0x406d, 0x103a: 0x60b1, 0x103b: 0x60c9,
1338 0x103c: 0x6101, 0x103d: 0x6139, 0x103e: 0x6171, 0x103f: 0x61a9,
1339 // Block 0x41, offset 0x1040
1340 0x1040: 0x6211, 0x1041: 0x6229, 0x1042: 0x408d, 0x1043: 0x6241, 0x1044: 0x6259, 0x1045: 0x6271,
1341 0x1046: 0x6289, 0x1047: 0x62a1, 0x1048: 0x40ad, 0x1049: 0x62b9, 0x104a: 0x62e1, 0x104b: 0x62f9,
1342 0x104c: 0x40cd, 0x104d: 0x40cd, 0x104e: 0x6311, 0x104f: 0x6329, 0x1050: 0x6341, 0x1051: 0x40ed,
1343 0x1052: 0x410d, 0x1053: 0x412d, 0x1054: 0x414d, 0x1055: 0x416d, 0x1056: 0x6359, 0x1057: 0x6371,
1344 0x1058: 0x6389, 0x1059: 0x63a1, 0x105a: 0x63b9, 0x105b: 0x418d, 0x105c: 0x63d1, 0x105d: 0x63e9,
1345 0x105e: 0x6401, 0x105f: 0x41ad, 0x1060: 0x41cd, 0x1061: 0x6419, 0x1062: 0x41ed, 0x1063: 0x420d,
1346 0x1064: 0x422d, 0x1065: 0x6431, 0x1066: 0x424d, 0x1067: 0x6449, 0x1068: 0x6479, 0x1069: 0x6211,
1347 0x106a: 0x426d, 0x106b: 0x428d, 0x106c: 0x42ad, 0x106d: 0x42cd, 0x106e: 0x64b1, 0x106f: 0x64f1,
1348 0x1070: 0x6539, 0x1071: 0x6551, 0x1072: 0x42ed, 0x1073: 0x6569, 0x1074: 0x6581, 0x1075: 0x6599,
1349 0x1076: 0x430d, 0x1077: 0x65b1, 0x1078: 0x65c9, 0x1079: 0x65b1, 0x107a: 0x65e1, 0x107b: 0x65f9,
1350 0x107c: 0x432d, 0x107d: 0x6611, 0x107e: 0x6629, 0x107f: 0x6611,
1351 // Block 0x42, offset 0x1080
1352 0x1080: 0x434d, 0x1081: 0x436d, 0x1082: 0x0040, 0x1083: 0x6641, 0x1084: 0x6659, 0x1085: 0x6671,
1353 0x1086: 0x6689, 0x1087: 0x0040, 0x1088: 0x66c1, 0x1089: 0x66d9, 0x108a: 0x66f1, 0x108b: 0x6709,
1354 0x108c: 0x6721, 0x108d: 0x6739, 0x108e: 0x6401, 0x108f: 0x6751, 0x1090: 0x6769, 0x1091: 0x6781,
1355 0x1092: 0x438d, 0x1093: 0x6799, 0x1094: 0x6289, 0x1095: 0x43ad, 0x1096: 0x43cd, 0x1097: 0x67b1,
1356 0x1098: 0x0040, 0x1099: 0x43ed, 0x109a: 0x67c9, 0x109b: 0x67e1, 0x109c: 0x67f9, 0x109d: 0x6811,
1357 0x109e: 0x6829, 0x109f: 0x6859, 0x10a0: 0x6889, 0x10a1: 0x68b1, 0x10a2: 0x68d9, 0x10a3: 0x6901,
1358 0x10a4: 0x6929, 0x10a5: 0x6951, 0x10a6: 0x6979, 0x10a7: 0x69a1, 0x10a8: 0x69c9, 0x10a9: 0x69f1,
1359 0x10aa: 0x6a21, 0x10ab: 0x6a51, 0x10ac: 0x6a81, 0x10ad: 0x6ab1, 0x10ae: 0x6ae1, 0x10af: 0x6b11,
1360 0x10b0: 0x6b41, 0x10b1: 0x6b71, 0x10b2: 0x6ba1, 0x10b3: 0x6bd1, 0x10b4: 0x6c01, 0x10b5: 0x6c31,
1361 0x10b6: 0x6c61, 0x10b7: 0x6c91, 0x10b8: 0x6cc1, 0x10b9: 0x6cf1, 0x10ba: 0x6d21, 0x10bb: 0x6d51,
1362 0x10bc: 0x6d81, 0x10bd: 0x6db1, 0x10be: 0x6de1, 0x10bf: 0x440d,
1363 // Block 0x43, offset 0x10c0
1364 0x10c0: 0xe00d, 0x10c1: 0x0008, 0x10c2: 0xe00d, 0x10c3: 0x0008, 0x10c4: 0xe00d, 0x10c5: 0x0008,
1365 0x10c6: 0xe00d, 0x10c7: 0x0008, 0x10c8: 0xe00d, 0x10c9: 0x0008, 0x10ca: 0xe00d, 0x10cb: 0x0008,
1366 0x10cc: 0xe00d, 0x10cd: 0x0008, 0x10ce: 0xe00d, 0x10cf: 0x0008, 0x10d0: 0xe00d, 0x10d1: 0x0008,
1367 0x10d2: 0xe00d, 0x10d3: 0x0008, 0x10d4: 0xe00d, 0x10d5: 0x0008, 0x10d6: 0xe00d, 0x10d7: 0x0008,
1368 0x10d8: 0xe00d, 0x10d9: 0x0008, 0x10da: 0xe00d, 0x10db: 0x0008, 0x10dc: 0xe00d, 0x10dd: 0x0008,
1369 0x10de: 0xe00d, 0x10df: 0x0008, 0x10e0: 0xe00d, 0x10e1: 0x0008, 0x10e2: 0xe00d, 0x10e3: 0x0008,
1370 0x10e4: 0xe00d, 0x10e5: 0x0008, 0x10e6: 0xe00d, 0x10e7: 0x0008, 0x10e8: 0xe00d, 0x10e9: 0x0008,
1371 0x10ea: 0xe00d, 0x10eb: 0x0008, 0x10ec: 0xe00d, 0x10ed: 0x0008, 0x10ee: 0x0008, 0x10ef: 0x3308,
1372 0x10f0: 0x3318, 0x10f1: 0x3318, 0x10f2: 0x3318, 0x10f3: 0x0018, 0x10f4: 0x3308, 0x10f5: 0x3308,
1373 0x10f6: 0x3308, 0x10f7: 0x3308, 0x10f8: 0x3308, 0x10f9: 0x3308, 0x10fa: 0x3308, 0x10fb: 0x3308,
1374 0x10fc: 0x3308, 0x10fd: 0x3308, 0x10fe: 0x0018, 0x10ff: 0x0008,
1375 // Block 0x44, offset 0x1100
1376 0x1100: 0xe00d, 0x1101: 0x0008, 0x1102: 0xe00d, 0x1103: 0x0008, 0x1104: 0xe00d, 0x1105: 0x0008,
1377 0x1106: 0xe00d, 0x1107: 0x0008, 0x1108: 0xe00d, 0x1109: 0x0008, 0x110a: 0xe00d, 0x110b: 0x0008,
1378 0x110c: 0xe00d, 0x110d: 0x0008, 0x110e: 0xe00d, 0x110f: 0x0008, 0x1110: 0xe00d, 0x1111: 0x0008,
1379 0x1112: 0xe00d, 0x1113: 0x0008, 0x1114: 0xe00d, 0x1115: 0x0008, 0x1116: 0xe00d, 0x1117: 0x0008,
1380 0x1118: 0xe00d, 0x1119: 0x0008, 0x111a: 0xe00d, 0x111b: 0x0008, 0x111c: 0x0ea1, 0x111d: 0x6e11,
1381 0x111e: 0x3308, 0x111f: 0x3308, 0x1120: 0x0008, 0x1121: 0x0008, 0x1122: 0x0008, 0x1123: 0x0008,
1382 0x1124: 0x0008, 0x1125: 0x0008, 0x1126: 0x0008, 0x1127: 0x0008, 0x1128: 0x0008, 0x1129: 0x0008,
1383 0x112a: 0x0008, 0x112b: 0x0008, 0x112c: 0x0008, 0x112d: 0x0008, 0x112e: 0x0008, 0x112f: 0x0008,
1384 0x1130: 0x0008, 0x1131: 0x0008, 0x1132: 0x0008, 0x1133: 0x0008, 0x1134: 0x0008, 0x1135: 0x0008,
1385 0x1136: 0x0008, 0x1137: 0x0008, 0x1138: 0x0008, 0x1139: 0x0008, 0x113a: 0x0008, 0x113b: 0x0008,
1386 0x113c: 0x0008, 0x113d: 0x0008, 0x113e: 0x0008, 0x113f: 0x0008,
1387 // Block 0x45, offset 0x1140
1388 0x1140: 0x0018, 0x1141: 0x0018, 0x1142: 0x0018, 0x1143: 0x0018, 0x1144: 0x0018, 0x1145: 0x0018,
1389 0x1146: 0x0018, 0x1147: 0x0018, 0x1148: 0x0018, 0x1149: 0x0018, 0x114a: 0x0018, 0x114b: 0x0018,
1390 0x114c: 0x0018, 0x114d: 0x0018, 0x114e: 0x0018, 0x114f: 0x0018, 0x1150: 0x0018, 0x1151: 0x0018,
1391 0x1152: 0x0018, 0x1153: 0x0018, 0x1154: 0x0018, 0x1155: 0x0018, 0x1156: 0x0018, 0x1157: 0x0008,
1392 0x1158: 0x0008, 0x1159: 0x0008, 0x115a: 0x0008, 0x115b: 0x0008, 0x115c: 0x0008, 0x115d: 0x0008,
1393 0x115e: 0x0008, 0x115f: 0x0008, 0x1160: 0x0018, 0x1161: 0x0018, 0x1162: 0xe00d, 0x1163: 0x0008,
1394 0x1164: 0xe00d, 0x1165: 0x0008, 0x1166: 0xe00d, 0x1167: 0x0008, 0x1168: 0xe00d, 0x1169: 0x0008,
1395 0x116a: 0xe00d, 0x116b: 0x0008, 0x116c: 0xe00d, 0x116d: 0x0008, 0x116e: 0xe00d, 0x116f: 0x0008,
1396 0x1170: 0x0008, 0x1171: 0x0008, 0x1172: 0xe00d, 0x1173: 0x0008, 0x1174: 0xe00d, 0x1175: 0x0008,
1397 0x1176: 0xe00d, 0x1177: 0x0008, 0x1178: 0xe00d, 0x1179: 0x0008, 0x117a: 0xe00d, 0x117b: 0x0008,
1398 0x117c: 0xe00d, 0x117d: 0x0008, 0x117e: 0xe00d, 0x117f: 0x0008,
1399 // Block 0x46, offset 0x1180
1400 0x1180: 0xe00d, 0x1181: 0x0008, 0x1182: 0xe00d, 0x1183: 0x0008, 0x1184: 0xe00d, 0x1185: 0x0008,
1401 0x1186: 0xe00d, 0x1187: 0x0008, 0x1188: 0xe00d, 0x1189: 0x0008, 0x118a: 0xe00d, 0x118b: 0x0008,
1402 0x118c: 0xe00d, 0x118d: 0x0008, 0x118e: 0xe00d, 0x118f: 0x0008, 0x1190: 0xe00d, 0x1191: 0x0008,
1403 0x1192: 0xe00d, 0x1193: 0x0008, 0x1194: 0xe00d, 0x1195: 0x0008, 0x1196: 0xe00d, 0x1197: 0x0008,
1404 0x1198: 0xe00d, 0x1199: 0x0008, 0x119a: 0xe00d, 0x119b: 0x0008, 0x119c: 0xe00d, 0x119d: 0x0008,
1405 0x119e: 0xe00d, 0x119f: 0x0008, 0x11a0: 0xe00d, 0x11a1: 0x0008, 0x11a2: 0xe00d, 0x11a3: 0x0008,
1406 0x11a4: 0xe00d, 0x11a5: 0x0008, 0x11a6: 0xe00d, 0x11a7: 0x0008, 0x11a8: 0xe00d, 0x11a9: 0x0008,
1407 0x11aa: 0xe00d, 0x11ab: 0x0008, 0x11ac: 0xe00d, 0x11ad: 0x0008, 0x11ae: 0xe00d, 0x11af: 0x0008,
1408 0x11b0: 0xe0fd, 0x11b1: 0x0008, 0x11b2: 0x0008, 0x11b3: 0x0008, 0x11b4: 0x0008, 0x11b5: 0x0008,
1409 0x11b6: 0x0008, 0x11b7: 0x0008, 0x11b8: 0x0008, 0x11b9: 0xe01d, 0x11ba: 0x0008, 0x11bb: 0xe03d,
1410 0x11bc: 0x0008, 0x11bd: 0x442d, 0x11be: 0xe00d, 0x11bf: 0x0008,
1411 // Block 0x47, offset 0x11c0
1412 0x11c0: 0xe00d, 0x11c1: 0x0008, 0x11c2: 0xe00d, 0x11c3: 0x0008, 0x11c4: 0xe00d, 0x11c5: 0x0008,
1413 0x11c6: 0xe00d, 0x11c7: 0x0008, 0x11c8: 0x0008, 0x11c9: 0x0018, 0x11ca: 0x0018, 0x11cb: 0xe03d,
1414 0x11cc: 0x0008, 0x11cd: 0x11d9, 0x11ce: 0x0008, 0x11cf: 0x0008, 0x11d0: 0xe00d, 0x11d1: 0x0008,
1415 0x11d2: 0xe00d, 0x11d3: 0x0008, 0x11d4: 0x0008, 0x11d5: 0x0008, 0x11d6: 0xe00d, 0x11d7: 0x0008,
1416 0x11d8: 0xe00d, 0x11d9: 0x0008, 0x11da: 0xe00d, 0x11db: 0x0008, 0x11dc: 0xe00d, 0x11dd: 0x0008,
1417 0x11de: 0xe00d, 0x11df: 0x0008, 0x11e0: 0xe00d, 0x11e1: 0x0008, 0x11e2: 0xe00d, 0x11e3: 0x0008,
1418 0x11e4: 0xe00d, 0x11e5: 0x0008, 0x11e6: 0xe00d, 0x11e7: 0x0008, 0x11e8: 0xe00d, 0x11e9: 0x0008,
1419 0x11ea: 0x6e29, 0x11eb: 0x1029, 0x11ec: 0x11c1, 0x11ed: 0x6e41, 0x11ee: 0x1221, 0x11ef: 0x0040,
1420 0x11f0: 0x6e59, 0x11f1: 0x6e71, 0x11f2: 0x1239, 0x11f3: 0x444d, 0x11f4: 0xe00d, 0x11f5: 0x0008,
1421 0x11f6: 0xe00d, 0x11f7: 0x0008, 0x11f8: 0x0040, 0x11f9: 0x0040, 0x11fa: 0x0040, 0x11fb: 0x0040,
1422 0x11fc: 0x0040, 0x11fd: 0x0040, 0x11fe: 0x0040, 0x11ff: 0x0040,
1423 // Block 0x48, offset 0x1200
1424 0x1200: 0x64d5, 0x1201: 0x64f5, 0x1202: 0x6515, 0x1203: 0x6535, 0x1204: 0x6555, 0x1205: 0x6575,
1425 0x1206: 0x6595, 0x1207: 0x65b5, 0x1208: 0x65d5, 0x1209: 0x65f5, 0x120a: 0x6615, 0x120b: 0x6635,
1426 0x120c: 0x6655, 0x120d: 0x6675, 0x120e: 0x0008, 0x120f: 0x0008, 0x1210: 0x6695, 0x1211: 0x0008,
1427 0x1212: 0x66b5, 0x1213: 0x0008, 0x1214: 0x0008, 0x1215: 0x66d5, 0x1216: 0x66f5, 0x1217: 0x6715,
1428 0x1218: 0x6735, 0x1219: 0x6755, 0x121a: 0x6775, 0x121b: 0x6795, 0x121c: 0x67b5, 0x121d: 0x67d5,
1429 0x121e: 0x67f5, 0x121f: 0x0008, 0x1220: 0x6815, 0x1221: 0x0008, 0x1222: 0x6835, 0x1223: 0x0008,
1430 0x1224: 0x0008, 0x1225: 0x6855, 0x1226: 0x6875, 0x1227: 0x0008, 0x1228: 0x0008, 0x1229: 0x0008,
1431 0x122a: 0x6895, 0x122b: 0x68b5, 0x122c: 0x68d5, 0x122d: 0x68f5, 0x122e: 0x6915, 0x122f: 0x6935,
1432 0x1230: 0x6955, 0x1231: 0x6975, 0x1232: 0x6995, 0x1233: 0x69b5, 0x1234: 0x69d5, 0x1235: 0x69f5,
1433 0x1236: 0x6a15, 0x1237: 0x6a35, 0x1238: 0x6a55, 0x1239: 0x6a75, 0x123a: 0x6a95, 0x123b: 0x6ab5,
1434 0x123c: 0x6ad5, 0x123d: 0x6af5, 0x123e: 0x6b15, 0x123f: 0x6b35,
1435 // Block 0x49, offset 0x1240
1436 0x1240: 0x7a95, 0x1241: 0x7ab5, 0x1242: 0x7ad5, 0x1243: 0x7af5, 0x1244: 0x7b15, 0x1245: 0x7b35,
1437 0x1246: 0x7b55, 0x1247: 0x7b75, 0x1248: 0x7b95, 0x1249: 0x7bb5, 0x124a: 0x7bd5, 0x124b: 0x7bf5,
1438 0x124c: 0x7c15, 0x124d: 0x7c35, 0x124e: 0x7c55, 0x124f: 0x6ec9, 0x1250: 0x6ef1, 0x1251: 0x6f19,
1439 0x1252: 0x7c75, 0x1253: 0x7c95, 0x1254: 0x7cb5, 0x1255: 0x6f41, 0x1256: 0x6f69, 0x1257: 0x6f91,
1440 0x1258: 0x7cd5, 0x1259: 0x7cf5, 0x125a: 0x0040, 0x125b: 0x0040, 0x125c: 0x0040, 0x125d: 0x0040,
1441 0x125e: 0x0040, 0x125f: 0x0040, 0x1260: 0x0040, 0x1261: 0x0040, 0x1262: 0x0040, 0x1263: 0x0040,
1442 0x1264: 0x0040, 0x1265: 0x0040, 0x1266: 0x0040, 0x1267: 0x0040, 0x1268: 0x0040, 0x1269: 0x0040,
1443 0x126a: 0x0040, 0x126b: 0x0040, 0x126c: 0x0040, 0x126d: 0x0040, 0x126e: 0x0040, 0x126f: 0x0040,
1444 0x1270: 0x0040, 0x1271: 0x0040, 0x1272: 0x0040, 0x1273: 0x0040, 0x1274: 0x0040, 0x1275: 0x0040,
1445 0x1276: 0x0040, 0x1277: 0x0040, 0x1278: 0x0040, 0x1279: 0x0040, 0x127a: 0x0040, 0x127b: 0x0040,
1446 0x127c: 0x0040, 0x127d: 0x0040, 0x127e: 0x0040, 0x127f: 0x0040,
1447 // Block 0x4a, offset 0x1280
1448 0x1280: 0x6fb9, 0x1281: 0x6fd1, 0x1282: 0x6fe9, 0x1283: 0x7d15, 0x1284: 0x7d35, 0x1285: 0x7001,
1449 0x1286: 0x7001, 0x1287: 0x0040, 0x1288: 0x0040, 0x1289: 0x0040, 0x128a: 0x0040, 0x128b: 0x0040,
1450 0x128c: 0x0040, 0x128d: 0x0040, 0x128e: 0x0040, 0x128f: 0x0040, 0x1290: 0x0040, 0x1291: 0x0040,
1451 0x1292: 0x0040, 0x1293: 0x7019, 0x1294: 0x7041, 0x1295: 0x7069, 0x1296: 0x7091, 0x1297: 0x70b9,
1452 0x1298: 0x0040, 0x1299: 0x0040, 0x129a: 0x0040, 0x129b: 0x0040, 0x129c: 0x0040, 0x129d: 0x70e1,
1453 0x129e: 0x3308, 0x129f: 0x7109, 0x12a0: 0x7131, 0x12a1: 0x20a9, 0x12a2: 0x20f1, 0x12a3: 0x7149,
1454 0x12a4: 0x7161, 0x12a5: 0x7179, 0x12a6: 0x7191, 0x12a7: 0x71a9, 0x12a8: 0x71c1, 0x12a9: 0x1fb2,
1455 0x12aa: 0x71d9, 0x12ab: 0x7201, 0x12ac: 0x7229, 0x12ad: 0x7261, 0x12ae: 0x7299, 0x12af: 0x72c1,
1456 0x12b0: 0x72e9, 0x12b1: 0x7311, 0x12b2: 0x7339, 0x12b3: 0x7361, 0x12b4: 0x7389, 0x12b5: 0x73b1,
1457 0x12b6: 0x73d9, 0x12b7: 0x0040, 0x12b8: 0x7401, 0x12b9: 0x7429, 0x12ba: 0x7451, 0x12bb: 0x7479,
1458 0x12bc: 0x74a1, 0x12bd: 0x0040, 0x12be: 0x74c9, 0x12bf: 0x0040,
1459 // Block 0x4b, offset 0x12c0
1460 0x12c0: 0x74f1, 0x12c1: 0x7519, 0x12c2: 0x0040, 0x12c3: 0x7541, 0x12c4: 0x7569, 0x12c5: 0x0040,
1461 0x12c6: 0x7591, 0x12c7: 0x75b9, 0x12c8: 0x75e1, 0x12c9: 0x7609, 0x12ca: 0x7631, 0x12cb: 0x7659,
1462 0x12cc: 0x7681, 0x12cd: 0x76a9, 0x12ce: 0x76d1, 0x12cf: 0x76f9, 0x12d0: 0x7721, 0x12d1: 0x7721,
1463 0x12d2: 0x7739, 0x12d3: 0x7739, 0x12d4: 0x7739, 0x12d5: 0x7739, 0x12d6: 0x7751, 0x12d7: 0x7751,
1464 0x12d8: 0x7751, 0x12d9: 0x7751, 0x12da: 0x7769, 0x12db: 0x7769, 0x12dc: 0x7769, 0x12dd: 0x7769,
1465 0x12de: 0x7781, 0x12df: 0x7781, 0x12e0: 0x7781, 0x12e1: 0x7781, 0x12e2: 0x7799, 0x12e3: 0x7799,
1466 0x12e4: 0x7799, 0x12e5: 0x7799, 0x12e6: 0x77b1, 0x12e7: 0x77b1, 0x12e8: 0x77b1, 0x12e9: 0x77b1,
1467 0x12ea: 0x77c9, 0x12eb: 0x77c9, 0x12ec: 0x77c9, 0x12ed: 0x77c9, 0x12ee: 0x77e1, 0x12ef: 0x77e1,
1468 0x12f0: 0x77e1, 0x12f1: 0x77e1, 0x12f2: 0x77f9, 0x12f3: 0x77f9, 0x12f4: 0x77f9, 0x12f5: 0x77f9,
1469 0x12f6: 0x7811, 0x12f7: 0x7811, 0x12f8: 0x7811, 0x12f9: 0x7811, 0x12fa: 0x7829, 0x12fb: 0x7829,
1470 0x12fc: 0x7829, 0x12fd: 0x7829, 0x12fe: 0x7841, 0x12ff: 0x7841,
1471 // Block 0x4c, offset 0x1300
1472 0x1300: 0x7841, 0x1301: 0x7841, 0x1302: 0x7859, 0x1303: 0x7859, 0x1304: 0x7871, 0x1305: 0x7871,
1473 0x1306: 0x7889, 0x1307: 0x7889, 0x1308: 0x78a1, 0x1309: 0x78a1, 0x130a: 0x78b9, 0x130b: 0x78b9,
1474 0x130c: 0x78d1, 0x130d: 0x78d1, 0x130e: 0x78e9, 0x130f: 0x78e9, 0x1310: 0x78e9, 0x1311: 0x78e9,
1475 0x1312: 0x7901, 0x1313: 0x7901, 0x1314: 0x7901, 0x1315: 0x7901, 0x1316: 0x7919, 0x1317: 0x7919,
1476 0x1318: 0x7919, 0x1319: 0x7919, 0x131a: 0x7931, 0x131b: 0x7931, 0x131c: 0x7931, 0x131d: 0x7931,
1477 0x131e: 0x7949, 0x131f: 0x7949, 0x1320: 0x7961, 0x1321: 0x7961, 0x1322: 0x7961, 0x1323: 0x7961,
1478 0x1324: 0x7979, 0x1325: 0x7979, 0x1326: 0x7991, 0x1327: 0x7991, 0x1328: 0x7991, 0x1329: 0x7991,
1479 0x132a: 0x79a9, 0x132b: 0x79a9, 0x132c: 0x79a9, 0x132d: 0x79a9, 0x132e: 0x79c1, 0x132f: 0x79c1,
1480 0x1330: 0x79d9, 0x1331: 0x79d9, 0x1332: 0x0818, 0x1333: 0x0818, 0x1334: 0x0818, 0x1335: 0x0818,
1481 0x1336: 0x0818, 0x1337: 0x0818, 0x1338: 0x0818, 0x1339: 0x0818, 0x133a: 0x0818, 0x133b: 0x0818,
1482 0x133c: 0x0818, 0x133d: 0x0818, 0x133e: 0x0818, 0x133f: 0x0818,
1483 // Block 0x4d, offset 0x1340
1484 0x1340: 0x0818, 0x1341: 0x0818, 0x1342: 0x0040, 0x1343: 0x0040, 0x1344: 0x0040, 0x1345: 0x0040,
1485 0x1346: 0x0040, 0x1347: 0x0040, 0x1348: 0x0040, 0x1349: 0x0040, 0x134a: 0x0040, 0x134b: 0x0040,
1486 0x134c: 0x0040, 0x134d: 0x0040, 0x134e: 0x0040, 0x134f: 0x0040, 0x1350: 0x0040, 0x1351: 0x0040,
1487 0x1352: 0x0040, 0x1353: 0x79f1, 0x1354: 0x79f1, 0x1355: 0x79f1, 0x1356: 0x79f1, 0x1357: 0x7a09,
1488 0x1358: 0x7a09, 0x1359: 0x7a21, 0x135a: 0x7a21, 0x135b: 0x7a39, 0x135c: 0x7a39, 0x135d: 0x0479,
1489 0x135e: 0x7a51, 0x135f: 0x7a51, 0x1360: 0x7a69, 0x1361: 0x7a69, 0x1362: 0x7a81, 0x1363: 0x7a81,
1490 0x1364: 0x7a99, 0x1365: 0x7a99, 0x1366: 0x7a99, 0x1367: 0x7a99, 0x1368: 0x7ab1, 0x1369: 0x7ab1,
1491 0x136a: 0x7ac9, 0x136b: 0x7ac9, 0x136c: 0x7af1, 0x136d: 0x7af1, 0x136e: 0x7b19, 0x136f: 0x7b19,
1492 0x1370: 0x7b41, 0x1371: 0x7b41, 0x1372: 0x7b69, 0x1373: 0x7b69, 0x1374: 0x7b91, 0x1375: 0x7b91,
1493 0x1376: 0x7bb9, 0x1377: 0x7bb9, 0x1378: 0x7bb9, 0x1379: 0x7be1, 0x137a: 0x7be1, 0x137b: 0x7be1,
1494 0x137c: 0x7c09, 0x137d: 0x7c09, 0x137e: 0x7c09, 0x137f: 0x7c09,
1495 // Block 0x4e, offset 0x1380
1496 0x1380: 0x85f9, 0x1381: 0x8621, 0x1382: 0x8649, 0x1383: 0x8671, 0x1384: 0x8699, 0x1385: 0x86c1,
1497 0x1386: 0x86e9, 0x1387: 0x8711, 0x1388: 0x8739, 0x1389: 0x8761, 0x138a: 0x8789, 0x138b: 0x87b1,
1498 0x138c: 0x87d9, 0x138d: 0x8801, 0x138e: 0x8829, 0x138f: 0x8851, 0x1390: 0x8879, 0x1391: 0x88a1,
1499 0x1392: 0x88c9, 0x1393: 0x88f1, 0x1394: 0x8919, 0x1395: 0x8941, 0x1396: 0x8969, 0x1397: 0x8991,
1500 0x1398: 0x89b9, 0x1399: 0x89e1, 0x139a: 0x8a09, 0x139b: 0x8a31, 0x139c: 0x8a59, 0x139d: 0x8a81,
1501 0x139e: 0x8aaa, 0x139f: 0x8ada, 0x13a0: 0x8b0a, 0x13a1: 0x8b3a, 0x13a2: 0x8b6a, 0x13a3: 0x8b9a,
1502 0x13a4: 0x8bc9, 0x13a5: 0x8bf1, 0x13a6: 0x7c71, 0x13a7: 0x8c19, 0x13a8: 0x7be1, 0x13a9: 0x7c99,
1503 0x13aa: 0x8c41, 0x13ab: 0x8c69, 0x13ac: 0x7d39, 0x13ad: 0x8c91, 0x13ae: 0x7d61, 0x13af: 0x7d89,
1504 0x13b0: 0x8cb9, 0x13b1: 0x8ce1, 0x13b2: 0x7e29, 0x13b3: 0x8d09, 0x13b4: 0x7e51, 0x13b5: 0x7e79,
1505 0x13b6: 0x8d31, 0x13b7: 0x8d59, 0x13b8: 0x7ec9, 0x13b9: 0x8d81, 0x13ba: 0x7ef1, 0x13bb: 0x7f19,
1506 0x13bc: 0x83a1, 0x13bd: 0x83c9, 0x13be: 0x8441, 0x13bf: 0x8469,
1507 // Block 0x4f, offset 0x13c0
1508 0x13c0: 0x8491, 0x13c1: 0x8531, 0x13c2: 0x8559, 0x13c3: 0x8581, 0x13c4: 0x85a9, 0x13c5: 0x8649,
1509 0x13c6: 0x8671, 0x13c7: 0x8699, 0x13c8: 0x8da9, 0x13c9: 0x8739, 0x13ca: 0x8dd1, 0x13cb: 0x8df9,
1510 0x13cc: 0x8829, 0x13cd: 0x8e21, 0x13ce: 0x8851, 0x13cf: 0x8879, 0x13d0: 0x8a81, 0x13d1: 0x8e49,
1511 0x13d2: 0x8e71, 0x13d3: 0x89b9, 0x13d4: 0x8e99, 0x13d5: 0x89e1, 0x13d6: 0x8a09, 0x13d7: 0x7c21,
1512 0x13d8: 0x7c49, 0x13d9: 0x8ec1, 0x13da: 0x7c71, 0x13db: 0x8ee9, 0x13dc: 0x7cc1, 0x13dd: 0x7ce9,
1513 0x13de: 0x7d11, 0x13df: 0x7d39, 0x13e0: 0x8f11, 0x13e1: 0x7db1, 0x13e2: 0x7dd9, 0x13e3: 0x7e01,
1514 0x13e4: 0x7e29, 0x13e5: 0x8f39, 0x13e6: 0x7ec9, 0x13e7: 0x7f41, 0x13e8: 0x7f69, 0x13e9: 0x7f91,
1515 0x13ea: 0x7fb9, 0x13eb: 0x7fe1, 0x13ec: 0x8031, 0x13ed: 0x8059, 0x13ee: 0x8081, 0x13ef: 0x80a9,
1516 0x13f0: 0x80d1, 0x13f1: 0x80f9, 0x13f2: 0x8f61, 0x13f3: 0x8121, 0x13f4: 0x8149, 0x13f5: 0x8171,
1517 0x13f6: 0x8199, 0x13f7: 0x81c1, 0x13f8: 0x81e9, 0x13f9: 0x8239, 0x13fa: 0x8261, 0x13fb: 0x8289,
1518 0x13fc: 0x82b1, 0x13fd: 0x82d9, 0x13fe: 0x8301, 0x13ff: 0x8329,
1519 // Block 0x50, offset 0x1400
1520 0x1400: 0x8351, 0x1401: 0x8379, 0x1402: 0x83f1, 0x1403: 0x8419, 0x1404: 0x84b9, 0x1405: 0x84e1,
1521 0x1406: 0x8509, 0x1407: 0x8531, 0x1408: 0x8559, 0x1409: 0x85d1, 0x140a: 0x85f9, 0x140b: 0x8621,
1522 0x140c: 0x8649, 0x140d: 0x8f89, 0x140e: 0x86c1, 0x140f: 0x86e9, 0x1410: 0x8711, 0x1411: 0x8739,
1523 0x1412: 0x87b1, 0x1413: 0x87d9, 0x1414: 0x8801, 0x1415: 0x8829, 0x1416: 0x8fb1, 0x1417: 0x88a1,
1524 0x1418: 0x88c9, 0x1419: 0x8fd9, 0x141a: 0x8941, 0x141b: 0x8969, 0x141c: 0x8991, 0x141d: 0x89b9,
1525 0x141e: 0x9001, 0x141f: 0x7c71, 0x1420: 0x8ee9, 0x1421: 0x7d39, 0x1422: 0x8f11, 0x1423: 0x7e29,
1526 0x1424: 0x8f39, 0x1425: 0x7ec9, 0x1426: 0x9029, 0x1427: 0x80d1, 0x1428: 0x9051, 0x1429: 0x9079,
1527 0x142a: 0x90a1, 0x142b: 0x8531, 0x142c: 0x8559, 0x142d: 0x8649, 0x142e: 0x8829, 0x142f: 0x8fb1,
1528 0x1430: 0x89b9, 0x1431: 0x9001, 0x1432: 0x90c9, 0x1433: 0x9101, 0x1434: 0x9139, 0x1435: 0x9171,
1529 0x1436: 0x9199, 0x1437: 0x91c1, 0x1438: 0x91e9, 0x1439: 0x9211, 0x143a: 0x9239, 0x143b: 0x9261,
1530 0x143c: 0x9289, 0x143d: 0x92b1, 0x143e: 0x92d9, 0x143f: 0x9301,
1531 // Block 0x51, offset 0x1440
1532 0x1440: 0x9329, 0x1441: 0x9351, 0x1442: 0x9379, 0x1443: 0x93a1, 0x1444: 0x93c9, 0x1445: 0x93f1,
1533 0x1446: 0x9419, 0x1447: 0x9441, 0x1448: 0x9469, 0x1449: 0x9491, 0x144a: 0x94b9, 0x144b: 0x94e1,
1534 0x144c: 0x9079, 0x144d: 0x9509, 0x144e: 0x9531, 0x144f: 0x9559, 0x1450: 0x9581, 0x1451: 0x9171,
1535 0x1452: 0x9199, 0x1453: 0x91c1, 0x1454: 0x91e9, 0x1455: 0x9211, 0x1456: 0x9239, 0x1457: 0x9261,
1536 0x1458: 0x9289, 0x1459: 0x92b1, 0x145a: 0x92d9, 0x145b: 0x9301, 0x145c: 0x9329, 0x145d: 0x9351,
1537 0x145e: 0x9379, 0x145f: 0x93a1, 0x1460: 0x93c9, 0x1461: 0x93f1, 0x1462: 0x9419, 0x1463: 0x9441,
1538 0x1464: 0x9469, 0x1465: 0x9491, 0x1466: 0x94b9, 0x1467: 0x94e1, 0x1468: 0x9079, 0x1469: 0x9509,
1539 0x146a: 0x9531, 0x146b: 0x9559, 0x146c: 0x9581, 0x146d: 0x9491, 0x146e: 0x94b9, 0x146f: 0x94e1,
1540 0x1470: 0x9079, 0x1471: 0x9051, 0x1472: 0x90a1, 0x1473: 0x8211, 0x1474: 0x8059, 0x1475: 0x8081,
1541 0x1476: 0x80a9, 0x1477: 0x9491, 0x1478: 0x94b9, 0x1479: 0x94e1, 0x147a: 0x8211, 0x147b: 0x8239,
1542 0x147c: 0x95a9, 0x147d: 0x95a9, 0x147e: 0x0018, 0x147f: 0x0018,
1543 // Block 0x52, offset 0x1480
1544 0x1480: 0x0040, 0x1481: 0x0040, 0x1482: 0x0040, 0x1483: 0x0040, 0x1484: 0x0040, 0x1485: 0x0040,
1545 0x1486: 0x0040, 0x1487: 0x0040, 0x1488: 0x0040, 0x1489: 0x0040, 0x148a: 0x0040, 0x148b: 0x0040,
1546 0x148c: 0x0040, 0x148d: 0x0040, 0x148e: 0x0040, 0x148f: 0x0040, 0x1490: 0x95d1, 0x1491: 0x9609,
1547 0x1492: 0x9609, 0x1493: 0x9641, 0x1494: 0x9679, 0x1495: 0x96b1, 0x1496: 0x96e9, 0x1497: 0x9721,
1548 0x1498: 0x9759, 0x1499: 0x9759, 0x149a: 0x9791, 0x149b: 0x97c9, 0x149c: 0x9801, 0x149d: 0x9839,
1549 0x149e: 0x9871, 0x149f: 0x98a9, 0x14a0: 0x98a9, 0x14a1: 0x98e1, 0x14a2: 0x9919, 0x14a3: 0x9919,
1550 0x14a4: 0x9951, 0x14a5: 0x9951, 0x14a6: 0x9989, 0x14a7: 0x99c1, 0x14a8: 0x99c1, 0x14a9: 0x99f9,
1551 0x14aa: 0x9a31, 0x14ab: 0x9a31, 0x14ac: 0x9a69, 0x14ad: 0x9a69, 0x14ae: 0x9aa1, 0x14af: 0x9ad9,
1552 0x14b0: 0x9ad9, 0x14b1: 0x9b11, 0x14b2: 0x9b11, 0x14b3: 0x9b49, 0x14b4: 0x9b81, 0x14b5: 0x9bb9,
1553 0x14b6: 0x9bf1, 0x14b7: 0x9bf1, 0x14b8: 0x9c29, 0x14b9: 0x9c61, 0x14ba: 0x9c99, 0x14bb: 0x9cd1,
1554 0x14bc: 0x9d09, 0x14bd: 0x9d09, 0x14be: 0x9d41, 0x14bf: 0x9d79,
1555 // Block 0x53, offset 0x14c0
1556 0x14c0: 0xa949, 0x14c1: 0xa981, 0x14c2: 0xa9b9, 0x14c3: 0xa8a1, 0x14c4: 0x9bb9, 0x14c5: 0x9989,
1557 0x14c6: 0xa9f1, 0x14c7: 0xaa29, 0x14c8: 0x0040, 0x14c9: 0x0040, 0x14ca: 0x0040, 0x14cb: 0x0040,
1558 0x14cc: 0x0040, 0x14cd: 0x0040, 0x14ce: 0x0040, 0x14cf: 0x0040, 0x14d0: 0x0040, 0x14d1: 0x0040,
1559 0x14d2: 0x0040, 0x14d3: 0x0040, 0x14d4: 0x0040, 0x14d5: 0x0040, 0x14d6: 0x0040, 0x14d7: 0x0040,
1560 0x14d8: 0x0040, 0x14d9: 0x0040, 0x14da: 0x0040, 0x14db: 0x0040, 0x14dc: 0x0040, 0x14dd: 0x0040,
1561 0x14de: 0x0040, 0x14df: 0x0040, 0x14e0: 0x0040, 0x14e1: 0x0040, 0x14e2: 0x0040, 0x14e3: 0x0040,
1562 0x14e4: 0x0040, 0x14e5: 0x0040, 0x14e6: 0x0040, 0x14e7: 0x0040, 0x14e8: 0x0040, 0x14e9: 0x0040,
1563 0x14ea: 0x0040, 0x14eb: 0x0040, 0x14ec: 0x0040, 0x14ed: 0x0040, 0x14ee: 0x0040, 0x14ef: 0x0040,
1564 0x14f0: 0xaa61, 0x14f1: 0xaa99, 0x14f2: 0xaad1, 0x14f3: 0xab19, 0x14f4: 0xab61, 0x14f5: 0xaba9,
1565 0x14f6: 0xabf1, 0x14f7: 0xac39, 0x14f8: 0xac81, 0x14f9: 0xacc9, 0x14fa: 0xad02, 0x14fb: 0xae12,
1566 0x14fc: 0xae91, 0x14fd: 0x0018, 0x14fe: 0x0040, 0x14ff: 0x0040,
1567 // Block 0x54, offset 0x1500
1568 0x1500: 0x33c0, 0x1501: 0x33c0, 0x1502: 0x33c0, 0x1503: 0x33c0, 0x1504: 0x33c0, 0x1505: 0x33c0,
1569 0x1506: 0x33c0, 0x1507: 0x33c0, 0x1508: 0x33c0, 0x1509: 0x33c0, 0x150a: 0x33c0, 0x150b: 0x33c0,
1570 0x150c: 0x33c0, 0x150d: 0x33c0, 0x150e: 0x33c0, 0x150f: 0x33c0, 0x1510: 0xaeda, 0x1511: 0x7d55,
1571 0x1512: 0x0040, 0x1513: 0xaeea, 0x1514: 0x03c2, 0x1515: 0xaefa, 0x1516: 0xaf0a, 0x1517: 0x7d75,
1572 0x1518: 0x7d95, 0x1519: 0x0040, 0x151a: 0x0040, 0x151b: 0x0040, 0x151c: 0x0040, 0x151d: 0x0040,
1573 0x151e: 0x0040, 0x151f: 0x0040, 0x1520: 0x3308, 0x1521: 0x3308, 0x1522: 0x3308, 0x1523: 0x3308,
1574 0x1524: 0x3308, 0x1525: 0x3308, 0x1526: 0x3308, 0x1527: 0x3308, 0x1528: 0x3308, 0x1529: 0x3308,
1575 0x152a: 0x3308, 0x152b: 0x3308, 0x152c: 0x3308, 0x152d: 0x3308, 0x152e: 0x3308, 0x152f: 0x3308,
1576 0x1530: 0x0040, 0x1531: 0x7db5, 0x1532: 0x7dd5, 0x1533: 0xaf1a, 0x1534: 0xaf1a, 0x1535: 0x1fd2,
1577 0x1536: 0x1fe2, 0x1537: 0xaf2a, 0x1538: 0xaf3a, 0x1539: 0x7df5, 0x153a: 0x7e15, 0x153b: 0x7e35,
1578 0x153c: 0x7df5, 0x153d: 0x7e55, 0x153e: 0x7e75, 0x153f: 0x7e55,
1579 // Block 0x55, offset 0x1540
1580 0x1540: 0x7e95, 0x1541: 0x7eb5, 0x1542: 0x7ed5, 0x1543: 0x7eb5, 0x1544: 0x7ef5, 0x1545: 0x0018,
1581 0x1546: 0x0018, 0x1547: 0xaf4a, 0x1548: 0xaf5a, 0x1549: 0x7f16, 0x154a: 0x7f36, 0x154b: 0x7f56,
1582 0x154c: 0x7f76, 0x154d: 0xaf1a, 0x154e: 0xaf1a, 0x154f: 0xaf1a, 0x1550: 0xaeda, 0x1551: 0x7f95,
1583 0x1552: 0x0040, 0x1553: 0x0040, 0x1554: 0x03c2, 0x1555: 0xaeea, 0x1556: 0xaf0a, 0x1557: 0xaefa,
1584 0x1558: 0x7fb5, 0x1559: 0x1fd2, 0x155a: 0x1fe2, 0x155b: 0xaf2a, 0x155c: 0xaf3a, 0x155d: 0x7e95,
1585 0x155e: 0x7ef5, 0x155f: 0xaf6a, 0x1560: 0xaf7a, 0x1561: 0xaf8a, 0x1562: 0x1fb2, 0x1563: 0xaf99,
1586 0x1564: 0xafaa, 0x1565: 0xafba, 0x1566: 0x1fc2, 0x1567: 0x0040, 0x1568: 0xafca, 0x1569: 0xafda,
1587 0x156a: 0xafea, 0x156b: 0xaffa, 0x156c: 0x0040, 0x156d: 0x0040, 0x156e: 0x0040, 0x156f: 0x0040,
1588 0x1570: 0x7fd6, 0x1571: 0xb009, 0x1572: 0x7ff6, 0x1573: 0x0808, 0x1574: 0x8016, 0x1575: 0x0040,
1589 0x1576: 0x8036, 0x1577: 0xb031, 0x1578: 0x8056, 0x1579: 0xb059, 0x157a: 0x8076, 0x157b: 0xb081,
1590 0x157c: 0x8096, 0x157d: 0xb0a9, 0x157e: 0x80b6, 0x157f: 0xb0d1,
1591 // Block 0x56, offset 0x1580
1592 0x1580: 0xb0f9, 0x1581: 0xb111, 0x1582: 0xb111, 0x1583: 0xb129, 0x1584: 0xb129, 0x1585: 0xb141,
1593 0x1586: 0xb141, 0x1587: 0xb159, 0x1588: 0xb159, 0x1589: 0xb171, 0x158a: 0xb171, 0x158b: 0xb171,
1594 0x158c: 0xb171, 0x158d: 0xb189, 0x158e: 0xb189, 0x158f: 0xb1a1, 0x1590: 0xb1a1, 0x1591: 0xb1a1,
1595 0x1592: 0xb1a1, 0x1593: 0xb1b9, 0x1594: 0xb1b9, 0x1595: 0xb1d1, 0x1596: 0xb1d1, 0x1597: 0xb1d1,
1596 0x1598: 0xb1d1, 0x1599: 0xb1e9, 0x159a: 0xb1e9, 0x159b: 0xb1e9, 0x159c: 0xb1e9, 0x159d: 0xb201,
1597 0x159e: 0xb201, 0x159f: 0xb201, 0x15a0: 0xb201, 0x15a1: 0xb219, 0x15a2: 0xb219, 0x15a3: 0xb219,
1598 0x15a4: 0xb219, 0x15a5: 0xb231, 0x15a6: 0xb231, 0x15a7: 0xb231, 0x15a8: 0xb231, 0x15a9: 0xb249,
1599 0x15aa: 0xb249, 0x15ab: 0xb261, 0x15ac: 0xb261, 0x15ad: 0xb279, 0x15ae: 0xb279, 0x15af: 0xb291,
1600 0x15b0: 0xb291, 0x15b1: 0xb2a9, 0x15b2: 0xb2a9, 0x15b3: 0xb2a9, 0x15b4: 0xb2a9, 0x15b5: 0xb2c1,
1601 0x15b6: 0xb2c1, 0x15b7: 0xb2c1, 0x15b8: 0xb2c1, 0x15b9: 0xb2d9, 0x15ba: 0xb2d9, 0x15bb: 0xb2d9,
1602 0x15bc: 0xb2d9, 0x15bd: 0xb2f1, 0x15be: 0xb2f1, 0x15bf: 0xb2f1,
1603 // Block 0x57, offset 0x15c0
1604 0x15c0: 0xb2f1, 0x15c1: 0xb309, 0x15c2: 0xb309, 0x15c3: 0xb309, 0x15c4: 0xb309, 0x15c5: 0xb321,
1605 0x15c6: 0xb321, 0x15c7: 0xb321, 0x15c8: 0xb321, 0x15c9: 0xb339, 0x15ca: 0xb339, 0x15cb: 0xb339,
1606 0x15cc: 0xb339, 0x15cd: 0xb351, 0x15ce: 0xb351, 0x15cf: 0xb351, 0x15d0: 0xb351, 0x15d1: 0xb369,
1607 0x15d2: 0xb369, 0x15d3: 0xb369, 0x15d4: 0xb369, 0x15d5: 0xb381, 0x15d6: 0xb381, 0x15d7: 0xb381,
1608 0x15d8: 0xb381, 0x15d9: 0xb399, 0x15da: 0xb399, 0x15db: 0xb399, 0x15dc: 0xb399, 0x15dd: 0xb3b1,
1609 0x15de: 0xb3b1, 0x15df: 0xb3b1, 0x15e0: 0xb3b1, 0x15e1: 0xb3c9, 0x15e2: 0xb3c9, 0x15e3: 0xb3c9,
1610 0x15e4: 0xb3c9, 0x15e5: 0xb3e1, 0x15e6: 0xb3e1, 0x15e7: 0xb3e1, 0x15e8: 0xb3e1, 0x15e9: 0xb3f9,
1611 0x15ea: 0xb3f9, 0x15eb: 0xb3f9, 0x15ec: 0xb3f9, 0x15ed: 0xb411, 0x15ee: 0xb411, 0x15ef: 0x7ab1,
1612 0x15f0: 0x7ab1, 0x15f1: 0xb429, 0x15f2: 0xb429, 0x15f3: 0xb429, 0x15f4: 0xb429, 0x15f5: 0xb441,
1613 0x15f6: 0xb441, 0x15f7: 0xb469, 0x15f8: 0xb469, 0x15f9: 0xb491, 0x15fa: 0xb491, 0x15fb: 0xb4b9,
1614 0x15fc: 0xb4b9, 0x15fd: 0x0040, 0x15fe: 0x0040, 0x15ff: 0x03c0,
1615 // Block 0x58, offset 0x1600
1616 0x1600: 0x0040, 0x1601: 0xaefa, 0x1602: 0xb4e2, 0x1603: 0xaf6a, 0x1604: 0xafda, 0x1605: 0xafea,
1617 0x1606: 0xaf7a, 0x1607: 0xb4f2, 0x1608: 0x1fd2, 0x1609: 0x1fe2, 0x160a: 0xaf8a, 0x160b: 0x1fb2,
1618 0x160c: 0xaeda, 0x160d: 0xaf99, 0x160e: 0x29d1, 0x160f: 0xb502, 0x1610: 0x1f41, 0x1611: 0x00c9,
1619 0x1612: 0x0069, 0x1613: 0x0079, 0x1614: 0x1f51, 0x1615: 0x1f61, 0x1616: 0x1f71, 0x1617: 0x1f81,
1620 0x1618: 0x1f91, 0x1619: 0x1fa1, 0x161a: 0xaeea, 0x161b: 0x03c2, 0x161c: 0xafaa, 0x161d: 0x1fc2,
1621 0x161e: 0xafba, 0x161f: 0xaf0a, 0x1620: 0xaffa, 0x1621: 0x0039, 0x1622: 0x0ee9, 0x1623: 0x1159,
1622 0x1624: 0x0ef9, 0x1625: 0x0f09, 0x1626: 0x1199, 0x1627: 0x0f31, 0x1628: 0x0249, 0x1629: 0x0f41,
1623 0x162a: 0x0259, 0x162b: 0x0f51, 0x162c: 0x0359, 0x162d: 0x0f61, 0x162e: 0x0f71, 0x162f: 0x00d9,
1624 0x1630: 0x0f99, 0x1631: 0x2039, 0x1632: 0x0269, 0x1633: 0x01d9, 0x1634: 0x0fa9, 0x1635: 0x0fb9,
1625 0x1636: 0x1089, 0x1637: 0x0279, 0x1638: 0x0369, 0x1639: 0x0289, 0x163a: 0x13d1, 0x163b: 0xaf4a,
1626 0x163c: 0xafca, 0x163d: 0xaf5a, 0x163e: 0xb512, 0x163f: 0xaf1a,
1627 // Block 0x59, offset 0x1640
1628 0x1640: 0x1caa, 0x1641: 0x0039, 0x1642: 0x0ee9, 0x1643: 0x1159, 0x1644: 0x0ef9, 0x1645: 0x0f09,
1629 0x1646: 0x1199, 0x1647: 0x0f31, 0x1648: 0x0249, 0x1649: 0x0f41, 0x164a: 0x0259, 0x164b: 0x0f51,
1630 0x164c: 0x0359, 0x164d: 0x0f61, 0x164e: 0x0f71, 0x164f: 0x00d9, 0x1650: 0x0f99, 0x1651: 0x2039,
1631 0x1652: 0x0269, 0x1653: 0x01d9, 0x1654: 0x0fa9, 0x1655: 0x0fb9, 0x1656: 0x1089, 0x1657: 0x0279,
1632 0x1658: 0x0369, 0x1659: 0x0289, 0x165a: 0x13d1, 0x165b: 0xaf2a, 0x165c: 0xb522, 0x165d: 0xaf3a,
1633 0x165e: 0xb532, 0x165f: 0x80d5, 0x1660: 0x80f5, 0x1661: 0x29d1, 0x1662: 0x8115, 0x1663: 0x8115,
1634 0x1664: 0x8135, 0x1665: 0x8155, 0x1666: 0x8175, 0x1667: 0x8195, 0x1668: 0x81b5, 0x1669: 0x81d5,
1635 0x166a: 0x81f5, 0x166b: 0x8215, 0x166c: 0x8235, 0x166d: 0x8255, 0x166e: 0x8275, 0x166f: 0x8295,
1636 0x1670: 0x82b5, 0x1671: 0x82d5, 0x1672: 0x82f5, 0x1673: 0x8315, 0x1674: 0x8335, 0x1675: 0x8355,
1637 0x1676: 0x8375, 0x1677: 0x8395, 0x1678: 0x83b5, 0x1679: 0x83d5, 0x167a: 0x83f5, 0x167b: 0x8415,
1638 0x167c: 0x81b5, 0x167d: 0x8435, 0x167e: 0x8455, 0x167f: 0x8215,
1639 // Block 0x5a, offset 0x1680
1640 0x1680: 0x8475, 0x1681: 0x8495, 0x1682: 0x84b5, 0x1683: 0x84d5, 0x1684: 0x84f5, 0x1685: 0x8515,
1641 0x1686: 0x8535, 0x1687: 0x8555, 0x1688: 0x84d5, 0x1689: 0x8575, 0x168a: 0x84d5, 0x168b: 0x8595,
1642 0x168c: 0x8595, 0x168d: 0x85b5, 0x168e: 0x85b5, 0x168f: 0x85d5, 0x1690: 0x8515, 0x1691: 0x85f5,
1643 0x1692: 0x8615, 0x1693: 0x85f5, 0x1694: 0x8635, 0x1695: 0x8615, 0x1696: 0x8655, 0x1697: 0x8655,
1644 0x1698: 0x8675, 0x1699: 0x8675, 0x169a: 0x8695, 0x169b: 0x8695, 0x169c: 0x8615, 0x169d: 0x8115,
1645 0x169e: 0x86b5, 0x169f: 0x86d5, 0x16a0: 0x0040, 0x16a1: 0x86f5, 0x16a2: 0x8715, 0x16a3: 0x8735,
1646 0x16a4: 0x8755, 0x16a5: 0x8735, 0x16a6: 0x8775, 0x16a7: 0x8795, 0x16a8: 0x87b5, 0x16a9: 0x87b5,
1647 0x16aa: 0x87d5, 0x16ab: 0x87d5, 0x16ac: 0x87f5, 0x16ad: 0x87f5, 0x16ae: 0x87d5, 0x16af: 0x87d5,
1648 0x16b0: 0x8815, 0x16b1: 0x8835, 0x16b2: 0x8855, 0x16b3: 0x8875, 0x16b4: 0x8895, 0x16b5: 0x88b5,
1649 0x16b6: 0x88b5, 0x16b7: 0x88b5, 0x16b8: 0x88d5, 0x16b9: 0x88d5, 0x16ba: 0x88d5, 0x16bb: 0x88d5,
1650 0x16bc: 0x87b5, 0x16bd: 0x87b5, 0x16be: 0x87b5, 0x16bf: 0x0040,
1651 // Block 0x5b, offset 0x16c0
1652 0x16c0: 0x0040, 0x16c1: 0x0040, 0x16c2: 0x8715, 0x16c3: 0x86f5, 0x16c4: 0x88f5, 0x16c5: 0x86f5,
1653 0x16c6: 0x8715, 0x16c7: 0x86f5, 0x16c8: 0x0040, 0x16c9: 0x0040, 0x16ca: 0x8915, 0x16cb: 0x8715,
1654 0x16cc: 0x8935, 0x16cd: 0x88f5, 0x16ce: 0x8935, 0x16cf: 0x8715, 0x16d0: 0x0040, 0x16d1: 0x0040,
1655 0x16d2: 0x8955, 0x16d3: 0x8975, 0x16d4: 0x8875, 0x16d5: 0x8935, 0x16d6: 0x88f5, 0x16d7: 0x8935,
1656 0x16d8: 0x0040, 0x16d9: 0x0040, 0x16da: 0x8995, 0x16db: 0x89b5, 0x16dc: 0x8995, 0x16dd: 0x0040,
1657 0x16de: 0x0040, 0x16df: 0x0040, 0x16e0: 0xb541, 0x16e1: 0xb559, 0x16e2: 0xb571, 0x16e3: 0x89d6,
1658 0x16e4: 0xb589, 0x16e5: 0xb5a1, 0x16e6: 0x89f5, 0x16e7: 0x0040, 0x16e8: 0x8a15, 0x16e9: 0x8a35,
1659 0x16ea: 0x8a55, 0x16eb: 0x8a35, 0x16ec: 0x8a75, 0x16ed: 0x8a95, 0x16ee: 0x8ab5, 0x16ef: 0x0040,
1660 0x16f0: 0x0040, 0x16f1: 0x0040, 0x16f2: 0x0040, 0x16f3: 0x0040, 0x16f4: 0x0040, 0x16f5: 0x0040,
1661 0x16f6: 0x0040, 0x16f7: 0x0040, 0x16f8: 0x0040, 0x16f9: 0x0340, 0x16fa: 0x0340, 0x16fb: 0x0340,
1662 0x16fc: 0x0040, 0x16fd: 0x0040, 0x16fe: 0x0040, 0x16ff: 0x0040,
1663 // Block 0x5c, offset 0x1700
1664 0x1700: 0x0a08, 0x1701: 0x0a08, 0x1702: 0x0a08, 0x1703: 0x0a08, 0x1704: 0x0a08, 0x1705: 0x0c08,
1665 0x1706: 0x0808, 0x1707: 0x0c08, 0x1708: 0x0818, 0x1709: 0x0c08, 0x170a: 0x0c08, 0x170b: 0x0808,
1666 0x170c: 0x0808, 0x170d: 0x0908, 0x170e: 0x0c08, 0x170f: 0x0c08, 0x1710: 0x0c08, 0x1711: 0x0c08,
1667 0x1712: 0x0c08, 0x1713: 0x0a08, 0x1714: 0x0a08, 0x1715: 0x0a08, 0x1716: 0x0a08, 0x1717: 0x0908,
1668 0x1718: 0x0a08, 0x1719: 0x0a08, 0x171a: 0x0a08, 0x171b: 0x0a08, 0x171c: 0x0a08, 0x171d: 0x0c08,
1669 0x171e: 0x0a08, 0x171f: 0x0a08, 0x1720: 0x0a08, 0x1721: 0x0c08, 0x1722: 0x0808, 0x1723: 0x0808,
1670 0x1724: 0x0c08, 0x1725: 0x3308, 0x1726: 0x3308, 0x1727: 0x0040, 0x1728: 0x0040, 0x1729: 0x0040,
1671 0x172a: 0x0040, 0x172b: 0x0a18, 0x172c: 0x0a18, 0x172d: 0x0a18, 0x172e: 0x0a18, 0x172f: 0x0c18,
1672 0x1730: 0x0818, 0x1731: 0x0818, 0x1732: 0x0818, 0x1733: 0x0818, 0x1734: 0x0818, 0x1735: 0x0818,
1673 0x1736: 0x0818, 0x1737: 0x0040, 0x1738: 0x0040, 0x1739: 0x0040, 0x173a: 0x0040, 0x173b: 0x0040,
1674 0x173c: 0x0040, 0x173d: 0x0040, 0x173e: 0x0040, 0x173f: 0x0040,
1675 // Block 0x5d, offset 0x1740
1676 0x1740: 0x0a08, 0x1741: 0x0c08, 0x1742: 0x0a08, 0x1743: 0x0c08, 0x1744: 0x0c08, 0x1745: 0x0c08,
1677 0x1746: 0x0a08, 0x1747: 0x0a08, 0x1748: 0x0a08, 0x1749: 0x0c08, 0x174a: 0x0a08, 0x174b: 0x0a08,
1678 0x174c: 0x0c08, 0x174d: 0x0a08, 0x174e: 0x0c08, 0x174f: 0x0c08, 0x1750: 0x0a08, 0x1751: 0x0c08,
1679 0x1752: 0x0040, 0x1753: 0x0040, 0x1754: 0x0040, 0x1755: 0x0040, 0x1756: 0x0040, 0x1757: 0x0040,
1680 0x1758: 0x0040, 0x1759: 0x0818, 0x175a: 0x0818, 0x175b: 0x0818, 0x175c: 0x0818, 0x175d: 0x0040,
1681 0x175e: 0x0040, 0x175f: 0x0040, 0x1760: 0x0040, 0x1761: 0x0040, 0x1762: 0x0040, 0x1763: 0x0040,
1682 0x1764: 0x0040, 0x1765: 0x0040, 0x1766: 0x0040, 0x1767: 0x0040, 0x1768: 0x0040, 0x1769: 0x0c18,
1683 0x176a: 0x0c18, 0x176b: 0x0c18, 0x176c: 0x0c18, 0x176d: 0x0a18, 0x176e: 0x0a18, 0x176f: 0x0818,
1684 0x1770: 0x0040, 0x1771: 0x0040, 0x1772: 0x0040, 0x1773: 0x0040, 0x1774: 0x0040, 0x1775: 0x0040,
1685 0x1776: 0x0040, 0x1777: 0x0040, 0x1778: 0x0040, 0x1779: 0x0040, 0x177a: 0x0040, 0x177b: 0x0040,
1686 0x177c: 0x0040, 0x177d: 0x0040, 0x177e: 0x0040, 0x177f: 0x0040,
1687 // Block 0x5e, offset 0x1780
1688 0x1780: 0x3308, 0x1781: 0x3308, 0x1782: 0x3008, 0x1783: 0x3008, 0x1784: 0x0040, 0x1785: 0x0008,
1689 0x1786: 0x0008, 0x1787: 0x0008, 0x1788: 0x0008, 0x1789: 0x0008, 0x178a: 0x0008, 0x178b: 0x0008,
1690 0x178c: 0x0008, 0x178d: 0x0040, 0x178e: 0x0040, 0x178f: 0x0008, 0x1790: 0x0008, 0x1791: 0x0040,
1691 0x1792: 0x0040, 0x1793: 0x0008, 0x1794: 0x0008, 0x1795: 0x0008, 0x1796: 0x0008, 0x1797: 0x0008,
1692 0x1798: 0x0008, 0x1799: 0x0008, 0x179a: 0x0008, 0x179b: 0x0008, 0x179c: 0x0008, 0x179d: 0x0008,
1693 0x179e: 0x0008, 0x179f: 0x0008, 0x17a0: 0x0008, 0x17a1: 0x0008, 0x17a2: 0x0008, 0x17a3: 0x0008,
1694 0x17a4: 0x0008, 0x17a5: 0x0008, 0x17a6: 0x0008, 0x17a7: 0x0008, 0x17a8: 0x0008, 0x17a9: 0x0040,
1695 0x17aa: 0x0008, 0x17ab: 0x0008, 0x17ac: 0x0008, 0x17ad: 0x0008, 0x17ae: 0x0008, 0x17af: 0x0008,
1696 0x17b0: 0x0008, 0x17b1: 0x0040, 0x17b2: 0x0008, 0x17b3: 0x0008, 0x17b4: 0x0040, 0x17b5: 0x0008,
1697 0x17b6: 0x0008, 0x17b7: 0x0008, 0x17b8: 0x0008, 0x17b9: 0x0008, 0x17ba: 0x0040, 0x17bb: 0x0040,
1698 0x17bc: 0x3308, 0x17bd: 0x0008, 0x17be: 0x3008, 0x17bf: 0x3008,
1699 // Block 0x5f, offset 0x17c0
1700 0x17c0: 0x3308, 0x17c1: 0x3008, 0x17c2: 0x3008, 0x17c3: 0x3008, 0x17c4: 0x3008, 0x17c5: 0x0040,
1701 0x17c6: 0x0040, 0x17c7: 0x3008, 0x17c8: 0x3008, 0x17c9: 0x0040, 0x17ca: 0x0040, 0x17cb: 0x3008,
1702 0x17cc: 0x3008, 0x17cd: 0x3808, 0x17ce: 0x0040, 0x17cf: 0x0040, 0x17d0: 0x0008, 0x17d1: 0x0040,
1703 0x17d2: 0x0040, 0x17d3: 0x0040, 0x17d4: 0x0040, 0x17d5: 0x0040, 0x17d6: 0x0040, 0x17d7: 0x3008,
1704 0x17d8: 0x0040, 0x17d9: 0x0040, 0x17da: 0x0040, 0x17db: 0x0040, 0x17dc: 0x0040, 0x17dd: 0x0008,
1705 0x17de: 0x0008, 0x17df: 0x0008, 0x17e0: 0x0008, 0x17e1: 0x0008, 0x17e2: 0x3008, 0x17e3: 0x3008,
1706 0x17e4: 0x0040, 0x17e5: 0x0040, 0x17e6: 0x3308, 0x17e7: 0x3308, 0x17e8: 0x3308, 0x17e9: 0x3308,
1707 0x17ea: 0x3308, 0x17eb: 0x3308, 0x17ec: 0x3308, 0x17ed: 0x0040, 0x17ee: 0x0040, 0x17ef: 0x0040,
1708 0x17f0: 0x3308, 0x17f1: 0x3308, 0x17f2: 0x3308, 0x17f3: 0x3308, 0x17f4: 0x3308, 0x17f5: 0x0040,
1709 0x17f6: 0x0040, 0x17f7: 0x0040, 0x17f8: 0x0040, 0x17f9: 0x0040, 0x17fa: 0x0040, 0x17fb: 0x0040,
1710 0x17fc: 0x0040, 0x17fd: 0x0040, 0x17fe: 0x0040, 0x17ff: 0x0040,
1711 // Block 0x60, offset 0x1800
1712 0x1800: 0x0039, 0x1801: 0x0ee9, 0x1802: 0x1159, 0x1803: 0x0ef9, 0x1804: 0x0f09, 0x1805: 0x1199,
1713 0x1806: 0x0f31, 0x1807: 0x0249, 0x1808: 0x0f41, 0x1809: 0x0259, 0x180a: 0x0f51, 0x180b: 0x0359,
1714 0x180c: 0x0f61, 0x180d: 0x0f71, 0x180e: 0x00d9, 0x180f: 0x0f99, 0x1810: 0x2039, 0x1811: 0x0269,
1715 0x1812: 0x01d9, 0x1813: 0x0fa9, 0x1814: 0x0fb9, 0x1815: 0x1089, 0x1816: 0x0279, 0x1817: 0x0369,
1716 0x1818: 0x0289, 0x1819: 0x13d1, 0x181a: 0x0039, 0x181b: 0x0ee9, 0x181c: 0x1159, 0x181d: 0x0ef9,
1717 0x181e: 0x0f09, 0x181f: 0x1199, 0x1820: 0x0f31, 0x1821: 0x0249, 0x1822: 0x0f41, 0x1823: 0x0259,
1718 0x1824: 0x0f51, 0x1825: 0x0359, 0x1826: 0x0f61, 0x1827: 0x0f71, 0x1828: 0x00d9, 0x1829: 0x0f99,
1719 0x182a: 0x2039, 0x182b: 0x0269, 0x182c: 0x01d9, 0x182d: 0x0fa9, 0x182e: 0x0fb9, 0x182f: 0x1089,
1720 0x1830: 0x0279, 0x1831: 0x0369, 0x1832: 0x0289, 0x1833: 0x13d1, 0x1834: 0x0039, 0x1835: 0x0ee9,
1721 0x1836: 0x1159, 0x1837: 0x0ef9, 0x1838: 0x0f09, 0x1839: 0x1199, 0x183a: 0x0f31, 0x183b: 0x0249,
1722 0x183c: 0x0f41, 0x183d: 0x0259, 0x183e: 0x0f51, 0x183f: 0x0359,
1723 // Block 0x61, offset 0x1840
1724 0x1840: 0x0f61, 0x1841: 0x0f71, 0x1842: 0x00d9, 0x1843: 0x0f99, 0x1844: 0x2039, 0x1845: 0x0269,
1725 0x1846: 0x01d9, 0x1847: 0x0fa9, 0x1848: 0x0fb9, 0x1849: 0x1089, 0x184a: 0x0279, 0x184b: 0x0369,
1726 0x184c: 0x0289, 0x184d: 0x13d1, 0x184e: 0x0039, 0x184f: 0x0ee9, 0x1850: 0x1159, 0x1851: 0x0ef9,
1727 0x1852: 0x0f09, 0x1853: 0x1199, 0x1854: 0x0f31, 0x1855: 0x0040, 0x1856: 0x0f41, 0x1857: 0x0259,
1728 0x1858: 0x0f51, 0x1859: 0x0359, 0x185a: 0x0f61, 0x185b: 0x0f71, 0x185c: 0x00d9, 0x185d: 0x0f99,
1729 0x185e: 0x2039, 0x185f: 0x0269, 0x1860: 0x01d9, 0x1861: 0x0fa9, 0x1862: 0x0fb9, 0x1863: 0x1089,
1730 0x1864: 0x0279, 0x1865: 0x0369, 0x1866: 0x0289, 0x1867: 0x13d1, 0x1868: 0x0039, 0x1869: 0x0ee9,
1731 0x186a: 0x1159, 0x186b: 0x0ef9, 0x186c: 0x0f09, 0x186d: 0x1199, 0x186e: 0x0f31, 0x186f: 0x0249,
1732 0x1870: 0x0f41, 0x1871: 0x0259, 0x1872: 0x0f51, 0x1873: 0x0359, 0x1874: 0x0f61, 0x1875: 0x0f71,
1733 0x1876: 0x00d9, 0x1877: 0x0f99, 0x1878: 0x2039, 0x1879: 0x0269, 0x187a: 0x01d9, 0x187b: 0x0fa9,
1734 0x187c: 0x0fb9, 0x187d: 0x1089, 0x187e: 0x0279, 0x187f: 0x0369,
1735 // Block 0x62, offset 0x1880
1736 0x1880: 0x0289, 0x1881: 0x13d1, 0x1882: 0x0039, 0x1883: 0x0ee9, 0x1884: 0x1159, 0x1885: 0x0ef9,
1737 0x1886: 0x0f09, 0x1887: 0x1199, 0x1888: 0x0f31, 0x1889: 0x0249, 0x188a: 0x0f41, 0x188b: 0x0259,
1738 0x188c: 0x0f51, 0x188d: 0x0359, 0x188e: 0x0f61, 0x188f: 0x0f71, 0x1890: 0x00d9, 0x1891: 0x0f99,
1739 0x1892: 0x2039, 0x1893: 0x0269, 0x1894: 0x01d9, 0x1895: 0x0fa9, 0x1896: 0x0fb9, 0x1897: 0x1089,
1740 0x1898: 0x0279, 0x1899: 0x0369, 0x189a: 0x0289, 0x189b: 0x13d1, 0x189c: 0x0039, 0x189d: 0x0040,
1741 0x189e: 0x1159, 0x189f: 0x0ef9, 0x18a0: 0x0040, 0x18a1: 0x0040, 0x18a2: 0x0f31, 0x18a3: 0x0040,
1742 0x18a4: 0x0040, 0x18a5: 0x0259, 0x18a6: 0x0f51, 0x18a7: 0x0040, 0x18a8: 0x0040, 0x18a9: 0x0f71,
1743 0x18aa: 0x00d9, 0x18ab: 0x0f99, 0x18ac: 0x2039, 0x18ad: 0x0040, 0x18ae: 0x01d9, 0x18af: 0x0fa9,
1744 0x18b0: 0x0fb9, 0x18b1: 0x1089, 0x18b2: 0x0279, 0x18b3: 0x0369, 0x18b4: 0x0289, 0x18b5: 0x13d1,
1745 0x18b6: 0x0039, 0x18b7: 0x0ee9, 0x18b8: 0x1159, 0x18b9: 0x0ef9, 0x18ba: 0x0040, 0x18bb: 0x1199,
1746 0x18bc: 0x0040, 0x18bd: 0x0249, 0x18be: 0x0f41, 0x18bf: 0x0259,
1747 // Block 0x63, offset 0x18c0
1748 0x18c0: 0x0f51, 0x18c1: 0x0359, 0x18c2: 0x0f61, 0x18c3: 0x0f71, 0x18c4: 0x0040, 0x18c5: 0x0f99,
1749 0x18c6: 0x2039, 0x18c7: 0x0269, 0x18c8: 0x01d9, 0x18c9: 0x0fa9, 0x18ca: 0x0fb9, 0x18cb: 0x1089,
1750 0x18cc: 0x0279, 0x18cd: 0x0369, 0x18ce: 0x0289, 0x18cf: 0x13d1, 0x18d0: 0x0039, 0x18d1: 0x0ee9,
1751 0x18d2: 0x1159, 0x18d3: 0x0ef9, 0x18d4: 0x0f09, 0x18d5: 0x1199, 0x18d6: 0x0f31, 0x18d7: 0x0249,
1752 0x18d8: 0x0f41, 0x18d9: 0x0259, 0x18da: 0x0f51, 0x18db: 0x0359, 0x18dc: 0x0f61, 0x18dd: 0x0f71,
1753 0x18de: 0x00d9, 0x18df: 0x0f99, 0x18e0: 0x2039, 0x18e1: 0x0269, 0x18e2: 0x01d9, 0x18e3: 0x0fa9,
1754 0x18e4: 0x0fb9, 0x18e5: 0x1089, 0x18e6: 0x0279, 0x18e7: 0x0369, 0x18e8: 0x0289, 0x18e9: 0x13d1,
1755 0x18ea: 0x0039, 0x18eb: 0x0ee9, 0x18ec: 0x1159, 0x18ed: 0x0ef9, 0x18ee: 0x0f09, 0x18ef: 0x1199,
1756 0x18f0: 0x0f31, 0x18f1: 0x0249, 0x18f2: 0x0f41, 0x18f3: 0x0259, 0x18f4: 0x0f51, 0x18f5: 0x0359,
1757 0x18f6: 0x0f61, 0x18f7: 0x0f71, 0x18f8: 0x00d9, 0x18f9: 0x0f99, 0x18fa: 0x2039, 0x18fb: 0x0269,
1758 0x18fc: 0x01d9, 0x18fd: 0x0fa9, 0x18fe: 0x0fb9, 0x18ff: 0x1089,
1759 // Block 0x64, offset 0x1900
1760 0x1900: 0x0279, 0x1901: 0x0369, 0x1902: 0x0289, 0x1903: 0x13d1, 0x1904: 0x0039, 0x1905: 0x0ee9,
1761 0x1906: 0x0040, 0x1907: 0x0ef9, 0x1908: 0x0f09, 0x1909: 0x1199, 0x190a: 0x0f31, 0x190b: 0x0040,
1762 0x190c: 0x0040, 0x190d: 0x0259, 0x190e: 0x0f51, 0x190f: 0x0359, 0x1910: 0x0f61, 0x1911: 0x0f71,
1763 0x1912: 0x00d9, 0x1913: 0x0f99, 0x1914: 0x2039, 0x1915: 0x0040, 0x1916: 0x01d9, 0x1917: 0x0fa9,
1764 0x1918: 0x0fb9, 0x1919: 0x1089, 0x191a: 0x0279, 0x191b: 0x0369, 0x191c: 0x0289, 0x191d: 0x0040,
1765 0x191e: 0x0039, 0x191f: 0x0ee9, 0x1920: 0x1159, 0x1921: 0x0ef9, 0x1922: 0x0f09, 0x1923: 0x1199,
1766 0x1924: 0x0f31, 0x1925: 0x0249, 0x1926: 0x0f41, 0x1927: 0x0259, 0x1928: 0x0f51, 0x1929: 0x0359,
1767 0x192a: 0x0f61, 0x192b: 0x0f71, 0x192c: 0x00d9, 0x192d: 0x0f99, 0x192e: 0x2039, 0x192f: 0x0269,
1768 0x1930: 0x01d9, 0x1931: 0x0fa9, 0x1932: 0x0fb9, 0x1933: 0x1089, 0x1934: 0x0279, 0x1935: 0x0369,
1769 0x1936: 0x0289, 0x1937: 0x13d1, 0x1938: 0x0039, 0x1939: 0x0ee9, 0x193a: 0x0040, 0x193b: 0x0ef9,
1770 0x193c: 0x0f09, 0x193d: 0x1199, 0x193e: 0x0f31, 0x193f: 0x0040,
1771 // Block 0x65, offset 0x1940
1772 0x1940: 0x0f41, 0x1941: 0x0259, 0x1942: 0x0f51, 0x1943: 0x0359, 0x1944: 0x0f61, 0x1945: 0x0040,
1773 0x1946: 0x00d9, 0x1947: 0x0040, 0x1948: 0x0040, 0x1949: 0x0040, 0x194a: 0x01d9, 0x194b: 0x0fa9,
1774 0x194c: 0x0fb9, 0x194d: 0x1089, 0x194e: 0x0279, 0x194f: 0x0369, 0x1950: 0x0289, 0x1951: 0x0040,
1775 0x1952: 0x0039, 0x1953: 0x0ee9, 0x1954: 0x1159, 0x1955: 0x0ef9, 0x1956: 0x0f09, 0x1957: 0x1199,
1776 0x1958: 0x0f31, 0x1959: 0x0249, 0x195a: 0x0f41, 0x195b: 0x0259, 0x195c: 0x0f51, 0x195d: 0x0359,
1777 0x195e: 0x0f61, 0x195f: 0x0f71, 0x1960: 0x00d9, 0x1961: 0x0f99, 0x1962: 0x2039, 0x1963: 0x0269,
1778 0x1964: 0x01d9, 0x1965: 0x0fa9, 0x1966: 0x0fb9, 0x1967: 0x1089, 0x1968: 0x0279, 0x1969: 0x0369,
1779 0x196a: 0x0289, 0x196b: 0x13d1, 0x196c: 0x0039, 0x196d: 0x0ee9, 0x196e: 0x1159, 0x196f: 0x0ef9,
1780 0x1970: 0x0f09, 0x1971: 0x1199, 0x1972: 0x0f31, 0x1973: 0x0249, 0x1974: 0x0f41, 0x1975: 0x0259,
1781 0x1976: 0x0f51, 0x1977: 0x0359, 0x1978: 0x0f61, 0x1979: 0x0f71, 0x197a: 0x00d9, 0x197b: 0x0f99,
1782 0x197c: 0x2039, 0x197d: 0x0269, 0x197e: 0x01d9, 0x197f: 0x0fa9,
1783 // Block 0x66, offset 0x1980
1784 0x1980: 0x0fb9, 0x1981: 0x1089, 0x1982: 0x0279, 0x1983: 0x0369, 0x1984: 0x0289, 0x1985: 0x13d1,
1785 0x1986: 0x0039, 0x1987: 0x0ee9, 0x1988: 0x1159, 0x1989: 0x0ef9, 0x198a: 0x0f09, 0x198b: 0x1199,
1786 0x198c: 0x0f31, 0x198d: 0x0249, 0x198e: 0x0f41, 0x198f: 0x0259, 0x1990: 0x0f51, 0x1991: 0x0359,
1787 0x1992: 0x0f61, 0x1993: 0x0f71, 0x1994: 0x00d9, 0x1995: 0x0f99, 0x1996: 0x2039, 0x1997: 0x0269,
1788 0x1998: 0x01d9, 0x1999: 0x0fa9, 0x199a: 0x0fb9, 0x199b: 0x1089, 0x199c: 0x0279, 0x199d: 0x0369,
1789 0x199e: 0x0289, 0x199f: 0x13d1, 0x19a0: 0x0039, 0x19a1: 0x0ee9, 0x19a2: 0x1159, 0x19a3: 0x0ef9,
1790 0x19a4: 0x0f09, 0x19a5: 0x1199, 0x19a6: 0x0f31, 0x19a7: 0x0249, 0x19a8: 0x0f41, 0x19a9: 0x0259,
1791 0x19aa: 0x0f51, 0x19ab: 0x0359, 0x19ac: 0x0f61, 0x19ad: 0x0f71, 0x19ae: 0x00d9, 0x19af: 0x0f99,
1792 0x19b0: 0x2039, 0x19b1: 0x0269, 0x19b2: 0x01d9, 0x19b3: 0x0fa9, 0x19b4: 0x0fb9, 0x19b5: 0x1089,
1793 0x19b6: 0x0279, 0x19b7: 0x0369, 0x19b8: 0x0289, 0x19b9: 0x13d1, 0x19ba: 0x0039, 0x19bb: 0x0ee9,
1794 0x19bc: 0x1159, 0x19bd: 0x0ef9, 0x19be: 0x0f09, 0x19bf: 0x1199,
1795 // Block 0x67, offset 0x19c0
1796 0x19c0: 0x0f31, 0x19c1: 0x0249, 0x19c2: 0x0f41, 0x19c3: 0x0259, 0x19c4: 0x0f51, 0x19c5: 0x0359,
1797 0x19c6: 0x0f61, 0x19c7: 0x0f71, 0x19c8: 0x00d9, 0x19c9: 0x0f99, 0x19ca: 0x2039, 0x19cb: 0x0269,
1798 0x19cc: 0x01d9, 0x19cd: 0x0fa9, 0x19ce: 0x0fb9, 0x19cf: 0x1089, 0x19d0: 0x0279, 0x19d1: 0x0369,
1799 0x19d2: 0x0289, 0x19d3: 0x13d1, 0x19d4: 0x0039, 0x19d5: 0x0ee9, 0x19d6: 0x1159, 0x19d7: 0x0ef9,
1800 0x19d8: 0x0f09, 0x19d9: 0x1199, 0x19da: 0x0f31, 0x19db: 0x0249, 0x19dc: 0x0f41, 0x19dd: 0x0259,
1801 0x19de: 0x0f51, 0x19df: 0x0359, 0x19e0: 0x0f61, 0x19e1: 0x0f71, 0x19e2: 0x00d9, 0x19e3: 0x0f99,
1802 0x19e4: 0x2039, 0x19e5: 0x0269, 0x19e6: 0x01d9, 0x19e7: 0x0fa9, 0x19e8: 0x0fb9, 0x19e9: 0x1089,
1803 0x19ea: 0x0279, 0x19eb: 0x0369, 0x19ec: 0x0289, 0x19ed: 0x13d1, 0x19ee: 0x0039, 0x19ef: 0x0ee9,
1804 0x19f0: 0x1159, 0x19f1: 0x0ef9, 0x19f2: 0x0f09, 0x19f3: 0x1199, 0x19f4: 0x0f31, 0x19f5: 0x0249,
1805 0x19f6: 0x0f41, 0x19f7: 0x0259, 0x19f8: 0x0f51, 0x19f9: 0x0359, 0x19fa: 0x0f61, 0x19fb: 0x0f71,
1806 0x19fc: 0x00d9, 0x19fd: 0x0f99, 0x19fe: 0x2039, 0x19ff: 0x0269,
1807 // Block 0x68, offset 0x1a00
1808 0x1a00: 0x01d9, 0x1a01: 0x0fa9, 0x1a02: 0x0fb9, 0x1a03: 0x1089, 0x1a04: 0x0279, 0x1a05: 0x0369,
1809 0x1a06: 0x0289, 0x1a07: 0x13d1, 0x1a08: 0x0039, 0x1a09: 0x0ee9, 0x1a0a: 0x1159, 0x1a0b: 0x0ef9,
1810 0x1a0c: 0x0f09, 0x1a0d: 0x1199, 0x1a0e: 0x0f31, 0x1a0f: 0x0249, 0x1a10: 0x0f41, 0x1a11: 0x0259,
1811 0x1a12: 0x0f51, 0x1a13: 0x0359, 0x1a14: 0x0f61, 0x1a15: 0x0f71, 0x1a16: 0x00d9, 0x1a17: 0x0f99,
1812 0x1a18: 0x2039, 0x1a19: 0x0269, 0x1a1a: 0x01d9, 0x1a1b: 0x0fa9, 0x1a1c: 0x0fb9, 0x1a1d: 0x1089,
1813 0x1a1e: 0x0279, 0x1a1f: 0x0369, 0x1a20: 0x0289, 0x1a21: 0x13d1, 0x1a22: 0x0039, 0x1a23: 0x0ee9,
1814 0x1a24: 0x1159, 0x1a25: 0x0ef9, 0x1a26: 0x0f09, 0x1a27: 0x1199, 0x1a28: 0x0f31, 0x1a29: 0x0249,
1815 0x1a2a: 0x0f41, 0x1a2b: 0x0259, 0x1a2c: 0x0f51, 0x1a2d: 0x0359, 0x1a2e: 0x0f61, 0x1a2f: 0x0f71,
1816 0x1a30: 0x00d9, 0x1a31: 0x0f99, 0x1a32: 0x2039, 0x1a33: 0x0269, 0x1a34: 0x01d9, 0x1a35: 0x0fa9,
1817 0x1a36: 0x0fb9, 0x1a37: 0x1089, 0x1a38: 0x0279, 0x1a39: 0x0369, 0x1a3a: 0x0289, 0x1a3b: 0x13d1,
1818 0x1a3c: 0x0039, 0x1a3d: 0x0ee9, 0x1a3e: 0x1159, 0x1a3f: 0x0ef9,
1819 // Block 0x69, offset 0x1a40
1820 0x1a40: 0x0f09, 0x1a41: 0x1199, 0x1a42: 0x0f31, 0x1a43: 0x0249, 0x1a44: 0x0f41, 0x1a45: 0x0259,
1821 0x1a46: 0x0f51, 0x1a47: 0x0359, 0x1a48: 0x0f61, 0x1a49: 0x0f71, 0x1a4a: 0x00d9, 0x1a4b: 0x0f99,
1822 0x1a4c: 0x2039, 0x1a4d: 0x0269, 0x1a4e: 0x01d9, 0x1a4f: 0x0fa9, 0x1a50: 0x0fb9, 0x1a51: 0x1089,
1823 0x1a52: 0x0279, 0x1a53: 0x0369, 0x1a54: 0x0289, 0x1a55: 0x13d1, 0x1a56: 0x0039, 0x1a57: 0x0ee9,
1824 0x1a58: 0x1159, 0x1a59: 0x0ef9, 0x1a5a: 0x0f09, 0x1a5b: 0x1199, 0x1a5c: 0x0f31, 0x1a5d: 0x0249,
1825 0x1a5e: 0x0f41, 0x1a5f: 0x0259, 0x1a60: 0x0f51, 0x1a61: 0x0359, 0x1a62: 0x0f61, 0x1a63: 0x0f71,
1826 0x1a64: 0x00d9, 0x1a65: 0x0f99, 0x1a66: 0x2039, 0x1a67: 0x0269, 0x1a68: 0x01d9, 0x1a69: 0x0fa9,
1827 0x1a6a: 0x0fb9, 0x1a6b: 0x1089, 0x1a6c: 0x0279, 0x1a6d: 0x0369, 0x1a6e: 0x0289, 0x1a6f: 0x13d1,
1828 0x1a70: 0x0039, 0x1a71: 0x0ee9, 0x1a72: 0x1159, 0x1a73: 0x0ef9, 0x1a74: 0x0f09, 0x1a75: 0x1199,
1829 0x1a76: 0x0f31, 0x1a77: 0x0249, 0x1a78: 0x0f41, 0x1a79: 0x0259, 0x1a7a: 0x0f51, 0x1a7b: 0x0359,
1830 0x1a7c: 0x0f61, 0x1a7d: 0x0f71, 0x1a7e: 0x00d9, 0x1a7f: 0x0f99,
1831 // Block 0x6a, offset 0x1a80
1832 0x1a80: 0x2039, 0x1a81: 0x0269, 0x1a82: 0x01d9, 0x1a83: 0x0fa9, 0x1a84: 0x0fb9, 0x1a85: 0x1089,
1833 0x1a86: 0x0279, 0x1a87: 0x0369, 0x1a88: 0x0289, 0x1a89: 0x13d1, 0x1a8a: 0x0039, 0x1a8b: 0x0ee9,
1834 0x1a8c: 0x1159, 0x1a8d: 0x0ef9, 0x1a8e: 0x0f09, 0x1a8f: 0x1199, 0x1a90: 0x0f31, 0x1a91: 0x0249,
1835 0x1a92: 0x0f41, 0x1a93: 0x0259, 0x1a94: 0x0f51, 0x1a95: 0x0359, 0x1a96: 0x0f61, 0x1a97: 0x0f71,
1836 0x1a98: 0x00d9, 0x1a99: 0x0f99, 0x1a9a: 0x2039, 0x1a9b: 0x0269, 0x1a9c: 0x01d9, 0x1a9d: 0x0fa9,
1837 0x1a9e: 0x0fb9, 0x1a9f: 0x1089, 0x1aa0: 0x0279, 0x1aa1: 0x0369, 0x1aa2: 0x0289, 0x1aa3: 0x13d1,
1838 0x1aa4: 0xba81, 0x1aa5: 0xba99, 0x1aa6: 0x0040, 0x1aa7: 0x0040, 0x1aa8: 0xbab1, 0x1aa9: 0x1099,
1839 0x1aaa: 0x10b1, 0x1aab: 0x10c9, 0x1aac: 0xbac9, 0x1aad: 0xbae1, 0x1aae: 0xbaf9, 0x1aaf: 0x1429,
1840 0x1ab0: 0x1a31, 0x1ab1: 0xbb11, 0x1ab2: 0xbb29, 0x1ab3: 0xbb41, 0x1ab4: 0xbb59, 0x1ab5: 0xbb71,
1841 0x1ab6: 0xbb89, 0x1ab7: 0x2109, 0x1ab8: 0x1111, 0x1ab9: 0x1429, 0x1aba: 0xbba1, 0x1abb: 0xbbb9,
1842 0x1abc: 0xbbd1, 0x1abd: 0x10e1, 0x1abe: 0x10f9, 0x1abf: 0xbbe9,
1843 // Block 0x6b, offset 0x1ac0
1844 0x1ac0: 0x2079, 0x1ac1: 0xbc01, 0x1ac2: 0xbab1, 0x1ac3: 0x1099, 0x1ac4: 0x10b1, 0x1ac5: 0x10c9,
1845 0x1ac6: 0xbac9, 0x1ac7: 0xbae1, 0x1ac8: 0xbaf9, 0x1ac9: 0x1429, 0x1aca: 0x1a31, 0x1acb: 0xbb11,
1846 0x1acc: 0xbb29, 0x1acd: 0xbb41, 0x1ace: 0xbb59, 0x1acf: 0xbb71, 0x1ad0: 0xbb89, 0x1ad1: 0x2109,
1847 0x1ad2: 0x1111, 0x1ad3: 0xbba1, 0x1ad4: 0xbba1, 0x1ad5: 0xbbb9, 0x1ad6: 0xbbd1, 0x1ad7: 0x10e1,
1848 0x1ad8: 0x10f9, 0x1ad9: 0xbbe9, 0x1ada: 0x2079, 0x1adb: 0xbc21, 0x1adc: 0xbac9, 0x1add: 0x1429,
1849 0x1ade: 0xbb11, 0x1adf: 0x10e1, 0x1ae0: 0x1111, 0x1ae1: 0x2109, 0x1ae2: 0xbab1, 0x1ae3: 0x1099,
1850 0x1ae4: 0x10b1, 0x1ae5: 0x10c9, 0x1ae6: 0xbac9, 0x1ae7: 0xbae1, 0x1ae8: 0xbaf9, 0x1ae9: 0x1429,
1851 0x1aea: 0x1a31, 0x1aeb: 0xbb11, 0x1aec: 0xbb29, 0x1aed: 0xbb41, 0x1aee: 0xbb59, 0x1aef: 0xbb71,
1852 0x1af0: 0xbb89, 0x1af1: 0x2109, 0x1af2: 0x1111, 0x1af3: 0x1429, 0x1af4: 0xbba1, 0x1af5: 0xbbb9,
1853 0x1af6: 0xbbd1, 0x1af7: 0x10e1, 0x1af8: 0x10f9, 0x1af9: 0xbbe9, 0x1afa: 0x2079, 0x1afb: 0xbc01,
1854 0x1afc: 0xbab1, 0x1afd: 0x1099, 0x1afe: 0x10b1, 0x1aff: 0x10c9,
1855 // Block 0x6c, offset 0x1b00
1856 0x1b00: 0xbac9, 0x1b01: 0xbae1, 0x1b02: 0xbaf9, 0x1b03: 0x1429, 0x1b04: 0x1a31, 0x1b05: 0xbb11,
1857 0x1b06: 0xbb29, 0x1b07: 0xbb41, 0x1b08: 0xbb59, 0x1b09: 0xbb71, 0x1b0a: 0xbb89, 0x1b0b: 0x2109,
1858 0x1b0c: 0x1111, 0x1b0d: 0xbba1, 0x1b0e: 0xbba1, 0x1b0f: 0xbbb9, 0x1b10: 0xbbd1, 0x1b11: 0x10e1,
1859 0x1b12: 0x10f9, 0x1b13: 0xbbe9, 0x1b14: 0x2079, 0x1b15: 0xbc21, 0x1b16: 0xbac9, 0x1b17: 0x1429,
1860 0x1b18: 0xbb11, 0x1b19: 0x10e1, 0x1b1a: 0x1111, 0x1b1b: 0x2109, 0x1b1c: 0xbab1, 0x1b1d: 0x1099,
1861 0x1b1e: 0x10b1, 0x1b1f: 0x10c9, 0x1b20: 0xbac9, 0x1b21: 0xbae1, 0x1b22: 0xbaf9, 0x1b23: 0x1429,
1862 0x1b24: 0x1a31, 0x1b25: 0xbb11, 0x1b26: 0xbb29, 0x1b27: 0xbb41, 0x1b28: 0xbb59, 0x1b29: 0xbb71,
1863 0x1b2a: 0xbb89, 0x1b2b: 0x2109, 0x1b2c: 0x1111, 0x1b2d: 0x1429, 0x1b2e: 0xbba1, 0x1b2f: 0xbbb9,
1864 0x1b30: 0xbbd1, 0x1b31: 0x10e1, 0x1b32: 0x10f9, 0x1b33: 0xbbe9, 0x1b34: 0x2079, 0x1b35: 0xbc01,
1865 0x1b36: 0xbab1, 0x1b37: 0x1099, 0x1b38: 0x10b1, 0x1b39: 0x10c9, 0x1b3a: 0xbac9, 0x1b3b: 0xbae1,
1866 0x1b3c: 0xbaf9, 0x1b3d: 0x1429, 0x1b3e: 0x1a31, 0x1b3f: 0xbb11,
1867 // Block 0x6d, offset 0x1b40
1868 0x1b40: 0xbb29, 0x1b41: 0xbb41, 0x1b42: 0xbb59, 0x1b43: 0xbb71, 0x1b44: 0xbb89, 0x1b45: 0x2109,
1869 0x1b46: 0x1111, 0x1b47: 0xbba1, 0x1b48: 0xbba1, 0x1b49: 0xbbb9, 0x1b4a: 0xbbd1, 0x1b4b: 0x10e1,
1870 0x1b4c: 0x10f9, 0x1b4d: 0xbbe9, 0x1b4e: 0x2079, 0x1b4f: 0xbc21, 0x1b50: 0xbac9, 0x1b51: 0x1429,
1871 0x1b52: 0xbb11, 0x1b53: 0x10e1, 0x1b54: 0x1111, 0x1b55: 0x2109, 0x1b56: 0xbab1, 0x1b57: 0x1099,
1872 0x1b58: 0x10b1, 0x1b59: 0x10c9, 0x1b5a: 0xbac9, 0x1b5b: 0xbae1, 0x1b5c: 0xbaf9, 0x1b5d: 0x1429,
1873 0x1b5e: 0x1a31, 0x1b5f: 0xbb11, 0x1b60: 0xbb29, 0x1b61: 0xbb41, 0x1b62: 0xbb59, 0x1b63: 0xbb71,
1874 0x1b64: 0xbb89, 0x1b65: 0x2109, 0x1b66: 0x1111, 0x1b67: 0x1429, 0x1b68: 0xbba1, 0x1b69: 0xbbb9,
1875 0x1b6a: 0xbbd1, 0x1b6b: 0x10e1, 0x1b6c: 0x10f9, 0x1b6d: 0xbbe9, 0x1b6e: 0x2079, 0x1b6f: 0xbc01,
1876 0x1b70: 0xbab1, 0x1b71: 0x1099, 0x1b72: 0x10b1, 0x1b73: 0x10c9, 0x1b74: 0xbac9, 0x1b75: 0xbae1,
1877 0x1b76: 0xbaf9, 0x1b77: 0x1429, 0x1b78: 0x1a31, 0x1b79: 0xbb11, 0x1b7a: 0xbb29, 0x1b7b: 0xbb41,
1878 0x1b7c: 0xbb59, 0x1b7d: 0xbb71, 0x1b7e: 0xbb89, 0x1b7f: 0x2109,
1879 // Block 0x6e, offset 0x1b80
1880 0x1b80: 0x1111, 0x1b81: 0xbba1, 0x1b82: 0xbba1, 0x1b83: 0xbbb9, 0x1b84: 0xbbd1, 0x1b85: 0x10e1,
1881 0x1b86: 0x10f9, 0x1b87: 0xbbe9, 0x1b88: 0x2079, 0x1b89: 0xbc21, 0x1b8a: 0xbac9, 0x1b8b: 0x1429,
1882 0x1b8c: 0xbb11, 0x1b8d: 0x10e1, 0x1b8e: 0x1111, 0x1b8f: 0x2109, 0x1b90: 0xbab1, 0x1b91: 0x1099,
1883 0x1b92: 0x10b1, 0x1b93: 0x10c9, 0x1b94: 0xbac9, 0x1b95: 0xbae1, 0x1b96: 0xbaf9, 0x1b97: 0x1429,
1884 0x1b98: 0x1a31, 0x1b99: 0xbb11, 0x1b9a: 0xbb29, 0x1b9b: 0xbb41, 0x1b9c: 0xbb59, 0x1b9d: 0xbb71,
1885 0x1b9e: 0xbb89, 0x1b9f: 0x2109, 0x1ba0: 0x1111, 0x1ba1: 0x1429, 0x1ba2: 0xbba1, 0x1ba3: 0xbbb9,
1886 0x1ba4: 0xbbd1, 0x1ba5: 0x10e1, 0x1ba6: 0x10f9, 0x1ba7: 0xbbe9, 0x1ba8: 0x2079, 0x1ba9: 0xbc01,
1887 0x1baa: 0xbab1, 0x1bab: 0x1099, 0x1bac: 0x10b1, 0x1bad: 0x10c9, 0x1bae: 0xbac9, 0x1baf: 0xbae1,
1888 0x1bb0: 0xbaf9, 0x1bb1: 0x1429, 0x1bb2: 0x1a31, 0x1bb3: 0xbb11, 0x1bb4: 0xbb29, 0x1bb5: 0xbb41,
1889 0x1bb6: 0xbb59, 0x1bb7: 0xbb71, 0x1bb8: 0xbb89, 0x1bb9: 0x2109, 0x1bba: 0x1111, 0x1bbb: 0xbba1,
1890 0x1bbc: 0xbba1, 0x1bbd: 0xbbb9, 0x1bbe: 0xbbd1, 0x1bbf: 0x10e1,
1891 // Block 0x6f, offset 0x1bc0
1892 0x1bc0: 0x10f9, 0x1bc1: 0xbbe9, 0x1bc2: 0x2079, 0x1bc3: 0xbc21, 0x1bc4: 0xbac9, 0x1bc5: 0x1429,
1893 0x1bc6: 0xbb11, 0x1bc7: 0x10e1, 0x1bc8: 0x1111, 0x1bc9: 0x2109, 0x1bca: 0xbc41, 0x1bcb: 0xbc41,
1894 0x1bcc: 0x0040, 0x1bcd: 0x0040, 0x1bce: 0x1f41, 0x1bcf: 0x00c9, 0x1bd0: 0x0069, 0x1bd1: 0x0079,
1895 0x1bd2: 0x1f51, 0x1bd3: 0x1f61, 0x1bd4: 0x1f71, 0x1bd5: 0x1f81, 0x1bd6: 0x1f91, 0x1bd7: 0x1fa1,
1896 0x1bd8: 0x1f41, 0x1bd9: 0x00c9, 0x1bda: 0x0069, 0x1bdb: 0x0079, 0x1bdc: 0x1f51, 0x1bdd: 0x1f61,
1897 0x1bde: 0x1f71, 0x1bdf: 0x1f81, 0x1be0: 0x1f91, 0x1be1: 0x1fa1, 0x1be2: 0x1f41, 0x1be3: 0x00c9,
1898 0x1be4: 0x0069, 0x1be5: 0x0079, 0x1be6: 0x1f51, 0x1be7: 0x1f61, 0x1be8: 0x1f71, 0x1be9: 0x1f81,
1899 0x1bea: 0x1f91, 0x1beb: 0x1fa1, 0x1bec: 0x1f41, 0x1bed: 0x00c9, 0x1bee: 0x0069, 0x1bef: 0x0079,
1900 0x1bf0: 0x1f51, 0x1bf1: 0x1f61, 0x1bf2: 0x1f71, 0x1bf3: 0x1f81, 0x1bf4: 0x1f91, 0x1bf5: 0x1fa1,
1901 0x1bf6: 0x1f41, 0x1bf7: 0x00c9, 0x1bf8: 0x0069, 0x1bf9: 0x0079, 0x1bfa: 0x1f51, 0x1bfb: 0x1f61,
1902 0x1bfc: 0x1f71, 0x1bfd: 0x1f81, 0x1bfe: 0x1f91, 0x1bff: 0x1fa1,
1903 // Block 0x70, offset 0x1c00
1904 0x1c00: 0xe115, 0x1c01: 0xe115, 0x1c02: 0xe135, 0x1c03: 0xe135, 0x1c04: 0xe115, 0x1c05: 0xe115,
1905 0x1c06: 0xe175, 0x1c07: 0xe175, 0x1c08: 0xe115, 0x1c09: 0xe115, 0x1c0a: 0xe135, 0x1c0b: 0xe135,
1906 0x1c0c: 0xe115, 0x1c0d: 0xe115, 0x1c0e: 0xe1f5, 0x1c0f: 0xe1f5, 0x1c10: 0xe115, 0x1c11: 0xe115,
1907 0x1c12: 0xe135, 0x1c13: 0xe135, 0x1c14: 0xe115, 0x1c15: 0xe115, 0x1c16: 0xe175, 0x1c17: 0xe175,
1908 0x1c18: 0xe115, 0x1c19: 0xe115, 0x1c1a: 0xe135, 0x1c1b: 0xe135, 0x1c1c: 0xe115, 0x1c1d: 0xe115,
1909 0x1c1e: 0x8b05, 0x1c1f: 0x8b05, 0x1c20: 0x04b5, 0x1c21: 0x04b5, 0x1c22: 0x0a08, 0x1c23: 0x0a08,
1910 0x1c24: 0x0a08, 0x1c25: 0x0a08, 0x1c26: 0x0a08, 0x1c27: 0x0a08, 0x1c28: 0x0a08, 0x1c29: 0x0a08,
1911 0x1c2a: 0x0a08, 0x1c2b: 0x0a08, 0x1c2c: 0x0a08, 0x1c2d: 0x0a08, 0x1c2e: 0x0a08, 0x1c2f: 0x0a08,
1912 0x1c30: 0x0a08, 0x1c31: 0x0a08, 0x1c32: 0x0a08, 0x1c33: 0x0a08, 0x1c34: 0x0a08, 0x1c35: 0x0a08,
1913 0x1c36: 0x0a08, 0x1c37: 0x0a08, 0x1c38: 0x0a08, 0x1c39: 0x0a08, 0x1c3a: 0x0a08, 0x1c3b: 0x0a08,
1914 0x1c3c: 0x0a08, 0x1c3d: 0x0a08, 0x1c3e: 0x0a08, 0x1c3f: 0x0a08,
1915 // Block 0x71, offset 0x1c40
1916 0x1c40: 0xb189, 0x1c41: 0xb1a1, 0x1c42: 0xb201, 0x1c43: 0xb249, 0x1c44: 0x0040, 0x1c45: 0xb411,
1917 0x1c46: 0xb291, 0x1c47: 0xb219, 0x1c48: 0xb309, 0x1c49: 0xb429, 0x1c4a: 0xb399, 0x1c4b: 0xb3b1,
1918 0x1c4c: 0xb3c9, 0x1c4d: 0xb3e1, 0x1c4e: 0xb2a9, 0x1c4f: 0xb339, 0x1c50: 0xb369, 0x1c51: 0xb2d9,
1919 0x1c52: 0xb381, 0x1c53: 0xb279, 0x1c54: 0xb2c1, 0x1c55: 0xb1d1, 0x1c56: 0xb1e9, 0x1c57: 0xb231,
1920 0x1c58: 0xb261, 0x1c59: 0xb2f1, 0x1c5a: 0xb321, 0x1c5b: 0xb351, 0x1c5c: 0xbc59, 0x1c5d: 0x7949,
1921 0x1c5e: 0xbc71, 0x1c5f: 0xbc89, 0x1c60: 0x0040, 0x1c61: 0xb1a1, 0x1c62: 0xb201, 0x1c63: 0x0040,
1922 0x1c64: 0xb3f9, 0x1c65: 0x0040, 0x1c66: 0x0040, 0x1c67: 0xb219, 0x1c68: 0x0040, 0x1c69: 0xb429,
1923 0x1c6a: 0xb399, 0x1c6b: 0xb3b1, 0x1c6c: 0xb3c9, 0x1c6d: 0xb3e1, 0x1c6e: 0xb2a9, 0x1c6f: 0xb339,
1924 0x1c70: 0xb369, 0x1c71: 0xb2d9, 0x1c72: 0xb381, 0x1c73: 0x0040, 0x1c74: 0xb2c1, 0x1c75: 0xb1d1,
1925 0x1c76: 0xb1e9, 0x1c77: 0xb231, 0x1c78: 0x0040, 0x1c79: 0xb2f1, 0x1c7a: 0x0040, 0x1c7b: 0xb351,
1926 0x1c7c: 0x0040, 0x1c7d: 0x0040, 0x1c7e: 0x0040, 0x1c7f: 0x0040,
1927 // Block 0x72, offset 0x1c80
1928 0x1c80: 0x0040, 0x1c81: 0x0040, 0x1c82: 0xb201, 0x1c83: 0x0040, 0x1c84: 0x0040, 0x1c85: 0x0040,
1929 0x1c86: 0x0040, 0x1c87: 0xb219, 0x1c88: 0x0040, 0x1c89: 0xb429, 0x1c8a: 0x0040, 0x1c8b: 0xb3b1,
1930 0x1c8c: 0x0040, 0x1c8d: 0xb3e1, 0x1c8e: 0xb2a9, 0x1c8f: 0xb339, 0x1c90: 0x0040, 0x1c91: 0xb2d9,
1931 0x1c92: 0xb381, 0x1c93: 0x0040, 0x1c94: 0xb2c1, 0x1c95: 0x0040, 0x1c96: 0x0040, 0x1c97: 0xb231,
1932 0x1c98: 0x0040, 0x1c99: 0xb2f1, 0x1c9a: 0x0040, 0x1c9b: 0xb351, 0x1c9c: 0x0040, 0x1c9d: 0x7949,
1933 0x1c9e: 0x0040, 0x1c9f: 0xbc89, 0x1ca0: 0x0040, 0x1ca1: 0xb1a1, 0x1ca2: 0xb201, 0x1ca3: 0x0040,
1934 0x1ca4: 0xb3f9, 0x1ca5: 0x0040, 0x1ca6: 0x0040, 0x1ca7: 0xb219, 0x1ca8: 0xb309, 0x1ca9: 0xb429,
1935 0x1caa: 0xb399, 0x1cab: 0x0040, 0x1cac: 0xb3c9, 0x1cad: 0xb3e1, 0x1cae: 0xb2a9, 0x1caf: 0xb339,
1936 0x1cb0: 0xb369, 0x1cb1: 0xb2d9, 0x1cb2: 0xb381, 0x1cb3: 0x0040, 0x1cb4: 0xb2c1, 0x1cb5: 0xb1d1,
1937 0x1cb6: 0xb1e9, 0x1cb7: 0xb231, 0x1cb8: 0x0040, 0x1cb9: 0xb2f1, 0x1cba: 0xb321, 0x1cbb: 0xb351,
1938 0x1cbc: 0xbc59, 0x1cbd: 0x0040, 0x1cbe: 0xbc71, 0x1cbf: 0x0040,
1939 // Block 0x73, offset 0x1cc0
1940 0x1cc0: 0xb189, 0x1cc1: 0xb1a1, 0x1cc2: 0xb201, 0x1cc3: 0xb249, 0x1cc4: 0xb3f9, 0x1cc5: 0xb411,
1941 0x1cc6: 0xb291, 0x1cc7: 0xb219, 0x1cc8: 0xb309, 0x1cc9: 0xb429, 0x1cca: 0x0040, 0x1ccb: 0xb3b1,
1942 0x1ccc: 0xb3c9, 0x1ccd: 0xb3e1, 0x1cce: 0xb2a9, 0x1ccf: 0xb339, 0x1cd0: 0xb369, 0x1cd1: 0xb2d9,
1943 0x1cd2: 0xb381, 0x1cd3: 0xb279, 0x1cd4: 0xb2c1, 0x1cd5: 0xb1d1, 0x1cd6: 0xb1e9, 0x1cd7: 0xb231,
1944 0x1cd8: 0xb261, 0x1cd9: 0xb2f1, 0x1cda: 0xb321, 0x1cdb: 0xb351, 0x1cdc: 0x0040, 0x1cdd: 0x0040,
1945 0x1cde: 0x0040, 0x1cdf: 0x0040, 0x1ce0: 0x0040, 0x1ce1: 0xb1a1, 0x1ce2: 0xb201, 0x1ce3: 0xb249,
1946 0x1ce4: 0x0040, 0x1ce5: 0xb411, 0x1ce6: 0xb291, 0x1ce7: 0xb219, 0x1ce8: 0xb309, 0x1ce9: 0xb429,
1947 0x1cea: 0x0040, 0x1ceb: 0xb3b1, 0x1cec: 0xb3c9, 0x1ced: 0xb3e1, 0x1cee: 0xb2a9, 0x1cef: 0xb339,
1948 0x1cf0: 0xb369, 0x1cf1: 0xb2d9, 0x1cf2: 0xb381, 0x1cf3: 0xb279, 0x1cf4: 0xb2c1, 0x1cf5: 0xb1d1,
1949 0x1cf6: 0xb1e9, 0x1cf7: 0xb231, 0x1cf8: 0xb261, 0x1cf9: 0xb2f1, 0x1cfa: 0xb321, 0x1cfb: 0xb351,
1950 0x1cfc: 0x0040, 0x1cfd: 0x0040, 0x1cfe: 0x0040, 0x1cff: 0x0040,
1951 // Block 0x74, offset 0x1d00
1952 0x1d00: 0x0040, 0x1d01: 0xbca2, 0x1d02: 0xbcba, 0x1d03: 0xbcd2, 0x1d04: 0xbcea, 0x1d05: 0xbd02,
1953 0x1d06: 0xbd1a, 0x1d07: 0xbd32, 0x1d08: 0xbd4a, 0x1d09: 0xbd62, 0x1d0a: 0xbd7a, 0x1d0b: 0x0018,
1954 0x1d0c: 0x0018, 0x1d0d: 0x0040, 0x1d0e: 0x0040, 0x1d0f: 0x0040, 0x1d10: 0xbd92, 0x1d11: 0xbdb2,
1955 0x1d12: 0xbdd2, 0x1d13: 0xbdf2, 0x1d14: 0xbe12, 0x1d15: 0xbe32, 0x1d16: 0xbe52, 0x1d17: 0xbe72,
1956 0x1d18: 0xbe92, 0x1d19: 0xbeb2, 0x1d1a: 0xbed2, 0x1d1b: 0xbef2, 0x1d1c: 0xbf12, 0x1d1d: 0xbf32,
1957 0x1d1e: 0xbf52, 0x1d1f: 0xbf72, 0x1d20: 0xbf92, 0x1d21: 0xbfb2, 0x1d22: 0xbfd2, 0x1d23: 0xbff2,
1958 0x1d24: 0xc012, 0x1d25: 0xc032, 0x1d26: 0xc052, 0x1d27: 0xc072, 0x1d28: 0xc092, 0x1d29: 0xc0b2,
1959 0x1d2a: 0xc0d1, 0x1d2b: 0x1159, 0x1d2c: 0x0269, 0x1d2d: 0x6671, 0x1d2e: 0xc111, 0x1d2f: 0x0040,
1960 0x1d30: 0x0039, 0x1d31: 0x0ee9, 0x1d32: 0x1159, 0x1d33: 0x0ef9, 0x1d34: 0x0f09, 0x1d35: 0x1199,
1961 0x1d36: 0x0f31, 0x1d37: 0x0249, 0x1d38: 0x0f41, 0x1d39: 0x0259, 0x1d3a: 0x0f51, 0x1d3b: 0x0359,
1962 0x1d3c: 0x0f61, 0x1d3d: 0x0f71, 0x1d3e: 0x00d9, 0x1d3f: 0x0f99,
1963 // Block 0x75, offset 0x1d40
1964 0x1d40: 0x2039, 0x1d41: 0x0269, 0x1d42: 0x01d9, 0x1d43: 0x0fa9, 0x1d44: 0x0fb9, 0x1d45: 0x1089,
1965 0x1d46: 0x0279, 0x1d47: 0x0369, 0x1d48: 0x0289, 0x1d49: 0x13d1, 0x1d4a: 0xc129, 0x1d4b: 0x65b1,
1966 0x1d4c: 0xc141, 0x1d4d: 0x1441, 0x1d4e: 0xc159, 0x1d4f: 0xc179, 0x1d50: 0x0018, 0x1d51: 0x0018,
1967 0x1d52: 0x0018, 0x1d53: 0x0018, 0x1d54: 0x0018, 0x1d55: 0x0018, 0x1d56: 0x0018, 0x1d57: 0x0018,
1968 0x1d58: 0x0018, 0x1d59: 0x0018, 0x1d5a: 0x0018, 0x1d5b: 0x0018, 0x1d5c: 0x0018, 0x1d5d: 0x0018,
1969 0x1d5e: 0x0018, 0x1d5f: 0x0018, 0x1d60: 0x0018, 0x1d61: 0x0018, 0x1d62: 0x0018, 0x1d63: 0x0018,
1970 0x1d64: 0x0018, 0x1d65: 0x0018, 0x1d66: 0x0018, 0x1d67: 0x0018, 0x1d68: 0x0018, 0x1d69: 0x0018,
1971 0x1d6a: 0xc191, 0x1d6b: 0xc1a9, 0x1d6c: 0x0040, 0x1d6d: 0x0040, 0x1d6e: 0x0040, 0x1d6f: 0x0040,
1972 0x1d70: 0x0018, 0x1d71: 0x0018, 0x1d72: 0x0018, 0x1d73: 0x0018, 0x1d74: 0x0018, 0x1d75: 0x0018,
1973 0x1d76: 0x0018, 0x1d77: 0x0018, 0x1d78: 0x0018, 0x1d79: 0x0018, 0x1d7a: 0x0018, 0x1d7b: 0x0018,
1974 0x1d7c: 0x0018, 0x1d7d: 0x0018, 0x1d7e: 0x0018, 0x1d7f: 0x0018,
1975 // Block 0x76, offset 0x1d80
1976 0x1d80: 0xc1d9, 0x1d81: 0xc211, 0x1d82: 0xc249, 0x1d83: 0x0040, 0x1d84: 0x0040, 0x1d85: 0x0040,
1977 0x1d86: 0x0040, 0x1d87: 0x0040, 0x1d88: 0x0040, 0x1d89: 0x0040, 0x1d8a: 0x0040, 0x1d8b: 0x0040,
1978 0x1d8c: 0x0040, 0x1d8d: 0x0040, 0x1d8e: 0x0040, 0x1d8f: 0x0040, 0x1d90: 0xc269, 0x1d91: 0xc289,
1979 0x1d92: 0xc2a9, 0x1d93: 0xc2c9, 0x1d94: 0xc2e9, 0x1d95: 0xc309, 0x1d96: 0xc329, 0x1d97: 0xc349,
1980 0x1d98: 0xc369, 0x1d99: 0xc389, 0x1d9a: 0xc3a9, 0x1d9b: 0xc3c9, 0x1d9c: 0xc3e9, 0x1d9d: 0xc409,
1981 0x1d9e: 0xc429, 0x1d9f: 0xc449, 0x1da0: 0xc469, 0x1da1: 0xc489, 0x1da2: 0xc4a9, 0x1da3: 0xc4c9,
1982 0x1da4: 0xc4e9, 0x1da5: 0xc509, 0x1da6: 0xc529, 0x1da7: 0xc549, 0x1da8: 0xc569, 0x1da9: 0xc589,
1983 0x1daa: 0xc5a9, 0x1dab: 0xc5c9, 0x1dac: 0xc5e9, 0x1dad: 0xc609, 0x1dae: 0xc629, 0x1daf: 0xc649,
1984 0x1db0: 0xc669, 0x1db1: 0xc689, 0x1db2: 0xc6a9, 0x1db3: 0xc6c9, 0x1db4: 0xc6e9, 0x1db5: 0xc709,
1985 0x1db6: 0xc729, 0x1db7: 0xc749, 0x1db8: 0xc769, 0x1db9: 0xc789, 0x1dba: 0xc7a9, 0x1dbb: 0xc7c9,
1986 0x1dbc: 0x0040, 0x1dbd: 0x0040, 0x1dbe: 0x0040, 0x1dbf: 0x0040,
1987 // Block 0x77, offset 0x1dc0
1988 0x1dc0: 0xcaf9, 0x1dc1: 0xcb19, 0x1dc2: 0xcb39, 0x1dc3: 0x8b1d, 0x1dc4: 0xcb59, 0x1dc5: 0xcb79,
1989 0x1dc6: 0xcb99, 0x1dc7: 0xcbb9, 0x1dc8: 0xcbd9, 0x1dc9: 0xcbf9, 0x1dca: 0xcc19, 0x1dcb: 0xcc39,
1990 0x1dcc: 0xcc59, 0x1dcd: 0x8b3d, 0x1dce: 0xcc79, 0x1dcf: 0xcc99, 0x1dd0: 0xccb9, 0x1dd1: 0xccd9,
1991 0x1dd2: 0x8b5d, 0x1dd3: 0xccf9, 0x1dd4: 0xcd19, 0x1dd5: 0xc429, 0x1dd6: 0x8b7d, 0x1dd7: 0xcd39,
1992 0x1dd8: 0xcd59, 0x1dd9: 0xcd79, 0x1dda: 0xcd99, 0x1ddb: 0xcdb9, 0x1ddc: 0x8b9d, 0x1ddd: 0xcdd9,
1993 0x1dde: 0xcdf9, 0x1ddf: 0xce19, 0x1de0: 0xce39, 0x1de1: 0xce59, 0x1de2: 0xc789, 0x1de3: 0xce79,
1994 0x1de4: 0xce99, 0x1de5: 0xceb9, 0x1de6: 0xced9, 0x1de7: 0xcef9, 0x1de8: 0xcf19, 0x1de9: 0xcf39,
1995 0x1dea: 0xcf59, 0x1deb: 0xcf79, 0x1dec: 0xcf99, 0x1ded: 0xcfb9, 0x1dee: 0xcfd9, 0x1def: 0xcff9,
1996 0x1df0: 0xd019, 0x1df1: 0xd039, 0x1df2: 0xd039, 0x1df3: 0xd039, 0x1df4: 0x8bbd, 0x1df5: 0xd059,
1997 0x1df6: 0xd079, 0x1df7: 0xd099, 0x1df8: 0x8bdd, 0x1df9: 0xd0b9, 0x1dfa: 0xd0d9, 0x1dfb: 0xd0f9,
1998 0x1dfc: 0xd119, 0x1dfd: 0xd139, 0x1dfe: 0xd159, 0x1dff: 0xd179,
1999 // Block 0x78, offset 0x1e00
2000 0x1e00: 0xd199, 0x1e01: 0xd1b9, 0x1e02: 0xd1d9, 0x1e03: 0xd1f9, 0x1e04: 0xd219, 0x1e05: 0xd239,
2001 0x1e06: 0xd239, 0x1e07: 0xd259, 0x1e08: 0xd279, 0x1e09: 0xd299, 0x1e0a: 0xd2b9, 0x1e0b: 0xd2d9,
2002 0x1e0c: 0xd2f9, 0x1e0d: 0xd319, 0x1e0e: 0xd339, 0x1e0f: 0xd359, 0x1e10: 0xd379, 0x1e11: 0xd399,
2003 0x1e12: 0xd3b9, 0x1e13: 0xd3d9, 0x1e14: 0xd3f9, 0x1e15: 0xd419, 0x1e16: 0xd439, 0x1e17: 0xd459,
2004 0x1e18: 0xd479, 0x1e19: 0x8bfd, 0x1e1a: 0xd499, 0x1e1b: 0xd4b9, 0x1e1c: 0xd4d9, 0x1e1d: 0xc309,
2005 0x1e1e: 0xd4f9, 0x1e1f: 0xd519, 0x1e20: 0x8c1d, 0x1e21: 0x8c3d, 0x1e22: 0xd539, 0x1e23: 0xd559,
2006 0x1e24: 0xd579, 0x1e25: 0xd599, 0x1e26: 0xd5b9, 0x1e27: 0xd5d9, 0x1e28: 0x2040, 0x1e29: 0xd5f9,
2007 0x1e2a: 0xd619, 0x1e2b: 0xd619, 0x1e2c: 0x8c5d, 0x1e2d: 0xd639, 0x1e2e: 0xd659, 0x1e2f: 0xd679,
2008 0x1e30: 0xd699, 0x1e31: 0x8c7d, 0x1e32: 0xd6b9, 0x1e33: 0xd6d9, 0x1e34: 0x2040, 0x1e35: 0xd6f9,
2009 0x1e36: 0xd719, 0x1e37: 0xd739, 0x1e38: 0xd759, 0x1e39: 0xd779, 0x1e3a: 0xd799, 0x1e3b: 0x8c9d,
2010 0x1e3c: 0xd7b9, 0x1e3d: 0x8cbd, 0x1e3e: 0xd7d9, 0x1e3f: 0xd7f9,
2011 // Block 0x79, offset 0x1e40
2012 0x1e40: 0xd819, 0x1e41: 0xd839, 0x1e42: 0xd859, 0x1e43: 0xd879, 0x1e44: 0xd899, 0x1e45: 0xd8b9,
2013 0x1e46: 0xd8d9, 0x1e47: 0xd8f9, 0x1e48: 0xd919, 0x1e49: 0x8cdd, 0x1e4a: 0xd939, 0x1e4b: 0xd959,
2014 0x1e4c: 0xd979, 0x1e4d: 0xd999, 0x1e4e: 0xd9b9, 0x1e4f: 0x8cfd, 0x1e50: 0xd9d9, 0x1e51: 0x8d1d,
2015 0x1e52: 0x8d3d, 0x1e53: 0xd9f9, 0x1e54: 0xda19, 0x1e55: 0xda19, 0x1e56: 0xda39, 0x1e57: 0x8d5d,
2016 0x1e58: 0x8d7d, 0x1e59: 0xda59, 0x1e5a: 0xda79, 0x1e5b: 0xda99, 0x1e5c: 0xdab9, 0x1e5d: 0xdad9,
2017 0x1e5e: 0xdaf9, 0x1e5f: 0xdb19, 0x1e60: 0xdb39, 0x1e61: 0xdb59, 0x1e62: 0xdb79, 0x1e63: 0xdb99,
2018 0x1e64: 0x8d9d, 0x1e65: 0xdbb9, 0x1e66: 0xdbd9, 0x1e67: 0xdbf9, 0x1e68: 0xdc19, 0x1e69: 0xdbf9,
2019 0x1e6a: 0xdc39, 0x1e6b: 0xdc59, 0x1e6c: 0xdc79, 0x1e6d: 0xdc99, 0x1e6e: 0xdcb9, 0x1e6f: 0xdcd9,
2020 0x1e70: 0xdcf9, 0x1e71: 0xdd19, 0x1e72: 0xdd39, 0x1e73: 0xdd59, 0x1e74: 0xdd79, 0x1e75: 0xdd99,
2021 0x1e76: 0xddb9, 0x1e77: 0xddd9, 0x1e78: 0x8dbd, 0x1e79: 0xddf9, 0x1e7a: 0xde19, 0x1e7b: 0xde39,
2022 0x1e7c: 0xde59, 0x1e7d: 0xde79, 0x1e7e: 0x8ddd, 0x1e7f: 0xde99,
2023 // Block 0x7a, offset 0x1e80
2024 0x1e80: 0xe599, 0x1e81: 0xe5b9, 0x1e82: 0xe5d9, 0x1e83: 0xe5f9, 0x1e84: 0xe619, 0x1e85: 0xe639,
2025 0x1e86: 0x8efd, 0x1e87: 0xe659, 0x1e88: 0xe679, 0x1e89: 0xe699, 0x1e8a: 0xe6b9, 0x1e8b: 0xe6d9,
2026 0x1e8c: 0xe6f9, 0x1e8d: 0x8f1d, 0x1e8e: 0xe719, 0x1e8f: 0xe739, 0x1e90: 0x8f3d, 0x1e91: 0x8f5d,
2027 0x1e92: 0xe759, 0x1e93: 0xe779, 0x1e94: 0xe799, 0x1e95: 0xe7b9, 0x1e96: 0xe7d9, 0x1e97: 0xe7f9,
2028 0x1e98: 0xe819, 0x1e99: 0xe839, 0x1e9a: 0xe859, 0x1e9b: 0x8f7d, 0x1e9c: 0xe879, 0x1e9d: 0x8f9d,
2029 0x1e9e: 0xe899, 0x1e9f: 0x2040, 0x1ea0: 0xe8b9, 0x1ea1: 0xe8d9, 0x1ea2: 0xe8f9, 0x1ea3: 0x8fbd,
2030 0x1ea4: 0xe919, 0x1ea5: 0xe939, 0x1ea6: 0x8fdd, 0x1ea7: 0x8ffd, 0x1ea8: 0xe959, 0x1ea9: 0xe979,
2031 0x1eaa: 0xe999, 0x1eab: 0xe9b9, 0x1eac: 0xe9d9, 0x1ead: 0xe9d9, 0x1eae: 0xe9f9, 0x1eaf: 0xea19,
2032 0x1eb0: 0xea39, 0x1eb1: 0xea59, 0x1eb2: 0xea79, 0x1eb3: 0xea99, 0x1eb4: 0xeab9, 0x1eb5: 0x901d,
2033 0x1eb6: 0xead9, 0x1eb7: 0x903d, 0x1eb8: 0xeaf9, 0x1eb9: 0x905d, 0x1eba: 0xeb19, 0x1ebb: 0x907d,
2034 0x1ebc: 0x909d, 0x1ebd: 0x90bd, 0x1ebe: 0xeb39, 0x1ebf: 0xeb59,
2035 // Block 0x7b, offset 0x1ec0
2036 0x1ec0: 0xeb79, 0x1ec1: 0x90dd, 0x1ec2: 0x90fd, 0x1ec3: 0x911d, 0x1ec4: 0x913d, 0x1ec5: 0xeb99,
2037 0x1ec6: 0xebb9, 0x1ec7: 0xebb9, 0x1ec8: 0xebd9, 0x1ec9: 0xebf9, 0x1eca: 0xec19, 0x1ecb: 0xec39,
2038 0x1ecc: 0xec59, 0x1ecd: 0x915d, 0x1ece: 0xec79, 0x1ecf: 0xec99, 0x1ed0: 0xecb9, 0x1ed1: 0xecd9,
2039 0x1ed2: 0x917d, 0x1ed3: 0xecf9, 0x1ed4: 0x919d, 0x1ed5: 0x91bd, 0x1ed6: 0xed19, 0x1ed7: 0xed39,
2040 0x1ed8: 0xed59, 0x1ed9: 0xed79, 0x1eda: 0xed99, 0x1edb: 0xedb9, 0x1edc: 0x91dd, 0x1edd: 0x91fd,
2041 0x1ede: 0x921d, 0x1edf: 0x2040, 0x1ee0: 0xedd9, 0x1ee1: 0x923d, 0x1ee2: 0xedf9, 0x1ee3: 0xee19,
2042 0x1ee4: 0xee39, 0x1ee5: 0x925d, 0x1ee6: 0xee59, 0x1ee7: 0xee79, 0x1ee8: 0xee99, 0x1ee9: 0xeeb9,
2043 0x1eea: 0xeed9, 0x1eeb: 0x927d, 0x1eec: 0xeef9, 0x1eed: 0xef19, 0x1eee: 0xef39, 0x1eef: 0xef59,
2044 0x1ef0: 0xef79, 0x1ef1: 0xef99, 0x1ef2: 0x929d, 0x1ef3: 0x92bd, 0x1ef4: 0xefb9, 0x1ef5: 0x92dd,
2045 0x1ef6: 0xefd9, 0x1ef7: 0x92fd, 0x1ef8: 0xeff9, 0x1ef9: 0xf019, 0x1efa: 0xf039, 0x1efb: 0x931d,
2046 0x1efc: 0x933d, 0x1efd: 0xf059, 0x1efe: 0x935d, 0x1eff: 0xf079,
2047 // Block 0x7c, offset 0x1f00
2048 0x1f00: 0xf6b9, 0x1f01: 0xf6d9, 0x1f02: 0xf6f9, 0x1f03: 0xf719, 0x1f04: 0xf739, 0x1f05: 0x951d,
2049 0x1f06: 0xf759, 0x1f07: 0xf779, 0x1f08: 0xf799, 0x1f09: 0xf7b9, 0x1f0a: 0xf7d9, 0x1f0b: 0x953d,
2050 0x1f0c: 0x955d, 0x1f0d: 0xf7f9, 0x1f0e: 0xf819, 0x1f0f: 0xf839, 0x1f10: 0xf859, 0x1f11: 0xf879,
2051 0x1f12: 0xf899, 0x1f13: 0x957d, 0x1f14: 0xf8b9, 0x1f15: 0xf8d9, 0x1f16: 0xf8f9, 0x1f17: 0xf919,
2052 0x1f18: 0x959d, 0x1f19: 0x95bd, 0x1f1a: 0xf939, 0x1f1b: 0xf959, 0x1f1c: 0xf979, 0x1f1d: 0x95dd,
2053 0x1f1e: 0xf999, 0x1f1f: 0xf9b9, 0x1f20: 0x6815, 0x1f21: 0x95fd, 0x1f22: 0xf9d9, 0x1f23: 0xf9f9,
2054 0x1f24: 0xfa19, 0x1f25: 0x961d, 0x1f26: 0xfa39, 0x1f27: 0xfa59, 0x1f28: 0xfa79, 0x1f29: 0xfa99,
2055 0x1f2a: 0xfab9, 0x1f2b: 0xfad9, 0x1f2c: 0xfaf9, 0x1f2d: 0x963d, 0x1f2e: 0xfb19, 0x1f2f: 0xfb39,
2056 0x1f30: 0xfb59, 0x1f31: 0x965d, 0x1f32: 0xfb79, 0x1f33: 0xfb99, 0x1f34: 0xfbb9, 0x1f35: 0xfbd9,
2057 0x1f36: 0x7b35, 0x1f37: 0x967d, 0x1f38: 0xfbf9, 0x1f39: 0xfc19, 0x1f3a: 0xfc39, 0x1f3b: 0x969d,
2058 0x1f3c: 0xfc59, 0x1f3d: 0x96bd, 0x1f3e: 0xfc79, 0x1f3f: 0xfc79,
2059 // Block 0x7d, offset 0x1f40
2060 0x1f40: 0xfc99, 0x1f41: 0x96dd, 0x1f42: 0xfcb9, 0x1f43: 0xfcd9, 0x1f44: 0xfcf9, 0x1f45: 0xfd19,
2061 0x1f46: 0xfd39, 0x1f47: 0xfd59, 0x1f48: 0xfd79, 0x1f49: 0x96fd, 0x1f4a: 0xfd99, 0x1f4b: 0xfdb9,
2062 0x1f4c: 0xfdd9, 0x1f4d: 0xfdf9, 0x1f4e: 0xfe19, 0x1f4f: 0xfe39, 0x1f50: 0x971d, 0x1f51: 0xfe59,
2063 0x1f52: 0x973d, 0x1f53: 0x975d, 0x1f54: 0x977d, 0x1f55: 0xfe79, 0x1f56: 0xfe99, 0x1f57: 0xfeb9,
2064 0x1f58: 0xfed9, 0x1f59: 0xfef9, 0x1f5a: 0xff19, 0x1f5b: 0xff39, 0x1f5c: 0xff59, 0x1f5d: 0x979d,
2065 0x1f5e: 0x0040, 0x1f5f: 0x0040, 0x1f60: 0x0040, 0x1f61: 0x0040, 0x1f62: 0x0040, 0x1f63: 0x0040,
2066 0x1f64: 0x0040, 0x1f65: 0x0040, 0x1f66: 0x0040, 0x1f67: 0x0040, 0x1f68: 0x0040, 0x1f69: 0x0040,
2067 0x1f6a: 0x0040, 0x1f6b: 0x0040, 0x1f6c: 0x0040, 0x1f6d: 0x0040, 0x1f6e: 0x0040, 0x1f6f: 0x0040,
2068 0x1f70: 0x0040, 0x1f71: 0x0040, 0x1f72: 0x0040, 0x1f73: 0x0040, 0x1f74: 0x0040, 0x1f75: 0x0040,
2069 0x1f76: 0x0040, 0x1f77: 0x0040, 0x1f78: 0x0040, 0x1f79: 0x0040, 0x1f7a: 0x0040, 0x1f7b: 0x0040,
2070 0x1f7c: 0x0040, 0x1f7d: 0x0040, 0x1f7e: 0x0040, 0x1f7f: 0x0040,
2073// idnaIndex: 35 blocks, 2240 entries, 4480 bytes
2074// Block 0 is the zero block.
2075var idnaIndex = [2240]uint16{
2076 // Block 0x0, offset 0x0
2077 // Block 0x1, offset 0x40
2078 // Block 0x2, offset 0x80
2079 // Block 0x3, offset 0xc0
2080 0xc2: 0x01, 0xc3: 0x7c, 0xc4: 0x02, 0xc5: 0x03, 0xc6: 0x04, 0xc7: 0x05,
2081 0xc8: 0x06, 0xc9: 0x7d, 0xca: 0x7e, 0xcb: 0x07, 0xcc: 0x7f, 0xcd: 0x08, 0xce: 0x09, 0xcf: 0x0a,
2082 0xd0: 0x80, 0xd1: 0x0b, 0xd2: 0x0c, 0xd3: 0x0d, 0xd4: 0x0e, 0xd5: 0x81, 0xd6: 0x82, 0xd7: 0x83,
2083 0xd8: 0x0f, 0xd9: 0x10, 0xda: 0x84, 0xdb: 0x11, 0xdc: 0x12, 0xdd: 0x85, 0xde: 0x86, 0xdf: 0x87,
2084 0xe0: 0x02, 0xe1: 0x03, 0xe2: 0x04, 0xe3: 0x05, 0xe4: 0x06, 0xe5: 0x07, 0xe6: 0x07, 0xe7: 0x07,
2085 0xe8: 0x07, 0xe9: 0x08, 0xea: 0x09, 0xeb: 0x07, 0xec: 0x07, 0xed: 0x0a, 0xee: 0x0b, 0xef: 0x0c,
2086 0xf0: 0x1c, 0xf1: 0x1d, 0xf2: 0x1d, 0xf3: 0x1f, 0xf4: 0x20,
2087 // Block 0x4, offset 0x100
2088 0x120: 0x88, 0x121: 0x89, 0x122: 0x8a, 0x123: 0x8b, 0x124: 0x8c, 0x125: 0x13, 0x126: 0x14, 0x127: 0x15,
2089 0x128: 0x16, 0x129: 0x17, 0x12a: 0x18, 0x12b: 0x19, 0x12c: 0x1a, 0x12d: 0x1b, 0x12e: 0x1c, 0x12f: 0x8d,
2090 0x130: 0x8e, 0x131: 0x1d, 0x132: 0x1e, 0x133: 0x1f, 0x134: 0x8f, 0x135: 0x20, 0x136: 0x90, 0x137: 0x91,
2091 0x138: 0x92, 0x139: 0x93, 0x13a: 0x21, 0x13b: 0x94, 0x13c: 0x95, 0x13d: 0x22, 0x13e: 0x23, 0x13f: 0x96,
2092 // Block 0x5, offset 0x140
2093 0x140: 0x97, 0x141: 0x98, 0x142: 0x99, 0x143: 0x9a, 0x144: 0x9b, 0x145: 0x9c, 0x146: 0x9d, 0x147: 0x9e,
2094 0x148: 0x9f, 0x149: 0xa0, 0x14a: 0xa1, 0x14b: 0xa2, 0x14c: 0xa3, 0x14d: 0xa4, 0x14e: 0xa5, 0x14f: 0xa6,
2095 0x150: 0xa7, 0x151: 0x9f, 0x152: 0x9f, 0x153: 0x9f, 0x154: 0x9f, 0x155: 0x9f, 0x156: 0x9f, 0x157: 0x9f,
2096 0x158: 0x9f, 0x159: 0xa8, 0x15a: 0xa9, 0x15b: 0xaa, 0x15c: 0xab, 0x15d: 0xac, 0x15e: 0xad, 0x15f: 0xae,
2097 0x160: 0xaf, 0x161: 0xb0, 0x162: 0xb1, 0x163: 0xb2, 0x164: 0xb3, 0x165: 0xb4, 0x166: 0xb5, 0x167: 0xb6,
2098 0x168: 0xb7, 0x169: 0xb8, 0x16a: 0xb9, 0x16b: 0xba, 0x16c: 0xbb, 0x16d: 0xbc, 0x16e: 0xbd, 0x16f: 0xbe,
2099 0x170: 0xbf, 0x171: 0xc0, 0x172: 0xc1, 0x173: 0xc2, 0x174: 0x24, 0x175: 0x25, 0x176: 0x26, 0x177: 0xc3,
2100 0x178: 0x27, 0x179: 0x27, 0x17a: 0x28, 0x17b: 0x27, 0x17c: 0xc4, 0x17d: 0x29, 0x17e: 0x2a, 0x17f: 0x2b,
2101 // Block 0x6, offset 0x180
2102 0x180: 0x2c, 0x181: 0x2d, 0x182: 0x2e, 0x183: 0xc5, 0x184: 0x2f, 0x185: 0x30, 0x186: 0xc6, 0x187: 0x9b,
2103 0x188: 0xc7, 0x189: 0xc8, 0x18a: 0x9b, 0x18b: 0x9b, 0x18c: 0xc9, 0x18d: 0x9b, 0x18e: 0x9b, 0x18f: 0xca,
2104 0x190: 0xcb, 0x191: 0x31, 0x192: 0x32, 0x193: 0x33, 0x194: 0x9b, 0x195: 0x9b, 0x196: 0x9b, 0x197: 0x9b,
2105 0x198: 0x9b, 0x199: 0x9b, 0x19a: 0x9b, 0x19b: 0x9b, 0x19c: 0x9b, 0x19d: 0x9b, 0x19e: 0x9b, 0x19f: 0x9b,
2106 0x1a0: 0x9b, 0x1a1: 0x9b, 0x1a2: 0x9b, 0x1a3: 0x9b, 0x1a4: 0x9b, 0x1a5: 0x9b, 0x1a6: 0x9b, 0x1a7: 0x9b,
2107 0x1a8: 0xcc, 0x1a9: 0xcd, 0x1aa: 0x9b, 0x1ab: 0xce, 0x1ac: 0x9b, 0x1ad: 0xcf, 0x1ae: 0xd0, 0x1af: 0xd1,
2108 0x1b0: 0xd2, 0x1b1: 0x34, 0x1b2: 0x27, 0x1b3: 0x35, 0x1b4: 0xd3, 0x1b5: 0xd4, 0x1b6: 0xd5, 0x1b7: 0xd6,
2109 0x1b8: 0xd7, 0x1b9: 0xd8, 0x1ba: 0xd9, 0x1bb: 0xda, 0x1bc: 0xdb, 0x1bd: 0xdc, 0x1be: 0xdd, 0x1bf: 0x36,
2110 // Block 0x7, offset 0x1c0
2111 0x1c0: 0x37, 0x1c1: 0xde, 0x1c2: 0xdf, 0x1c3: 0xe0, 0x1c4: 0xe1, 0x1c5: 0x38, 0x1c6: 0x39, 0x1c7: 0xe2,
2112 0x1c8: 0xe3, 0x1c9: 0x3a, 0x1ca: 0x3b, 0x1cb: 0x3c, 0x1cc: 0x3d, 0x1cd: 0x3e, 0x1ce: 0x3f, 0x1cf: 0x40,
2113 0x1d0: 0x9f, 0x1d1: 0x9f, 0x1d2: 0x9f, 0x1d3: 0x9f, 0x1d4: 0x9f, 0x1d5: 0x9f, 0x1d6: 0x9f, 0x1d7: 0x9f,
2114 0x1d8: 0x9f, 0x1d9: 0x9f, 0x1da: 0x9f, 0x1db: 0x9f, 0x1dc: 0x9f, 0x1dd: 0x9f, 0x1de: 0x9f, 0x1df: 0x9f,
2115 0x1e0: 0x9f, 0x1e1: 0x9f, 0x1e2: 0x9f, 0x1e3: 0x9f, 0x1e4: 0x9f, 0x1e5: 0x9f, 0x1e6: 0x9f, 0x1e7: 0x9f,
2116 0x1e8: 0x9f, 0x1e9: 0x9f, 0x1ea: 0x9f, 0x1eb: 0x9f, 0x1ec: 0x9f, 0x1ed: 0x9f, 0x1ee: 0x9f, 0x1ef: 0x9f,
2117 0x1f0: 0x9f, 0x1f1: 0x9f, 0x1f2: 0x9f, 0x1f3: 0x9f, 0x1f4: 0x9f, 0x1f5: 0x9f, 0x1f6: 0x9f, 0x1f7: 0x9f,
2118 0x1f8: 0x9f, 0x1f9: 0x9f, 0x1fa: 0x9f, 0x1fb: 0x9f, 0x1fc: 0x9f, 0x1fd: 0x9f, 0x1fe: 0x9f, 0x1ff: 0x9f,
2119 // Block 0x8, offset 0x200
2120 0x200: 0x9f, 0x201: 0x9f, 0x202: 0x9f, 0x203: 0x9f, 0x204: 0x9f, 0x205: 0x9f, 0x206: 0x9f, 0x207: 0x9f,
2121 0x208: 0x9f, 0x209: 0x9f, 0x20a: 0x9f, 0x20b: 0x9f, 0x20c: 0x9f, 0x20d: 0x9f, 0x20e: 0x9f, 0x20f: 0x9f,
2122 0x210: 0x9f, 0x211: 0x9f, 0x212: 0x9f, 0x213: 0x9f, 0x214: 0x9f, 0x215: 0x9f, 0x216: 0x9f, 0x217: 0x9f,
2123 0x218: 0x9f, 0x219: 0x9f, 0x21a: 0x9f, 0x21b: 0x9f, 0x21c: 0x9f, 0x21d: 0x9f, 0x21e: 0x9f, 0x21f: 0x9f,
2124 0x220: 0x9f, 0x221: 0x9f, 0x222: 0x9f, 0x223: 0x9f, 0x224: 0x9f, 0x225: 0x9f, 0x226: 0x9f, 0x227: 0x9f,
2125 0x228: 0x9f, 0x229: 0x9f, 0x22a: 0x9f, 0x22b: 0x9f, 0x22c: 0x9f, 0x22d: 0x9f, 0x22e: 0x9f, 0x22f: 0x9f,
2126 0x230: 0x9f, 0x231: 0x9f, 0x232: 0x9f, 0x233: 0x9f, 0x234: 0x9f, 0x235: 0x9f, 0x236: 0xb2, 0x237: 0x9b,
2127 0x238: 0x9f, 0x239: 0x9f, 0x23a: 0x9f, 0x23b: 0x9f, 0x23c: 0x9f, 0x23d: 0x9f, 0x23e: 0x9f, 0x23f: 0x9f,
2128 // Block 0x9, offset 0x240
2129 0x240: 0x9f, 0x241: 0x9f, 0x242: 0x9f, 0x243: 0x9f, 0x244: 0x9f, 0x245: 0x9f, 0x246: 0x9f, 0x247: 0x9f,
2130 0x248: 0x9f, 0x249: 0x9f, 0x24a: 0x9f, 0x24b: 0x9f, 0x24c: 0x9f, 0x24d: 0x9f, 0x24e: 0x9f, 0x24f: 0x9f,
2131 0x250: 0x9f, 0x251: 0x9f, 0x252: 0x9f, 0x253: 0x9f, 0x254: 0x9f, 0x255: 0x9f, 0x256: 0x9f, 0x257: 0x9f,
2132 0x258: 0x9f, 0x259: 0x9f, 0x25a: 0x9f, 0x25b: 0x9f, 0x25c: 0x9f, 0x25d: 0x9f, 0x25e: 0x9f, 0x25f: 0x9f,
2133 0x260: 0x9f, 0x261: 0x9f, 0x262: 0x9f, 0x263: 0x9f, 0x264: 0x9f, 0x265: 0x9f, 0x266: 0x9f, 0x267: 0x9f,
2134 0x268: 0x9f, 0x269: 0x9f, 0x26a: 0x9f, 0x26b: 0x9f, 0x26c: 0x9f, 0x26d: 0x9f, 0x26e: 0x9f, 0x26f: 0x9f,
2135 0x270: 0x9f, 0x271: 0x9f, 0x272: 0x9f, 0x273: 0x9f, 0x274: 0x9f, 0x275: 0x9f, 0x276: 0x9f, 0x277: 0x9f,
2136 0x278: 0x9f, 0x279: 0x9f, 0x27a: 0x9f, 0x27b: 0x9f, 0x27c: 0x9f, 0x27d: 0x9f, 0x27e: 0x9f, 0x27f: 0x9f,
2137 // Block 0xa, offset 0x280
2138 0x280: 0x9f, 0x281: 0x9f, 0x282: 0x9f, 0x283: 0x9f, 0x284: 0x9f, 0x285: 0x9f, 0x286: 0x9f, 0x287: 0x9f,
2139 0x288: 0x9f, 0x289: 0x9f, 0x28a: 0x9f, 0x28b: 0x9f, 0x28c: 0x9f, 0x28d: 0x9f, 0x28e: 0x9f, 0x28f: 0x9f,
2140 0x290: 0x9f, 0x291: 0x9f, 0x292: 0x9f, 0x293: 0x9f, 0x294: 0x9f, 0x295: 0x9f, 0x296: 0x9f, 0x297: 0x9f,
2141 0x298: 0x9f, 0x299: 0x9f, 0x29a: 0x9f, 0x29b: 0x9f, 0x29c: 0x9f, 0x29d: 0x9f, 0x29e: 0x9f, 0x29f: 0x9f,
2142 0x2a0: 0x9f, 0x2a1: 0x9f, 0x2a2: 0x9f, 0x2a3: 0x9f, 0x2a4: 0x9f, 0x2a5: 0x9f, 0x2a6: 0x9f, 0x2a7: 0x9f,
2143 0x2a8: 0x9f, 0x2a9: 0x9f, 0x2aa: 0x9f, 0x2ab: 0x9f, 0x2ac: 0x9f, 0x2ad: 0x9f, 0x2ae: 0x9f, 0x2af: 0x9f,
2144 0x2b0: 0x9f, 0x2b1: 0x9f, 0x2b2: 0x9f, 0x2b3: 0x9f, 0x2b4: 0x9f, 0x2b5: 0x9f, 0x2b6: 0x9f, 0x2b7: 0x9f,
2145 0x2b8: 0x9f, 0x2b9: 0x9f, 0x2ba: 0x9f, 0x2bb: 0x9f, 0x2bc: 0x9f, 0x2bd: 0x9f, 0x2be: 0x9f, 0x2bf: 0xe4,
2146 // Block 0xb, offset 0x2c0
2147 0x2c0: 0x9f, 0x2c1: 0x9f, 0x2c2: 0x9f, 0x2c3: 0x9f, 0x2c4: 0x9f, 0x2c5: 0x9f, 0x2c6: 0x9f, 0x2c7: 0x9f,
2148 0x2c8: 0x9f, 0x2c9: 0x9f, 0x2ca: 0x9f, 0x2cb: 0x9f, 0x2cc: 0x9f, 0x2cd: 0x9f, 0x2ce: 0x9f, 0x2cf: 0x9f,
2149 0x2d0: 0x9f, 0x2d1: 0x9f, 0x2d2: 0xe5, 0x2d3: 0xe6, 0x2d4: 0x9f, 0x2d5: 0x9f, 0x2d6: 0x9f, 0x2d7: 0x9f,
2150 0x2d8: 0xe7, 0x2d9: 0x41, 0x2da: 0x42, 0x2db: 0xe8, 0x2dc: 0x43, 0x2dd: 0x44, 0x2de: 0x45, 0x2df: 0xe9,
2151 0x2e0: 0xea, 0x2e1: 0xeb, 0x2e2: 0xec, 0x2e3: 0xed, 0x2e4: 0xee, 0x2e5: 0xef, 0x2e6: 0xf0, 0x2e7: 0xf1,
2152 0x2e8: 0xf2, 0x2e9: 0xf3, 0x2ea: 0xf4, 0x2eb: 0xf5, 0x2ec: 0xf6, 0x2ed: 0xf7, 0x2ee: 0xf8, 0x2ef: 0xf9,
2153 0x2f0: 0x9f, 0x2f1: 0x9f, 0x2f2: 0x9f, 0x2f3: 0x9f, 0x2f4: 0x9f, 0x2f5: 0x9f, 0x2f6: 0x9f, 0x2f7: 0x9f,
2154 0x2f8: 0x9f, 0x2f9: 0x9f, 0x2fa: 0x9f, 0x2fb: 0x9f, 0x2fc: 0x9f, 0x2fd: 0x9f, 0x2fe: 0x9f, 0x2ff: 0x9f,
2155 // Block 0xc, offset 0x300
2156 0x300: 0x9f, 0x301: 0x9f, 0x302: 0x9f, 0x303: 0x9f, 0x304: 0x9f, 0x305: 0x9f, 0x306: 0x9f, 0x307: 0x9f,
2157 0x308: 0x9f, 0x309: 0x9f, 0x30a: 0x9f, 0x30b: 0x9f, 0x30c: 0x9f, 0x30d: 0x9f, 0x30e: 0x9f, 0x30f: 0x9f,
2158 0x310: 0x9f, 0x311: 0x9f, 0x312: 0x9f, 0x313: 0x9f, 0x314: 0x9f, 0x315: 0x9f, 0x316: 0x9f, 0x317: 0x9f,
2159 0x318: 0x9f, 0x319: 0x9f, 0x31a: 0x9f, 0x31b: 0x9f, 0x31c: 0x9f, 0x31d: 0x9f, 0x31e: 0xfa, 0x31f: 0xfb,
2160 // Block 0xd, offset 0x340
2161 0x340: 0xba, 0x341: 0xba, 0x342: 0xba, 0x343: 0xba, 0x344: 0xba, 0x345: 0xba, 0x346: 0xba, 0x347: 0xba,
2162 0x348: 0xba, 0x349: 0xba, 0x34a: 0xba, 0x34b: 0xba, 0x34c: 0xba, 0x34d: 0xba, 0x34e: 0xba, 0x34f: 0xba,
2163 0x350: 0xba, 0x351: 0xba, 0x352: 0xba, 0x353: 0xba, 0x354: 0xba, 0x355: 0xba, 0x356: 0xba, 0x357: 0xba,
2164 0x358: 0xba, 0x359: 0xba, 0x35a: 0xba, 0x35b: 0xba, 0x35c: 0xba, 0x35d: 0xba, 0x35e: 0xba, 0x35f: 0xba,
2165 0x360: 0xba, 0x361: 0xba, 0x362: 0xba, 0x363: 0xba, 0x364: 0xba, 0x365: 0xba, 0x366: 0xba, 0x367: 0xba,
2166 0x368: 0xba, 0x369: 0xba, 0x36a: 0xba, 0x36b: 0xba, 0x36c: 0xba, 0x36d: 0xba, 0x36e: 0xba, 0x36f: 0xba,
2167 0x370: 0xba, 0x371: 0xba, 0x372: 0xba, 0x373: 0xba, 0x374: 0xba, 0x375: 0xba, 0x376: 0xba, 0x377: 0xba,
2168 0x378: 0xba, 0x379: 0xba, 0x37a: 0xba, 0x37b: 0xba, 0x37c: 0xba, 0x37d: 0xba, 0x37e: 0xba, 0x37f: 0xba,
2169 // Block 0xe, offset 0x380
2170 0x380: 0xba, 0x381: 0xba, 0x382: 0xba, 0x383: 0xba, 0x384: 0xba, 0x385: 0xba, 0x386: 0xba, 0x387: 0xba,
2171 0x388: 0xba, 0x389: 0xba, 0x38a: 0xba, 0x38b: 0xba, 0x38c: 0xba, 0x38d: 0xba, 0x38e: 0xba, 0x38f: 0xba,
2172 0x390: 0xba, 0x391: 0xba, 0x392: 0xba, 0x393: 0xba, 0x394: 0xba, 0x395: 0xba, 0x396: 0xba, 0x397: 0xba,
2173 0x398: 0xba, 0x399: 0xba, 0x39a: 0xba, 0x39b: 0xba, 0x39c: 0xba, 0x39d: 0xba, 0x39e: 0xba, 0x39f: 0xba,
2174 0x3a0: 0xba, 0x3a1: 0xba, 0x3a2: 0xba, 0x3a3: 0xba, 0x3a4: 0xfc, 0x3a5: 0xfd, 0x3a6: 0xfe, 0x3a7: 0xff,
2175 0x3a8: 0x46, 0x3a9: 0x100, 0x3aa: 0x101, 0x3ab: 0x47, 0x3ac: 0x48, 0x3ad: 0x49, 0x3ae: 0x4a, 0x3af: 0x4b,
2176 0x3b0: 0x102, 0x3b1: 0x4c, 0x3b2: 0x4d, 0x3b3: 0x4e, 0x3b4: 0x4f, 0x3b5: 0x50, 0x3b6: 0x103, 0x3b7: 0x51,
2177 0x3b8: 0x52, 0x3b9: 0x53, 0x3ba: 0x54, 0x3bb: 0x55, 0x3bc: 0x56, 0x3bd: 0x57, 0x3be: 0x58, 0x3bf: 0x59,
2178 // Block 0xf, offset 0x3c0
2179 0x3c0: 0x104, 0x3c1: 0x105, 0x3c2: 0x9f, 0x3c3: 0x106, 0x3c4: 0x107, 0x3c5: 0x9b, 0x3c6: 0x108, 0x3c7: 0x109,
2180 0x3c8: 0xba, 0x3c9: 0xba, 0x3ca: 0x10a, 0x3cb: 0x10b, 0x3cc: 0x10c, 0x3cd: 0x10d, 0x3ce: 0x10e, 0x3cf: 0x10f,
2181 0x3d0: 0x110, 0x3d1: 0x9f, 0x3d2: 0x111, 0x3d3: 0x112, 0x3d4: 0x113, 0x3d5: 0x114, 0x3d6: 0xba, 0x3d7: 0xba,
2182 0x3d8: 0x9f, 0x3d9: 0x9f, 0x3da: 0x9f, 0x3db: 0x9f, 0x3dc: 0x115, 0x3dd: 0x116, 0x3de: 0xba, 0x3df: 0xba,
2183 0x3e0: 0x117, 0x3e1: 0x118, 0x3e2: 0x119, 0x3e3: 0x11a, 0x3e4: 0x11b, 0x3e5: 0xba, 0x3e6: 0x11c, 0x3e7: 0x11d,
2184 0x3e8: 0x11e, 0x3e9: 0x11f, 0x3ea: 0x120, 0x3eb: 0x5a, 0x3ec: 0x121, 0x3ed: 0x122, 0x3ee: 0x5b, 0x3ef: 0xba,
2185 0x3f0: 0x123, 0x3f1: 0x124, 0x3f2: 0x125, 0x3f3: 0x126, 0x3f4: 0xba, 0x3f5: 0xba, 0x3f6: 0xba, 0x3f7: 0xba,
2186 0x3f8: 0xba, 0x3f9: 0x127, 0x3fa: 0xba, 0x3fb: 0xba, 0x3fc: 0xba, 0x3fd: 0xba, 0x3fe: 0xba, 0x3ff: 0xba,
2187 // Block 0x10, offset 0x400
2188 0x400: 0x128, 0x401: 0x129, 0x402: 0x12a, 0x403: 0x12b, 0x404: 0x12c, 0x405: 0x12d, 0x406: 0x12e, 0x407: 0x12f,
2189 0x408: 0x130, 0x409: 0xba, 0x40a: 0x131, 0x40b: 0x132, 0x40c: 0x5c, 0x40d: 0x5d, 0x40e: 0xba, 0x40f: 0xba,
2190 0x410: 0x133, 0x411: 0x134, 0x412: 0x135, 0x413: 0x136, 0x414: 0xba, 0x415: 0xba, 0x416: 0x137, 0x417: 0x138,
2191 0x418: 0x139, 0x419: 0x13a, 0x41a: 0x13b, 0x41b: 0x13c, 0x41c: 0x13d, 0x41d: 0xba, 0x41e: 0xba, 0x41f: 0xba,
2192 0x420: 0xba, 0x421: 0xba, 0x422: 0x13e, 0x423: 0x13f, 0x424: 0xba, 0x425: 0xba, 0x426: 0xba, 0x427: 0xba,
2193 0x428: 0xba, 0x429: 0xba, 0x42a: 0xba, 0x42b: 0x140, 0x42c: 0xba, 0x42d: 0xba, 0x42e: 0xba, 0x42f: 0xba,
2194 0x430: 0x141, 0x431: 0x142, 0x432: 0x143, 0x433: 0xba, 0x434: 0xba, 0x435: 0xba, 0x436: 0xba, 0x437: 0xba,
2195 0x438: 0xba, 0x439: 0xba, 0x43a: 0xba, 0x43b: 0xba, 0x43c: 0xba, 0x43d: 0xba, 0x43e: 0xba, 0x43f: 0xba,
2196 // Block 0x11, offset 0x440
2197 0x440: 0x9f, 0x441: 0x9f, 0x442: 0x9f, 0x443: 0x9f, 0x444: 0x9f, 0x445: 0x9f, 0x446: 0x9f, 0x447: 0x9f,
2198 0x448: 0x9f, 0x449: 0x9f, 0x44a: 0x9f, 0x44b: 0x9f, 0x44c: 0x9f, 0x44d: 0x9f, 0x44e: 0x144, 0x44f: 0xba,
2199 0x450: 0x9b, 0x451: 0x145, 0x452: 0x9f, 0x453: 0x9f, 0x454: 0x9f, 0x455: 0x146, 0x456: 0xba, 0x457: 0xba,
2200 0x458: 0xba, 0x459: 0xba, 0x45a: 0xba, 0x45b: 0xba, 0x45c: 0xba, 0x45d: 0xba, 0x45e: 0xba, 0x45f: 0xba,
2201 0x460: 0xba, 0x461: 0xba, 0x462: 0xba, 0x463: 0xba, 0x464: 0xba, 0x465: 0xba, 0x466: 0xba, 0x467: 0xba,
2202 0x468: 0xba, 0x469: 0xba, 0x46a: 0xba, 0x46b: 0xba, 0x46c: 0xba, 0x46d: 0xba, 0x46e: 0xba, 0x46f: 0xba,
2203 0x470: 0xba, 0x471: 0xba, 0x472: 0xba, 0x473: 0xba, 0x474: 0xba, 0x475: 0xba, 0x476: 0xba, 0x477: 0xba,
2204 0x478: 0xba, 0x479: 0xba, 0x47a: 0xba, 0x47b: 0xba, 0x47c: 0xba, 0x47d: 0xba, 0x47e: 0xba, 0x47f: 0xba,
2205 // Block 0x12, offset 0x480
2206 0x480: 0x9f, 0x481: 0x9f, 0x482: 0x9f, 0x483: 0x9f, 0x484: 0x9f, 0x485: 0x9f, 0x486: 0x9f, 0x487: 0x9f,
2207 0x488: 0x9f, 0x489: 0x9f, 0x48a: 0x9f, 0x48b: 0x9f, 0x48c: 0x9f, 0x48d: 0x9f, 0x48e: 0x9f, 0x48f: 0x9f,
2208 0x490: 0x147, 0x491: 0xba, 0x492: 0xba, 0x493: 0xba, 0x494: 0xba, 0x495: 0xba, 0x496: 0xba, 0x497: 0xba,
2209 0x498: 0xba, 0x499: 0xba, 0x49a: 0xba, 0x49b: 0xba, 0x49c: 0xba, 0x49d: 0xba, 0x49e: 0xba, 0x49f: 0xba,
2210 0x4a0: 0xba, 0x4a1: 0xba, 0x4a2: 0xba, 0x4a3: 0xba, 0x4a4: 0xba, 0x4a5: 0xba, 0x4a6: 0xba, 0x4a7: 0xba,
2211 0x4a8: 0xba, 0x4a9: 0xba, 0x4aa: 0xba, 0x4ab: 0xba, 0x4ac: 0xba, 0x4ad: 0xba, 0x4ae: 0xba, 0x4af: 0xba,
2212 0x4b0: 0xba, 0x4b1: 0xba, 0x4b2: 0xba, 0x4b3: 0xba, 0x4b4: 0xba, 0x4b5: 0xba, 0x4b6: 0xba, 0x4b7: 0xba,
2213 0x4b8: 0xba, 0x4b9: 0xba, 0x4ba: 0xba, 0x4bb: 0xba, 0x4bc: 0xba, 0x4bd: 0xba, 0x4be: 0xba, 0x4bf: 0xba,
2214 // Block 0x13, offset 0x4c0
2215 0x4c0: 0xba, 0x4c1: 0xba, 0x4c2: 0xba, 0x4c3: 0xba, 0x4c4: 0xba, 0x4c5: 0xba, 0x4c6: 0xba, 0x4c7: 0xba,
2216 0x4c8: 0xba, 0x4c9: 0xba, 0x4ca: 0xba, 0x4cb: 0xba, 0x4cc: 0xba, 0x4cd: 0xba, 0x4ce: 0xba, 0x4cf: 0xba,
2217 0x4d0: 0x9f, 0x4d1: 0x9f, 0x4d2: 0x9f, 0x4d3: 0x9f, 0x4d4: 0x9f, 0x4d5: 0x9f, 0x4d6: 0x9f, 0x4d7: 0x9f,
2218 0x4d8: 0x9f, 0x4d9: 0x148, 0x4da: 0xba, 0x4db: 0xba, 0x4dc: 0xba, 0x4dd: 0xba, 0x4de: 0xba, 0x4df: 0xba,
2219 0x4e0: 0xba, 0x4e1: 0xba, 0x4e2: 0xba, 0x4e3: 0xba, 0x4e4: 0xba, 0x4e5: 0xba, 0x4e6: 0xba, 0x4e7: 0xba,
2220 0x4e8: 0xba, 0x4e9: 0xba, 0x4ea: 0xba, 0x4eb: 0xba, 0x4ec: 0xba, 0x4ed: 0xba, 0x4ee: 0xba, 0x4ef: 0xba,
2221 0x4f0: 0xba, 0x4f1: 0xba, 0x4f2: 0xba, 0x4f3: 0xba, 0x4f4: 0xba, 0x4f5: 0xba, 0x4f6: 0xba, 0x4f7: 0xba,
2222 0x4f8: 0xba, 0x4f9: 0xba, 0x4fa: 0xba, 0x4fb: 0xba, 0x4fc: 0xba, 0x4fd: 0xba, 0x4fe: 0xba, 0x4ff: 0xba,
2223 // Block 0x14, offset 0x500
2224 0x500: 0xba, 0x501: 0xba, 0x502: 0xba, 0x503: 0xba, 0x504: 0xba, 0x505: 0xba, 0x506: 0xba, 0x507: 0xba,
2225 0x508: 0xba, 0x509: 0xba, 0x50a: 0xba, 0x50b: 0xba, 0x50c: 0xba, 0x50d: 0xba, 0x50e: 0xba, 0x50f: 0xba,
2226 0x510: 0xba, 0x511: 0xba, 0x512: 0xba, 0x513: 0xba, 0x514: 0xba, 0x515: 0xba, 0x516: 0xba, 0x517: 0xba,
2227 0x518: 0xba, 0x519: 0xba, 0x51a: 0xba, 0x51b: 0xba, 0x51c: 0xba, 0x51d: 0xba, 0x51e: 0xba, 0x51f: 0xba,
2228 0x520: 0x9f, 0x521: 0x9f, 0x522: 0x9f, 0x523: 0x9f, 0x524: 0x9f, 0x525: 0x9f, 0x526: 0x9f, 0x527: 0x9f,
2229 0x528: 0x140, 0x529: 0x149, 0x52a: 0xba, 0x52b: 0x14a, 0x52c: 0x14b, 0x52d: 0x14c, 0x52e: 0x14d, 0x52f: 0xba,
2230 0x530: 0xba, 0x531: 0xba, 0x532: 0xba, 0x533: 0xba, 0x534: 0xba, 0x535: 0xba, 0x536: 0xba, 0x537: 0xba,
2231 0x538: 0xba, 0x539: 0xba, 0x53a: 0xba, 0x53b: 0xba, 0x53c: 0x9f, 0x53d: 0x14e, 0x53e: 0x14f, 0x53f: 0x150,
2232 // Block 0x15, offset 0x540
2233 0x540: 0x9f, 0x541: 0x9f, 0x542: 0x9f, 0x543: 0x9f, 0x544: 0x9f, 0x545: 0x9f, 0x546: 0x9f, 0x547: 0x9f,
2234 0x548: 0x9f, 0x549: 0x9f, 0x54a: 0x9f, 0x54b: 0x9f, 0x54c: 0x9f, 0x54d: 0x9f, 0x54e: 0x9f, 0x54f: 0x9f,
2235 0x550: 0x9f, 0x551: 0x9f, 0x552: 0x9f, 0x553: 0x9f, 0x554: 0x9f, 0x555: 0x9f, 0x556: 0x9f, 0x557: 0x9f,
2236 0x558: 0x9f, 0x559: 0x9f, 0x55a: 0x9f, 0x55b: 0x9f, 0x55c: 0x9f, 0x55d: 0x9f, 0x55e: 0x9f, 0x55f: 0x151,
2237 0x560: 0x9f, 0x561: 0x9f, 0x562: 0x9f, 0x563: 0x9f, 0x564: 0x9f, 0x565: 0x9f, 0x566: 0x9f, 0x567: 0x9f,
2238 0x568: 0x9f, 0x569: 0x9f, 0x56a: 0x9f, 0x56b: 0x152, 0x56c: 0xba, 0x56d: 0xba, 0x56e: 0xba, 0x56f: 0xba,
2239 0x570: 0xba, 0x571: 0xba, 0x572: 0xba, 0x573: 0xba, 0x574: 0xba, 0x575: 0xba, 0x576: 0xba, 0x577: 0xba,
2240 0x578: 0xba, 0x579: 0xba, 0x57a: 0xba, 0x57b: 0xba, 0x57c: 0xba, 0x57d: 0xba, 0x57e: 0xba, 0x57f: 0xba,
2241 // Block 0x16, offset 0x580
2242 0x580: 0x153, 0x581: 0xba, 0x582: 0xba, 0x583: 0xba, 0x584: 0xba, 0x585: 0xba, 0x586: 0xba, 0x587: 0xba,
2243 0x588: 0xba, 0x589: 0xba, 0x58a: 0xba, 0x58b: 0xba, 0x58c: 0xba, 0x58d: 0xba, 0x58e: 0xba, 0x58f: 0xba,
2244 0x590: 0xba, 0x591: 0xba, 0x592: 0xba, 0x593: 0xba, 0x594: 0xba, 0x595: 0xba, 0x596: 0xba, 0x597: 0xba,
2245 0x598: 0xba, 0x599: 0xba, 0x59a: 0xba, 0x59b: 0xba, 0x59c: 0xba, 0x59d: 0xba, 0x59e: 0xba, 0x59f: 0xba,
2246 0x5a0: 0xba, 0x5a1: 0xba, 0x5a2: 0xba, 0x5a3: 0xba, 0x5a4: 0xba, 0x5a5: 0xba, 0x5a6: 0xba, 0x5a7: 0xba,
2247 0x5a8: 0xba, 0x5a9: 0xba, 0x5aa: 0xba, 0x5ab: 0xba, 0x5ac: 0xba, 0x5ad: 0xba, 0x5ae: 0xba, 0x5af: 0xba,
2248 0x5b0: 0x9f, 0x5b1: 0x154, 0x5b2: 0x155, 0x5b3: 0xba, 0x5b4: 0xba, 0x5b5: 0xba, 0x5b6: 0xba, 0x5b7: 0xba,
2249 0x5b8: 0xba, 0x5b9: 0xba, 0x5ba: 0xba, 0x5bb: 0xba, 0x5bc: 0xba, 0x5bd: 0xba, 0x5be: 0xba, 0x5bf: 0xba,
2250 // Block 0x17, offset 0x5c0
2251 0x5c0: 0x9b, 0x5c1: 0x9b, 0x5c2: 0x9b, 0x5c3: 0x156, 0x5c4: 0x157, 0x5c5: 0x158, 0x5c6: 0x159, 0x5c7: 0x15a,
2252 0x5c8: 0x9b, 0x5c9: 0x15b, 0x5ca: 0xba, 0x5cb: 0xba, 0x5cc: 0x9b, 0x5cd: 0x15c, 0x5ce: 0xba, 0x5cf: 0xba,
2253 0x5d0: 0x5e, 0x5d1: 0x5f, 0x5d2: 0x60, 0x5d3: 0x61, 0x5d4: 0x62, 0x5d5: 0x63, 0x5d6: 0x64, 0x5d7: 0x65,
2254 0x5d8: 0x66, 0x5d9: 0x67, 0x5da: 0x68, 0x5db: 0x69, 0x5dc: 0x6a, 0x5dd: 0x6b, 0x5de: 0x6c, 0x5df: 0x6d,
2255 0x5e0: 0x9b, 0x5e1: 0x9b, 0x5e2: 0x9b, 0x5e3: 0x9b, 0x5e4: 0x9b, 0x5e5: 0x9b, 0x5e6: 0x9b, 0x5e7: 0x9b,
2256 0x5e8: 0x15d, 0x5e9: 0x15e, 0x5ea: 0x15f, 0x5eb: 0xba, 0x5ec: 0xba, 0x5ed: 0xba, 0x5ee: 0xba, 0x5ef: 0xba,
2257 0x5f0: 0xba, 0x5f1: 0xba, 0x5f2: 0xba, 0x5f3: 0xba, 0x5f4: 0xba, 0x5f5: 0xba, 0x5f6: 0xba, 0x5f7: 0xba,
2258 0x5f8: 0xba, 0x5f9: 0xba, 0x5fa: 0xba, 0x5fb: 0xba, 0x5fc: 0xba, 0x5fd: 0xba, 0x5fe: 0xba, 0x5ff: 0xba,
2259 // Block 0x18, offset 0x600
2260 0x600: 0x160, 0x601: 0xba, 0x602: 0xba, 0x603: 0xba, 0x604: 0xba, 0x605: 0xba, 0x606: 0xba, 0x607: 0xba,
2261 0x608: 0xba, 0x609: 0xba, 0x60a: 0xba, 0x60b: 0xba, 0x60c: 0xba, 0x60d: 0xba, 0x60e: 0xba, 0x60f: 0xba,
2262 0x610: 0xba, 0x611: 0xba, 0x612: 0xba, 0x613: 0xba, 0x614: 0xba, 0x615: 0xba, 0x616: 0xba, 0x617: 0xba,
2263 0x618: 0xba, 0x619: 0xba, 0x61a: 0xba, 0x61b: 0xba, 0x61c: 0xba, 0x61d: 0xba, 0x61e: 0xba, 0x61f: 0xba,
2264 0x620: 0x123, 0x621: 0x123, 0x622: 0x123, 0x623: 0x161, 0x624: 0x6e, 0x625: 0x162, 0x626: 0xba, 0x627: 0xba,
2265 0x628: 0xba, 0x629: 0xba, 0x62a: 0xba, 0x62b: 0xba, 0x62c: 0xba, 0x62d: 0xba, 0x62e: 0xba, 0x62f: 0xba,
2266 0x630: 0xba, 0x631: 0xba, 0x632: 0xba, 0x633: 0xba, 0x634: 0xba, 0x635: 0xba, 0x636: 0xba, 0x637: 0xba,
2267 0x638: 0x6f, 0x639: 0x70, 0x63a: 0x71, 0x63b: 0x163, 0x63c: 0xba, 0x63d: 0xba, 0x63e: 0xba, 0x63f: 0xba,
2268 // Block 0x19, offset 0x640
2269 0x640: 0x164, 0x641: 0x9b, 0x642: 0x165, 0x643: 0x166, 0x644: 0x72, 0x645: 0x73, 0x646: 0x167, 0x647: 0x168,
2270 0x648: 0x74, 0x649: 0x169, 0x64a: 0xba, 0x64b: 0xba, 0x64c: 0x9b, 0x64d: 0x9b, 0x64e: 0x9b, 0x64f: 0x9b,
2271 0x650: 0x9b, 0x651: 0x9b, 0x652: 0x9b, 0x653: 0x9b, 0x654: 0x9b, 0x655: 0x9b, 0x656: 0x9b, 0x657: 0x9b,
2272 0x658: 0x9b, 0x659: 0x9b, 0x65a: 0x9b, 0x65b: 0x16a, 0x65c: 0x9b, 0x65d: 0x16b, 0x65e: 0x9b, 0x65f: 0x16c,
2273 0x660: 0x16d, 0x661: 0x16e, 0x662: 0x16f, 0x663: 0xba, 0x664: 0x170, 0x665: 0x171, 0x666: 0x172, 0x667: 0x173,
2274 0x668: 0xba, 0x669: 0xba, 0x66a: 0xba, 0x66b: 0xba, 0x66c: 0xba, 0x66d: 0xba, 0x66e: 0xba, 0x66f: 0xba,
2275 0x670: 0xba, 0x671: 0xba, 0x672: 0xba, 0x673: 0xba, 0x674: 0xba, 0x675: 0xba, 0x676: 0xba, 0x677: 0xba,
2276 0x678: 0xba, 0x679: 0xba, 0x67a: 0xba, 0x67b: 0xba, 0x67c: 0xba, 0x67d: 0xba, 0x67e: 0xba, 0x67f: 0xba,
2277 // Block 0x1a, offset 0x680
2278 0x680: 0x9f, 0x681: 0x9f, 0x682: 0x9f, 0x683: 0x9f, 0x684: 0x9f, 0x685: 0x9f, 0x686: 0x9f, 0x687: 0x9f,
2279 0x688: 0x9f, 0x689: 0x9f, 0x68a: 0x9f, 0x68b: 0x9f, 0x68c: 0x9f, 0x68d: 0x9f, 0x68e: 0x9f, 0x68f: 0x9f,
2280 0x690: 0x9f, 0x691: 0x9f, 0x692: 0x9f, 0x693: 0x9f, 0x694: 0x9f, 0x695: 0x9f, 0x696: 0x9f, 0x697: 0x9f,
2281 0x698: 0x9f, 0x699: 0x9f, 0x69a: 0x9f, 0x69b: 0x174, 0x69c: 0x9f, 0x69d: 0x9f, 0x69e: 0x9f, 0x69f: 0x9f,
2282 0x6a0: 0x9f, 0x6a1: 0x9f, 0x6a2: 0x9f, 0x6a3: 0x9f, 0x6a4: 0x9f, 0x6a5: 0x9f, 0x6a6: 0x9f, 0x6a7: 0x9f,
2283 0x6a8: 0x9f, 0x6a9: 0x9f, 0x6aa: 0x9f, 0x6ab: 0x9f, 0x6ac: 0x9f, 0x6ad: 0x9f, 0x6ae: 0x9f, 0x6af: 0x9f,
2284 0x6b0: 0x9f, 0x6b1: 0x9f, 0x6b2: 0x9f, 0x6b3: 0x9f, 0x6b4: 0x9f, 0x6b5: 0x9f, 0x6b6: 0x9f, 0x6b7: 0x9f,
2285 0x6b8: 0x9f, 0x6b9: 0x9f, 0x6ba: 0x9f, 0x6bb: 0x9f, 0x6bc: 0x9f, 0x6bd: 0x9f, 0x6be: 0x9f, 0x6bf: 0x9f,
2286 // Block 0x1b, offset 0x6c0
2287 0x6c0: 0x9f, 0x6c1: 0x9f, 0x6c2: 0x9f, 0x6c3: 0x9f, 0x6c4: 0x9f, 0x6c5: 0x9f, 0x6c6: 0x9f, 0x6c7: 0x9f,
2288 0x6c8: 0x9f, 0x6c9: 0x9f, 0x6ca: 0x9f, 0x6cb: 0x9f, 0x6cc: 0x9f, 0x6cd: 0x9f, 0x6ce: 0x9f, 0x6cf: 0x9f,
2289 0x6d0: 0x9f, 0x6d1: 0x9f, 0x6d2: 0x9f, 0x6d3: 0x9f, 0x6d4: 0x9f, 0x6d5: 0x9f, 0x6d6: 0x9f, 0x6d7: 0x9f,
2290 0x6d8: 0x9f, 0x6d9: 0x9f, 0x6da: 0x9f, 0x6db: 0x9f, 0x6dc: 0x175, 0x6dd: 0x9f, 0x6de: 0x9f, 0x6df: 0x9f,
2291 0x6e0: 0x176, 0x6e1: 0x9f, 0x6e2: 0x9f, 0x6e3: 0x9f, 0x6e4: 0x9f, 0x6e5: 0x9f, 0x6e6: 0x9f, 0x6e7: 0x9f,
2292 0x6e8: 0x9f, 0x6e9: 0x9f, 0x6ea: 0x9f, 0x6eb: 0x9f, 0x6ec: 0x9f, 0x6ed: 0x9f, 0x6ee: 0x9f, 0x6ef: 0x9f,
2293 0x6f0: 0x9f, 0x6f1: 0x9f, 0x6f2: 0x9f, 0x6f3: 0x9f, 0x6f4: 0x9f, 0x6f5: 0x9f, 0x6f6: 0x9f, 0x6f7: 0x9f,
2294 0x6f8: 0x9f, 0x6f9: 0x9f, 0x6fa: 0x9f, 0x6fb: 0x9f, 0x6fc: 0x9f, 0x6fd: 0x9f, 0x6fe: 0x9f, 0x6ff: 0x9f,
2295 // Block 0x1c, offset 0x700
2296 0x700: 0x9f, 0x701: 0x9f, 0x702: 0x9f, 0x703: 0x9f, 0x704: 0x9f, 0x705: 0x9f, 0x706: 0x9f, 0x707: 0x9f,
2297 0x708: 0x9f, 0x709: 0x9f, 0x70a: 0x9f, 0x70b: 0x9f, 0x70c: 0x9f, 0x70d: 0x9f, 0x70e: 0x9f, 0x70f: 0x9f,
2298 0x710: 0x9f, 0x711: 0x9f, 0x712: 0x9f, 0x713: 0x9f, 0x714: 0x9f, 0x715: 0x9f, 0x716: 0x9f, 0x717: 0x9f,
2299 0x718: 0x9f, 0x719: 0x9f, 0x71a: 0x9f, 0x71b: 0x9f, 0x71c: 0x9f, 0x71d: 0x9f, 0x71e: 0x9f, 0x71f: 0x9f,
2300 0x720: 0x9f, 0x721: 0x9f, 0x722: 0x9f, 0x723: 0x9f, 0x724: 0x9f, 0x725: 0x9f, 0x726: 0x9f, 0x727: 0x9f,
2301 0x728: 0x9f, 0x729: 0x9f, 0x72a: 0x9f, 0x72b: 0x9f, 0x72c: 0x9f, 0x72d: 0x9f, 0x72e: 0x9f, 0x72f: 0x9f,
2302 0x730: 0x9f, 0x731: 0x9f, 0x732: 0x9f, 0x733: 0x9f, 0x734: 0x9f, 0x735: 0x9f, 0x736: 0x9f, 0x737: 0x9f,
2303 0x738: 0x9f, 0x739: 0x9f, 0x73a: 0x177, 0x73b: 0xba, 0x73c: 0xba, 0x73d: 0xba, 0x73e: 0xba, 0x73f: 0xba,
2304 // Block 0x1d, offset 0x740
2305 0x740: 0xba, 0x741: 0xba, 0x742: 0xba, 0x743: 0xba, 0x744: 0xba, 0x745: 0xba, 0x746: 0xba, 0x747: 0xba,
2306 0x748: 0xba, 0x749: 0xba, 0x74a: 0xba, 0x74b: 0xba, 0x74c: 0xba, 0x74d: 0xba, 0x74e: 0xba, 0x74f: 0xba,
2307 0x750: 0xba, 0x751: 0xba, 0x752: 0xba, 0x753: 0xba, 0x754: 0xba, 0x755: 0xba, 0x756: 0xba, 0x757: 0xba,
2308 0x758: 0xba, 0x759: 0xba, 0x75a: 0xba, 0x75b: 0xba, 0x75c: 0xba, 0x75d: 0xba, 0x75e: 0xba, 0x75f: 0xba,
2309 0x760: 0x75, 0x761: 0x76, 0x762: 0x77, 0x763: 0x178, 0x764: 0x78, 0x765: 0x79, 0x766: 0x179, 0x767: 0x7a,
2310 0x768: 0x7b, 0x769: 0xba, 0x76a: 0xba, 0x76b: 0xba, 0x76c: 0xba, 0x76d: 0xba, 0x76e: 0xba, 0x76f: 0xba,
2311 0x770: 0xba, 0x771: 0xba, 0x772: 0xba, 0x773: 0xba, 0x774: 0xba, 0x775: 0xba, 0x776: 0xba, 0x777: 0xba,
2312 0x778: 0xba, 0x779: 0xba, 0x77a: 0xba, 0x77b: 0xba, 0x77c: 0xba, 0x77d: 0xba, 0x77e: 0xba, 0x77f: 0xba,
2313 // Block 0x1e, offset 0x780
2314 0x790: 0x0d, 0x791: 0x0e, 0x792: 0x0f, 0x793: 0x10, 0x794: 0x11, 0x795: 0x0b, 0x796: 0x12, 0x797: 0x07,
2315 0x798: 0x13, 0x799: 0x0b, 0x79a: 0x0b, 0x79b: 0x14, 0x79c: 0x0b, 0x79d: 0x15, 0x79e: 0x16, 0x79f: 0x17,
2316 0x7a0: 0x07, 0x7a1: 0x07, 0x7a2: 0x07, 0x7a3: 0x07, 0x7a4: 0x07, 0x7a5: 0x07, 0x7a6: 0x07, 0x7a7: 0x07,
2317 0x7a8: 0x07, 0x7a9: 0x07, 0x7aa: 0x18, 0x7ab: 0x19, 0x7ac: 0x1a, 0x7ad: 0x0b, 0x7ae: 0x0b, 0x7af: 0x1b,
2318 0x7b0: 0x0b, 0x7b1: 0x0b, 0x7b2: 0x0b, 0x7b3: 0x0b, 0x7b4: 0x0b, 0x7b5: 0x0b, 0x7b6: 0x0b, 0x7b7: 0x0b,
2319 0x7b8: 0x0b, 0x7b9: 0x0b, 0x7ba: 0x0b, 0x7bb: 0x0b, 0x7bc: 0x0b, 0x7bd: 0x0b, 0x7be: 0x0b, 0x7bf: 0x0b,
2320 // Block 0x1f, offset 0x7c0
2321 0x7c0: 0x0b, 0x7c1: 0x0b, 0x7c2: 0x0b, 0x7c3: 0x0b, 0x7c4: 0x0b, 0x7c5: 0x0b, 0x7c6: 0x0b, 0x7c7: 0x0b,
2322 0x7c8: 0x0b, 0x7c9: 0x0b, 0x7ca: 0x0b, 0x7cb: 0x0b, 0x7cc: 0x0b, 0x7cd: 0x0b, 0x7ce: 0x0b, 0x7cf: 0x0b,
2323 0x7d0: 0x0b, 0x7d1: 0x0b, 0x7d2: 0x0b, 0x7d3: 0x0b, 0x7d4: 0x0b, 0x7d5: 0x0b, 0x7d6: 0x0b, 0x7d7: 0x0b,
2324 0x7d8: 0x0b, 0x7d9: 0x0b, 0x7da: 0x0b, 0x7db: 0x0b, 0x7dc: 0x0b, 0x7dd: 0x0b, 0x7de: 0x0b, 0x7df: 0x0b,
2325 0x7e0: 0x0b, 0x7e1: 0x0b, 0x7e2: 0x0b, 0x7e3: 0x0b, 0x7e4: 0x0b, 0x7e5: 0x0b, 0x7e6: 0x0b, 0x7e7: 0x0b,
2326 0x7e8: 0x0b, 0x7e9: 0x0b, 0x7ea: 0x0b, 0x7eb: 0x0b, 0x7ec: 0x0b, 0x7ed: 0x0b, 0x7ee: 0x0b, 0x7ef: 0x0b,
2327 0x7f0: 0x0b, 0x7f1: 0x0b, 0x7f2: 0x0b, 0x7f3: 0x0b, 0x7f4: 0x0b, 0x7f5: 0x0b, 0x7f6: 0x0b, 0x7f7: 0x0b,
2328 0x7f8: 0x0b, 0x7f9: 0x0b, 0x7fa: 0x0b, 0x7fb: 0x0b, 0x7fc: 0x0b, 0x7fd: 0x0b, 0x7fe: 0x0b, 0x7ff: 0x0b,
2329 // Block 0x20, offset 0x800
2330 0x800: 0x17a, 0x801: 0x17b, 0x802: 0xba, 0x803: 0xba, 0x804: 0x17c, 0x805: 0x17c, 0x806: 0x17c, 0x807: 0x17d,
2331 0x808: 0xba, 0x809: 0xba, 0x80a: 0xba, 0x80b: 0xba, 0x80c: 0xba, 0x80d: 0xba, 0x80e: 0xba, 0x80f: 0xba,
2332 0x810: 0xba, 0x811: 0xba, 0x812: 0xba, 0x813: 0xba, 0x814: 0xba, 0x815: 0xba, 0x816: 0xba, 0x817: 0xba,
2333 0x818: 0xba, 0x819: 0xba, 0x81a: 0xba, 0x81b: 0xba, 0x81c: 0xba, 0x81d: 0xba, 0x81e: 0xba, 0x81f: 0xba,
2334 0x820: 0xba, 0x821: 0xba, 0x822: 0xba, 0x823: 0xba, 0x824: 0xba, 0x825: 0xba, 0x826: 0xba, 0x827: 0xba,
2335 0x828: 0xba, 0x829: 0xba, 0x82a: 0xba, 0x82b: 0xba, 0x82c: 0xba, 0x82d: 0xba, 0x82e: 0xba, 0x82f: 0xba,
2336 0x830: 0xba, 0x831: 0xba, 0x832: 0xba, 0x833: 0xba, 0x834: 0xba, 0x835: 0xba, 0x836: 0xba, 0x837: 0xba,
2337 0x838: 0xba, 0x839: 0xba, 0x83a: 0xba, 0x83b: 0xba, 0x83c: 0xba, 0x83d: 0xba, 0x83e: 0xba, 0x83f: 0xba,
2338 // Block 0x21, offset 0x840
2339 0x840: 0x0b, 0x841: 0x0b, 0x842: 0x0b, 0x843: 0x0b, 0x844: 0x0b, 0x845: 0x0b, 0x846: 0x0b, 0x847: 0x0b,
2340 0x848: 0x0b, 0x849: 0x0b, 0x84a: 0x0b, 0x84b: 0x0b, 0x84c: 0x0b, 0x84d: 0x0b, 0x84e: 0x0b, 0x84f: 0x0b,
2341 0x850: 0x0b, 0x851: 0x0b, 0x852: 0x0b, 0x853: 0x0b, 0x854: 0x0b, 0x855: 0x0b, 0x856: 0x0b, 0x857: 0x0b,
2342 0x858: 0x0b, 0x859: 0x0b, 0x85a: 0x0b, 0x85b: 0x0b, 0x85c: 0x0b, 0x85d: 0x0b, 0x85e: 0x0b, 0x85f: 0x0b,
2343 0x860: 0x1e, 0x861: 0x0b, 0x862: 0x0b, 0x863: 0x0b, 0x864: 0x0b, 0x865: 0x0b, 0x866: 0x0b, 0x867: 0x0b,
2344 0x868: 0x0b, 0x869: 0x0b, 0x86a: 0x0b, 0x86b: 0x0b, 0x86c: 0x0b, 0x86d: 0x0b, 0x86e: 0x0b, 0x86f: 0x0b,
2345 0x870: 0x0b, 0x871: 0x0b, 0x872: 0x0b, 0x873: 0x0b, 0x874: 0x0b, 0x875: 0x0b, 0x876: 0x0b, 0x877: 0x0b,
2346 0x878: 0x0b, 0x879: 0x0b, 0x87a: 0x0b, 0x87b: 0x0b, 0x87c: 0x0b, 0x87d: 0x0b, 0x87e: 0x0b, 0x87f: 0x0b,
2347 // Block 0x22, offset 0x880
2348 0x880: 0x0b, 0x881: 0x0b, 0x882: 0x0b, 0x883: 0x0b, 0x884: 0x0b, 0x885: 0x0b, 0x886: 0x0b, 0x887: 0x0b,
2349 0x888: 0x0b, 0x889: 0x0b, 0x88a: 0x0b, 0x88b: 0x0b, 0x88c: 0x0b, 0x88d: 0x0b, 0x88e: 0x0b, 0x88f: 0x0b,
2352// idnaSparseOffset: 258 entries, 516 bytes
2353var idnaSparseOffset = []uint16{0x0, 0x8, 0x19, 0x25, 0x27, 0x2c, 0x34, 0x3f, 0x4b, 0x4f, 0x5e, 0x63, 0x6b, 0x77, 0x85, 0x93, 0x98, 0xa1, 0xb1, 0xbf, 0xcc, 0xd8, 0xe9, 0xf3, 0xfa, 0x107, 0x118, 0x11f, 0x12a, 0x139, 0x147, 0x151, 0x153, 0x158, 0x15b, 0x15e, 0x160, 0x16c, 0x177, 0x17f, 0x185, 0x18b, 0x190, 0x195, 0x198, 0x19c, 0x1a2, 0x1a7, 0x1b3, 0x1bd, 0x1c3, 0x1d4, 0x1de, 0x1e1, 0x1e9, 0x1ec, 0x1f9, 0x201, 0x205, 0x20c, 0x214, 0x224, 0x230, 0x232, 0x23c, 0x248, 0x254, 0x260, 0x268, 0x26d, 0x277, 0x288, 0x28c, 0x297, 0x29b, 0x2a4, 0x2ac, 0x2b2, 0x2b7, 0x2ba, 0x2bd, 0x2c1, 0x2c7, 0x2cb, 0x2cf, 0x2d5, 0x2dc, 0x2e2, 0x2ea, 0x2f1, 0x2fc, 0x306, 0x30a, 0x30d, 0x313, 0x317, 0x319, 0x31c, 0x31e, 0x321, 0x32b, 0x32e, 0x33d, 0x341, 0x346, 0x349, 0x34d, 0x352, 0x357, 0x35d, 0x363, 0x372, 0x378, 0x37c, 0x38b, 0x390, 0x398, 0x3a2, 0x3ad, 0x3b5, 0x3c6, 0x3cf, 0x3df, 0x3ec, 0x3f6, 0x3fb, 0x408, 0x40c, 0x411, 0x413, 0x417, 0x419, 0x41d, 0x426, 0x42c, 0x430, 0x440, 0x44a, 0x44f, 0x452, 0x458, 0x45f, 0x464, 0x468, 0x46e, 0x473, 0x47c, 0x481, 0x487, 0x48e, 0x495, 0x49c, 0x4a0, 0x4a5, 0x4a8, 0x4ad, 0x4b9, 0x4bf, 0x4c4, 0x4cb, 0x4d3, 0x4d8, 0x4dc, 0x4ec, 0x4f3, 0x4f7, 0x4fb, 0x502, 0x504, 0x507, 0x50a, 0x50e, 0x512, 0x518, 0x521, 0x52d, 0x534, 0x53d, 0x545, 0x54c, 0x55a, 0x567, 0x574, 0x57d, 0x581, 0x58f, 0x597, 0x5a2, 0x5ab, 0x5b1, 0x5b9, 0x5c2, 0x5cc, 0x5cf, 0x5db, 0x5de, 0x5e3, 0x5e6, 0x5f0, 0x5f9, 0x605, 0x608, 0x60d, 0x610, 0x613, 0x616, 0x61d, 0x624, 0x628, 0x633, 0x636, 0x63c, 0x641, 0x645, 0x648, 0x64b, 0x64e, 0x653, 0x65d, 0x660, 0x664, 0x673, 0x67f, 0x683, 0x688, 0x68d, 0x691, 0x696, 0x69f, 0x6aa, 0x6b0, 0x6b8, 0x6bc, 0x6c0, 0x6c6, 0x6cc, 0x6d1, 0x6d4, 0x6e2, 0x6e9, 0x6ec, 0x6ef, 0x6f3, 0x6f9, 0x6fe, 0x708, 0x70d, 0x710, 0x713, 0x716, 0x719, 0x71d, 0x720, 0x730, 0x741, 0x746, 0x748, 0x74a}
2355// idnaSparseValues: 1869 entries, 7476 bytes
2356var idnaSparseValues = [1869]valueRange{
2357 // Block 0x0, offset 0x0
2358 {value: 0x0000, lo: 0x07},
2359 {value: 0xe105, lo: 0x80, hi: 0x96},
2360 {value: 0x0018, lo: 0x97, hi: 0x97},
2361 {value: 0xe105, lo: 0x98, hi: 0x9e},
2362 {value: 0x001f, lo: 0x9f, hi: 0x9f},
2363 {value: 0x0008, lo: 0xa0, hi: 0xb6},
2364 {value: 0x0018, lo: 0xb7, hi: 0xb7},
2365 {value: 0x0008, lo: 0xb8, hi: 0xbf},
2366 // Block 0x1, offset 0x8
2367 {value: 0x0000, lo: 0x10},
2368 {value: 0x0008, lo: 0x80, hi: 0x80},
2369 {value: 0xe01d, lo: 0x81, hi: 0x81},
2370 {value: 0x0008, lo: 0x82, hi: 0x82},
2371 {value: 0x0335, lo: 0x83, hi: 0x83},
2372 {value: 0x034d, lo: 0x84, hi: 0x84},
2373 {value: 0x0365, lo: 0x85, hi: 0x85},
2374 {value: 0xe00d, lo: 0x86, hi: 0x86},
2375 {value: 0x0008, lo: 0x87, hi: 0x87},
2376 {value: 0xe00d, lo: 0x88, hi: 0x88},
2377 {value: 0x0008, lo: 0x89, hi: 0x89},
2378 {value: 0xe00d, lo: 0x8a, hi: 0x8a},
2379 {value: 0x0008, lo: 0x8b, hi: 0x8b},
2380 {value: 0xe00d, lo: 0x8c, hi: 0x8c},
2381 {value: 0x0008, lo: 0x8d, hi: 0x8d},
2382 {value: 0xe00d, lo: 0x8e, hi: 0x8e},
2383 {value: 0x0008, lo: 0x8f, hi: 0xbf},
2384 // Block 0x2, offset 0x19
2385 {value: 0x0000, lo: 0x0b},
2386 {value: 0x0008, lo: 0x80, hi: 0xaf},
2387 {value: 0x0249, lo: 0xb0, hi: 0xb0},
2388 {value: 0x037d, lo: 0xb1, hi: 0xb1},
2389 {value: 0x0259, lo: 0xb2, hi: 0xb2},
2390 {value: 0x0269, lo: 0xb3, hi: 0xb3},
2391 {value: 0x034d, lo: 0xb4, hi: 0xb4},
2392 {value: 0x0395, lo: 0xb5, hi: 0xb5},
2393 {value: 0xe1bd, lo: 0xb6, hi: 0xb6},
2394 {value: 0x0279, lo: 0xb7, hi: 0xb7},
2395 {value: 0x0289, lo: 0xb8, hi: 0xb8},
2396 {value: 0x0008, lo: 0xb9, hi: 0xbf},
2397 // Block 0x3, offset 0x25
2398 {value: 0x0000, lo: 0x01},
2399 {value: 0x3308, lo: 0x80, hi: 0xbf},
2400 // Block 0x4, offset 0x27
2401 {value: 0x0000, lo: 0x04},
2402 {value: 0x03f5, lo: 0x80, hi: 0x8f},
2403 {value: 0xe105, lo: 0x90, hi: 0x9f},
2404 {value: 0x049d, lo: 0xa0, hi: 0xaf},
2405 {value: 0x0008, lo: 0xb0, hi: 0xbf},
2406 // Block 0x5, offset 0x2c
2407 {value: 0x0000, lo: 0x07},
2408 {value: 0xe185, lo: 0x80, hi: 0x8f},
2409 {value: 0x0545, lo: 0x90, hi: 0x96},
2410 {value: 0x0040, lo: 0x97, hi: 0x98},
2411 {value: 0x0008, lo: 0x99, hi: 0x99},
2412 {value: 0x0018, lo: 0x9a, hi: 0x9f},
2413 {value: 0x0040, lo: 0xa0, hi: 0xa0},
2414 {value: 0x0008, lo: 0xa1, hi: 0xbf},
2415 // Block 0x6, offset 0x34
2416 {value: 0x0000, lo: 0x0a},
2417 {value: 0x0008, lo: 0x80, hi: 0x86},
2418 {value: 0x0401, lo: 0x87, hi: 0x87},
2419 {value: 0x0040, lo: 0x88, hi: 0x88},
2420 {value: 0x0018, lo: 0x89, hi: 0x8a},
2421 {value: 0x0040, lo: 0x8b, hi: 0x8c},
2422 {value: 0x0018, lo: 0x8d, hi: 0x8f},
2423 {value: 0x0040, lo: 0x90, hi: 0x90},
2424 {value: 0x3308, lo: 0x91, hi: 0xbd},
2425 {value: 0x0818, lo: 0xbe, hi: 0xbe},
2426 {value: 0x3308, lo: 0xbf, hi: 0xbf},
2427 // Block 0x7, offset 0x3f
2428 {value: 0x0000, lo: 0x0b},
2429 {value: 0x0818, lo: 0x80, hi: 0x80},
2430 {value: 0x3308, lo: 0x81, hi: 0x82},
2431 {value: 0x0818, lo: 0x83, hi: 0x83},
2432 {value: 0x3308, lo: 0x84, hi: 0x85},
2433 {value: 0x0818, lo: 0x86, hi: 0x86},
2434 {value: 0x3308, lo: 0x87, hi: 0x87},
2435 {value: 0x0040, lo: 0x88, hi: 0x8f},
2436 {value: 0x0808, lo: 0x90, hi: 0xaa},
2437 {value: 0x0040, lo: 0xab, hi: 0xaf},
2438 {value: 0x0808, lo: 0xb0, hi: 0xb4},
2439 {value: 0x0040, lo: 0xb5, hi: 0xbf},
2440 // Block 0x8, offset 0x4b
2441 {value: 0x0000, lo: 0x03},
2442 {value: 0x0a08, lo: 0x80, hi: 0x87},
2443 {value: 0x0c08, lo: 0x88, hi: 0x99},
2444 {value: 0x0a08, lo: 0x9a, hi: 0xbf},
2445 // Block 0x9, offset 0x4f
2446 {value: 0x0000, lo: 0x0e},
2447 {value: 0x3308, lo: 0x80, hi: 0x8a},
2448 {value: 0x0040, lo: 0x8b, hi: 0x8c},
2449 {value: 0x0c08, lo: 0x8d, hi: 0x8d},
2450 {value: 0x0a08, lo: 0x8e, hi: 0x98},
2451 {value: 0x0c08, lo: 0x99, hi: 0x9b},
2452 {value: 0x0a08, lo: 0x9c, hi: 0xaa},
2453 {value: 0x0c08, lo: 0xab, hi: 0xac},
2454 {value: 0x0a08, lo: 0xad, hi: 0xb0},
2455 {value: 0x0c08, lo: 0xb1, hi: 0xb1},
2456 {value: 0x0a08, lo: 0xb2, hi: 0xb2},
2457 {value: 0x0c08, lo: 0xb3, hi: 0xb4},
2458 {value: 0x0a08, lo: 0xb5, hi: 0xb7},
2459 {value: 0x0c08, lo: 0xb8, hi: 0xb9},
2460 {value: 0x0a08, lo: 0xba, hi: 0xbf},
2461 // Block 0xa, offset 0x5e
2462 {value: 0x0000, lo: 0x04},
2463 {value: 0x0808, lo: 0x80, hi: 0xa5},
2464 {value: 0x3308, lo: 0xa6, hi: 0xb0},
2465 {value: 0x0808, lo: 0xb1, hi: 0xb1},
2466 {value: 0x0040, lo: 0xb2, hi: 0xbf},
2467 // Block 0xb, offset 0x63
2468 {value: 0x0000, lo: 0x07},
2469 {value: 0x0808, lo: 0x80, hi: 0x89},
2470 {value: 0x0a08, lo: 0x8a, hi: 0xaa},
2471 {value: 0x3308, lo: 0xab, hi: 0xb3},
2472 {value: 0x0808, lo: 0xb4, hi: 0xb5},
2473 {value: 0x0018, lo: 0xb6, hi: 0xb9},
2474 {value: 0x0818, lo: 0xba, hi: 0xba},
2475 {value: 0x0040, lo: 0xbb, hi: 0xbf},
2476 // Block 0xc, offset 0x6b
2477 {value: 0x0000, lo: 0x0b},
2478 {value: 0x0808, lo: 0x80, hi: 0x95},
2479 {value: 0x3308, lo: 0x96, hi: 0x99},
2480 {value: 0x0808, lo: 0x9a, hi: 0x9a},
2481 {value: 0x3308, lo: 0x9b, hi: 0xa3},
2482 {value: 0x0808, lo: 0xa4, hi: 0xa4},
2483 {value: 0x3308, lo: 0xa5, hi: 0xa7},
2484 {value: 0x0808, lo: 0xa8, hi: 0xa8},
2485 {value: 0x3308, lo: 0xa9, hi: 0xad},
2486 {value: 0x0040, lo: 0xae, hi: 0xaf},
2487 {value: 0x0818, lo: 0xb0, hi: 0xbe},
2488 {value: 0x0040, lo: 0xbf, hi: 0xbf},
2489 // Block 0xd, offset 0x77
2490 {value: 0x0000, lo: 0x0d},
2491 {value: 0x0c08, lo: 0x80, hi: 0x80},
2492 {value: 0x0a08, lo: 0x81, hi: 0x85},
2493 {value: 0x0c08, lo: 0x86, hi: 0x87},
2494 {value: 0x0a08, lo: 0x88, hi: 0x88},
2495 {value: 0x0c08, lo: 0x89, hi: 0x89},
2496 {value: 0x0a08, lo: 0x8a, hi: 0x93},
2497 {value: 0x0c08, lo: 0x94, hi: 0x94},
2498 {value: 0x0a08, lo: 0x95, hi: 0x95},
2499 {value: 0x0808, lo: 0x96, hi: 0x98},
2500 {value: 0x3308, lo: 0x99, hi: 0x9b},
2501 {value: 0x0040, lo: 0x9c, hi: 0x9d},
2502 {value: 0x0818, lo: 0x9e, hi: 0x9e},
2503 {value: 0x0040, lo: 0x9f, hi: 0xbf},
2504 // Block 0xe, offset 0x85
2505 {value: 0x0000, lo: 0x0d},
2506 {value: 0x0040, lo: 0x80, hi: 0x9f},
2507 {value: 0x0a08, lo: 0xa0, hi: 0xa9},
2508 {value: 0x0c08, lo: 0xaa, hi: 0xac},
2509 {value: 0x0808, lo: 0xad, hi: 0xad},
2510 {value: 0x0c08, lo: 0xae, hi: 0xae},
2511 {value: 0x0a08, lo: 0xaf, hi: 0xb0},
2512 {value: 0x0c08, lo: 0xb1, hi: 0xb2},
2513 {value: 0x0a08, lo: 0xb3, hi: 0xb4},
2514 {value: 0x0040, lo: 0xb5, hi: 0xb5},
2515 {value: 0x0a08, lo: 0xb6, hi: 0xb8},
2516 {value: 0x0c08, lo: 0xb9, hi: 0xb9},
2517 {value: 0x0a08, lo: 0xba, hi: 0xbd},
2518 {value: 0x0040, lo: 0xbe, hi: 0xbf},
2519 // Block 0xf, offset 0x93
2520 {value: 0x0000, lo: 0x04},
2521 {value: 0x0040, lo: 0x80, hi: 0x93},
2522 {value: 0x3308, lo: 0x94, hi: 0xa1},
2523 {value: 0x0840, lo: 0xa2, hi: 0xa2},
2524 {value: 0x3308, lo: 0xa3, hi: 0xbf},
2525 // Block 0x10, offset 0x98
2526 {value: 0x0000, lo: 0x08},
2527 {value: 0x3308, lo: 0x80, hi: 0x82},
2528 {value: 0x3008, lo: 0x83, hi: 0x83},
2529 {value: 0x0008, lo: 0x84, hi: 0xb9},
2530 {value: 0x3308, lo: 0xba, hi: 0xba},
2531 {value: 0x3008, lo: 0xbb, hi: 0xbb},
2532 {value: 0x3308, lo: 0xbc, hi: 0xbc},
2533 {value: 0x0008, lo: 0xbd, hi: 0xbd},
2534 {value: 0x3008, lo: 0xbe, hi: 0xbf},
2535 // Block 0x11, offset 0xa1
2536 {value: 0x0000, lo: 0x0f},
2537 {value: 0x3308, lo: 0x80, hi: 0x80},
2538 {value: 0x3008, lo: 0x81, hi: 0x82},
2539 {value: 0x0040, lo: 0x83, hi: 0x85},
2540 {value: 0x3008, lo: 0x86, hi: 0x88},
2541 {value: 0x0040, lo: 0x89, hi: 0x89},
2542 {value: 0x3008, lo: 0x8a, hi: 0x8c},
2543 {value: 0x3b08, lo: 0x8d, hi: 0x8d},
2544 {value: 0x0040, lo: 0x8e, hi: 0x8f},
2545 {value: 0x0008, lo: 0x90, hi: 0x90},
2546 {value: 0x0040, lo: 0x91, hi: 0x96},
2547 {value: 0x3008, lo: 0x97, hi: 0x97},
2548 {value: 0x0040, lo: 0x98, hi: 0xa5},
2549 {value: 0x0008, lo: 0xa6, hi: 0xaf},
2550 {value: 0x0018, lo: 0xb0, hi: 0xba},
2551 {value: 0x0040, lo: 0xbb, hi: 0xbf},
2552 // Block 0x12, offset 0xb1
2553 {value: 0x0000, lo: 0x0d},
2554 {value: 0x3308, lo: 0x80, hi: 0x80},
2555 {value: 0x3008, lo: 0x81, hi: 0x83},
2556 {value: 0x0040, lo: 0x84, hi: 0x84},
2557 {value: 0x0008, lo: 0x85, hi: 0x8c},
2558 {value: 0x0040, lo: 0x8d, hi: 0x8d},
2559 {value: 0x0008, lo: 0x8e, hi: 0x90},
2560 {value: 0x0040, lo: 0x91, hi: 0x91},
2561 {value: 0x0008, lo: 0x92, hi: 0xa8},
2562 {value: 0x0040, lo: 0xa9, hi: 0xa9},
2563 {value: 0x0008, lo: 0xaa, hi: 0xb9},
2564 {value: 0x0040, lo: 0xba, hi: 0xbc},
2565 {value: 0x0008, lo: 0xbd, hi: 0xbd},
2566 {value: 0x3308, lo: 0xbe, hi: 0xbf},
2567 // Block 0x13, offset 0xbf
2568 {value: 0x0000, lo: 0x0c},
2569 {value: 0x0040, lo: 0x80, hi: 0x80},
2570 {value: 0x3308, lo: 0x81, hi: 0x81},
2571 {value: 0x3008, lo: 0x82, hi: 0x83},
2572 {value: 0x0040, lo: 0x84, hi: 0x84},
2573 {value: 0x0008, lo: 0x85, hi: 0x8c},
2574 {value: 0x0040, lo: 0x8d, hi: 0x8d},
2575 {value: 0x0008, lo: 0x8e, hi: 0x90},
2576 {value: 0x0040, lo: 0x91, hi: 0x91},
2577 {value: 0x0008, lo: 0x92, hi: 0xba},
2578 {value: 0x0040, lo: 0xbb, hi: 0xbc},
2579 {value: 0x0008, lo: 0xbd, hi: 0xbd},
2580 {value: 0x3008, lo: 0xbe, hi: 0xbf},
2581 // Block 0x14, offset 0xcc
2582 {value: 0x0000, lo: 0x0b},
2583 {value: 0x0040, lo: 0x80, hi: 0x81},
2584 {value: 0x3008, lo: 0x82, hi: 0x83},
2585 {value: 0x0040, lo: 0x84, hi: 0x84},
2586 {value: 0x0008, lo: 0x85, hi: 0x96},
2587 {value: 0x0040, lo: 0x97, hi: 0x99},
2588 {value: 0x0008, lo: 0x9a, hi: 0xb1},
2589 {value: 0x0040, lo: 0xb2, hi: 0xb2},
2590 {value: 0x0008, lo: 0xb3, hi: 0xbb},
2591 {value: 0x0040, lo: 0xbc, hi: 0xbc},
2592 {value: 0x0008, lo: 0xbd, hi: 0xbd},
2593 {value: 0x0040, lo: 0xbe, hi: 0xbf},
2594 // Block 0x15, offset 0xd8
2595 {value: 0x0000, lo: 0x10},
2596 {value: 0x0008, lo: 0x80, hi: 0x86},
2597 {value: 0x0040, lo: 0x87, hi: 0x89},
2598 {value: 0x3b08, lo: 0x8a, hi: 0x8a},
2599 {value: 0x0040, lo: 0x8b, hi: 0x8e},
2600 {value: 0x3008, lo: 0x8f, hi: 0x91},
2601 {value: 0x3308, lo: 0x92, hi: 0x94},
2602 {value: 0x0040, lo: 0x95, hi: 0x95},
2603 {value: 0x3308, lo: 0x96, hi: 0x96},
2604 {value: 0x0040, lo: 0x97, hi: 0x97},
2605 {value: 0x3008, lo: 0x98, hi: 0x9f},
2606 {value: 0x0040, lo: 0xa0, hi: 0xa5},
2607 {value: 0x0008, lo: 0xa6, hi: 0xaf},
2608 {value: 0x0040, lo: 0xb0, hi: 0xb1},
2609 {value: 0x3008, lo: 0xb2, hi: 0xb3},
2610 {value: 0x0018, lo: 0xb4, hi: 0xb4},
2611 {value: 0x0040, lo: 0xb5, hi: 0xbf},
2612 // Block 0x16, offset 0xe9
2613 {value: 0x0000, lo: 0x09},
2614 {value: 0x0040, lo: 0x80, hi: 0x80},
2615 {value: 0x0008, lo: 0x81, hi: 0xb0},
2616 {value: 0x3308, lo: 0xb1, hi: 0xb1},
2617 {value: 0x0008, lo: 0xb2, hi: 0xb2},
2618 {value: 0x08f1, lo: 0xb3, hi: 0xb3},
2619 {value: 0x3308, lo: 0xb4, hi: 0xb9},
2620 {value: 0x3b08, lo: 0xba, hi: 0xba},
2621 {value: 0x0040, lo: 0xbb, hi: 0xbe},
2622 {value: 0x0018, lo: 0xbf, hi: 0xbf},
2623 // Block 0x17, offset 0xf3
2624 {value: 0x0000, lo: 0x06},
2625 {value: 0x0008, lo: 0x80, hi: 0x86},
2626 {value: 0x3308, lo: 0x87, hi: 0x8e},
2627 {value: 0x0018, lo: 0x8f, hi: 0x8f},
2628 {value: 0x0008, lo: 0x90, hi: 0x99},
2629 {value: 0x0018, lo: 0x9a, hi: 0x9b},
2630 {value: 0x0040, lo: 0x9c, hi: 0xbf},
2631 // Block 0x18, offset 0xfa
2632 {value: 0x0000, lo: 0x0c},
2633 {value: 0x0008, lo: 0x80, hi: 0x84},
2634 {value: 0x0040, lo: 0x85, hi: 0x85},
2635 {value: 0x0008, lo: 0x86, hi: 0x86},
2636 {value: 0x0040, lo: 0x87, hi: 0x87},
2637 {value: 0x3308, lo: 0x88, hi: 0x8d},
2638 {value: 0x0040, lo: 0x8e, hi: 0x8f},
2639 {value: 0x0008, lo: 0x90, hi: 0x99},
2640 {value: 0x0040, lo: 0x9a, hi: 0x9b},
2641 {value: 0x0961, lo: 0x9c, hi: 0x9c},
2642 {value: 0x0999, lo: 0x9d, hi: 0x9d},
2643 {value: 0x0008, lo: 0x9e, hi: 0x9f},
2644 {value: 0x0040, lo: 0xa0, hi: 0xbf},
2645 // Block 0x19, offset 0x107
2646 {value: 0x0000, lo: 0x10},
2647 {value: 0x0008, lo: 0x80, hi: 0x80},
2648 {value: 0x0018, lo: 0x81, hi: 0x8a},
2649 {value: 0x0008, lo: 0x8b, hi: 0x8b},
2650 {value: 0xe03d, lo: 0x8c, hi: 0x8c},
2651 {value: 0x0018, lo: 0x8d, hi: 0x97},
2652 {value: 0x3308, lo: 0x98, hi: 0x99},
2653 {value: 0x0018, lo: 0x9a, hi: 0x9f},
2654 {value: 0x0008, lo: 0xa0, hi: 0xa9},
2655 {value: 0x0018, lo: 0xaa, hi: 0xb4},
2656 {value: 0x3308, lo: 0xb5, hi: 0xb5},
2657 {value: 0x0018, lo: 0xb6, hi: 0xb6},
2658 {value: 0x3308, lo: 0xb7, hi: 0xb7},
2659 {value: 0x0018, lo: 0xb8, hi: 0xb8},
2660 {value: 0x3308, lo: 0xb9, hi: 0xb9},
2661 {value: 0x0018, lo: 0xba, hi: 0xbd},
2662 {value: 0x3008, lo: 0xbe, hi: 0xbf},
2663 // Block 0x1a, offset 0x118
2664 {value: 0x0000, lo: 0x06},
2665 {value: 0x0018, lo: 0x80, hi: 0x85},
2666 {value: 0x3308, lo: 0x86, hi: 0x86},
2667 {value: 0x0018, lo: 0x87, hi: 0x8c},
2668 {value: 0x0040, lo: 0x8d, hi: 0x8d},
2669 {value: 0x0018, lo: 0x8e, hi: 0x9a},
2670 {value: 0x0040, lo: 0x9b, hi: 0xbf},
2671 // Block 0x1b, offset 0x11f
2672 {value: 0x0000, lo: 0x0a},
2673 {value: 0x0008, lo: 0x80, hi: 0xaa},
2674 {value: 0x3008, lo: 0xab, hi: 0xac},
2675 {value: 0x3308, lo: 0xad, hi: 0xb0},
2676 {value: 0x3008, lo: 0xb1, hi: 0xb1},
2677 {value: 0x3308, lo: 0xb2, hi: 0xb7},
2678 {value: 0x3008, lo: 0xb8, hi: 0xb8},
2679 {value: 0x3b08, lo: 0xb9, hi: 0xba},
2680 {value: 0x3008, lo: 0xbb, hi: 0xbc},
2681 {value: 0x3308, lo: 0xbd, hi: 0xbe},
2682 {value: 0x0008, lo: 0xbf, hi: 0xbf},
2683 // Block 0x1c, offset 0x12a
2684 {value: 0x0000, lo: 0x0e},
2685 {value: 0x0008, lo: 0x80, hi: 0x89},
2686 {value: 0x0018, lo: 0x8a, hi: 0x8f},
2687 {value: 0x0008, lo: 0x90, hi: 0x95},
2688 {value: 0x3008, lo: 0x96, hi: 0x97},
2689 {value: 0x3308, lo: 0x98, hi: 0x99},
2690 {value: 0x0008, lo: 0x9a, hi: 0x9d},
2691 {value: 0x3308, lo: 0x9e, hi: 0xa0},
2692 {value: 0x0008, lo: 0xa1, hi: 0xa1},
2693 {value: 0x3008, lo: 0xa2, hi: 0xa4},
2694 {value: 0x0008, lo: 0xa5, hi: 0xa6},
2695 {value: 0x3008, lo: 0xa7, hi: 0xad},
2696 {value: 0x0008, lo: 0xae, hi: 0xb0},
2697 {value: 0x3308, lo: 0xb1, hi: 0xb4},
2698 {value: 0x0008, lo: 0xb5, hi: 0xbf},
2699 // Block 0x1d, offset 0x139
2700 {value: 0x0000, lo: 0x0d},
2701 {value: 0x0008, lo: 0x80, hi: 0x81},
2702 {value: 0x3308, lo: 0x82, hi: 0x82},
2703 {value: 0x3008, lo: 0x83, hi: 0x84},
2704 {value: 0x3308, lo: 0x85, hi: 0x86},
2705 {value: 0x3008, lo: 0x87, hi: 0x8c},
2706 {value: 0x3308, lo: 0x8d, hi: 0x8d},
2707 {value: 0x0008, lo: 0x8e, hi: 0x8e},
2708 {value: 0x3008, lo: 0x8f, hi: 0x8f},
2709 {value: 0x0008, lo: 0x90, hi: 0x99},
2710 {value: 0x3008, lo: 0x9a, hi: 0x9c},
2711 {value: 0x3308, lo: 0x9d, hi: 0x9d},
2712 {value: 0x0018, lo: 0x9e, hi: 0x9f},
2713 {value: 0x0040, lo: 0xa0, hi: 0xbf},
2714 // Block 0x1e, offset 0x147
2715 {value: 0x0000, lo: 0x09},
2716 {value: 0x0040, lo: 0x80, hi: 0x86},
2717 {value: 0x055d, lo: 0x87, hi: 0x87},
2718 {value: 0x0040, lo: 0x88, hi: 0x8c},
2719 {value: 0x055d, lo: 0x8d, hi: 0x8d},
2720 {value: 0x0040, lo: 0x8e, hi: 0x8f},
2721 {value: 0x0008, lo: 0x90, hi: 0xba},
2722 {value: 0x0018, lo: 0xbb, hi: 0xbb},
2723 {value: 0xe105, lo: 0xbc, hi: 0xbc},
2724 {value: 0x0008, lo: 0xbd, hi: 0xbf},
2725 // Block 0x1f, offset 0x151
2726 {value: 0x0000, lo: 0x01},
2727 {value: 0x0018, lo: 0x80, hi: 0xbf},
2728 // Block 0x20, offset 0x153
2729 {value: 0x0000, lo: 0x04},
2730 {value: 0x0018, lo: 0x80, hi: 0x9e},
2731 {value: 0x0040, lo: 0x9f, hi: 0xa0},
2732 {value: 0x2018, lo: 0xa1, hi: 0xb5},
2733 {value: 0x0018, lo: 0xb6, hi: 0xbf},
2734 // Block 0x21, offset 0x158
2735 {value: 0x0000, lo: 0x02},
2736 {value: 0x0018, lo: 0x80, hi: 0xa7},
2737 {value: 0x2018, lo: 0xa8, hi: 0xbf},
2738 // Block 0x22, offset 0x15b
2739 {value: 0x0000, lo: 0x02},
2740 {value: 0x2018, lo: 0x80, hi: 0x82},
2741 {value: 0x0018, lo: 0x83, hi: 0xbf},
2742 // Block 0x23, offset 0x15e
2743 {value: 0x0000, lo: 0x01},
2744 {value: 0x0008, lo: 0x80, hi: 0xbf},
2745 // Block 0x24, offset 0x160
2746 {value: 0x0000, lo: 0x0b},
2747 {value: 0x0008, lo: 0x80, hi: 0x88},
2748 {value: 0x0040, lo: 0x89, hi: 0x89},
2749 {value: 0x0008, lo: 0x8a, hi: 0x8d},
2750 {value: 0x0040, lo: 0x8e, hi: 0x8f},
2751 {value: 0x0008, lo: 0x90, hi: 0x96},
2752 {value: 0x0040, lo: 0x97, hi: 0x97},
2753 {value: 0x0008, lo: 0x98, hi: 0x98},
2754 {value: 0x0040, lo: 0x99, hi: 0x99},
2755 {value: 0x0008, lo: 0x9a, hi: 0x9d},
2756 {value: 0x0040, lo: 0x9e, hi: 0x9f},
2757 {value: 0x0008, lo: 0xa0, hi: 0xbf},
2758 // Block 0x25, offset 0x16c
2759 {value: 0x0000, lo: 0x0a},
2760 {value: 0x0008, lo: 0x80, hi: 0x88},
2761 {value: 0x0040, lo: 0x89, hi: 0x89},
2762 {value: 0x0008, lo: 0x8a, hi: 0x8d},
2763 {value: 0x0040, lo: 0x8e, hi: 0x8f},
2764 {value: 0x0008, lo: 0x90, hi: 0xb0},
2765 {value: 0x0040, lo: 0xb1, hi: 0xb1},
2766 {value: 0x0008, lo: 0xb2, hi: 0xb5},
2767 {value: 0x0040, lo: 0xb6, hi: 0xb7},
2768 {value: 0x0008, lo: 0xb8, hi: 0xbe},
2769 {value: 0x0040, lo: 0xbf, hi: 0xbf},
2770 // Block 0x26, offset 0x177
2771 {value: 0x0000, lo: 0x07},
2772 {value: 0x0008, lo: 0x80, hi: 0x80},
2773 {value: 0x0040, lo: 0x81, hi: 0x81},
2774 {value: 0x0008, lo: 0x82, hi: 0x85},
2775 {value: 0x0040, lo: 0x86, hi: 0x87},
2776 {value: 0x0008, lo: 0x88, hi: 0x96},
2777 {value: 0x0040, lo: 0x97, hi: 0x97},
2778 {value: 0x0008, lo: 0x98, hi: 0xbf},
2779 // Block 0x27, offset 0x17f
2780 {value: 0x0000, lo: 0x05},
2781 {value: 0x0008, lo: 0x80, hi: 0x90},
2782 {value: 0x0040, lo: 0x91, hi: 0x91},
2783 {value: 0x0008, lo: 0x92, hi: 0x95},
2784 {value: 0x0040, lo: 0x96, hi: 0x97},
2785 {value: 0x0008, lo: 0x98, hi: 0xbf},
2786 // Block 0x28, offset 0x185
2787 {value: 0x0000, lo: 0x05},
2788 {value: 0x0008, lo: 0x80, hi: 0x9a},
2789 {value: 0x0040, lo: 0x9b, hi: 0x9c},
2790 {value: 0x3308, lo: 0x9d, hi: 0x9f},
2791 {value: 0x0018, lo: 0xa0, hi: 0xbc},
2792 {value: 0x0040, lo: 0xbd, hi: 0xbf},
2793 // Block 0x29, offset 0x18b
2794 {value: 0x0000, lo: 0x04},
2795 {value: 0x0008, lo: 0x80, hi: 0x8f},
2796 {value: 0x0018, lo: 0x90, hi: 0x99},
2797 {value: 0x0040, lo: 0x9a, hi: 0x9f},
2798 {value: 0x0008, lo: 0xa0, hi: 0xbf},
2799 // Block 0x2a, offset 0x190
2800 {value: 0x0000, lo: 0x04},
2801 {value: 0x0008, lo: 0x80, hi: 0xb5},
2802 {value: 0x0040, lo: 0xb6, hi: 0xb7},
2803 {value: 0xe045, lo: 0xb8, hi: 0xbd},
2804 {value: 0x0040, lo: 0xbe, hi: 0xbf},
2805 // Block 0x2b, offset 0x195
2806 {value: 0x0000, lo: 0x02},
2807 {value: 0x0018, lo: 0x80, hi: 0x80},
2808 {value: 0x0008, lo: 0x81, hi: 0xbf},
2809 // Block 0x2c, offset 0x198
2810 {value: 0x0000, lo: 0x03},
2811 {value: 0x0008, lo: 0x80, hi: 0xac},
2812 {value: 0x0018, lo: 0xad, hi: 0xae},
2813 {value: 0x0008, lo: 0xaf, hi: 0xbf},
2814 // Block 0x2d, offset 0x19c
2815 {value: 0x0000, lo: 0x05},
2816 {value: 0x0040, lo: 0x80, hi: 0x80},
2817 {value: 0x0008, lo: 0x81, hi: 0x9a},
2818 {value: 0x0018, lo: 0x9b, hi: 0x9c},
2819 {value: 0x0040, lo: 0x9d, hi: 0x9f},
2820 {value: 0x0008, lo: 0xa0, hi: 0xbf},
2821 // Block 0x2e, offset 0x1a2
2822 {value: 0x0000, lo: 0x04},
2823 {value: 0x0008, lo: 0x80, hi: 0xaa},
2824 {value: 0x0018, lo: 0xab, hi: 0xb0},
2825 {value: 0x0008, lo: 0xb1, hi: 0xb8},
2826 {value: 0x0040, lo: 0xb9, hi: 0xbf},
2827 // Block 0x2f, offset 0x1a7
2828 {value: 0x0000, lo: 0x0b},
2829 {value: 0x0008, lo: 0x80, hi: 0x8c},
2830 {value: 0x0040, lo: 0x8d, hi: 0x8d},
2831 {value: 0x0008, lo: 0x8e, hi: 0x91},
2832 {value: 0x3308, lo: 0x92, hi: 0x93},
2833 {value: 0x3b08, lo: 0x94, hi: 0x94},
2834 {value: 0x0040, lo: 0x95, hi: 0x9f},
2835 {value: 0x0008, lo: 0xa0, hi: 0xb1},
2836 {value: 0x3308, lo: 0xb2, hi: 0xb3},
2837 {value: 0x3b08, lo: 0xb4, hi: 0xb4},
2838 {value: 0x0018, lo: 0xb5, hi: 0xb6},
2839 {value: 0x0040, lo: 0xb7, hi: 0xbf},
2840 // Block 0x30, offset 0x1b3
2841 {value: 0x0000, lo: 0x09},
2842 {value: 0x0008, lo: 0x80, hi: 0x91},
2843 {value: 0x3308, lo: 0x92, hi: 0x93},
2844 {value: 0x0040, lo: 0x94, hi: 0x9f},
2845 {value: 0x0008, lo: 0xa0, hi: 0xac},
2846 {value: 0x0040, lo: 0xad, hi: 0xad},
2847 {value: 0x0008, lo: 0xae, hi: 0xb0},
2848 {value: 0x0040, lo: 0xb1, hi: 0xb1},
2849 {value: 0x3308, lo: 0xb2, hi: 0xb3},
2850 {value: 0x0040, lo: 0xb4, hi: 0xbf},
2851 // Block 0x31, offset 0x1bd
2852 {value: 0x0000, lo: 0x05},
2853 {value: 0x0008, lo: 0x80, hi: 0xb3},
2854 {value: 0x3340, lo: 0xb4, hi: 0xb5},
2855 {value: 0x3008, lo: 0xb6, hi: 0xb6},
2856 {value: 0x3308, lo: 0xb7, hi: 0xbd},
2857 {value: 0x3008, lo: 0xbe, hi: 0xbf},
2858 // Block 0x32, offset 0x1c3
2859 {value: 0x0000, lo: 0x10},
2860 {value: 0x3008, lo: 0x80, hi: 0x85},
2861 {value: 0x3308, lo: 0x86, hi: 0x86},
2862 {value: 0x3008, lo: 0x87, hi: 0x88},
2863 {value: 0x3308, lo: 0x89, hi: 0x91},
2864 {value: 0x3b08, lo: 0x92, hi: 0x92},
2865 {value: 0x3308, lo: 0x93, hi: 0x93},
2866 {value: 0x0018, lo: 0x94, hi: 0x96},
2867 {value: 0x0008, lo: 0x97, hi: 0x97},
2868 {value: 0x0018, lo: 0x98, hi: 0x9b},
2869 {value: 0x0008, lo: 0x9c, hi: 0x9c},
2870 {value: 0x3308, lo: 0x9d, hi: 0x9d},
2871 {value: 0x0040, lo: 0x9e, hi: 0x9f},
2872 {value: 0x0008, lo: 0xa0, hi: 0xa9},
2873 {value: 0x0040, lo: 0xaa, hi: 0xaf},
2874 {value: 0x0018, lo: 0xb0, hi: 0xb9},
2875 {value: 0x0040, lo: 0xba, hi: 0xbf},
2876 // Block 0x33, offset 0x1d4
2877 {value: 0x0000, lo: 0x09},
2878 {value: 0x0018, lo: 0x80, hi: 0x85},
2879 {value: 0x0040, lo: 0x86, hi: 0x86},
2880 {value: 0x0218, lo: 0x87, hi: 0x87},
2881 {value: 0x0018, lo: 0x88, hi: 0x8a},
2882 {value: 0x33c0, lo: 0x8b, hi: 0x8d},
2883 {value: 0x0040, lo: 0x8e, hi: 0x8f},
2884 {value: 0x0008, lo: 0x90, hi: 0x99},
2885 {value: 0x0040, lo: 0x9a, hi: 0x9f},
2886 {value: 0x0208, lo: 0xa0, hi: 0xbf},
2887 // Block 0x34, offset 0x1de
2888 {value: 0x0000, lo: 0x02},
2889 {value: 0x0208, lo: 0x80, hi: 0xb7},
2890 {value: 0x0040, lo: 0xb8, hi: 0xbf},
2891 // Block 0x35, offset 0x1e1
2892 {value: 0x0000, lo: 0x07},
2893 {value: 0x0008, lo: 0x80, hi: 0x84},
2894 {value: 0x3308, lo: 0x85, hi: 0x86},
2895 {value: 0x0208, lo: 0x87, hi: 0xa8},
2896 {value: 0x3308, lo: 0xa9, hi: 0xa9},
2897 {value: 0x0208, lo: 0xaa, hi: 0xaa},
2898 {value: 0x0040, lo: 0xab, hi: 0xaf},
2899 {value: 0x0008, lo: 0xb0, hi: 0xbf},
2900 // Block 0x36, offset 0x1e9
2901 {value: 0x0000, lo: 0x02},
2902 {value: 0x0008, lo: 0x80, hi: 0xb5},
2903 {value: 0x0040, lo: 0xb6, hi: 0xbf},
2904 // Block 0x37, offset 0x1ec
2905 {value: 0x0000, lo: 0x0c},
2906 {value: 0x0008, lo: 0x80, hi: 0x9e},
2907 {value: 0x0040, lo: 0x9f, hi: 0x9f},
2908 {value: 0x3308, lo: 0xa0, hi: 0xa2},
2909 {value: 0x3008, lo: 0xa3, hi: 0xa6},
2910 {value: 0x3308, lo: 0xa7, hi: 0xa8},
2911 {value: 0x3008, lo: 0xa9, hi: 0xab},
2912 {value: 0x0040, lo: 0xac, hi: 0xaf},
2913 {value: 0x3008, lo: 0xb0, hi: 0xb1},
2914 {value: 0x3308, lo: 0xb2, hi: 0xb2},
2915 {value: 0x3008, lo: 0xb3, hi: 0xb8},
2916 {value: 0x3308, lo: 0xb9, hi: 0xbb},
2917 {value: 0x0040, lo: 0xbc, hi: 0xbf},
2918 // Block 0x38, offset 0x1f9
2919 {value: 0x0000, lo: 0x07},
2920 {value: 0x0018, lo: 0x80, hi: 0x80},
2921 {value: 0x0040, lo: 0x81, hi: 0x83},
2922 {value: 0x0018, lo: 0x84, hi: 0x85},
2923 {value: 0x0008, lo: 0x86, hi: 0xad},
2924 {value: 0x0040, lo: 0xae, hi: 0xaf},
2925 {value: 0x0008, lo: 0xb0, hi: 0xb4},
2926 {value: 0x0040, lo: 0xb5, hi: 0xbf},
2927 // Block 0x39, offset 0x201
2928 {value: 0x0000, lo: 0x03},
2929 {value: 0x0008, lo: 0x80, hi: 0xab},
2930 {value: 0x0040, lo: 0xac, hi: 0xaf},
2931 {value: 0x0008, lo: 0xb0, hi: 0xbf},
2932 // Block 0x3a, offset 0x205
2933 {value: 0x0000, lo: 0x06},
2934 {value: 0x0008, lo: 0x80, hi: 0x89},
2935 {value: 0x0040, lo: 0x8a, hi: 0x8f},
2936 {value: 0x0008, lo: 0x90, hi: 0x99},
2937 {value: 0x0028, lo: 0x9a, hi: 0x9a},
2938 {value: 0x0040, lo: 0x9b, hi: 0x9d},
2939 {value: 0x0018, lo: 0x9e, hi: 0xbf},
2940 // Block 0x3b, offset 0x20c
2941 {value: 0x0000, lo: 0x07},
2942 {value: 0x0008, lo: 0x80, hi: 0x96},
2943 {value: 0x3308, lo: 0x97, hi: 0x98},
2944 {value: 0x3008, lo: 0x99, hi: 0x9a},
2945 {value: 0x3308, lo: 0x9b, hi: 0x9b},
2946 {value: 0x0040, lo: 0x9c, hi: 0x9d},
2947 {value: 0x0018, lo: 0x9e, hi: 0x9f},
2948 {value: 0x0008, lo: 0xa0, hi: 0xbf},
2949 // Block 0x3c, offset 0x214
2950 {value: 0x0000, lo: 0x0f},
2951 {value: 0x0008, lo: 0x80, hi: 0x94},
2952 {value: 0x3008, lo: 0x95, hi: 0x95},
2953 {value: 0x3308, lo: 0x96, hi: 0x96},
2954 {value: 0x3008, lo: 0x97, hi: 0x97},
2955 {value: 0x3308, lo: 0x98, hi: 0x9e},
2956 {value: 0x0040, lo: 0x9f, hi: 0x9f},
2957 {value: 0x3b08, lo: 0xa0, hi: 0xa0},
2958 {value: 0x3008, lo: 0xa1, hi: 0xa1},
2959 {value: 0x3308, lo: 0xa2, hi: 0xa2},
2960 {value: 0x3008, lo: 0xa3, hi: 0xa4},
2961 {value: 0x3308, lo: 0xa5, hi: 0xac},
2962 {value: 0x3008, lo: 0xad, hi: 0xb2},
2963 {value: 0x3308, lo: 0xb3, hi: 0xbc},
2964 {value: 0x0040, lo: 0xbd, hi: 0xbe},
2965 {value: 0x3308, lo: 0xbf, hi: 0xbf},
2966 // Block 0x3d, offset 0x224
2967 {value: 0x0000, lo: 0x0b},
2968 {value: 0x0008, lo: 0x80, hi: 0x89},
2969 {value: 0x0040, lo: 0x8a, hi: 0x8f},
2970 {value: 0x0008, lo: 0x90, hi: 0x99},
2971 {value: 0x0040, lo: 0x9a, hi: 0x9f},
2972 {value: 0x0018, lo: 0xa0, hi: 0xa6},
2973 {value: 0x0008, lo: 0xa7, hi: 0xa7},
2974 {value: 0x0018, lo: 0xa8, hi: 0xad},
2975 {value: 0x0040, lo: 0xae, hi: 0xaf},
2976 {value: 0x3308, lo: 0xb0, hi: 0xbd},
2977 {value: 0x3318, lo: 0xbe, hi: 0xbe},
2978 {value: 0x0040, lo: 0xbf, hi: 0xbf},
2979 // Block 0x3e, offset 0x230
2980 {value: 0x0000, lo: 0x01},
2981 {value: 0x0040, lo: 0x80, hi: 0xbf},
2982 // Block 0x3f, offset 0x232
2983 {value: 0x0000, lo: 0x09},
2984 {value: 0x3308, lo: 0x80, hi: 0x83},
2985 {value: 0x3008, lo: 0x84, hi: 0x84},
2986 {value: 0x0008, lo: 0x85, hi: 0xb3},
2987 {value: 0x3308, lo: 0xb4, hi: 0xb4},
2988 {value: 0x3008, lo: 0xb5, hi: 0xb5},
2989 {value: 0x3308, lo: 0xb6, hi: 0xba},
2990 {value: 0x3008, lo: 0xbb, hi: 0xbb},
2991 {value: 0x3308, lo: 0xbc, hi: 0xbc},
2992 {value: 0x3008, lo: 0xbd, hi: 0xbf},
2993 // Block 0x40, offset 0x23c
2994 {value: 0x0000, lo: 0x0b},
2995 {value: 0x3008, lo: 0x80, hi: 0x81},
2996 {value: 0x3308, lo: 0x82, hi: 0x82},
2997 {value: 0x3008, lo: 0x83, hi: 0x83},
2998 {value: 0x3808, lo: 0x84, hi: 0x84},
2999 {value: 0x0008, lo: 0x85, hi: 0x8b},
3000 {value: 0x0040, lo: 0x8c, hi: 0x8f},
3001 {value: 0x0008, lo: 0x90, hi: 0x99},
3002 {value: 0x0018, lo: 0x9a, hi: 0xaa},
3003 {value: 0x3308, lo: 0xab, hi: 0xb3},
3004 {value: 0x0018, lo: 0xb4, hi: 0xbc},
3005 {value: 0x0040, lo: 0xbd, hi: 0xbf},
3006 // Block 0x41, offset 0x248
3007 {value: 0x0000, lo: 0x0b},
3008 {value: 0x3308, lo: 0x80, hi: 0x81},
3009 {value: 0x3008, lo: 0x82, hi: 0x82},
3010 {value: 0x0008, lo: 0x83, hi: 0xa0},
3011 {value: 0x3008, lo: 0xa1, hi: 0xa1},
3012 {value: 0x3308, lo: 0xa2, hi: 0xa5},
3013 {value: 0x3008, lo: 0xa6, hi: 0xa7},
3014 {value: 0x3308, lo: 0xa8, hi: 0xa9},
3015 {value: 0x3808, lo: 0xaa, hi: 0xaa},
3016 {value: 0x3b08, lo: 0xab, hi: 0xab},
3017 {value: 0x3308, lo: 0xac, hi: 0xad},
3018 {value: 0x0008, lo: 0xae, hi: 0xbf},
3019 // Block 0x42, offset 0x254
3020 {value: 0x0000, lo: 0x0b},
3021 {value: 0x0008, lo: 0x80, hi: 0xa5},
3022 {value: 0x3308, lo: 0xa6, hi: 0xa6},
3023 {value: 0x3008, lo: 0xa7, hi: 0xa7},
3024 {value: 0x3308, lo: 0xa8, hi: 0xa9},
3025 {value: 0x3008, lo: 0xaa, hi: 0xac},
3026 {value: 0x3308, lo: 0xad, hi: 0xad},
3027 {value: 0x3008, lo: 0xae, hi: 0xae},
3028 {value: 0x3308, lo: 0xaf, hi: 0xb1},
3029 {value: 0x3808, lo: 0xb2, hi: 0xb3},
3030 {value: 0x0040, lo: 0xb4, hi: 0xbb},
3031 {value: 0x0018, lo: 0xbc, hi: 0xbf},
3032 // Block 0x43, offset 0x260
3033 {value: 0x0000, lo: 0x07},
3034 {value: 0x0008, lo: 0x80, hi: 0xa3},
3035 {value: 0x3008, lo: 0xa4, hi: 0xab},
3036 {value: 0x3308, lo: 0xac, hi: 0xb3},
3037 {value: 0x3008, lo: 0xb4, hi: 0xb5},
3038 {value: 0x3308, lo: 0xb6, hi: 0xb7},
3039 {value: 0x0040, lo: 0xb8, hi: 0xba},
3040 {value: 0x0018, lo: 0xbb, hi: 0xbf},
3041 // Block 0x44, offset 0x268
3042 {value: 0x0000, lo: 0x04},
3043 {value: 0x0008, lo: 0x80, hi: 0x89},
3044 {value: 0x0040, lo: 0x8a, hi: 0x8c},
3045 {value: 0x0008, lo: 0x8d, hi: 0xbd},
3046 {value: 0x0018, lo: 0xbe, hi: 0xbf},
3047 // Block 0x45, offset 0x26d
3048 {value: 0x0000, lo: 0x09},
3049 {value: 0x0e29, lo: 0x80, hi: 0x80},
3050 {value: 0x0e41, lo: 0x81, hi: 0x81},
3051 {value: 0x0e59, lo: 0x82, hi: 0x82},
3052 {value: 0x0e71, lo: 0x83, hi: 0x83},
3053 {value: 0x0e89, lo: 0x84, hi: 0x85},
3054 {value: 0x0ea1, lo: 0x86, hi: 0x86},
3055 {value: 0x0eb9, lo: 0x87, hi: 0x87},
3056 {value: 0x057d, lo: 0x88, hi: 0x88},
3057 {value: 0x0040, lo: 0x89, hi: 0xbf},
3058 // Block 0x46, offset 0x277
3059 {value: 0x0000, lo: 0x10},
3060 {value: 0x0018, lo: 0x80, hi: 0x87},
3061 {value: 0x0040, lo: 0x88, hi: 0x8f},
3062 {value: 0x3308, lo: 0x90, hi: 0x92},
3063 {value: 0x0018, lo: 0x93, hi: 0x93},
3064 {value: 0x3308, lo: 0x94, hi: 0xa0},
3065 {value: 0x3008, lo: 0xa1, hi: 0xa1},
3066 {value: 0x3308, lo: 0xa2, hi: 0xa8},
3067 {value: 0x0008, lo: 0xa9, hi: 0xac},
3068 {value: 0x3308, lo: 0xad, hi: 0xad},
3069 {value: 0x0008, lo: 0xae, hi: 0xb1},
3070 {value: 0x3008, lo: 0xb2, hi: 0xb3},
3071 {value: 0x3308, lo: 0xb4, hi: 0xb4},
3072 {value: 0x0008, lo: 0xb5, hi: 0xb6},
3073 {value: 0x0040, lo: 0xb7, hi: 0xb7},
3074 {value: 0x3308, lo: 0xb8, hi: 0xb9},
3075 {value: 0x0040, lo: 0xba, hi: 0xbf},
3076 // Block 0x47, offset 0x288
3077 {value: 0x0000, lo: 0x03},
3078 {value: 0x3308, lo: 0x80, hi: 0xb5},
3079 {value: 0x0040, lo: 0xb6, hi: 0xba},
3080 {value: 0x3308, lo: 0xbb, hi: 0xbf},
3081 // Block 0x48, offset 0x28c
3082 {value: 0x0000, lo: 0x0a},
3083 {value: 0x0008, lo: 0x80, hi: 0x87},
3084 {value: 0xe045, lo: 0x88, hi: 0x8f},
3085 {value: 0x0008, lo: 0x90, hi: 0x95},
3086 {value: 0x0040, lo: 0x96, hi: 0x97},
3087 {value: 0xe045, lo: 0x98, hi: 0x9d},
3088 {value: 0x0040, lo: 0x9e, hi: 0x9f},
3089 {value: 0x0008, lo: 0xa0, hi: 0xa7},
3090 {value: 0xe045, lo: 0xa8, hi: 0xaf},
3091 {value: 0x0008, lo: 0xb0, hi: 0xb7},
3092 {value: 0xe045, lo: 0xb8, hi: 0xbf},
3093 // Block 0x49, offset 0x297
3094 {value: 0x0000, lo: 0x03},
3095 {value: 0x0040, lo: 0x80, hi: 0x8f},
3096 {value: 0x3318, lo: 0x90, hi: 0xb0},
3097 {value: 0x0040, lo: 0xb1, hi: 0xbf},
3098 // Block 0x4a, offset 0x29b
3099 {value: 0x0000, lo: 0x08},
3100 {value: 0x0018, lo: 0x80, hi: 0x82},
3101 {value: 0x0040, lo: 0x83, hi: 0x83},
3102 {value: 0x0008, lo: 0x84, hi: 0x84},
3103 {value: 0x0018, lo: 0x85, hi: 0x88},
3104 {value: 0x24c1, lo: 0x89, hi: 0x89},
3105 {value: 0x0018, lo: 0x8a, hi: 0x8b},
3106 {value: 0x0040, lo: 0x8c, hi: 0x8f},
3107 {value: 0x0018, lo: 0x90, hi: 0xbf},
3108 // Block 0x4b, offset 0x2a4
3109 {value: 0x0000, lo: 0x07},
3110 {value: 0x0018, lo: 0x80, hi: 0xab},
3111 {value: 0x24f1, lo: 0xac, hi: 0xac},
3112 {value: 0x2529, lo: 0xad, hi: 0xad},
3113 {value: 0x0018, lo: 0xae, hi: 0xae},
3114 {value: 0x2579, lo: 0xaf, hi: 0xaf},
3115 {value: 0x25b1, lo: 0xb0, hi: 0xb0},
3116 {value: 0x0018, lo: 0xb1, hi: 0xbf},
3117 // Block 0x4c, offset 0x2ac
3118 {value: 0x0000, lo: 0x05},
3119 {value: 0x0018, lo: 0x80, hi: 0x9f},
3120 {value: 0x0080, lo: 0xa0, hi: 0xa0},
3121 {value: 0x0018, lo: 0xa1, hi: 0xad},
3122 {value: 0x0080, lo: 0xae, hi: 0xaf},
3123 {value: 0x0018, lo: 0xb0, hi: 0xbf},
3124 // Block 0x4d, offset 0x2b2
3125 {value: 0x0000, lo: 0x04},
3126 {value: 0x0018, lo: 0x80, hi: 0xa8},
3127 {value: 0x09c5, lo: 0xa9, hi: 0xa9},
3128 {value: 0x09e5, lo: 0xaa, hi: 0xaa},
3129 {value: 0x0018, lo: 0xab, hi: 0xbf},
3130 // Block 0x4e, offset 0x2b7
3131 {value: 0x0000, lo: 0x02},
3132 {value: 0x0018, lo: 0x80, hi: 0xbe},
3133 {value: 0x0040, lo: 0xbf, hi: 0xbf},
3134 // Block 0x4f, offset 0x2ba
3135 {value: 0x0000, lo: 0x02},
3136 {value: 0x0018, lo: 0x80, hi: 0xa6},
3137 {value: 0x0040, lo: 0xa7, hi: 0xbf},
3138 // Block 0x50, offset 0x2bd
3139 {value: 0x0000, lo: 0x03},
3140 {value: 0x0018, lo: 0x80, hi: 0x8b},
3141 {value: 0x28c1, lo: 0x8c, hi: 0x8c},
3142 {value: 0x0018, lo: 0x8d, hi: 0xbf},
3143 // Block 0x51, offset 0x2c1
3144 {value: 0x0000, lo: 0x05},
3145 {value: 0x0018, lo: 0x80, hi: 0xb3},
3146 {value: 0x0e66, lo: 0xb4, hi: 0xb4},
3147 {value: 0x292a, lo: 0xb5, hi: 0xb5},
3148 {value: 0x0e86, lo: 0xb6, hi: 0xb6},
3149 {value: 0x0018, lo: 0xb7, hi: 0xbf},
3150 // Block 0x52, offset 0x2c7
3151 {value: 0x0000, lo: 0x03},
3152 {value: 0x0018, lo: 0x80, hi: 0x9b},
3153 {value: 0x2941, lo: 0x9c, hi: 0x9c},
3154 {value: 0x0018, lo: 0x9d, hi: 0xbf},
3155 // Block 0x53, offset 0x2cb
3156 {value: 0x0000, lo: 0x03},
3157 {value: 0x0018, lo: 0x80, hi: 0xb3},
3158 {value: 0x0040, lo: 0xb4, hi: 0xb5},
3159 {value: 0x0018, lo: 0xb6, hi: 0xbf},
3160 // Block 0x54, offset 0x2cf
3161 {value: 0x0000, lo: 0x05},
3162 {value: 0x0018, lo: 0x80, hi: 0x95},
3163 {value: 0x0040, lo: 0x96, hi: 0x97},
3164 {value: 0x0018, lo: 0x98, hi: 0xb9},
3165 {value: 0x0040, lo: 0xba, hi: 0xbc},
3166 {value: 0x0018, lo: 0xbd, hi: 0xbf},
3167 // Block 0x55, offset 0x2d5
3168 {value: 0x0000, lo: 0x06},
3169 {value: 0x0018, lo: 0x80, hi: 0x88},
3170 {value: 0x0040, lo: 0x89, hi: 0x89},
3171 {value: 0x0018, lo: 0x8a, hi: 0x91},
3172 {value: 0x0040, lo: 0x92, hi: 0xab},
3173 {value: 0x0018, lo: 0xac, hi: 0xaf},
3174 {value: 0x0040, lo: 0xb0, hi: 0xbf},
3175 // Block 0x56, offset 0x2dc
3176 {value: 0x0000, lo: 0x05},
3177 {value: 0xe185, lo: 0x80, hi: 0x8f},
3178 {value: 0x03f5, lo: 0x90, hi: 0x9f},
3179 {value: 0x0ea5, lo: 0xa0, hi: 0xae},
3180 {value: 0x0040, lo: 0xaf, hi: 0xaf},
3181 {value: 0x0008, lo: 0xb0, hi: 0xbf},
3182 // Block 0x57, offset 0x2e2
3183 {value: 0x0000, lo: 0x07},
3184 {value: 0x0008, lo: 0x80, hi: 0xa5},
3185 {value: 0x0040, lo: 0xa6, hi: 0xa6},
3186 {value: 0x0008, lo: 0xa7, hi: 0xa7},
3187 {value: 0x0040, lo: 0xa8, hi: 0xac},
3188 {value: 0x0008, lo: 0xad, hi: 0xad},
3189 {value: 0x0040, lo: 0xae, hi: 0xaf},
3190 {value: 0x0008, lo: 0xb0, hi: 0xbf},
3191 // Block 0x58, offset 0x2ea
3192 {value: 0x0000, lo: 0x06},
3193 {value: 0x0008, lo: 0x80, hi: 0xa7},
3194 {value: 0x0040, lo: 0xa8, hi: 0xae},
3195 {value: 0xe075, lo: 0xaf, hi: 0xaf},
3196 {value: 0x0018, lo: 0xb0, hi: 0xb0},
3197 {value: 0x0040, lo: 0xb1, hi: 0xbe},
3198 {value: 0x3b08, lo: 0xbf, hi: 0xbf},
3199 // Block 0x59, offset 0x2f1
3200 {value: 0x0000, lo: 0x0a},
3201 {value: 0x0008, lo: 0x80, hi: 0x96},
3202 {value: 0x0040, lo: 0x97, hi: 0x9f},
3203 {value: 0x0008, lo: 0xa0, hi: 0xa6},
3204 {value: 0x0040, lo: 0xa7, hi: 0xa7},
3205 {value: 0x0008, lo: 0xa8, hi: 0xae},
3206 {value: 0x0040, lo: 0xaf, hi: 0xaf},
3207 {value: 0x0008, lo: 0xb0, hi: 0xb6},
3208 {value: 0x0040, lo: 0xb7, hi: 0xb7},
3209 {value: 0x0008, lo: 0xb8, hi: 0xbe},
3210 {value: 0x0040, lo: 0xbf, hi: 0xbf},
3211 // Block 0x5a, offset 0x2fc
3212 {value: 0x0000, lo: 0x09},
3213 {value: 0x0008, lo: 0x80, hi: 0x86},
3214 {value: 0x0040, lo: 0x87, hi: 0x87},
3215 {value: 0x0008, lo: 0x88, hi: 0x8e},
3216 {value: 0x0040, lo: 0x8f, hi: 0x8f},
3217 {value: 0x0008, lo: 0x90, hi: 0x96},
3218 {value: 0x0040, lo: 0x97, hi: 0x97},
3219 {value: 0x0008, lo: 0x98, hi: 0x9e},
3220 {value: 0x0040, lo: 0x9f, hi: 0x9f},
3221 {value: 0x3308, lo: 0xa0, hi: 0xbf},
3222 // Block 0x5b, offset 0x306
3223 {value: 0x0000, lo: 0x03},
3224 {value: 0x0018, lo: 0x80, hi: 0xae},
3225 {value: 0x0008, lo: 0xaf, hi: 0xaf},
3226 {value: 0x0018, lo: 0xb0, hi: 0xbf},
3227 // Block 0x5c, offset 0x30a
3228 {value: 0x0000, lo: 0x02},
3229 {value: 0x0018, lo: 0x80, hi: 0x84},
3230 {value: 0x0040, lo: 0x85, hi: 0xbf},
3231 // Block 0x5d, offset 0x30d
3232 {value: 0x0000, lo: 0x05},
3233 {value: 0x0018, lo: 0x80, hi: 0x99},
3234 {value: 0x0040, lo: 0x9a, hi: 0x9a},
3235 {value: 0x0018, lo: 0x9b, hi: 0x9e},
3236 {value: 0x0edd, lo: 0x9f, hi: 0x9f},
3237 {value: 0x0018, lo: 0xa0, hi: 0xbf},
3238 // Block 0x5e, offset 0x313
3239 {value: 0x0000, lo: 0x03},
3240 {value: 0x0018, lo: 0x80, hi: 0xb2},
3241 {value: 0x0efd, lo: 0xb3, hi: 0xb3},
3242 {value: 0x0040, lo: 0xb4, hi: 0xbf},
3243 // Block 0x5f, offset 0x317
3244 {value: 0x0020, lo: 0x01},
3245 {value: 0x0f1d, lo: 0x80, hi: 0xbf},
3246 // Block 0x60, offset 0x319
3247 {value: 0x0020, lo: 0x02},
3248 {value: 0x171d, lo: 0x80, hi: 0x8f},
3249 {value: 0x18fd, lo: 0x90, hi: 0xbf},
3250 // Block 0x61, offset 0x31c
3251 {value: 0x0020, lo: 0x01},
3252 {value: 0x1efd, lo: 0x80, hi: 0xbf},
3253 // Block 0x62, offset 0x31e
3254 {value: 0x0000, lo: 0x02},
3255 {value: 0x0040, lo: 0x80, hi: 0x80},
3256 {value: 0x0008, lo: 0x81, hi: 0xbf},
3257 // Block 0x63, offset 0x321
3258 {value: 0x0000, lo: 0x09},
3259 {value: 0x0008, lo: 0x80, hi: 0x96},
3260 {value: 0x0040, lo: 0x97, hi: 0x98},
3261 {value: 0x3308, lo: 0x99, hi: 0x9a},
3262 {value: 0x29e2, lo: 0x9b, hi: 0x9b},
3263 {value: 0x2a0a, lo: 0x9c, hi: 0x9c},
3264 {value: 0x0008, lo: 0x9d, hi: 0x9e},
3265 {value: 0x2a31, lo: 0x9f, hi: 0x9f},
3266 {value: 0x0018, lo: 0xa0, hi: 0xa0},
3267 {value: 0x0008, lo: 0xa1, hi: 0xbf},
3268 // Block 0x64, offset 0x32b
3269 {value: 0x0000, lo: 0x02},
3270 {value: 0x0008, lo: 0x80, hi: 0xbe},
3271 {value: 0x2a69, lo: 0xbf, hi: 0xbf},
3272 // Block 0x65, offset 0x32e
3273 {value: 0x0000, lo: 0x0e},
3274 {value: 0x0040, lo: 0x80, hi: 0x84},
3275 {value: 0x0008, lo: 0x85, hi: 0xad},
3276 {value: 0x0040, lo: 0xae, hi: 0xb0},
3277 {value: 0x2a1d, lo: 0xb1, hi: 0xb1},
3278 {value: 0x2a3d, lo: 0xb2, hi: 0xb2},
3279 {value: 0x2a5d, lo: 0xb3, hi: 0xb3},
3280 {value: 0x2a7d, lo: 0xb4, hi: 0xb4},
3281 {value: 0x2a5d, lo: 0xb5, hi: 0xb5},
3282 {value: 0x2a9d, lo: 0xb6, hi: 0xb6},
3283 {value: 0x2abd, lo: 0xb7, hi: 0xb7},
3284 {value: 0x2add, lo: 0xb8, hi: 0xb9},
3285 {value: 0x2afd, lo: 0xba, hi: 0xbb},
3286 {value: 0x2b1d, lo: 0xbc, hi: 0xbd},
3287 {value: 0x2afd, lo: 0xbe, hi: 0xbf},
3288 // Block 0x66, offset 0x33d
3289 {value: 0x0000, lo: 0x03},
3290 {value: 0x0018, lo: 0x80, hi: 0xa3},
3291 {value: 0x0040, lo: 0xa4, hi: 0xaf},
3292 {value: 0x0008, lo: 0xb0, hi: 0xbf},
3293 // Block 0x67, offset 0x341
3294 {value: 0x0030, lo: 0x04},
3295 {value: 0x2aa2, lo: 0x80, hi: 0x9d},
3296 {value: 0x305a, lo: 0x9e, hi: 0x9e},
3297 {value: 0x0040, lo: 0x9f, hi: 0x9f},
3298 {value: 0x30a2, lo: 0xa0, hi: 0xbf},
3299 // Block 0x68, offset 0x346
3300 {value: 0x0000, lo: 0x02},
3301 {value: 0x0008, lo: 0x80, hi: 0x95},
3302 {value: 0x0040, lo: 0x96, hi: 0xbf},
3303 // Block 0x69, offset 0x349
3304 {value: 0x0000, lo: 0x03},
3305 {value: 0x0008, lo: 0x80, hi: 0x8c},
3306 {value: 0x0040, lo: 0x8d, hi: 0x8f},
3307 {value: 0x0018, lo: 0x90, hi: 0xbf},
3308 // Block 0x6a, offset 0x34d
3309 {value: 0x0000, lo: 0x04},
3310 {value: 0x0018, lo: 0x80, hi: 0x86},
3311 {value: 0x0040, lo: 0x87, hi: 0x8f},
3312 {value: 0x0008, lo: 0x90, hi: 0xbd},
3313 {value: 0x0018, lo: 0xbe, hi: 0xbf},
3314 // Block 0x6b, offset 0x352
3315 {value: 0x0000, lo: 0x04},
3316 {value: 0x0008, lo: 0x80, hi: 0x8c},
3317 {value: 0x0018, lo: 0x8d, hi: 0x8f},
3318 {value: 0x0008, lo: 0x90, hi: 0xab},
3319 {value: 0x0040, lo: 0xac, hi: 0xbf},
3320 // Block 0x6c, offset 0x357
3321 {value: 0x0000, lo: 0x05},
3322 {value: 0x0008, lo: 0x80, hi: 0xa5},
3323 {value: 0x0018, lo: 0xa6, hi: 0xaf},
3324 {value: 0x3308, lo: 0xb0, hi: 0xb1},
3325 {value: 0x0018, lo: 0xb2, hi: 0xb7},
3326 {value: 0x0040, lo: 0xb8, hi: 0xbf},