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Abhilash S.L3b494632019-07-16 15:51:09 +05301package mstypes
3// GroupMembership implements
4// RelativeID : A 32-bit unsigned integer that contains the RID of a particular group.
5// The possible values for the Attributes flags are identical to those specified in KERB_SID_AND_ATTRIBUTES
6type GroupMembership struct {
7 RelativeID uint32
8 Attributes uint32
11// DomainGroupMembership implements
12// DomainId: A SID structure that contains the SID for the domain.This member is used in conjunction with the GroupIds members to create group SIDs for the device.
13// GroupCount: A 32-bit unsigned integer that contains the number of groups within the domain to which the account belongs.
14// GroupIds: A pointer to a list of GROUP_MEMBERSHIP structures that contain the groups to which the account belongs in the domain. The number of groups in this list MUST be equal to GroupCount.
15type DomainGroupMembership struct {
16 DomainID RPCSID `ndr:"pointer"`
17 GroupCount uint32
18 GroupIDs []GroupMembership `ndr:"pointer,conformant"` // Size is value of GroupCount